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Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief – A review

Piss & Vinegar men’s underwear is going to be huge judging by the design and production quality of the I love Jesus Low Rise Brief, which I have the pleasure of reviewing today.

In fact, over the next few days I’ll be devoting the space here on Guys’ Underwear Blog to posts on this rising star within men’s underwear brands.

So keep coming back if you’re looking for a review of the Piss & Vinegar I Love Girls boxer brief as well as my top 3 Piss & Vinegar brief designs.

Anyway, if you wanna skip to the review of the I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief, scroll down.

Piss & Vinegar – The “It” underwear brand this spring
Ever since my short introduction to Piss & Vinegar, I have really been looking forward to do a detailed review of the Piss and Vinegar men’s underwear collection.

As you may know, Piss & Vinegar was created by Jason Sutherland who used to be the creative force behind Ginch Gonch. In my opinion, Jason has really stepped up his game with Piss & Vinegar, which now ranks among the best print design men’s underwear brands out there.

I read somewhere that with the Piss & Vinegar brand, Jason has embraced a more masculine and grown up design style. I think that’s very well put.

At the moment he’s got most established brands, like Ginch Gonch, as well other newcomers, like Todd & Terry, beat when it comes to high end, innovative print designs.

Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief – If your’re looking for quality
I know, I know – it’s starting to sound like I’m on P&V’s payroll (I’m not), but with so many wonderful new men’s underwear brands coming out these years, I really want to take the time highlight those that do a great job.

Piss & Vinegar is one such brand, and when you read the review and eventually wear these briefs, you’ll understand why.

The I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief isn’t actually very low rise compared to other briefs that claim this label. It rides comfortably around your waist, just above the hip line.

Another reason that it doesn’t feel too low rise’ish is the fact that the sides of the brief have proper length (about 6 inches), making these briefs an ideal choice both for men who favor a classic brief cut (as apposed to the bikini cut), as well as for men who don’t want their underwear to rise all the way to the navel area.

Pouch design
The Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief comes with a traditional fly pouch design. It’s been a while since I’ve worn underwear with a real working fly, and I must say I like the mature and masculine feeling this details adds to a pair of men’s underwear. In fact, I don’t think you can get a pair of P&Vs that has no fly besides maybe their jockstrap cut.

In terms of pouch size the space is generous, allowing for a perfect combination of support and freedom of movement. No lift effect or extra “leg room” in these babies, which makes the I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief perfect for everyday use.

Back design
The fact these briefs aren’t as skimpy as you will experience it with other low rise styles also means that your entire backside is nicely covered in the insanely comfortable cotton fabric (which I will return to later).

The leg openings follow the contours of your buttocks perfectly, and I didn’t experience any butt crack incidents while wearing these briefs.

The best thing about the backside design of the I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief, however, is the “Jesus ♥ me” graphics. I really like the fact that there is a separate, yet visually related, print design for the front and back of the briefs.

I truly think that Piss and Vinegar’s waistband designs are among the most elegant and tasteful out there. About 1,25 inches wide, the waistband is in a clean white color with two thin blue stripes at the bottom for emphasis and contrast.

As I’ve said before, I can’t help but love  the logo design. Though the phrase “Piss and Vinegar” is actually an age old saying (meaning something like full of youthful energy) it’s still somewhat controversial and this is nicely understated in the logo font choice.

Also, the fact that the logo it self is in a raised rubber print gives the waistband that extra touch of class.

The microfiber elastic waistband has just the right amount of stretch so that the I love Jesus low rise briefs won’t feel too loose nor too tight. If you get the right size, you will not experience the dreaded “muffin top effect” that other low rise styles sometimes cause.

The waistband has a product information patch stitched on the inside rear of the briefs. However, the stitching is done so that you won’t notice it at all.

Fabric quality
All items from the Piss & Vinegar collection, including the I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief,  is made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric (94% Su Pima cotton/6% Lycra/Spandex).

For the past three days I’ve worn a new pair of P&Vs every day, and I gotta give it up for this particular cotton blend. It’s amazingly comfortable to wear and feels incredibly soft against the skin.

If washed properly (cold wash), your Piss & Vinegar underwear (colors and fit) should hold up nicely.

Color and print design
The I Love Jesus brief comes in a white base color with a  blue/red/orange/yellow print design. The print design features iconic-like images of Jesus and a bleeding heart. It’s controversial, daring and different. Well done.

I wore a US size M for 32” waist. The microfiber waistband and quality cotton blend ensured a great fit. There should be no need for you to size either up or down.

The Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Low Rise Brief is a high-end product and normally a pair of men’s underwear like this could easily be in the $30+ price range.

Actually, the briefs are priced at $25,50 at Skiviez. This means that you get high-end product quality at the same price as most upper-midrange brands. Big plus!

Piss & Vinegar I Love Jesus Video
Piss & Vinegar has jumped on the video wagon and done short promotion video for the I Love Jesus collection. Next time, I hope to see more of the actual underwear :)

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