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Baskit Utility Low Rise Trunk – A review. Fine Lines collection introduced.

American-based Baskit is beginning to promote their two newest collections called “Fine Lines” and “Utility”. Today I’m reviewing the Baskit Utility trunk, which has proved to be an excellent pair of basic men’s underwear. More on that below.

First a few notes on the equally fascinating, yet completely different, “Fine Lines” range.

Show off with Fine Lines
The main feature of the Fine Lines collection is the slightly translucent, sheer-style fabric made from 90 % Nylon, 10 % Spandex. This is bold underwear for guys with guts who are not afraid to show off what they got.

Baskit Fine Lines Brief Back

The “Fine Lines” collection has a cut for every man, including briefs, trunks, square cuts, and thongs – all available in a white or blue. Another great feature – the price. The brief is just $16 and the trunk $20 at Skiviez. That’s a bargain for funky party underwear like this.

As a final remark on the Fine Lines collection, I recommend you check out the review of the trunk by Dan from Menswear Review, which I find to be great sum-up.

Baskit Utility Low Rise Trunk – A review
So rather than repeat Dan’s words on the Fine Lines collection, I thought I’d rather go into depths with the other collection, Baskit Utility.

With the economy still looking grim, I suspect a lot of guys out there are reluctant to spend $30+ on everyday underwear. Yet, we don’t wanna wear just any old rag that’s a terrible fit and looks like something you wouldn’t even mob the floor with.

So, it’s become part of Guys’ Underwear Blog’s mission to seek out basic, everyday men’s underwear that’s both affordable, stylish, proper quality, a great fit.

Based on these criteria, the Baskit Utility low rise trunk receives a pretty decent score!

The Utility trunk is pretty regular by modern standards and doesn’t feel too low rise. The legs are standard length, measuring about 9 inches including waistband. This is a forgiving, mainstream underwear cut suitable for all men, who’re looking for a solid pair of everyday underwear.

Baskit Utility trunk

Pouch design
The Baskit Utility trunk has a surprisingly roomy pouch. Combined with a traditional double-layered (fully functional) fly pouch, this makes for an extremely comfortable fit. Notice that the pouch isn’t actually marketed as extra large – it just doesn’t cram your stuff together but allows for freedom of movement while at the same time providing adequate support.

Back design
The back of the trunk does everything you could wish for. It covers up nicely from top to bottom, and for entire the day I wore it, the legs didn’t ride up, nor did I have to pull the trunk up at any point.

Baskit Utility trunk back

The Baskit Utility low rise trunk is equipped with a soft-feeling waistband in a light gray/brownish color with one Baskit logo imprinted above the pouch area. It measures just over 1 inch in width. It keeps the trunk firmly in place with no need for readjustments.

The waistband has a product information patch stitched on the inside rear of the trunk. It’s very soft and shouldn’t bother you, but it can be easily cut off should you feel like it.

Fabric quality
Men’s basic underwear must be comfortable to wear for hours on end. The Baskit Utility trunk is made from a standard 95 % cotton 5 % Spandex fabric blend and it feels properly soft and stretchy. I’ve washed the trunk a few times now, and it doesn’t seem to loose stretch. Nor does it seem to shrink or fade in color.

The Utility trunk is available in a series of subtle, not too bright color variants including Powder Blue (pictured above), Lime Green, Perfect Pink, Warm Yellow, and Chalk White. The color choices are fine for everyday use, but I would go for something little less anonymous for nights out or when you just wanna have a little fun with your underwear.

I wore a US size M for 32/33 inch waist. The Baskit Utility trunk provided an excellent fit. There should be no need for you to size either up or down.

When it comes to men’s basic underwear, price is of the essence. It’s quite positive, then, that the Baskit Utility trunk is just US $19. This is a fair price for a pair of good quality basic trunks – designer trunks, even.

Buy it at 10percent.com and check out www.baskitwear.com for more information.

Also, check out my review of the Baskit Snugfit Seamless Fishnet Trunk.

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