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Top 3 Piss and Vinegar low rise briefs

Piss and Vinegar is my latest men’s underwear brand obsession. Following up on yesterday’s review of the I Love Jesus Low Rise brief, today I am going to guide you to the three best low briefs from Piss and Vinegar’s growing collections.

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Also, check out Piss & Vinegar’s brand new “Spectrum”, “Dirty”, and “Super EWH” collections

Why go for a low rise brief?
The traditional brief is still a safe choice for many men. But today, modern guys don’t want their underwear to end halfway up their stomachs. So, more and more men go for the so-called low rise cut. Rather than coming all the way up to the waist, low rise men’s underwear reach only to about hip level.

Now, there’s fine line between a pair of great-fitting, nice-quality low rise briefs – that will cover you up properly – and the ones that are simply too skimpy for my taste, revealing that ever-embarrassing butt crack.

I am happy to report that Piss and Vinegar low rise briefs fall into the first category. So guys, if you contemplating replacing that boring old tighty whitey, a pair of P&Vs may be a good place to start.

And today I’ll help you by pointing you to these three fine-looking items from Piss and Vinegar’s selection of low rise styles.

My main criterion for selecting these 3 briefs was that there should be something for every occasion. So if you go and get these briefs, you can be sure that you have something fun and comfortable to wear whether you’re going to work, chillin’ at home or going out clubbing :)

Here we go!

3. Piss and Vinegar Frisky Low Rise Briefs – Checkered Black

The checkered black “Frisky” low rise brief comes from Piss and Vinegar’s Limitless collection. If you’re a guy into the classic look and are looking for a stylish brief cut that’s not too controversial in terms of color and design, the Frisky brief is the choice for you.

The pima cotton/spandex fabric blend means that this brief is perfect for everyday wear. The fit is perfect and will keep your boys in place the entire day.

For the classic look, go for the Piss and Vinegar Frisky low rise brief.

Get it for $25,50 at Skiviez.

2. Piss and Vinegar Refreshing Low Rise Briefs – Green

The Refreshing low rise brief is a highly modern-looking style. This is a perfect choice for guys who want to be dressed in the latest fashion within men’s underwear.

The lime green color is very much in line with the current color trends, which dictate bright colors like green, yellow, and blue. The Refreshing style is also taken from the Limitless collection by Piss and Vinegar.

Wear this great-looking green low rise brief for occasions where you get a chance to flash your underwear, like at the gym or a night on the town.

The Refreshing Piss and Vinegar brief is also $25,50 at Men’s Underwear Store.

1. Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief

The I Love collection by Piss and Vinegar is my favorite. You can choose to love Buddha, Jesus, Boys, and Girls – and what’s cool about the briefs from this collection is that they really show off Piss and Vinegar’s strength when it comes to print designs. ‘Cause this is where P&V shines.

The designs are innovative and controversial and are bound to attract attention where ever you go. The colors are fresh and funky, and all in all these briefs are more than underwear. They’re a statement.

So, go make a statement – for just $25,50, ha ha :) Get them at Skivies.

By the way, check out LazzyBum, Jason Sutherland’s (P&V creator) latest underwear adventure!

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