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Bon Bon Upgrade Gold Trunk – A review

The Bon Bon Upgrade Gold trunk review is the third of four posts in my series about my favorite Canadian men’s underwear brand. I have to say it’s been a pleasure reviewing the brief and trunk styles. I’ll definitely return to the Bon Bon brand  here on the blog some time in the future.

And if you like what you see below, you should also check out my review of the Bon Bon Colours collection as well as my post on the Black and White Collection.

Tomorrow I’ll posting the best Bon Bon men’s underwear videos. You won’t wanna miss that, I cal tell you :)

Before getting to the actual review, I’d like to share with you some of the promotional shots that Bon Bon did for the Upgrade Gold collection. I really admire the quality of this brand’s artwork. These pics are just awesome!


With that, let’s get on with the review of the Upgrade Gold trunk.

The Upgrade Gold trunk is a true trunk style. This means that the legs are slightly longer than your average square cut but not as long a typical pair of boxer briefs.

I am usually a briefs/boxer briefs guy, but I found that the Upgrade Gold trunk style was a great alternative, capturing the best from both worlds. You can wear this trunk for all types of everyday purposes. As it is a premium brand, though, you may wanna save them for occasions where you wanna feel like a million bucks.

Pouch design
As was the case with the Bon Bon Colours brief, the Upgrade Gold trunk comes equipped with a doubled-layered contour pouch with no fly. This is a standard pouch design that you will feel totally at home in unless you’re used to underwear styles with profile-enhancing features.

Back design
As with most trunk styles, the Bon Bon Upgrade Gold trunk provides excellent back coverage. A general advantage of trunks and boxer briefs is that they rarely ride up where the sun doesn’t shine, and the Upgrade Gold trunk doesn’t disappoint in this department either. The trunk also rises high enough on you hips, covering your buttocks and but crack just perfect.

The waistband is one of the key features of the Upgrade Gold style. I wore the white trunk, and the wide golden waistband gives this style a luxurious and almost royal look to it. A cool detail is the gold medal signature symbol embellishment directly below the raised embroidered decal on the left side. It’s not something you’ll see on other men’s underwear brands and it will have you standing out from the crowd in any setting.

The waistband has a Bon Bon logo patch as well a separate production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the square cut. The stitching is done so that you won’t notice it, and the product information patch can easily be cut off.

Fabric quality
As with the Bon Bon Colours brief, fabric quality is where Bon Bon’s men’s underwear collections have their competitors beat. I have totally fallen for the 90 % micro modal, 10 % spandex blend. It’s simply so soft-feeling that at times I forgot that I was even wearing underwear.

I wore the white Upgrade Gold trunks, and it’s probably the best color choice if you want the golden waistband to stand out the most. If you go for the white trunk, remember to wash with similar colors and follow the wash instructions meticulously. Bon Bon Upgrade Gold is a premium price tunk and you don’t wanna ruin it by allowing it to go gray.

I wore a US size M for 32” waist and just as with the briefs the Upgrade Gold trunk provided the best possible fit. The perfected fit is achieved through the stretchy characteristics of the micro modal fabric, which provides extreme flexibility. This means that there should be no need for you to size either up or down.

I’ve mentioned it a few times and there’s no denying it – the Upgrade Gold, as well as the other Bon Bon collections, are high-end men’s underwear. You will pay US$38 for the Upgrade Gold trunk. There’s no doubt, however, that in this instance price and quality go hand in hand. You get what you pay for, and what you pay for is one of the top men’s underwear brands out there. If you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your top drawer, Bon Bon Upgrade Gold is the underwear collection you’ve been looking for.

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