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BOQARI men’s underwear: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

I always love exploring a new world of underwear and just when you think you have tried every kind of underwear out there you get an exciting new adventure thrown at you. Case in question: BOQARI.

You may have heard of this new brand that launched exclusively on Amazon in April of 2010. Nowadays it’s available on their online store and everyday it’s growing in popularity.

The concept behind this windswept desert of Arizona born underwear is that of adventure and legend. BOQARI is taking your underwear for a wild ride. The look of BOQARI is simple yet elegant, not what you would expect from an adventurous concept, but it’s durable and actually great for travel.

As the easy to use washing instructions state “Hand Wash With Mild Soap and Warm Water, Squeeze, and Hang Dry”, so you could travel with 2 pair alternating wash and wear. Plus they take up very little space. Of course I don’t think this was the idea, but I think it would be great for a back packer.

So what makes BOQARI so different? BOQARI undies are woven on Italian Jacquard machines using an ultra-soft, comfortable, body hugging nylon blend. Seamless knitting technology weaves the garment in a seamless circle, meaning there are no front, back, or side seams.

They are ideal for sporting under form fitting pants, for yoga, lounging, swimming, or playtime! They really are seamless; the only seams would be located between the legs which would not be seen anyway. They have a very European sophistication to them. They are elegant, sexy and very stylish.

Some would question the “manly” factor of these undies, are they too frilly so that they come across feminine? The answer is no… and yes.

Honestly that depends on you!

A man with a strong feminine side may have that highlighted by the almost lace look of the mesh designs or the fact that they fit so smoothly and flat. However a manly man in the same underwear will have his masculinity brought out by the undertone of the subtle framing of the square cut and his muscles will definitely be contoured perfectly. The soft, stretchy and silhouette-defining material will make you feel and look sexy whatever your personality.

The BOQARI collection comes in a solid Argyle and Square Jacquard, or in a Jamaica Mesh, a Square Mesh or a BQ Signature Mesh (with BOQARI written in mesh around the sides and back).

The undies come in black, dried herb, euro grey, lavender, amparo, lily green, vanilla, sky blue, jet black, old school grey, spank me purple, bad boy blue, Modena red, paparazzi pink, midnight blue, irie yellow and turquoise depending on the style – so you have a huge selection to choose from.

I have a euro grey Jamaica Mesh, the meshiest of the mesh, and a black Square Mesh. I wore them several times and have to admit they really make you feel sexy! They come in two sizes s/m, and l/xl, which may seem limiting but the material, which is a 95% nylon 5% spandex blend, is so stretchy they will fit any build within their general sizing.

The flat front of the underwear is without a pouch yet again the stretchiness allows your guys to have room down there. However, if you are looking for support in an athletic way the underwear doesn’t offer much.

The mesh is kind of large, not just like a pair of basketball shorts, and primarily with the Jamaica Mesh it was noticeable as I could feel the mesh rubbing my butt when I moved. But it wasn’t uncomfortable or irritating, just noticeable.

I wore the underwear through everything several times giving them a good test and they held out well. I was pretty comfortable, not a lot of chaffing or continual adjusting being needed, nor did I feel like I was “unprotected” under my jeans (if you know what I mean).

I even tried the simple hand wash and dry and they came out nice and fresh! I did notice that after a few wears there were some snags and minor runs around the mesh.

I think the BOQARI collection of underwear is a great addition to any man’s collection and is great for those days when you need a little extra class and sexiness in your life.

BOQARI also offers tank tops which almost have a muscle shirt appearance and match the underwear’s fabric. You can also pick up a BOQARI getaway bag or some pretty styling out ear buds or speakers.

I look forward to seeing what BOQARI has in store for us in the future; this is definitely a company to keep an eye on.

BOQARI men's underwear

BOQARI men's underwear

BOQARI men's underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? They have a European elegance with a sleek sexiness. They are smooth and form-fitting and will define any man’s assets perfectly. The mesh styles offer a little more of an in-your-face sexiness without being overstated. They unquestionably have a unique style and look and it’s HOT!
Suitable for? This underwear is perfect for a special night out with a worthy date. Also great for showing off, particularly if you want to be the sexy one at an underwear party. Whoever you allow to see them will have their eyes on you. Although they can be work as everyday underwear, I would probably save them for a special occasion.
Fit and quality? They elasticity of the fabric allows for a perfect fit for just about every man, even a woman. The material will mold to fit your unique body shape. The quality is good despite a few runs and snags after some wear.
Is the price right? Normally the BOQARI underwear goes for $39.95 which can be kind of high, although the unique style and quality do make them worth that price. However they are all on sale now for $19.95 which is a great price! So get them before this collection is gone.
Best thing about it? The smooth seamless look and feel that gives you a confidence you carry with you all the live long day. They aren’t your everyday looking undies. I love the uniqueness.
Overall grade ★★★☆☆
BOQARI scores a three star rating with their seamless underwear! They have created a look and style that really sets them apart. Not that it has never been before but it’s a road that has been less traveled in the world of men’s underwear. So they live up to their mission of adventure and legend and stick to their creed: “Follow your passion. Escape your chains. And wear whatever the f*** you want”.
More information www.boqari.com
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