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2(x)ist SLIQ brief – An Xpress Review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

The 2(x)ist SLIQ range has been among the most hyped here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

The story started way back in May when 2(x)ist had their SLIQ promotion pics rejected by magazines like Men’s Health and Details.

Then in August, short video teasers began seeping onto Youtube.

Full length videos, which marked the actual release of the SLIQ range, hit the web in early September.

So, what’s all the fuzz about, you ask?

Well, 2(x)ist is simply one of my all-time favorite underwear brands. Like few other they know how to put together men’s underwear ranges that are stylish, time-less, top-of-the-line production quality, a superb fit – and best of all – affordable.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the 2(x)ist marketing team knows how to properly promote their products. These guys deliver the full package. Lots of great product images, all sorts of video clips, in-store happenings and live underwear fashion shows.

No wonder, then, that my expectations were high as a mountain when I received a sample of the SLIQ brief.

Want to know the verdict? Check out below my review below.

Besides the brief cut, the SLIQ range also includes a trunk, y-back thong, and sport brief.

2xist sliq red front

2xist sliq brief black

2xist sliq brief side

2xist sliq brief charcole

Feature Verdict
Style and look 2(x)ist has upped the sexy factor with this brief. It’s slightly more low-rise than some of their previous collection. The sides of the brief are also somewhat narrower than other 2(x)ist briefs, measuring about 2,5 inches at their narrowest (including waistband). I didn’t find the sides too narrow, though. The SLIQ brief can be characterized as low-rise / bikini hybrid cut.

This type of brief cut, allowing for maximum thigh exposure,  has become a modern, timeless classic. And I get it. I think it’s an absolutely hot, yet simple, style that oozes masculinity and confidence.

The pouch design deserves a mention, as well. Like most of their other ranges, 2(x)ist has chosen a roomy contoured pouch design for the SLIQ brief. Luckily they haven’t gone overboard with the profile-enhancing features. The pouch has just enough lift and room to ensure a handsome profile while still preserving a high level of comfort for men of any sizes.

Suitable for? The SLIQ brief is made from a classic and soft 90 % Cotton and 10 % Spandex fabric mix. The waistband, made from micro-fiber, has plenty of stretch and feels equally soft and comfortable.

Put together, this makes the 2(x)ist SLIQ brief ideal for everyday wear. I wore it to work, but it would be a shame not to also wear them for nights out. These are the hot new item within men’s underwear – why not show them off if you get the chance.

Fit and quality? The fit was amazing, the best I’ve tried in ages. I checked out the user reviews over at skiviez.com – and they all say the same thing. 2(x)ist really know how to properly cut their underwear. I wore a size M for a size 32/33 inch waist and no problems at all. No muffin top or anything. Color fading after the first few washes was not a problem, either.
Is the price right? The 2(x)ist SLIQ brief is available at ton of online stores, and most charge just US $16, which is an insanely good deal in my view. Most other briefs in this price range can’t match the production quality, design level, or brand power.

And with the economy still in the shitter, who doesn’t love a good bargain??

As this brief is perfect for everyday wear, you can easily get yourself two or three pairs.

Best thing about it? The bikini hybrid cut and the amazing fit is what swept me off my feet. It just looks and feels amazing, even on an average Joe body like mine. You gotta love underwear that’s made for real-life men and not just ripped underwear models.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I’m pulling out the top grade for the 2(x)ist SLIQ brief. I don’t that very often. Five star grades are for groundbreaking underwear only. 2(x)ist have outdone themselves with this brief and the SLIQ range in general. Design, cut, fit, price – you can’t put a finger on anything. In one word, perfect.
Buy it here www.skiviez.com
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2 Responses to “2(x)ist SLIQ brief – An Xpress Review from Guys’ Underwear Blog”

  • How I wish I have one 2(x)ist SLIQ brief….
    Looking at it and reading your review makes me to switch brand now…..

    If only I got one…I’m ready to die!

    lil’ fish

    GD Star Rating
  • Jay:

    Hi lil’ fish

    I’m glad that you liked the review. I really think you should get a pair of SLIQs.

    They really are great!

    GD Star Rating

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