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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Valdamar’s Underwear Update: The GUB Grind Revealed!

By Valdamar

It’s time for another underwear news update! The last one of 2011. It was a great year and the blog has definitely grown thanks to you, our readers. Did you know that you guys have viewed more than 1 MILLION pages here on GUB over the last 12 months? That’s awesome!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2012. Some really great stuff for the site is coming! To begin let’s jump right into our first update:


The GUB Grind!

GUB Grind by Guys' Underwear Blog

The GUB Grind, an amazing Underwear Party, will be held on Saturday February 11th at Club Q in Colorado Springs! It will feature a silent auction, a raffle and a live underwear fashion show where we will be auctioning the underwear right off the model!

We will also have some live entertainment and dancing all night, in our underwear of course. We will be featuring the underwear of 2xist, Jake Joseph, Maclovia, Mensuas, and Tribe.

Models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency out of Denver will be here to work the runway, as will the Mile High Gay Guy Drew Wilson. The event will be hosted by myself, Valdamar, and co hosted by C.C. De’Ore one of the best entertainers Colorado has to offer.

We also have super hot underwear model Adam Coussins (pictured above) donating his underwear (signed) and autographed pictures to be auctioned off. In between our events which will last all night we will open the dance floor to the beats of DJ Kyree.

It’s going to be amazing so get your butts to Colorado Springs February 11th, 2012 for the hottest Underwear Party in the West!

Please take a moment to visit our event sponsors:

No More Swimming in Underwear

no more swimming in men's underwear

Dubai’s beaches have a new ordinance which makes it obligatory to wear proper swimwear while on the beach. They have had issues with people swimming in just underwear, which becomes transparent, or swimming fully clothed. Now beach patron must wear an actual swim suit. As a lifeguard at a pool I must say I like this new law, although sometime wet undies aint too bad.

Crotchless Panties for 7 Year Olds!

What the heck! Right here my home state too! Watch the video, it says it all.

A New World Record in Underwear, Literally

57 people in the Canary Wharf district of London set a new world record for the most people to be in a single pair of underwear. Obviously not a normal pair of undies here. But some of the participates had on some nice undies themselves.

Sperm Cooling Underwear

sperm cooling mens underwear

STUD, the baby making underwear, has designed a pair of undies that will keep your sperm cooler, thus helping to increase your fertility chances. These undies are designed with cool mesh material around your sperm producing areas, namely your testicles. These undies will run you about $60. But a much more styling option to them baggy boxers: www.studbriefs.com.

Mario Lopez Underwear Line

mario lopez mens underwear line

So Mr.Lopez former Saved By The Bell star, a title he will never out-live, has designed a new line of mens underwear. And good for him for being willing to be the model as well. He looks great. The underwear on the other hand have been getting mixed reviews. Some guys say they look like they would have been in fashion back in the 70’s. Personally I don’t know, I think Mario should send us a pair to review.

Underwear Under Toupee

underwear under toupee

Nilesh Ramlal Bari, a 28 year old man in Mumbai, stuffed his toupee with underwear. Why? He wanted to be a policeman, unfortunately he is only 165cm and they have a limit which is 168cm. So he is too short, so to pass the exam he came up with this little trick. It didn’t work and instead his little stunt make the newspaper and our international blog.

Honk If You Think I’m Sexy

A teenage boy was standing out in the street in Fairfield Connecticut in his underwear holding a sign that said “Honk if you think I’m sexy”. And of course he had a friend video taping the whole thing. It should be on YouTube soon.

Robert Downey Jr Flashes His Underwear


On his red carpet walk for the new Sherlock Holmes movie Robert made a little fashion faux pas. He tucked his shirt into his underwear as opposed to over his underwear and into his pants. So we got to see his red Calvin Klein’s. Of course Klein may have paid him to do that.

Will Tebow Win You Underwear?

will tebow win you underwear

Jockey announced that if Tim Tebow, who has yet to pose in Jockeys, and the Broncos win the Super Bowl they will give away a million dollars in underwear and to one winner $15,000 (Since Tebow is number 15). Jockey should have bet more, they probably won’t have to pay. But if they do win Woo Hoo! (Above is a pic of Tebow in underwear, not Jockeys, GASP)


Guys in underwear - XMasGUB

In honor of Christmas I found it only fitting to showcase a nice tree with some beautiful gifts underneath. Hamid, Nick and Trent, three of the models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency who will be working the runway at the GUB Grind!

This also is a GUB Original picture featuring underwear generously donated to us by 2xist. Hamid is in the white Military Sport Brief . Nick is in a green Military No-Show Trunk. And Trent is in a green Military Square-Neck Tank. I love the Military Collection from 2xist! I will have a review coming out soon on this line. Thank you 2xist, Natalie Lynn, Hamid, Nick and Trent and a Merry Christmas to all of you!

Like the underwear you see here?

Get it here:

Check out these guys’ model profiles:

Hamid: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-hamid.php

Nick: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-nick.php

Trent: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-trent.php

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Survey Shows Men Need to Pack More Underwear

Exciting things are coming to you! We have our very first “Fan Picture of The Week”! Plus the debut of “My Lucky Undies” later this week, in which I have been able to make a BEAUTIFUL new friend to introduce to you.

Plus, summer is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere and I get to go to a Beach themed underwear party Friday. And Saturday I get to be a Go-Go Tiger in a “Circus” themed benefit show to help feed the children, hehe. If you guys are good maybe I’ll share pictures.

But first let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of underwear this first week of June:

Pack More Underwear

Pack more underwear

The British travel agency Sunshine did a survey about packing underwear. They found the average woman packs 10 pairs of underwear for a week’s trip, the average man only packs 3! So most men wear the same pair for 2 or 3 days on a trip. COME ON MEN! Your underwear is what you should have the most of, you can wear the same pants or shorts but not underwear. First off,I pack like 20 pair just because I never know what I’ll need and love them, plus they’re so small you can fit a lot. But even for hygienic reasons you need more than 3 guys! Of course I know you men wouldn’t do that.

UPDATE: The Underwear Affair

1,500 men and women turned up on the streets of Calgary, Canada for the Underwear Affair, an event to raise awareness and money for the “below the waist” cancers. Good for you participants! If any of our readers were ther please tell us about it and send pictures!



Newly married Republican Congressman Anthony Weiner, no comment – too easy, has been accused of sending a young woman a picture of himself in his underwear. However, she denies that she has had any involvement with him – a statement she released via twitter. Who need a publicist anymore… Weiner hasn’t denied the truth of this picture, he has merely said “I’m not talking about this anymore”. I like that statement, it’s honest. And honestly, I think he should send that picture to us and see if he could win Fan Picture of The Month for July and get a great pair of 2xist Neons! I think he has a shot.

UPDATE: In a newer article I have found he now is saying Hackers broke in and sent that picture to the young woman. Now he sounds more like a politician. Personally I like the picture, no shame there Weiner!

Freshpair.com Under New Management?

Michael Kleinmann has stepped down as president of the mega underwear site, a position he has held since 2001. The vice president, now president, Matthew Butlein has taken over. Kleinmann has stated that he is excited to move on to the next stage of his career and is pleased to turn control over to Butlein. He did a lot with this company that has become the leader in online underwear sales so he left some big shoes to fill. Good luck Matthew, we’re rooting for you! If you need any help just let me know.

Dear Diedre

Dear Dierdre

So, some guy wrote to “Dear Diedre” in The Sun, a newspaper based out of the UK, confessing that he wears his wife’s underwear. He went on to say he has been wearing woman’s underwear since he was a teen. She told him to open up about his cross dressing secret and let his wife embrace it. I think maybe he needs to discover the wonderfully diverse world of men’s underwear that he may not know about. The satin and silks, the almost lace and more delicate side of men’s fashion. It can be hot man!

Subway Underwear Pole Dance

Hot Damn!!! These Subway passengers are lucky as hell. Ok, enough swearing, I have no more to say, I’m speechless. Just watch the video. I’m just wondering why those crazy idiots in the background were dancing and not watching the show!


Forced Down to Underwear

Police in Jacksonville, Florida are looking for the men who robbed a 46 year old man at a Hi Way gas station and left him in his underwear. A woman named “Dee Dee” came up to him and asked him for $5 worth of gas. Her car then wouldn’t start so she asked him for a ride home. He took her and then three men robbed him and left him in his underwear! He drove home that way and called the police. Poor guy.

Hot Underwear

Hot Underwear

34 year old Shawn Hinesley was dropped off at the Santa Rosa hospital in Florida and left. He was severely burned and was only in his underwear. The police went to question his mother to find out what had happened and they found a meth lab. They knew it was his because his wallet was still there.

Angry Underwear

A man in his 20s in Seven Hills, near Cleveland, was arrested on May 23 for disorderly conduct. Police found the man in a driveway among four people. Reports said the man was wearing only underwear, yelling obscenities, making threatening gestures and smelled of alcohol. Alcohol? Shocking! I just wish we had pictures.


Drum roll please… The winner of our first ever “Fan Picture of The Month” is… Matt, with his picture I titled “Find The Wand” receiving 47 votes. But I must congratulate all our finalists for their awesome pictures. Matt here is sporting a great pair of sky blue Tulio briefs. I have a Tulio swim suit and I must say I think Tulio has a thing with getting your penis to fly out like a bronco out of the shoot! Thank’s Tulio.

Matt will be receiving a pair of 2xist Neons which 2xist has graciously donated to our blog. Thank you 2xist. They also will be supplying next months winner with a pair of Neons as well. I just did a review on the Neon collection and believe me you want them. To enter send a picture of yourself in underwear to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com the cut off date for July is the 15th so get to it. Then the top 3 picture will face off till the end of the month. For more info see our previous blog.

Congratulations Matt again and enjoy your Neons!

Fan Pic of the month

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: New GUB Features!

By Valdamar

Hello Gubbers! I hope everyone is doing well. First off I have to apologize for not getting the report out last week I was slacking I know.

And yes you all can give me a spanking.

So that just means we have to fit twice as much in this week or at least it will be the best of two weeks. So lets get to it:

GUB NEWS: My Lucky Undies

GUB NEWS My Lucky Undies

We have an exciting new feature coming soon! We will be doing an ongoing segment where we find men and interview them about their favorite underwear. It will be a chance to take a glimpse into other men’s underwear drawers and see the world of underwear from their perspective. I already have two AMAZING interviews lined up and I think you will be pleasantly surprised who we’re talking to. I won’t say because it’s not 100% in stone yet, but the above pictures are your hint. So keep on the look out for “My Lucky Undies”, coming soon!

GUB NEWS: Fan Picture of the Month

GUB NEWS Fan Picture of the Month

Our first set of finalists have been chosen for “Fan Picture of the Month” for June. The winner will be chosen by YOU, go to our poll and vote for your favorite.

The winner will receive a pair of 2xist Neon underwear. And if you want the chance to win a free pair of underwear you can send us a picture of yourself in underwear for a chance to become July’s Fan Picture of the Month.

Send your photo’s to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com. For mor information on the contest see our previous blog post here.


A few weeks ago we reported this great event done to support a local charity by having college students strip out of their clothes and donate them as well as raise money. However, sadly a few guys have ruined the image of this event by fighting. The part that I feel makes this so bad is they weren’t just fighting each other but picking on and punching “the fat kid”. I hate seeing a few guys ruin such a fun event for a good cause and a great way to use underwear. It’s possible this act could ruin this annual event.

Captain Jack Wear Women’s Underwear?

Johnny Depp has become an icon for his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. He recently was interviewed and said he loves the opportunity this character gives him to let loose in his swashbuckling way. Yet he revealed another secret reason for loving this character, “it also gives me the opportunity to wear women’s underwear beneath the costume… which you don’t get everyday, so you have to take the chance and grab it.”

Underwear Health Warnings in Brazil

After a 12 year long debate Brazil has decided that underwear should come with health warnings. Now it’s not that underwear plays any risks but that the areas covered by your underwear need some help. The warnings are about condom usage, breast and prostate cancer screenings and the like. It’s just another way to spread awareness to the community about care of their nether regions.

Russell Brand Sunbathes in Underwear

Russell Brand Sunbathes in Underwear

Russell Brand was seen in Florida shopping and jet skiing and have a grand old time and when he was sunbathing he wasn’t in a swim suit but in underwear, tighty whities. He’s in Miami shooting a new film called Rock of Ages. You’d think a big movie star would have a Speedo or something, not that I’m complaining.

Why Isn’t Tebow in his Underwear?

Why isnt tebow in his underwear

It’s not just us asking this! As I have stated, or complained about, several times, Mister Quarterback is Jockey’s underwear spokesman but never poses in it. The weird thing is I’ve seen him in pictures with just underwear before but not Jockeys. So the NFL blog site noticed that as well. He was at Macy’s in Manhattan posing with several models in underwear but didn’t show off his own underwear so the NFL blog site asked the above question.

Osama Bin Laden Was Killed in His Underwear?

The graphic photos of Bin Laden’s death have not been released to the public. However they have been made available for members of congress to see at the CIA headquarters. Most the shots were of his head because that’s where he was shot and how he could be identified. But 2 were full body shots and they revealed that he was wearing only his underwear. The pictures were taken right after the incident yet it’s not known if he was stripped or if that’s really all he had on. What kind of underwear do you think he wore?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s (?) Underwear Pose

Jake Gyllenhaal's underwear pose

So there has been a picture of Mr. Prince of Persia going around the web where he is in a “Grace Jones” pose. But the best part is that he is just in his underwear! The authenticity of the picture is in question as there is no explanation for its existence, however doesn’t it look great!

Lawyer Drops Trousers!

An Austrian Lawyer did something pretty unusual recently and no one really knows why. During the questioning of his client by two female investigators he just stood up removed his pants and sat on his desk in his white briefs with his back to the women, right in the police station. Was it a dare, a distraction method, was he just hot or has he gone mad?


Underwear Threats

A 30 year old man in Bridgeport Connecticut was arrest for suspicion of being on PCP and making threats. He was standing on the rail road tracks at about midnight screaming out that he was going to kill somebody. Doing all this only in his underwear and a pair of sneakers.


You guys have a great collection of underwear! We received over 20 underwear checkins from you guys and here were the most popular pairs you had on: 2xist White Brief, Black Aussie Bum Man Brief, Safe T Guard Swim Jock, Blue Neon 2xist Briefs, HOM Red Shark Mini Bikinis and with the most likes a Andrew Christian Show-It Air Jock. Jock straps once again seen to be the popular choice or at least the ones you like hearing about.

“Like” our face book page and keep in touch!


Remember this could be you by submitting your picture to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com and you’ll win a great pair of underwear. But anyhow, this week we have a picture to remember the festivity of Memorial Day, the big bang beginning of summer! Of course this day has a deeper meaning than this but we have to keep with our modern tradition. And what could make a BBQ better than doing it in your underwear!

Underwear Picture of The Week

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Jockey Men’s Underwear Fashion Show. Here’s how you do it, Tim Tebow!

While hordes of men’s underwear fans around the world are still recovering from the Jockey underwear model star disappointment that is Tim Tebow, the otherwise renowned undies brand just got regained some plus points in our book with their latest promotion video.

When it comes to Jockey, though, we can’t stay disappointed too long. After all, this is the company that invented the modern brief!

Anyway, Jockey Underwear recently celebrated 135 years in the industry with its first stunning International Catwalk show at the Hospital Club in London.

Members of Europe’s fashion elite and media were in attendance to watch the brand head back to its roots, showcasing heritage pieces from when the company began in 1876, right through to a preview of some of Jockey’s most stylish collections for A/W 2011.

My guess is we won’t be seeing Tim wearing any of these “stylish” collections, either.

Jockey, go for someone like Michael Phelps next time. He’s got what it takes to beat the Nadals and Ronaldos out there.

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: New Rambo and Rocky Styled Underwear!

Underwear lovers acroos the globe (we checked, last month we had visitors from 157 different countries!), it’s time for this week’s underwear report.

Underwear on the Beach

Underwear on the Beach

The Vancouver Sun reports that among other things, discarded underwear has been found on Nanaimo beach making it look like a land fill. One of the biggest problems is the growing trend of disposable goods, which is not at all new but still a problem. SO, men when you strip at the beach, which I encourage you to keep doing, take your underwear back with you!

“Underwear” the Children’s Book

At a Kindergarten in Rawsonville Michigan, children gather around to be read the book “Underwear”. The book is about a group of animals who enjoy wearing underwear. In the book, Bismark the Buffalo – who doesn’t think they should talk about underwear because he is a bit of a grouch – looses all his friends. To get his friends back he must say underwear ten times without laughing. The moral? Talk about underwear! What a great book.

Get Nude Underwear

Get Nude Underwear

As summer hits the time comes for wearing the light white cotton pants or shorts, at least before Labor Day, so the rule says. But one mistake many people often make is to wear white underwear under light or white shorts or pants. The contrast between the bright white underwear and your skin makes the underwear stand out even more. Wear skin-toned underwear such as tan, nude or browns that match your skin color. This will make your light pants and shorts look much better.

Underwear Cure for Relationships

Rachael Connelly of my-knickers.com has given some great advice to help relationships in trouble; buy sexy underwear. Wearing the underwear will make you feel better and sexier. Once this translates into the relationship it can create a happier atmosphere and ultimately save the relationship or keep healthy ones thriving. So get out there and get some sexy underwear!

Singing in Underwear

Singing in Underwear

Irish singer songwriter Danny O’Donoghue, of the band The Script, told reporters that the studios get so hot when he’s recording that he strips to his underwear. He said it’s not a superstitious thing but after he did it once he liked it, since it was cooler, so he does it all the time now. He apparently wear boxers but it’s still a nice visual.

Rambo and Rocky Styled Underwear

Coming in 2012 Sylvester Stallone is launching a new fashion line of clothes for men styled after his most famous roles of Rambo and Rocky. I don’t know yet what that it is going to look like but there will be underwear included in the line which will be called “Stallone“ which will be available in department stores.

Christian Tebow in Underwear? GASP

I keep seeing articles calling on Tim Tebow’s Christianity in his new role as underwear model. Tebow said “Everyone wears underwear, it‘s not like I‘m doing anything risqué.“ Obviously he hasn’t seen Gregg Homme’s new commercial. Of course, with Jockey he has no need to worry about crossing any lines and I don’t get why these reporters need to act as if modeling underwear is so “sinful”. I have seen the first commercial and believe me it’s so modest it could be aired during Sesame Street, Tebow is shown putting his shirt on so we see his bare chest for about 2 seconds. Show us your undies, Tim, Jesus still loves you!

One Big’Ol Bra

Big Ol' Bra

I know this has nothing to do with men’s underwear but the principle can apply. Apparently due to the increasing size of the population, and not just women’s boobs but their whole bodies, companies are being required to produce larger and larger sizes. One company in the UK, the same one that supplies the Queen, has introduced the “N” cup; theor largest bra to date. Similar things have happened in men’s underwear, and the real problem is the health of people becoming these large sizes.

The Week in Underwear Crime:


BAD DOG Underwear

A report out of the UK has found most dogs to be thieves and that in the UK dogs steal 33 million pounds worth of items a year. One survey showed that 3 quarters of all items taken were underwear. Looks like there are a lot of dogs out there who like underwear as much as we do. Pugs were said to be the breed with the biggest criminal record followed by Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and Shih Tzus. So if you can’t find your favorite undies try looking in the dog house.


What were our readers wearing this week? Tribe burn out bikini, C-in2 pop strip lemon brief, red Andrew Christians, white Under Armour boxer briefs, red Good Devil ballz out bikini, Baskit blue brief, Walmart undies, black Armani briefs, white Hanes, red Under Armor boxer briefs, Good Devil jock strap, red 2xist briefs, white Safe-T Guard jock, white Big Boys boxers, Papi light blue bikini, black CK boxer briefs and a cheap string bikini. So this weeks underwear of choice seems to be the Brief, and athletic brands seem to be what the guys prefer.

And this week we asked our readers “Summer’s Coming! What will you wear to the beach?”. As of the writing of this blog we had over 300 men respond with “Board Shorts” being the most popular choice with 113 votes, followed by “nothing” with 61 votes, “speedos/bikini” with 42 votes, “low waist swimming briefs” with 26 votes and “swim shorts” with 16 votes rounding out the top five. The polls are still open so cast your vote and we’ll see where it goes.

To join in the blog interaction visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog


I am a huge fan of summer and warmer weather, and I can not begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to the end of winter. Although I know it is Spring now and honestly where I live, in Colorado, the weather has been beautiful this year so I shouldn’t complain… But I will. So this week I chose a picture that captures how I feel knowing that summer is right around the corner. Have a great week men!

Underwear Picture of the Week

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Chord Overstreet in Ellen undies

By Valdamar


And women, if you’re reading. I would love to know if we have any loyal women fans, I mean honestly I think women should be very concerned with the growing trend in men, gay and straight, gaining a stronger awareness in being fashionable and sexy in underwear.

For you straight women with men who need help in that department I want you to know the world of men’s underwear is working on it. A lot of companies are focusing on that demographic and helping our straight men to see that they can have fun and look good in underwear.

They aren’t just shown off in emergency rooms anymore, so mothers make sure your boys know to wear not just clean but underwear with panache! So anyway, lets find out what has been happening in the world of underwear this week.

Chris Jericho’s Lucky Underwear

Chris Jericho, Best known as a WWF/WWE star, has been cast on the hit show Dancing With the stars. Jericho stated “I haven’t changed my underwear since the cast was announced”, apparently he’s a little superstitious and has said he’s taking the competition seriously. After his statement fellow cast member Mike Catherwood said “I can vouch for that”. Hmmm, I wonder how?

Underwear for the Homeless

The senior class at Jackson Christian High School in Chicago has collected over 1,000 pairs of men’s underwear to donate to a local homeless shelter. A lot of charities and organizations don’t always think about taking care of the underwear needs of the homeless so it’s good to see young people actively playing a part to keep men covered. They even had a Whitey Tighty Volleybal Tournament.

Mr. Jockey Tebow

Jockey has released several videos with Denver Bronco’s quarter back Tim Tebow talking about the science behind jockeys cooling underwear. And that is all fine and dandy however Jockey why can’t we see him in the underwear! Walk the talk buddy.

And Tim will get in his underwear he did in this promo where it looks like he’s in a pair of white Hanes. A few weeks ago the Picture of the Week was him in Under Armour. We need the Jockey pictures now! Actually I hear the ads are under way and that Tebow will be the first signed athlete underwear model since Jim Palmer in the 80’s. I CAN’T WAIT!

The Undy 5000

Undy 500

Saturday in St.Louis the Undy 5000 was held, a 5k fun run to promote awareness of colorectal cancer. The event was held in the Muny Parking lot at Forest Park. What a great way to spread awareness. Remember this for your next charity event.


Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

Chord Overstreet was on the Ellen show and the show has become loved by us underwear fans for it’s promotion of men in underwear. In discussing his shirtless character the issue of underwear came up and Chord showed off the Ellen undies he had on which said “Ellen’s got my tight end covered”. Fitting words for underwear he received at the Super Bowl.

Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

BET Undie Run

BET undy run

Mario Van Peebles guest-stared on the BET show “The Game” and meets a woman at the bar and gets her to run through the street with him in their underwear. Apparently he’s dying and that was on his bucket list. It is something we should all do at some point.


From time to time on our face book page we ask our readers what underwear they have on. Here’s what we’ve found this week: SLY Paintball Trunk, Black mesh jock strap, Joe Boxer, Bill Bass bikini, Papi trunks, Cin2 lemon yellow kinetic briefs, white CK boxers, pink Hugo Boss boxer trunks, Papi, Obviously jock strap, Cin2.

So it looks like our favorite brand this week was Papi and Cin2 and the favorite style was a trunk. NICE! Tell us what you’re wearing at our face book page: www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog

Week in Underwear CRIME:

Under Drugs

A 28 year old man in Melbourne Australia has been accused of concealing 185 grams of heroine in his underwear. The man was stopped by customs for a baggage inspection at the international airport in Melbourne coming off a flight from Ho Minh City. When he was informed he would be searched he admitted to having two pellets in his underwear, not referring to his testicles. He could get 25 years in prison and/or a $550,000 fine. Undies, not just for smuggling budgies anymore.

Cheap Bomber

OK, I am not a fan of this idiot being named the “Underwear Bomber”, however I have recently heard the reason he chose Detroit was because it was the cheapest ticket he could get. Now if you’re planning on blowing yourself up, does it matter if you save money?!

Underwear Jacking

Underwear Jacking

19 year old FedEx worker John Gallagher was caught breaking into his old High School going into the boys locker room and collecting the guys’ underwear. He apparently layed them out on the floor and the masturbated on them. He was seen in the schoo’ls videos in his Fed Ex uniform and was identified by the local Fed Ex office. He now faces 7 years in prison.


It’s spring time guys! At least in the northern hemisphere it is and although we still have a few cold spells to get through it’s time to start planning for summer. This week our picture is a salute to summer outside underwear. I love it when underwear becomes outer wear (of course make sure it’s legal which it usually is).

About this picture: I got it from a blog by Adam Hall from Australia. This picture is of his friend Craig in Cannes, when he couldn’t find the traditional swim apparel he chose to use these baby blue undies which became see through once wet. As Adam put it “So see through you could see how hairy the man is”.

I think this is a GREAT swim suit, Craig! For more on the story behind the picture see Adam Hall’s blog.


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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Underwear prices on the rise?

Welcome to March underwear lovers!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere it’s almost Spring and we are excited. For those of you in the southern hemisphere you better enjoy the warmth while it lasts, of course your winters don’t seem to be as cold as ours are.

Well, let’s see what has been happening in the world of underwear this week:

UPDATE: Brazil’s National Underwear Day

UPDATE Brazils National Underwear Day

A while back I reported that Brazil’s National Underwear day was no where to be found and seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Well to mark the event last Tuesday 25 models, men and women, marched through one of Brazil’s busiest areas only in their underwear to mark the event. YES!

Cold Fruit

Cold Fruit

The 9th annual polar plunge was held at Tim’s Rivershore in Dumfries, Virginia, to benefit the Special Olympics. Here people dress up in costume and plunge into the freezing cold Potomac where the air was a cool 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius). By 10am the event had raised $40,000 and it’s expected to top 50,000 once all receipts are in!

And they have a costume contest, guess who won? A group of guys called Undies for Charity, they were dressed up as the Fruit of the Loom gang. Way to go men! Virginia will be sending 9 athletes to Greece to compete in the international Special Olympics.

Chippendale Race

Snow Trails, Ohio‘s oldest ski resort, held it’s 50th Snow Carnival last weekend and one of the festivities is the Chippendale race. Here you can ski down the hill in your skivvies. One man, Dave Borchers, went in Captain America underwear he bought from Wal-Mart and a black bow tie. There was even a 61 year old man who has been skiing for 50 years and was in no hurry to dress up afterward.

Man Packs

“Oops I forgot to buy underwear”. That’s something we would never say, however many guys neglect to buy new underwear, sock, shaving cream and other day to day items until they are completely out or in desperate need of them. So, one Providence-based company has started a Net-Flix type company where you receive a shipment of necessities every 3 months. Of course this is obviously for men who don’t care much about underwear. They do have some nice, albeit basic, Calvin Klein’s and Ex-Officio’s for a pretty good price.

Underwear Inflation

Underwear Inflation

Warnaco, an American clothing manufacturer, has reported a 6% fall in shares due to the rising cost of materials, especially cotton. The clothing company works with Chaps, Speedo and their biggest client, Calvin Klein, and has had to slowly pass on this price increase to customers. Despite this, they report Calvin Klein revenue rose 14 % to 1.7 billion dollars, 74% of their total revenue.

Underwear Hoarders

Hanes conducted a study which found that virtually everyone is an underwear hoarder. They said that most people only wear about 70% of what’s in their underwear drawers and that many people will even save a sole mateless sock in the hopes that the other half will eventually be found. So a recommendation is to rotate your drawers putting the just washed undies in the back of your drawer bringing the unworn pairs to the front. My undy cycle lasts months!

Tebow’s Underwear

Florida Gators Football Training Camp

Tim Tebow, quarterback with the Denver Broncos, in a radio interview with ESPN revealed his answer to the big question: Boxers or Briefs? His answer; “Definitely briefs”… “They give you more support and are better for athletic performance or if you’re just hanging out”.

Now when is this Jockey spokesman going to show us the goods! Above he’s in Nikes a few weeks ago we showed him in Under Armour but no Jockey pictures yet, weird.

Oscars Underwear

Oscar Undies

Collin Firth won Best Actor for the Kings Speech at the Academy Awards this past month and he gave his little man, Oscar, quite an outfit. Ellen is known for giving her guests some pretty cool underwear and they flaunt them all over. Well Firth was no exception but this time he surprised Ellen by showing up at her studio with a miniature version of the underwear he was given to put on his Oscar!

The Week in Underwear Crime:

Thong Write Off

Former central Ohio News Anchor Anietra Hamper has been in trouble with the IRS. Apparently she has been writing off some suspicious items on her taxes. For instance she wrote off her bikini and thong underwear. I know this is about woman’s underwear but thought it was funny. Don’t get any ideas guys! Although, underwear is my business, hmmm…

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Break a Cop’s Finger

A 20 year old man in Crook, UK, was dancing around the street in his underwear when a police man apprehended him. During the struggle the young man broke one of the policeman’s fingers. I love the idea of young guys dancing in the street in undies but guys don’t injure our policemen. So, the policeman said he had to use CS spray on the guy which was the first time he has ever had to do that. The young man was given 90 days under supervision with a 7pm curfew and has had to pay over £280 (about USD 450).


Hot New Zealander rugby jock, Dan Carter! New Zealand has faced a huge tragedy recently with the earthquake that has hit Christchurch. And I know it’s not much but to show that we are thinking about the victims and thousands of people who are dealing with this disaster we salute you with this Hot New Zealander who was born just outside Christchurch. We hope all is better soon folks, you’re in our thoughts. And by the way Tebow, Carter did some HOT pictures for Jockey himself so STEP UP.

Rugby underwear model

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Braxton’s Weekly Underwear Report: Tim Tebow shows his Jockey undies!

Howdy Folks! I hope everyone is having a great week and surviving the cold and snow and winter weather we’ve been having. And that you in the southern hemisphere are having a great summer and maybe even getting out and sporting nothing but your underwear. I can’t wait to do that here, I want summer!

But for now let’s look at the weeks happenings in the crazy world of men’s underwear.

The Underwear Olympics!

Unfortunately you probably won’t see anyone in their underwear. The NFL combine has been dubbed this title however it’s really a showcase of prospective draftees. You have bench pressing and almost every aspect of working out and playing the game to show off what you can do. The only time they really are in underwear is at weigh-in which isn’t televised because it makes the athletes uncomfortable. I say show it! If they can’t take that how will they take the locker room filled with the media and cameras?

The Underwear Olympics

Nick Cannon, Buy New Underwear!!!

Nick Cannon was seen at LAX going through security sagging to some pretty bad undies, saggy clover boxers! Being married to the hottest woman on the planet you would think he would want to sport something a little nicer. I doubt Mariah with her fine sense of style and luxury appreciates those shorts.

Nick Cannon

Men Prefer Boxer Briefs?

The New York Daily News reported that according to Women’s Wear Daily 40 percent of men’s underwear sold in 2010 were boxer briefs. This is good in that less saggy baggy boxers were sold, yet the underwear still was the longer legged variety. But why was women’s wear daily so concerned? I think women are tired of their men in boring old undies.

Men Prefer Boxer Briefs

Underwear Run for Cancer

On June 18th the Alberta Cancer Foundation will be hosting the 5k Underwear Affair run. Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jesse Willms will be participating and he said” I told my staff that if five of them would run with me, I’d let them pick out the underwear I run in”, “they’ve been teasing me all week that I may end up out there in a pink thong”. I hope they’re right! The goal of the race is to raise money for testicular, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Glorious Underwear

Tom S Englund, vocalist from the band Evergrey, of Gothenburg Sweden, apparently recorded the song “Glorious Collision” in his underwear. The band posted a video of the recording of the song on their Facebook fan page. The video shows a shot of a thermometer indicating that the room was 32 degrees Celsius (almost 90 Fahrenheit) then shows him sitting at the controls in an interesting pair of boxer briefs. I kind of liked them!

Shopping in Underwear

Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengal’s went shopping at a mall in Dallas for jeans and just took his pants off and shopped in his underwear. He then tweeted pictures of himself shop. His tweet read “Shopping for jeans at North Park Mall,it’s easier just to go with no pants n try on jeans at each rack #justsayin [...] WAMW buy some jeans for 200 dollars at North Park Mall, I will walk around this mall in my briefs till I find some pants for a good price!!!”. Of course the picture showed him in a saggy unfitted pair of boxer briefs, maybe he should have been shopping for better underwear.

Raise Your Pants and Image

February is Black History month and many African American leaders are fighting underwear exposure. Black city leaders in California are calling on there young men to “Stop the Sag”! This was also taken on in Florida and New York Senator, Eric Adams, ran a billboard campaign, pictured above, saying “raise your pants, raise your image”. Some towns in the country are even fighting to make laws against the fad. Maybe if these young men would wear a nice pair of Gregg Hommes undies instead of nasty baggy boxers we wouldn’t mind so much.

Raise your pants and image

Underwear for Vets

A program in Sanford Maine has been started to help homeless and hard hit veterans. The Vets can come in, write their name and branch of service, and receive a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and some free underwear. The program was started in 1994 and now serves on average 75 to 100 vets a week. They also offer warm clean clothes to care for these guys basic needs.


There are times I wish we didn’t see underwear as a headline, the guys who make underwear donning look crazy! Here’s what’s happened this past week, and sadly this is the short list.

BK Undies

Jose Garcia, of Lawrenceville Georgia, got into a fight with his girlfriend who then left him at a local gas station. He began to ask strangers for a ride and met three young men who agreed to give him a lift. However, they eventually stoped at a Burger King, ordered Garcia to strip off his designer clothes and left him in his underwear. He then ran into the restaurant and hid in the bathroom where police found him. I wonder if they let him keep his underwear because they weren’t a designer brand name.

Underwear Mask

Joseph Daniel Flowers robbed a Pharmacy in Molina Florida while wearing underwear over his head. Surprisingly, sense my sarcasm; his defense is now playing the insanity card. Of course it’s not just about the underwear he was also wearing a robe, slippers and yellow oven mitts.

underwear mask

Pot Boxers

In Jeffersonville Indiana Dontas Marshall, 41, was checked into the local jail and it was noticed he smelled of marijuana. Then during the pat down they noticed he was clenching his buttocks. Marshall then admitted he had marijuana in his underwear. The officers cut the underwear open, because he had a little built in pocket he made which contained 15 joints. Due to the amount he now faces criminal charges.


In honor of the new prospective footballers in Underwear Olympics this week, we look at Broncos Quarter Back and new face of Jockey Underwear, Tim Tebow, in his college days at the 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl. Here we see Tim at the weigh in in a HOT pair of Under Armour undies!

Jockey may not be too happy about this picture but I think it should be our picture of the week! Good luck at the NFL Combine guys. By the way, how come Jockey has only released pictures of Tebow fully clothed? If Armani can get star athletes to pose semi-nude why can’t you Jockey? Don’t go the route Hanes did with Jordan. We want Tebow in nothing but skimpy Jockeys! If you need help I’ll drive up to Denver and direct the shoot, hehe.

Underwear Picture of the Week

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