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The Intyman Comfort Brief – An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

Reviewed by Braxton

Hello Men! I hope the New Year is going great for you.

Of course, a look at a fantastic new pair of underwear can always help. If you’re like me a nice pair of underwear can brighten any day. This time we’re looking at the Comfort Brief by Intymen.

The Comfort Brief is Intymen’s take on the classic tighty whitey brief (comes in black, too). However, this is no boring old brief since Intymen has added their sexy sleek style to the classic. It is made to contour your bodies shape so it’s not just a flat piece of cotton for you to stretch into.

When I first put on the comfort brief I knew right away I was in love!

It was snug in all the right areas and provided support exactly where I needed it. The “U” shaped pouch is fashioned with ample space to hold your goods and has a narrow strip running between your legs attaching it securely to the back.

This narrow strip is great because it doesn’t bunch up or chaff. The back is also contoured to fit snuggly to your bum without any excess stretching of the material pulling the briefs back.

I wore the brief for a full long day of work and it held up great. I never had chaffing, it kept me secure and in place and it did all this with great comfort while looking good. Most of the time it was so comfortable I didn’t even realize I had it on.

It washed well with no visible wear, especially because I ran it through the dryer despite the fact that the label recommends laying it flat in a shady area to dry. I next wore the brief to the gym after another long day of comfort at work. It gave me great support and as always comfort through my workout and looked great in the locker room.

All I have to say is it truly lives up to it’s name as the Comfort Brief.

Intymen Comfort Brief front

Intymen Comfor Brief

Feature Verdict
Style and look The brief is made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The spandex keeps the brief looking fresh and form fitting all day long. It is fitted for a man and hugs your body nicely.

It doesn’t ride as high as the “traditional” or cheap briefs, its waist band sits right at about your hip bone. So it doesn’t have your Grandfather’s tighty whitey look. The pair I received had white lettering on the white wasit band although the picture had shown black letters.

I liked the total white look, I thought it gave the brief a suave quality.

Suitable for? EVERYONE, ANYTIME. The great thing about this brief is that it is versatile. Because it has a classic look it can be worn by the masses and adapt to your style.

Yet because it has style to it with it’s contoured cut and pouch it says its elegant and sexy. And it’s comfortable and supportive and meets the goals underwear was designed to take on.

Fit and quality? The Comfort Brief comes in S (28” -30’)-M(31”-33”)-L(34”-36”)-XL(37”-39”). The fit is great and holds up all day long.

The touch of spandex makes the material last and gives you support while maintaining a great fit. It’s crafted to fit your body with a roomy pouch and a contoured rear.

The waistband, stitching and overall assembly are done with a quality making this a brief that will last.

Is the price right? The brief is sold at US $17.60. This price is not bad although it is on the higher end of the average scale. Yet still an average price. But the quality and comfort you get is well worth it.
Best thing about it? This brief is resourceful. Its traditional look will never go out of style, and the quality and cut give it a flair that will last a long time. It goes with anything and can be worn at anytime!
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Now we don’t go around handing out 5 stars like candy mints here, however I honestly can’t think of anything this brief is missing or lacking. As an everyday brief it’s about perfect.
Buy it here www.underwearstation.com
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