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2wink Hot Angel trunks – A review

2wink is an Australian-based men’s underwear brand that I am really excited to review. Today and tomorrow I will be reviewing two of my favorite styles; the 2wink Hot Angel trunk, and the Cool Devil brief.

First up is the Hot Angel trunk (which 2wink slightly misleading is labeling boxer shorts). In fact this style is a traditional low-rise men’s trunk but that only makes it more appealing.

If you wanna skip to the actual review, scroll down. First I just wanna give you guys some background information on 2wink as brand.

Also, don’t miss my review of the 2wink Space Cadet trunk.

2wink introduced
2wink have been around since 2005 and it’s one of those Australian brands that just make men’s underwear a little more interesting than especially some of their European competitors. The brand is a real e-generation men’s underwear manufacturer selling their briefs, boxer briefs, tanga briefs, and trunks on their own website.

Also, if you’ve been following Guys’ Underwear Blog, you know that I always applaud underwear brands that use videos to promote their styles. Though it’s been a while since their last Youtube video, 2wink gets an A for effort. We need to encourage men’s underwear brands to do more and better videos, guys!

Anyway, let’s get on the review of the 2wink Hot Angel – Enemy of Evil (majestic metaphor, huh, haha).

As I mentioned in the beginning, 2wink markets the Hot Angel style as a pair of boxer shorts, but that really isn’t what they are (in my terminology). A low-rise trunk label, bordering on boxer briefs, would be more accurate. Judge for yourself in the video clip below. The trunk style is contemporary and popular and will look good on any man, so if you are looking for an underwear gift for that special someone, a pair of trunks will always be a safe choice.

Beware, though, of the low-rise characteristics, which may be quite a new (but definitely nice) feeling if you haven’t tried this type of men’s underwear before.

Pouch design
The pouch design of 2wink Hot Angel Trunk is well proportioned and will fit most men perfectly. I wore the Hot Angel trunk for an entire day and found it to provide all the support I needed. The “boys” weren’t crammed together, neither were they dangling around. This kind of pouch fit will make for a good choice if you are looking for some proper quality everyday underwear.

Back design
Partly due to their low-rise design, the backside of the 2wink Hot Angel trunks will accentuate your butt, and doesn’t want that :) I also like the fact that the backside doesn’t come with a center seam because, together with the nicely tight trunk legs, it will provide great support of your buttocks, thus giving you a nice, round silhouette.

The Hot Angel trunks come with a 1,5″ waistband with the 2wink logo imprinted in blue. The waistband has a product information patch stitched on the inside rear of the trunks. Sometimes such a patch can very annoying, but in this case the stitching is very well done and you won’t notice it at all.

Fabric quality
The fabric blend is a typical 92 % cotton and 8 % spandex mix, and it does the job fine. It feels soft and quite comfortable to wear. With low-rise trunks and briefs it’s important to have plenty of stretch, and I have to agree with the review by Menswear Review that this fabric could do with a little more stretch.

The actual color of the 2wink Hot Angel trunk is a classic and soothing blue shade (a little darker than in the promotion photos). It will appeal to most men and hold up nicely in wash compared to some of the bright colors that we see all over the place at the moment.

I wore a US size M for a 32″ waist, and the trunks fit was just fine. No need to size up or down.

The 2wink Hot Angel can be ordered online and will cost you a reasonable $27,55, because as the label says, these trunks were perfected downunder :)

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