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2(x)ist SLIQ Giveaway: The winners! Were you one of the lucky ones?

2xist sliq white

I cannot tell you how much we’ve had reading through the many, many entries in our 2(x)ist SLIQ giveaway this week!

A big THANKS goes out to everyone who entered and shared their story with the rest of us 2(x)ist fans.

If you haven’t browsed through the stories yet, you should take the time to do so. It’s been an extremely difficult singling out 5 winners, let me tell you.

And don’t forget, the prize that’s on stake is not just any old pair of undies! Each of the winners will get 1 free pair of SLIQ briefs AND a 8″x10″ glossy of the SLIQ adverts, autographed byunderwear model superstar, André Ziehe.

So naturally, we’ve tried to pick winners who we think truly deserve – and appreciate – a great pair of underwear.

And with stories like the five below we have no doubt that these guys will be worthy of the honor and privilege it is to be wearing the 2(x)ist SLIQ briefs :)

For those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry. You can still get your very own SLIQ briefs at an affordable price over at International Jock and UnderBriefs.

Without further ado, here are the winning stories:


Quite funny actually! I was at the airport headed to Las Vegas. I walked through the metal detector and my belt buckle set off the alarm. I was wearing black silk like slacks and early in the day I forgot that my pant button had come off and the only thing that was holding up my slacks was my belt. As soon as I unbuckled and slid the belt off my slacks they fell right down to my ankles revealing my bright red 2xist bamboo low rise pouch briefs. There were lines of people behind me. I was embassed but a couple guys walked by complimenting my 2xist red briefs! I was also asked by women where she could purchase them for her husband. From that day forward I am always proud to wear your underwear hoping to be noticed. 2xist is all I wear. I have hundreds in every style and color! Can’t wait to try Sliq.

- Nathan, next time you go to the airport, make sure to wear your new SLIQs. We’re confident you’ll get a standing ovation should you end up flashing these to a lucky crowd.


About a year ago, I finally decided to try designer underwear. I wore them to class and on break I went to the restroom in a building that usually have classes in session at the time. I felt like a sexy beast in them so I pulled down my jeans to my knees and grabbed my package to take a picture with my camera phone. Soon as I snapped the picture, two guys from my class walked in and started laughing. Throughout the remainder of the semester they would whisper “gotta lotta booty” when I walked in. So embarrassing!

- Derrik, you’re a true underwear fan, and we love that. You’ll be even more of a sexy beast in your brand new SLIQ briefs. Trust us, those guys from your class will envy your hot designer undies!


I was a go-go boy at a club in St. Petersburg, FL.  We were to come out dressed then quickly rip off our button-sided Adidas pants.  I had worn my favorite undies underneath to show off. We then found out that we weren’t “disrobing” our own pants but each others.  (5 of us). We run out onto the stage, and one by one we turn to each other to rip off each others pants. The dancer to my left turns to me and RIPPPPPP!.  The s.o.b. had torn off my pants AND my underwear. I was HIGHLY embarrassed.  However, I did make good tips!

- Cole, you had us laughing hard with your story! Next time you go on stage you can proudly show off your new SLIQs, but try to keep them on this time…


My most memorable underwear experience has to be last year while on a hike.  I was roughly 15 minutes on the trail when I had to make a huge step to the top of a Boulder.  Next thing you know I heard that dreaded rrrriiiippp sound, and as luck would have it, I had a huge tear from the crotch of my pants half way up the back.  And naturally after seeing no one, people started appearing out of the woodwork.  Never have I been so thankful for underwear!

- Dizz, we’ve all experienced stunts like that. Promise us that next time you go hiking you’ll be wearing your SLIQ briefs. We bet you’ll almost wish for another “wardrobe malfunction” so you can reveal your cool new undies.


A few years ago, some work friends and I decided to go hang out at the local lake after our shift. We wanted to go swimming but no one had swimsuits, so we stripped down to our underwear and jumped in. After I got out of the water, I took off my wet underwear and put my dry clothes back on. We drove back to our place of employment where everyones car was still parked, so we could go home. Before deciding to leave, one of my friends thought it would be funny to throw my wet underwear on top of one of the awnings above the drive thru window where I worked. A couple days went by and I had forgotten about my underwear being up on the awning. I was standing outside with my boss when she looked up and said ” Would you look what someone has thrown on top of our roof.  Who would do such a thing?”. As I turned and looked up at the evidence, I smiled to myself while saying to her “I have no idea.”

- Jeremy, your story was one of our favorites from the very beginning of the week. It reminds us of countless hot and frisky teenage summers. Thank you for a great trip down memory lane. Don’t go throwing your new SLIQs away like that, though?!

And to all five of you, congratulations on winning! We’re certain you’ll put your new underwear to good use!

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