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N2N Twilight Brief – A review

N2N Bodywear is among my top 3 American men’s underwear brands and have been for years.

Reviews of items from N2N’s underwear have been long overdue. Starting today and over the next few weeks I’ll take a look at some of the brand’s best cuts, starting with one of its modern classics, and a personal favorite of mine, the N2N Twilight brief.

As a brand, N2N Bodywear commands respect with a history dating back to the late 90s. Within the world of men’s underwear this equals an eternity!

It is truly remarkable that creator, Andrew Makay, has been able to keep N2N current and successful for so long. Especially with the emergence of a horde of new men’s underwear brands taking a swing at the increasingly popular profile enhancing underwear category.

If you’re new to N2N Bodywear you should take a look at some of their past fashion show videos to get an idea about what this brand is all about.

With that, let’s go into details with the Twilight brief.

N2N Twilight Brief style - men's underwear
The N2N Twilight brief is low cut brief with relatively narrow sides measuring about 2,3 inches at their narrowest including waistband. It’s close to a bikini brief look, but no cigar. And I like it that way.

Another feature that must be highlighted is the fact that the pouch area is completely fly- and seamless. The brief is (almost) made from one single unbroken sheet of fabric (there’s only on very discrete seam below the pouch).

Overall the cut, the color, and especially the understated pouch design makes for a very classic-looking and masculine brief.

Pouch design
I was very intrigued by this pouch design when I first got the brief. As there are practically no seams, how would N2N ensure a proper fit with adequate pouch room and support?

When wearing the Twilight brief, it becomes apparent that the secret to the surprisingly comfortable fit is the ribbed fabric. Combined with an insignificant T-seam below the pouch, the ribbed fabric demonstrates a level of stretch and adaptability that’s unheard of.

The pouch simply expands to cover and support (and even slightly enhance) your package. I was truly impressed.

Twilight Brief pouch

Back design
Brief styles that border on bikini cuts can sometimes be a bit too scarce when it comes to back coverage. I didn’t find it to be much of a problem with the N2N Twilight brief, though.

Thankfully, enough fabric is provided to cover the entire butt area, both across the top as well as the entire cheeks. The soft, elastic, and not too tight, bands that make up the leg openings also play an important role in this accomplishment.


I measured the waistband to about 1,4 inches, which makes it quite a dominating feature of the Twilight brief.

Also, the mix of colors (black, gray, and yellow) provides a nice contrast to the overall solid gray color of the brief.

The waistband felt soft and not too tight, keeping the brief firmly in place all day.

The waistband has a logo patch as well as a separate production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the waistband. Sometimes I advise you to cut off any “free-flying” information patches but this one really didn’t bother me at all.

N2N Twilight Brief Waistband - men's underwear
Fabric quality

I’ve already touched upon this topic a few times already, but I was incredibly pleased the quality of this particular 90 % Cotton / 10 % Spandex blend.

The fact that N2N has used a baby rip cotton variant makes the fabric feel more soft than similar cotton blends. A major plus in my book.

I wore the gray “Heather” variant which is classic color choice that’ll have you looking stylish and masculine. The N2N Twilight brief is also available in white and black.

I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist. A truly perfect fit and as the stretchy fabric is very forgiving I don’t see any need to size either up or down.

Another great thing about the Twilight brief is the price. It’s not even on sale and still it’s only US $18, which I find to be a true bargain for quality underwear like this.

Get it at

By the way, check out some of my favorite fellow bloggers’ reviews of the twilight brief

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