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Papi United Trunk – An Xpress Review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

A few weeks ago I brought you some pics of the upcoming range by Papi called “United”.

The Papi United range is the featured collection for Hispanic Heritage month. The range includes a number trunk styles, color-blocked in the flag colors of Latin countries.

Did you know that the U.S has the world’s fifth-largest Spanish-speaking population, after Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Columbia?

And did you know that Argentina and Spain are among the most progressive countries when it comes to gay rights? Both countries have legalized same-sex marriages, giving gay couples the same marital rights as heterosexuals, including adoption and inheritance rights.

That’s something to celebrate.

Whenever underwear brands, and clothing brands in general, use their products to raise awareness about a certain issue or cause, we all gotta do what we can to help out.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Papi United Trunk.

Papi United - Men's underwear collection

Papi Hispanic Heritage mexico flag underwear

Feature Verdict
Style and look The Papi United trunk is a classic trunk cut with legs ending on the upper thighs. Classic is also a proper description of the overall look. The 1,5 inch wide waistband and double layered standard-sized pouch won’t raise any eyebrows.

In fact this is a good thing. Every man should own a pair of nice-quality, classic-cut underwear for purposes when profile-enhancing or other creative underwear cuts just aren’t appropriate.

Still, this trunk is available in an array of festive Hispanic colors so don’t worry about looking boring. Finally, the thick rubber Papi logo stitched to the front of the waistband does give this trunk a hint of class.

Suitable for? The trunk is made from 90 % Polyester and 10 % Spandex, which is a fabric composition similar to those used for many swim briefs. That makes this trunk highly breathable and ideal for sports purposes like running or going to the gym. The fabric feels incredibly soft and light-weight and I had no problem wearing it for work an entire day.
Fit and quality? The fit was just fine, especially due to the amazing stretch capabilities of the Polyester/Spandex mix. I wore a size M for a size 32/33 inch waist. No need to size up or down. I’ve washed the trunk a few times now and it retains its color, size, and fit perfectly. This is rarely an issue with these types of fabrics.
Is the price right? The Papi United Trunk is US $20. It’s on par with other Papi ranges where trunks normally are between $18 and $20. Judging from the production quality, though, this trunk can easily compete with trunks in the $25-30 category. Conclusion: Good value for money.
Best thing about it? There’s something about this fabric composition that really works. If you’re not a complete cotton junkie you should come to like this trunk. Who doesn’t want underwear that’s breathable and built to resist shrinkage and color fading?
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

The Papi United Trunk has been a pleasant acquaintance. A safe and classic cut trunk made from great fabrics that pays tribute to the Hispanic communities all over the world. What’s not to like?

Buy it here http://papiinc.com
Typical boxer brief/trunk look with legs of proper length, ending in the mid-to-upper thigh area. Satisfactory pouch room and back coverage. A modern yet conservatively looking trunk with a discrete waistband for guys who are looking for a pair of no-bullshit basic trunks.
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