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Piss and Vinegar vs. Ginch Gonch. Who offers the best LOVE underwear for men?

Piss and Vindegar and Ginch Gonch go head to head and both release an “I Love” men’s underwear collection. Awkward or clever? Intended or unintended?

UPDATE Feb. 28: Both the companies have replied to this post. Scrool down and see for yourself in the comments section.

Who cares, as long as they both got hot underwear ads, right? Ha!

Anyway, in this blog post I will take a look at the two underwear collections and determine which is the most “lovely”.

So, this is interesting. I stumbled upon a post by UndieFan about Piss and Vinegars new “I Love” collection. I was somewhat surprised as just a couple of days before Men’s Underwear Blog ran a post introducing the new collection by Ginch Gonch called…you guessed it…”I Love”.

What’s up with that? And the plot thickens once you consider that the founder of Ginch Gonch is the one who created Piss & Vinegar, where he is currently employed (his name is Jason Sutherland). Piss and Vinegar’s collection was released first (which they firmly underline in a comment to this post), and I checked – it’s true – Piss and Vinegar announced their collection long before (1st of November 2009, according to their comment below) Ginch Gonch made their I Love collection public.

Quite the drama in the world of men’s underwear :)

Anyway, this situation begs the question – which of the two underwear collections is the best? I know both brands in terms of quality and fit, but I haven’t tried these specific cuts on yet. I am still waiting for Piss & Vinegar and Ginch Gonch to send me some complementary samples (like that’s gonna happen…), so this review will be based on the video and image material I could find on the net.

As Piss & Vinegar came out with their collection first, I’ll start with them.

Piss and Vinegar “I Love” underwear for men
Piss & Vinegar comes out strong with 3 different print designs in the I Love series. Piss and Vinegar (as well as Ginch Gonch) does excellent print design (duh, they were designed by the same guy), and men looking for stylish underwear can choose to “love” either Jesus, Buddha, or Boys.

For the sake of of simplicity (and because I like them better) I will stick to the men’s low-rise briefs style in this review, even though the collection comes complete with styles including regular briefs, jockstraps, and boxer briefs.

I really like the design of the I Love underwear collection by Piss and Vinegar. The graphic design is calm, yet interesting, and the color choices are bold without being all over the place and thus provide nice contrasts.

Finally, the waistband isn’t over-sized but complement the design perfectly, and I can’t help but love (pun intended) the logo design. Though the phrase “Piss and Vinegar” is actually an age old saying (meaning something like full of youthful energy) it’s still somewhat controversial and this is nicely understated in the logo font choice. Brilliant!

Piss & Vinegar underwear is usually top quality and a great fit for everyday use, but the brand is upscale, no doubt. A pair of men’s briefs like the ones on the pictures above will set you back about $25,50. The Fabric of this collection is a blend consisting of 96% Pima Cotton, 4% Lycra-Spandex.

P&V actually did two raunchy video ads for this new collection, and you can see them at the bottom of the post. They are not really my cup of tea, mostly because they don’t show off the underwear…

Ginch Gonch “I Love” underwear for men
UndiesDrawer described Ginch Gonch’s I LOVE collection as incorporating various design styles such as neo pop art, gritty 1970s punk rock, 1950s commercial art, and Japanese-inspired cartoons – generally the collection is supposed to be a celebration of the things that make us happy.

Ginch Gonch goes all in with this collection offering 6 different print designs based on the following topics, Burgers, Bacon, Boys (where have we seen this before…), Girls, London, and Tokyo. Certainly, men into underwear will have plenty to choose from, and the mere fact that so many designs are offered must be praised.

As was the case with Piss and Vinegar, Ginch Gonch usually is proper quality and a great fit. So really, I can look only to differences in design and price here.

The sheer variety of the Ginch Gonch collection is a plus, but I just don’t think the print designs are as interesting to look at as with Piss and Vinegar. The color choices and graphic contrast are too understated and, well, a little boring.

One exception might be the I Love London style which actually manages to catch my eye with the use of British-inspired tartan-like print.

Also, I think the waistband seems a bit to wide for this collection, which make the Ginch Gonch low-rise briefs look almost like regular briefs.

The Ginch Gonch I Love collection introduces the boxer short style as a new addition to the traditional lineup consisting of briefs, low-rise briefs, and boxer briefs.

The fabric type is almost identical to that of Piss and Vinegar, a 95% cotton and 5% Lycra blend.

Piss and Vinegar vs. Ginch Gonch – Love underwear for men – the verdict!
Now, had Ginch Gonch been priced noticeably lower than Piss and Vinegar, the “Love” race could have been an overall tie, but when a pair of low-rise Ginch Gonch briefs clocks in at around $29, then the scale has to tip in favor of Piss and Vinegar.

Put shortly, the styles by P&V are more stylish and cheaper. And we mustn’t forget that Piss and Vinegar went to the trouble of doing some nice, though a little boring, ad videos.

Tell me what you think in the comments! Do you disagree?

Piss and Vinegar “I Love” videos

By the way, check out LazzyBum, Jason Sutherland’s (P&V creator) latest underwear adventure!

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9 Responses to “Piss and Vinegar vs. Ginch Gonch. Who offers the best LOVE underwear for men?”

  • I have to say whilst I’ve always been a big fan on Ginch Gonch’s style that this time round it’s Piss & Vinegar that does it for me. This could though be as much to do with their look being new and fresh compared to GG being something we all know.

    Really interested to see what happens between the two of them as Piss & Vinegat develops more as a brand!

    GD Star Rating
  • I’ll send you some complimentary gear! You are going to LOVE it. (pun intended)

    Thanks for the mention.



    GD Star Rating
  • Just a quick correction of one comment in this posting. Although Ginch Gonch and P&V were started by the same person, the I LOVE collections were designed by two entirely different teams.

    The Ginch Gonch I LOVE collection was actually developed almost 2 years ago, but when Jason and GG parted ways, he decided to keep the concept and go with it thus doubling the concept in the undies market.

    The Ginch I LOVE collection was developed by our extremely talented team: Eric Bergeron, our Art Director with over 20 years of design, animation and illustration experience, and Annie Brunet the head designer, who has a background in fashion and graphic design as well as logo creation and magazine development.

    Keep an eye opened for upcoming Ginch I LOVE collections rolling out monthly throughout the course of the year such as: I LOVE TOKYO, I LOVE BACON and many more!

    For current limited-edition styles, check out http://www.ginchgonch.com

    GD Star Rating
  • Jay:

    @ Michelle, thanks for your comment. It definitely will be interesting to see how the two brands will differentiate themselves from one another.

    @ Ginch Gonch, I would definitely LOVE that :) Then I would do a more extended review for sure :)

    GD Star Rating
  • Thought we would give you a bit of history and education, …Piss & Vinegars “I LOVES Collection” are being worn and Loved by Many Already…

    Below is Piss & VInegar’s Press release launching the I LOVE collection in Nov 1st 2009. Jason Sutherland, a proven leader in this industry has always pushed other companies to innovate, including, his old baby brat GINCH GONCH.

    Please note, we are happy to send you what you need to compare the 2 companies, however, Piss & Vinegar regardless of what Ginch is doing, will always lead with our Pima cotton and high quality manufactured garments, regardless of ones opinion of advertising. Happy to hear the feed back, Oh… and YES we do agree, it will be interesting these next few months…

    If you have 50, 100, 500 People ( you pick the number ) you would like us to send out products to, we would be happy to hear their point of view. …Even Michelle….

    Check us out on Face book so see more Media and info…


    New York, NY: Jason Sutherland, the man who helped launch the fun-derwear industry with Ginch Gonch, the unapologetically sassy underwear and lounge-wear company, announced today that he has created a new brand of provocative gear. In its campaign tag line, Piss & Vinegar playfully asks guys “do you think you have enough?” It’s a double meaning referring to both their target consumers’ gumption and their ability to fill their briefs. It’s also a clear indication that though Sutherland may have left his bratty baby behind – he founded Ginch Gonch in 2003 – the spirited candor he used to propel his original brand to prominence, remains.

    Piss & Vinegar is, however, more grown-up than Sutherland’s past creations. There is underlying message in the line; one that encourages guys to appreciate what life has to offer and work hard to live life to its fullest potential. In other words: “grab life by the balls”. Piss & Vinegar will be available in major department stores, select independent retailers and is available now online at http://www.PissVinegar.com.

    Made from a breathable, body-conforming stretch fabric (94% Su Pima cotton/6% Lycra), the first collections in the Piss & Vinegar collection will be the “I Love…” line including the controversial ‘I Love Jesus’ and ‘I Love Buddha’ briefs. Designs are available in a brief, boxer brief, low rise brief, and jock strap. All feature the signature 1 1/4 inch microfiber elastic logo waistband with the stylishly bold scripted logo.
    “We chose to introduce the ‘I Love…’ with Jesus and Buddha because whether you subscribe to their doctrines or not, there is no denying that each man became an icon by living his life to the fullest and living it from the heart,” explained Mr. Sutherland at this morning’s announcement.

    “The other men’s briefs we are introducing in Piss & Vinegar’s ‘I Love’ collection are the ‘I Love Boys’ and ‘I Love Girls’ briefs,” continued Sutherland. “When living life with Piss & Vinegar, it doesn’t matter who you love, only that you love with everything you’ve got.”

    Piss & Vinegar – the title of the brand comes from the British slang for living young at heart – is designed for the bold guy who believes that the way to enact change is to break through cultural and conditioned stereotypes.

    “Our underwear literally grabs guys by their balls,” concluded Sutherland. “We want to remind men to grab life by its balls and to live each day like it is their last – because it just might be.”

    Piss & Vinegar aims to become the newest leader in the world’s underwear market. Born out of a vision to re-energize an underwear market that has become overcrowded with clones of Sutherland’s past brands, Piss & Vinegar designs are outrageously fun, sexual, but most important in today’s turbulent times: conscientious and thought provoking.

    You think you have Enough !!!
    Piss & Vinegar…

    GD Star Rating
  • Jay:

    @ P&V: Thank you for clearing up the dates concerning the release of your love collection.

    I have updated the post accordingly.

    You guys have done a really good job with that collection, and I hope you appreciate the post.

    Feel free to contact me at mail@guysunderwearblog.com if you ever want me to do a review of your upcoming styles.

    GD Star Rating
  • [...] Ginch Gonch is no stranger to eye-popping colors and attention-grabbing designs. In the first months of 2010 they’ve been stealing headlines with their I love underwear collection. [...]

  • [...] & Vinegar – The “It” underwear brand this spring Ever since my short introduction to Piss & Vinegar, I have really been looking forward to do a detailed review of the Piss and Vinegar men’s [...]

  • Sign me up for some free undies! I’ve always thought GG made some super sexy stuff, but I’m totally exited to see what Piss and Vinegar is going to do :)

    I’d love a sample to surprise my man with… hint hint!

    GD Star Rating

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