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Bon Bon Colours Brief – A Review

Bon Bon has made a major impact in the market for high-end men’s underwear this season with their exquisite designs, bold colors and incredibly soft micro modal fabric.

Today and tomorrow I have the absolute pleasure of reviewing a pair of briefs from the Bon Bon Colours Collection as well as pair of trunks from the Upgrade Gold Collection.

First up are the ultra hot yellow briefs, taken from the properly named collection, Colours. With this men’s underwear collection, Canadian-based Bon Bon captures the essence of the current underwear fashion trends, which dictate bright neon-like colors.

Besides yellow, the collection comes in pink, green, purple, and blue. Oh, and a fun feature is the box in which the underwear is delivered. It simply oozes exclusivity and style. This is how underwear should be wrapped, guys!

It’s difficult for me to hide my genuine enthusiasm when it comes to Bon Bon underwear. Much too often you will pay a premium for high-end brands, like €30+ for a pair of briefs, just to be disappointed with the cut, production quality, durability, etc.

Let me tell you now – nothing will disappoint you with these yellow Bon Bon briefs…

The Bon Bon Colours brief style is a classic brief cut. It rides neither too high nor too low around your waist. The attention to detail on the brief is astonishing and gives this style a posh and quality-like feel to it.

Take for instance the silver signature mark embellishment attached directly below the contrasting waistband logo. On a brief where the yellow color demands most of the attention, this slightly understated detail manages to make a profound impact on the overall look of the brief, making it stand significantly out from competing brands in similar colors.

This brief is a perfect choice for special occasions where you want to come off as classically stylish, yet trendy in terms of color choice, while also projecting a sincere attention to quality. Bon Bon is men’s underwear royalty – and you will be respected for your choice.

Pouch design
The pouch is designed according to average standards, i.e.  double layered with no fly. It has plenty of room for your boys, and for the entire day that I wore it, I found it to provide adequate support with no need for constant readjustment.

Back design
I was thrilled with the back design of the Bon Bon Colours brief. The but area was entirely covered, and the leg openings didn’t stretch too low on the thighs. The black soft fabric around the leg openings provide a brilliant contrast to the solid bright yellow color of the brief.

The comfortable, non-skimpy back design combined with no back seams mean that you can easily wear this brief for hours on end without it escaping in between you but cheeks. Nor will you have to constantly pull the briefs up to avoid the appearance of an embarrassing crack above the jeans line.

The black waistband, complete with the Bon Bon logo printed in a yellow font, is plush and distinctly softer than competing brands. In fact, you will hardly even notice that the briefs even come with a waistband that’s well over an inch wide.

Together with the black edges of the leg openings, the waistband provides a perfect visual contrast to the bright yellow base color.

The waistband has a Bon Bon logo patch as well a separate production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the square cut. The stitching is done so that you won’t notice it, and the product information patch can easily be cut off.

Fabric Quality
Now, fabric quality is where Bon Bon’s men’s underwear collections really shine. I’ve always been a cotton blend fan, but I will bow in respect for this 90 % micro modal, 10 % spandex blend. It feels absolutely wonderful to wear. It’s my new favorite, no question.

According to Bon Bon, the micro fibre, which micro modal is made from, comes from beechwood tree fibres. This fabric blend is 50 % more absorbent than cotton. The micro modal fabric will therefore allow your skin to breathe more easily while still being incredibly soft.

If you live in acountry with a very warm climate, the Bon Bon brief may be the ideal underwear for you.

The bright yellow color will look stunning on guys with darker skin tones or guys with well-developed tans. If you have a pale skin tone, you should maybe try to go for purple or blue briefs instead.

I wore a US size M for 32” waist and these briefs provided the best fit I’ve experienced in ages. Partly this is due to the stretchy characteristics of the micro modal fabric, which provides extreme flexibility. This is a major plus in my book and also means that you should go for your usual size when ordering your Bon Bon briefs.

The Bon Bon Colour brief is yours for US$34, which is a hefty price tag. But seriously guys, if you want to treat yourself to the best of the best when it comes to your underwear, this is it. Spend that extra 10 bucks and you will not regret it.

Get your Bon Bon underwear at MyBonBonWorld.com.

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