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Aussiebum Hunk Brief – A Review

Ahh, Aussiebum! This brand has a special place in every underwear enthusiast’s top drawer.

Today I have the privilege of reviewing their brand spanking new HUNK brief. Without giving away too much too soon, I can tell you as much that I am glad that I got two pairs. It’s become my latest Australian addiction :)

Scroll down to read the review.

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And to get a visual idea of the Aussiebum HUNK brief, watch the official promotion video as well as the behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot.

First, however, a little backround info on my favorite Australian underwear brand.

Aussiebum is founded on true underwear passion
For years now, Australia has been the birthplace of so many über cool, fast-growing niche men’s underwear brands. Some have even managed to outgrow their niche and become a mainstream success.

Aussiebum is one such men’s underwear brand. In fact, AB is probably the most successful.  And there’s a reason to this. Actually, there are four.

First, Aussiebum has developed one of the most diverse and wide selection of underwear styles, cuts, and designs. Remember, it was AB and their infamous Wonderjock style that catapulted enhancing men’s swim- and underwear onto the mainstream underwear fashion scene.

Second, I have never (as in n-e-v-e-r) been disappointed by the quality of Aussiebum’s products. I know that this is one of Sean Ashby’s (creator of Aussiebum)  main focus areas, and it shows.

Third, you get value for money. Guys like you and me, who spend a-l-o-t of cash on underwear, love when superior quality, design, and brand value come at reasonable prices. A pair of Aussiebum briefs typically ranges between US$15 and US$20. And when considering that shipping is free of charge across the entire globe, it’s difficult to find better deals.

Fourth and final reason that AB, in my view, has captured market shares like few other men’s underwear brands, is their marketing strategy. For instance, I have yet to come across a brand that has produced SO many promotion videos for their products. Whenever Aussiebum has a new range coming out you can be sure that there will a top-quality, sizzling hot video accompanying it.

Now, with this in mind, let’s move on to the review of new Aussiebum HUNK brief.

Aussiebum HUNK brief – Style
The AB HUNK brief is a classic low rise brief. However, the sides of the brief are slightly narrower than most of Aussiebum’s other brief cuts. I wouldn’t go so far as to label it a bikini brief, but with the brief’s equally narrow waistband it certainly is borderline. At its narrowest, the side of the briefs measures 2½ inches, including the waistband.

To me, though, this is major plus. I really like how the brief rests on the hips, framing that whole area below the wast in quite a flattering manner. The contrasted stitching also adds to this effect.

Pouch design
Aussiebum is master of perfected pouch designs, and the HUNK brief is an example of this. The pouch size combined with the flexible stretchiness of the fabric (which I will get back to below) provide plenty of room for your stuff. This also means that the pouch will provide complete coverage, leaving no space between, for instance, the groin area and the underwear fabric.

In terms support I can find little wrong with the pouch design. Everything stayed nicely in place the whole day I wore the brief.

Back design
A pair of briefs must cover the entire butt area. I’m really not a fan of briefs that are too skimpy, and bikini styles can often reveal butt cracks and not cover your buttocks sufficiently. Luckily, the Aussiebum HUNK briefs doesn’t fall into this category.

In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn low rise briefs where the back was a perfect match for my buttocks. Not a single time did I have to pull out the briefs from between the butt cheeks. Nor did I have to pull up the underwear during the day I wore them, which is a common risk when wearing low rise men’s underwear.

The waistband of the HUNK brief is narrower than most men’s underwear cuts these days. For this style, the 1 inch narrow waistband works brilliantly. The narrow sides of the brief wouldn’t have worked with an overly wide waistband.

The waistband is in the same color as the contrast stitching on the brief (blue, indigo, or red) and has the Aussiebum brand name embroidered in white. The waistband has a product information patch stitched on the inside right side of the brief. The stitching, however, is well done and you won’t notice the patch at all.

Fabric quality
I’ve been looking forward to this section of the review. At first glance, the 92 % Cotton, 8 % Elastane fabric blend seems like your average fabric choice for everyday underwear. Well, I don’t know if AB uses some special kind of cotton, but the quality is simply superb. It has just the right amount of stretch to allow for freedom of movement while keeping the brief in place all day.

By now, it’s clear that I really, really like the HUNK brief, but the fabric quality is definitely one of its defining features.

The Aussiebum HUNK brief is available only in a white base color with contrast-colored stitching and waistband. The blue, indigo, and red color variations are subtle compared to the bright colors generally dominating the men’s underwear fashion scene at the moment. The HUNK brief, then, is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a classic, no-nonsense white brief style for everyday purposes.

I wore a size M for a 32″ waist, and the HUNK brief fit perfectly. No need to size up or down.

The Aussiebum HUNK brief is US$16, which is an absolutely great deal. And with the free shipping I would order two or three pairs if I were you. If you’re a classic brief man, it will be on of the best additions to you underwear drawer this summer.

Get the HUNK brief at Aussiebum’s own web shop.

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