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Groovin’ Cotton Hip Brief – A review

Today I’m wrapping up my series of posts on Groovin’ with a review of the Cotton Hip Brief.

Since my last review I’ve temporarily relocated to the fascinating city of Bangkok, Thailand, where I’m spending a few days vacationing. I think it’s only fitting that this last review (for now) of Japanese-based Groovin’s men’s underwear collection is written in the heart of Asia :)

The style I’ve been wearing is the Cotton Hip Brief which in terms of style and cut is identical with the Groovin’ Low Waist Hip Brief. The main difference is – as it says in the name – that the Cotton Hip Brief is made from a classic cotton blend where the Low Waist Hip Brief was primarily Nylon-based.

What kind of implications this has on fit and the overall impression of the brief, you can read below.

Oh and I just want to throw in a little teaser… Remember to check back in over the next couple of weeks where I’ll be reviewing an abundance of great men’s swim wear, firmly tested on the beaches of South Thailand. This will include my ultimate guide to the best Aussiebum swim wear styles.

Now, all eyes on Groovin’.

Groovin' Hip Brief Men's Underwear

As mentioned, the cut and style of the Cotton Hip Brief is identical to its Nylon sibling, so go check out my review of that for an extensive account of the type of style we’re dealing with.

Pouch design
I was impressed by the pouch design of the Nylon version of this brief, and the pouch of cotton version is equally comfortable and has room enough for most men.

The pouch is double-layered with a subtle center seam. The double layered design is an important comfort factor to many, and it’s often a tell-tale sign of proper production quality.

Of course, cotton isn’t as stretchy as Nylon. This means that you can’t expect the fabric to mold and adjust to your specific package to the extent as was the case with the Groovin’ Low Waist Hip Brief.

That said, I could find few flaws, it any, with the pouch design of the Cotton Hip Brief.

Grooving Hip Brief Gray/black

Back design
When it comes to the back design of brief, the fact that it’s cotton-based also means that you should be slightly more attentive when choosing the right size. This is a low-rise brief, and while it’s not skimpy, you should be make sure that you get proper back coverage.

An everyday cotton brief should cover the entire area of the butt and not reveal cracks nor crawl up, in, up, or down. I know I say this in almost every review, but to me failing to provide complete coverage can really easily squash the possibility of success for a pair of men’s briefs.

I found that I achieved proper coverage with the Cotton Hip Brief, but next time I get a pair, I would consider sizing up one size – more about that in the “Fit” section.

The waistband is slim, measuring about 1,2 inches in width, with sets of Groovin’ logos embroided.

I wore the gray version of the Cotton Hip Brief and the waistband and leg openings were black, which complements rather than contrasts the gray base color of the brief. The waistband does have a thin orange stripe running across the top, which is a nice and subtle colorful addition to the overall dark and traditional impression.

The waistband is neither too tight, nor too loose, and this combined with the low-rise profile mean you won’t experience any muffin top effect.

The waistband has a production information flap stitched on the inside rear of the waistband, which can easily be cut off for optimal comfort.

Fabric quality
It comes as no surprise that the Cotton Hip Brief is made from a 95 % Cotton / 5 % Spandex fabric blend. Not so much fuss in that. The fabric feels soft against the skin and is an optimal choice for most everyday purposes. I’ve washed the brief a few times, and the colors and elasticity are still nicely preserved.

One note, though. As I am currently in an overly humid climate here in Thailand (it’s rain season – reminding me of when I lived in Florida) I prefer to wear the Groovin’ Nylon brief. It’s simply a more breathable choice when the weather is hot and sweat is desperately escaping from every part of your body.

The gray and black variants of the Groovin’ Cotton Hip Brief is the perfect choice if you’re looking for classic colors that don’t draw too much attention. But rest assured that there are plenty of other colors to choose from if you want more spunk.

Go for the blue, orange, or green version to spice up your underwear drawer with some funky new underwear. See more color examples at the bottom of the post.

I touched upon it earlier. As I usually do, I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist. I would advise you to consider sizing up one size if you’re usually in the border area between two sizes. Other than this, I found the Cotton Hip Brief to be a great fit.

Groovin’ is a value-for-money brand, and at a very fair unit price of US $16.99 you can easily get a few pairs. Get it at Groovin’s own web shop.

Grooving Hip HBrief Orange Men's Underwear

Groovin' Hip Brief Black Men's Underwear

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