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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

BOQARI men’s underwear: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

I always love exploring a new world of underwear and just when you think you have tried every kind of underwear out there you get an exciting new adventure thrown at you. Case in question: BOQARI.

You may have heard of this new brand that launched exclusively on Amazon in April of 2010. Nowadays it’s available on their online store and everyday it’s growing in popularity.

The concept behind this windswept desert of Arizona born underwear is that of adventure and legend. BOQARI is taking your underwear for a wild ride. The look of BOQARI is simple yet elegant, not what you would expect from an adventurous concept, but it’s durable and actually great for travel.

As the easy to use washing instructions state “Hand Wash With Mild Soap and Warm Water, Squeeze, and Hang Dry”, so you could travel with 2 pair alternating wash and wear. Plus they take up very little space. Of course I don’t think this was the idea, but I think it would be great for a back packer.

So what makes BOQARI so different? BOQARI undies are woven on Italian Jacquard machines using an ultra-soft, comfortable, body hugging nylon blend. Seamless knitting technology weaves the garment in a seamless circle, meaning there are no front, back, or side seams.

They are ideal for sporting under form fitting pants, for yoga, lounging, swimming, or playtime! They really are seamless; the only seams would be located between the legs which would not be seen anyway. They have a very European sophistication to them. They are elegant, sexy and very stylish.

Some would question the “manly” factor of these undies, are they too frilly so that they come across feminine? The answer is no… and yes.

Honestly that depends on you!

A man with a strong feminine side may have that highlighted by the almost lace look of the mesh designs or the fact that they fit so smoothly and flat. However a manly man in the same underwear will have his masculinity brought out by the undertone of the subtle framing of the square cut and his muscles will definitely be contoured perfectly. The soft, stretchy and silhouette-defining material will make you feel and look sexy whatever your personality.

The BOQARI collection comes in a solid Argyle and Square Jacquard, or in a Jamaica Mesh, a Square Mesh or a BQ Signature Mesh (with BOQARI written in mesh around the sides and back).

The undies come in black, dried herb, euro grey, lavender, amparo, lily green, vanilla, sky blue, jet black, old school grey, spank me purple, bad boy blue, Modena red, paparazzi pink, midnight blue, irie yellow and turquoise depending on the style – so you have a huge selection to choose from.

I have a euro grey Jamaica Mesh, the meshiest of the mesh, and a black Square Mesh. I wore them several times and have to admit they really make you feel sexy! They come in two sizes s/m, and l/xl, which may seem limiting but the material, which is a 95% nylon 5% spandex blend, is so stretchy they will fit any build within their general sizing.

The flat front of the underwear is without a pouch yet again the stretchiness allows your guys to have room down there. However, if you are looking for support in an athletic way the underwear doesn’t offer much.

The mesh is kind of large, not just like a pair of basketball shorts, and primarily with the Jamaica Mesh it was noticeable as I could feel the mesh rubbing my butt when I moved. But it wasn’t uncomfortable or irritating, just noticeable.

I wore the underwear through everything several times giving them a good test and they held out well. I was pretty comfortable, not a lot of chaffing or continual adjusting being needed, nor did I feel like I was “unprotected” under my jeans (if you know what I mean).

I even tried the simple hand wash and dry and they came out nice and fresh! I did notice that after a few wears there were some snags and minor runs around the mesh.

I think the BOQARI collection of underwear is a great addition to any man’s collection and is great for those days when you need a little extra class and sexiness in your life.

BOQARI also offers tank tops which almost have a muscle shirt appearance and match the underwear’s fabric. You can also pick up a BOQARI getaway bag or some pretty styling out ear buds or speakers.

I look forward to seeing what BOQARI has in store for us in the future; this is definitely a company to keep an eye on.

BOQARI men's underwear

BOQARI men's underwear

BOQARI men's underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? They have a European elegance with a sleek sexiness. They are smooth and form-fitting and will define any man’s assets perfectly. The mesh styles offer a little more of an in-your-face sexiness without being overstated. They unquestionably have a unique style and look and it’s HOT!
Suitable for? This underwear is perfect for a special night out with a worthy date. Also great for showing off, particularly if you want to be the sexy one at an underwear party. Whoever you allow to see them will have their eyes on you. Although they can be work as everyday underwear, I would probably save them for a special occasion.
Fit and quality? They elasticity of the fabric allows for a perfect fit for just about every man, even a woman. The material will mold to fit your unique body shape. The quality is good despite a few runs and snags after some wear.
Is the price right? Normally the BOQARI underwear goes for $39.95 which can be kind of high, although the unique style and quality do make them worth that price. However they are all on sale now for $19.95 which is a great price! So get them before this collection is gone.
Best thing about it? The smooth seamless look and feel that gives you a confidence you carry with you all the live long day. They aren’t your everyday looking undies. I love the uniqueness.
Overall grade ★★★☆☆
BOQARI scores a three star rating with their seamless underwear! They have created a look and style that really sets them apart. Not that it has never been before but it’s a road that has been less traveled in the world of men’s underwear. So they live up to their mission of adventure and legend and stick to their creed: “Follow your passion. Escape your chains. And wear whatever the f*** you want”.
More information www.boqari.com
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Guys in underwear – GuysDrawers brands!

We just endorsed a new online men’s underwear store – GuysDrawers!

Whatever style of underwear you prefer, from classic to edgy, GuysDrawers has your look. They’re a reliable, fun, easy and private place to buy sexy, fun, comfortable underwear.

More importantly, they carry a bunch of our favorite brands, like Gregg Homme and N2N – and by the way, the N2N pic below (the one with the word “lounge” on it) is probably one of the hottest N2N promo shots I’ve ever seen. I need those briefs, STAT. Ha!

Check out that as well as a bunch of other pics other brands they carry below.

Also, if you’re a Facebook addict, as most of us are, remember to check out their cool Facebook page for more pictures like the ones below, plus get great deals on undies.

Go to facebook.com/guysdrawers and “like” them, and while you’re at it, like GUB too over at www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog.






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New Skivvies men’s underwear brand. See the pictures.

One of our favorite online men’s underwear stores, Skivvies, just launched their very own underwear brand.

We’re always so excited when underwear stores make this kind of move. They know all the best brands, styles, and cuts and have the knowledge and insight it takes to create some extremely well-made undies.

So, when the boys over at Skivvies let us know about their new range of briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks – needless to say – we were budding with anticipation.

And today we can bring all pictures and information you need on the new range!

Creator David Richardson tells us that the new range incorporates all the most popular aspects of the best-selling and most sought after underwear in the industry. Sounds like a powerful hybrid to us!

The main focus is on a sexy and supportive pouch design as well as a superior overall fit.

Mostly, the new cuts are made from Polyester/spandex blend which translates to light-weight, soft and breathable underwear. There’s even a bold, sheer brief that reminds of the sexy look and feel of Good Devil.

Skivvies is a reasonably priced range with briefs starting at $24 USD, boxer briefs and trunks are $28-29.

Check out the entire range over at www.skivviesmensunderwear.com.

Skivvies Squadron Sheer Brief

Skivvies briefs

Skivvies ManPower Pocket Pouch Trunk Blue

Skivvies Commando Pouch Boxer Camo

Skivvies Brand Commando Pouch Boxer Red

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Gregg Homme Glam Thong: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Gregg Homme has a talent for turning material and designs that typically are used to bring out the feminine qualities of underwear and making them exceedingly masculine. They do this with sheer materials and often almost lace-like fabrics.

It’s a work of genius I tell you.

They have created this image of midnight sexuality that floods over with a manly physicality and presence. They have that dark mysterious sex appeal and they bring it to their underwear – and they have perfected this skill. They definitely have that look embedded into the Glam series.

The name comes from the semi sparkly paint splatter-type coloring, yet it’s subtle and entrench into the striped solid and sheer background. The Glam series comes in a g-string, thong, brief, trunk and a muscle tee all in a metallic silver or electric blue, both back light in black.

I have the thong which conveys that you are a man with a taste for fashion and a love for dirty fun! Made from a striped, semi-transparent material that allows your body to play peek-a-boo, this GLAM collection thong by Gregg Homme features a paint-spatter print that suggests a playfully grimy attitude.

This thong also has a center-seamed pouch for male attribute enhancement, culminates in a Y-back, and has a ¼-inch elastic waistband. I think this is the way a thong should be made this one is beautiful.

Now, I am not a thong guy and honestly I really don’t like guys in thongs, that’s why Lee usually reviews thongs and not me. However I had to have this thong! I think there is something almost hyper-masculine about it. Like I stated earlier Gregg Homme is good at that.

This thong is small but still stylish. The sides and back are constructed with the fabric in tow and are not just a plain elastic band, and the Y back gives it that sleek look without being too big nor too small.

The pouch is spacious and roomy with just enough room to hold your boys in place without any excess. The waist is low-cut and conforms to a man’s form as it outlines its way back over your sides and butt checks before intersecting at the Y and disappearing into your backside. Yummy! I was captivated and again this is so unlikely for me to be into a thong.

So, I wore this thong which can easily be concealed in the palm of my hand, its small structure and engineered construction kind of turn me on, I‘m a freak I know. So all day I had this tiny little thong on under my clothes and it made me feel a little naughty and mischievous, like I had a secret no one knew but me.

But despite the hidden exhibitionist in me coming out, the thong was actually pretty comfortable. The pouch was comfortable,  roomy and stretchy enough that it held me in place and kept me supported. The back took a little getting used to, again because I never wear thongs, but after a while I really didn’t notice the fabric flossing my butt that much and it certainly wasn’t overly uncomfortable.

This thong is definitely sexy! Now since the GUB is not “that kind of blog” I will have to edit this part of my review. So one night a friend of mine came over and I put the Thong on for “fun”. Let me just tell you this is one strong and durable thong!

I was sure at one point it was going to rip since it was basically being tugged on like reigns being wrenched by a cowboy trying to halt his horse three feet from a canyon cliff….

Maybe that was too much detail, I will say no more but this thong can tolerate a long “ride”. No questions please, and don’t judge! So anyway where were we?

Oh yeah, this thong is very well made and again Lee could give you a lot more details about the particulars of its fabrication and quality than I can. But I will tell you it is an amazing thong and that means a lot coming from me. I love my Glam thong!

Gregg Homme Glam thong review

Gregg Homme Glam thong review

Gregg Homme Glam thong review

Gregg Homme Glam thong review

What Verdict
Style and look? It has a shadowy glamor that draws out your naughty side. It is semi sheer, being stripped in black solid and black sheer overlaid with a paint blotched metallic panache which gives it the name Glam. It’s sexy to the max and masculine enough for me.
Suitable for? Night time “excursions”, dates, romance and bedroom fun. Or anytime you just NEED to feel sexy, even if no one knows but you. This thong is seriously sexy and will make you irresistible to that special person in your life or who ever you may happen to show it to. Believe me!
Fit and quality? The fit is great, I had no problem with bunching and I didn’t feel like I had to adjust myself much with wear. It’s made from a 95% Polyamide and 5% spandex material. Feels perfect. The construction is great and as I stated in my “story” it is sturdy. The thong washes and dries well and should last you a long time.
Is the price right? I have seen this thong retailing from $20 to $27 which is actually a great price for the quality of the thong and the brand it’s made by. I often refer to Gregg Homme as Gourmet underwear and if you own any you know why. I have seen other Gregg Homme thongs sell for $35 to $50.
Best thing about it? It’s Sexy! I don’t know how much more I can say about that without this turning into a playboy forum. Seriously this is a sexy ass thong!
Overall grade ★★★★☆

Gregg Homme has scored four stars with its manically sexy Glam Thong. It’s almost too sexy, I am going to get in trouble with this underwear. This is for me the perfect thong and if I were a thong man it would probably have received five stars. But for me, an avid jock strap and brief guy, to fall in love with it there is something extraordinary here. Thank you Gregg Homme for making a thong even I could love!

More information www.gregghomme.com website still being updated for the new collections
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Good Devil Sheer Balls Jockstrap: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

This is the second Good Devil product in a month I have reviewed with “balls” in the name. I think Good Devil may be obsessed with balls, and who could blame them?

However, this time the reference to balls isn’t regarding your anatomy but rather the design on the jock strap. I love Jock Straps myself and haven’t found one that I haven’t liked yet and this is no exception.

Good Devil has a strong record of providing us guys with underwear that is fun and sexy and that is the concept behind the Sheer Balls Jockstrap. It has your basic jockstrap design with a few flirty alterations.

The elastic waistband is black just short of an inch and a half wide and sports the “Good Devil” logo centered in the front above the pouch in a white “devil” font. The black elastic butt straps measuring just over an inch attach securely at the base of the pouch and go around the glutes to the waist band like a standard jock.

The pouch is where this jock gets its name, it is made of a 93% polyester 7% spandex fine mesh material giving it a sheer look. The material has the pattern of circles and balls printed onto the fabric in white with an almost rubbery thickness. The circular ball design distracts the eye from the sheer quality at first, then you notice behind the design you can see this guy’s goods.

It also has a bit of elastic sewn into the sides to keep them in place. This jockstrap is fun and definitely made for the man who wants to show off and be a little bit daring. The pattern says playful and “Good”, yet the sheerness says naughty and “Devil”. This is one of them moments where the brand name and the product go perfectly together.

I was pretty excited to get this jockstrap, as I said, I am a huge fan of the style. Originally jockstraps were designed for athletic use and were made purely for support and functionality, not looks, although they still looked great.

Nowadays we have a huge selection of jocks made for the look that don’t function as a support garment, this is one of those. But none the less I was still stocked! Even though I wouldn’t wear this out for a game of rugby or on a long hike I am still going to put this jock to use as a fashion statement and it may even make an appearance in the gym.

I put on the jock and loved the way it looked right away and it gave me a sense of sexiness with a touch of fun. The pouch was comfortable with a sleek feel of polyester, and although I could feel the rubbery circle at first I found after a second I didn’t notice them at all.

I love the free cool feeling of a jock’s open back, yet still having a support in the front. This jock was not as supportive as the athletic kind but it wasn’t unsupportive neither. It had a roomy pouch and with the fine mesh it was very airy and light. It is a good casual wear jock and works as an everyday jock.

Its construction is good, as well – I feel it will last and washed well coming through the whole wear and wash process looking like new. The pattern on the jock also kept its look with no visable signs of wear.

Good Devil has created a fun sexy jock with the Sheer Balls Jock and it’s one all jock lovers will be happy to add to their collections.

Good Devil Sheer Ballz Jockstrap

Good Devil Sheer Ballz Jockstrap

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is not your typical athletic look for a jock. This one gives the classic a fun and playful design while at the same time the sheer “you can see my bits” look says sexy and flirtatious. It’s definitely an original look for a jockstrap.
Suitable for? Casual everyday wear, and anytime you want to be daring and show off. Great for dates and frat-like fun with the boys. Not an athletically supportive jock strap but great as underwear.
Fit and quality? The elastic bands and hem around the pouch make this a great fit and the stretchy fabric keep you feeling in place and comfortable. I found it to fit great. The quality is also very good and will last as it’s well put together.
Is the price right? The jock comes at $24.75 which may seem a little bit expensive for a jockstrap, however other designer jocks can cost you up to $35. I know I have paid more for a jockstrap. Looking through some sites I’ve found 20 – 25 to be the average. So this isn’t a bad buy.
Best thing about it? The look! I have never seen another jockstrap with circles as a design pattern. Good Devil has put a little bit of fun into the jock without being silly nor childish, it just conveys a hip and trendy type of fun that you don’t always see in jockstraps
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Good Devil gets 4 out of 5 stars with its uniquely styled Sheer Balls Jock Strap. This is definitely a pair of underwear that will be one of the highlight of your jockstrap collection. It’s fun, sexy and keeps its masculine flair. So jump into this jockstrap and show it off guys!
Buy it here www.underwearstation.com
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Arroyman Traditional Thong: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Lee

Howdy underwear fans! My name is Lee and I am the newest reviewer here at GUB. Apparently I am going to be the thong guy – it seems that no one else here is a thong fan like I am so I guess I get the job  :)

While they will be my main focus, trust me –  I plan on reviewing more than JUST thongs!

In my inaugural review here at GUB I will be looking at a line of thongs from a company that might be new to many of you, Arroyman International.

This small but personal underwear store is located in Santiago, Chile. For those of us unwilling to travel so far for a sexy pair of undies, they have a convenient website that allows us to order and have it shipped here.

Their stock encompasses a wide variety of styles, from the above mentioned thongs and jocks to briefs, runners, gym and swimwear. They have more traditional items (check out the Buns Bikini in Glossy Wet-look Steel) as well as more extreme styles that are not for the faint of heart (Bulge Bud Micro-Thong in Turquoise Lace anyone?).

While the website is not as slick and professional as some of the more major players out there, the owner (Manuel – not just the owner but the primary model as well) is very friendly. Spend a little time browsing the store, register, add items to your online wishlist and he will send a friendly email asking if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Since the items do come from Chile, shipping is equivalent or a little higher than what you would pay for similar items from the US, and you might have to wait slightly longer – think Super Saver Shipping (it took 3 ½ weeks for me to get my order in Colorado). Get on their mailing list for regular discounts and sales, which often cover the cost of shipping, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

I would have to say that one of the best things about Arroyman is the value for money. I found that in my most recent order I spent a bit more than I originally expected because I knew that I would get some really great items which were WELL worth the wait! To give you an example – when informed of a recent 15% off sale, I went to the site and spent just under $60 including shipping and got 6 items – 3 thongs, 1 brief, 1 jock and 1 “Bad Boy”, a jock / brief hybrid. I would challenge you to find such value elsewhere!

So let’s get down to the review. I chose to review the Traditional Thong for several reasons: 1 – I already had one, so I knew how it would hold up in the long run, and I had just ordered 2 more. 2 – This is a good “entry-level” thong for those of you who might be new to the thong game, but is still a good thong for the more experienced thong-wearers. And 3 – well, just look at these pictures – it looks really good!

Check out my review after the break.

Arroyman Traditional Thong

Arroyman Traditional Thong

Arroyman Traditional Thong

Arroyman Traditional Thong

Arroyman Traditional Thong

Arroyman Traditional Thong

What Verdict
Style and look? The Traditional Thong is exactly that – a straightforward traditional thong. What makes it stand out is the comfortable fabric and the overall way it flatters you. While not going to extremes of a micro-thong, or an enhancer, it cradles your package in a soft stretchy fabric that gives you a bit of a lift without being stand-out obvious under regular clothes.The website shows that the fabric is either microfiber or tactel, but from the label it is 80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane. Whatever it’s made of it’s sleek without being slick, soft without being delicate and stretchy without being too loose. I would probably not provide you with a lot of support were you to wear it to the gym, but that is not what it’s intended for. It is also available in a variety of colors: black, white, blue, and red.
Suitable for? Most thongs are only good for a few hours; many cannot be worn all day without feeling it. This one on the other had is so comfortable, you might forget you are wearing a thong! Wear it under work clothes to feel a little sexier, out on a special date for a secret surprise, or for that night out on the town under jeans.
Fit and quality? The small fit me (a 30 in waist) comfortably, not to tight or too loose. Pouch size was more than adequate without being baggy – the stretch of the fabric allows for some leeway here. The back was also the perfect width – other thongs are too narrow (so called “butt floss”) and can pinch or chafe after a day’s wear, but this one stands out for being the opposite of those. It also was at the perfect height on your waist – not too low or too high-waisted. Anticipate sizes listed on the site to be accurate to what your size is.Quality is also good – you can immediately tell these are not mass produced, but they definitely do not have that homemade feel about them. I have had one pair for over a year with regular wear / washing and it has withstood the test of time with seams remaining intact (even though despite instructions to the contrary, I machine wash AND dry them!).
Is the price right? Absolutely – thongs of this quality are usually a little higher priced (figure in the $20 range) and this one came below that average at $10 – $11, depending on color choice.
Best thing about it? The comfort. If you are tempted to try a thong, this is one that you will probably enjoy.  And if you are a regular thonger then this could be one that you will want to stock up on! Once you get used to it, check out some of the other styles and see if they don’t catch your interest.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Overall I give the Arroyman Traditional Thong 4 out of 5 stars due to the level of comfort, the value, the look, and the quality. Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!
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Good Devil Ballz Out: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

When I first saw a picture of this underwear collection I was instantly reminded of a Mad TV skit about Balls Out Jeans.

The skit makes reference to the fact that women walk around with their breasts hanging out and asks “Hey guys, are you tired of women showing off their junk while you can’t say a thing? Wouldn‘t it be great to walk around the street with your junk hanging out?” It then goes on to introduce a new pair of jeans where men‘s balls hang out.

The whole thing is a joke but in a satirical way makes a point. So upon seeing this collection I wondered, is this a joke? But it’s as real as it gets and it’s great.

Good Devil’s Ballz Out underwear has a strategically placed hole located perfectly between your legs allowing your testicles to hang out. Just like the satirical, yet unreal, Balls Out Jeans of Mad TV, the Ballz Out collection from Good Devil is a man-empowering product.

A man’s testicles are the symbol of his masculinity, his power and all that define him as male. Your penis is more of a sex symbol and sensuous while at times being thought of as vulgar for that reason.

Your balls on the other hand are more of a sign of power, bravery and what makes a guy a guy. So the displaying of the balls without the penis really brings to light your masculine features and everything that makes you a man.

There is nothing more masculine than your balls. They look these undies give takes a little getting used to, it is kind of weird, but at the same time it’s hard to take your eyes off a guys balls so prominently displayed.

If you ever wear these in front of anyone you will with out a doubt be the center of attention, and you probably will keep that attention as long as you are visible.

But the Ballz Out feature of this collection goes beyond it’s male-empowering look, it can be quite useful. If you are a guy who feels his balls get hot easily, this underwear can be very cooling.

Or if you, like me, are a man who like to position his penis upward or away from his balls so that it doesn’t lay over them this underwear could be the answer.

Let’s face it, most of the time your underwear isn’t seen anyway so the practicality of the design is important. If you long for free swaying balls cooling in the breeze while still having support for your dangling penis Good Devil has your answer.

The Ballz Out collection comes in a bikini, boxer (square cut) and a thong each in white, turquoise, pink, black or red giving you a great selection of options.

I tried two selections a red bikini and a pink boxer. The boxer wore well, I felt comfortable and in place all day with out any problem.

The same went for the Bikini, it was comfortable and didn’t ride or chaff even after a full day of wear. I admit I was apprehensive about ever purchasing underwear like this so now was my opportunity to get some of my questions answered first hand.

First of all, would underwear like this be comfortable? Yes, I was actually surprised that I was comfortable. The fabric is %93 polyester giving the underwear a stability and nice sheen, yet it also is 7 % spandex allowing it to move and mold to you body while retaining it’s shape.

And there is a nice sized pouch to contain your penis without it feeling smashed. Of course the comfort level also may depend on what pants you’re wearing, I was in basketball type shorts with every wear I don’t know if I would want to wear these with denim jeans.

Second, will your balls stay in place? Again yes, I worried that if the room temperature would drop a little I would find myself slipping back inside the underwear or somewhere out of place to great discomfort or even pain. However, that never happened, my testicles remained in place outside the underwear.

Third, could I wear this all day? Well I did, and as I mentioned earlier I never felt uncomfortable. This may depend on what you’re doing, too, if you were running or involved in some high athletic activity and you happen to have a pendulous nut sac you may not want them swinging around the whole time.

I do admit as ridiculous an item as I originally thought this collection was I kind of liked them. They may be an acquired taste and I’m sure not everyone is going to love them but they make a statement and they were comfortable, kept me cool, and were fun.

I found myself constantly touching my balls all day, you may want to watch that at times it may not be appropriate. So like they sing in the Mad TV skit, in the tune of who let the dogs out, “Who’s got their balls out?!”

Good Devil Ballz Out Brief

Good Devil Ballz Out Trunk

What Verdict
Style and look? The basic style is very traditional in cut and look. Then you have the hole where your balls hang out, that gives this a novel and fun look, yet at the same time hyper-masculine. I don’t see this becoming a new trend anytime soon in the world of fashion, yet it is different and original.
Suitable for? Show and novelty. And although it is perfectly suitable for everyday wear I doubt that’s what many guys would use it for. It’s a great pair to wear for fun to a party with the guys or to show off to friends. It’s an entertaining pair of undies to own.
Fit and quality? The fit was great. Both pairs conformed to my body perfectly, the pouch contained me comfortably and the hole my testicles hung out of was not tight but was very comfortable. The quality was good and I machine washed and dried both, although it’s recommended to hand wash and air dry, and both came out in great condition.
Is the price right? The Ballz Out Thong goes for $23.10, The bikini goes for $24.20, And the boxer goes for $26.95 which is a standard price for Good Devil underwear or any other similar undies. Although it is hard to put a price on underwear like this which is unlike other underpants.
Best thing about it? Your balls hang out, that’s what this is all about. Whether you’re doing it for the fun of it, as a gag or because you really want your balls out, either for comfort or coolness, that is the best and probably only reason you will buy these. A great bonus, however, is that they are actually comfortable and you could wear them anytime if you want to.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Good Devil’s Ballz Out underwear collection scores a whopping three stars for giving us a pair of underwear that makes a statement, is fun and at the same time is wearable and comfortable. I say that again because I have seen novelty or sexy underwear that is all about the look but you would not wear it any longer then you had to. So again I shout “Who’s got their balls out?!”

Buy it here www.skivviesmensunderwear.com
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Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini – An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

Reviewed by Braxton

Good day fans of men’s underwear! Are you ready to hear all about a spicy little bikini? We have a hot one for you this time! It’s the Zoom Carnival Bikini from Good Devil.

Described as “Junk performance at its maximum”, the Zoom Carnival Bikini really highlights your manliest of areas. And this feature really works!

A woman I work with told me the day after I wore it that she noticed I was bulging out more than usual. And as usual with Good Devil underwear there is no lack of sexiness to this bikini.

How does the “Zoom” work? Well a standard pouch is usually designed to hold your goods at the level where your testicles hang. This encourages your penis to lay over them naturally at a lower level.

With the Zoom design the pouch protrudes at your penises level thus allowing your member to lay extended outward at a higher level than normal.

Despite the way this may sound I found the pouch on this bikini to be very comfortable and I didn’t feel like the position my genitals where in felt any different than usual.

However, I could tell my package was much more noticeable, as could others.

Now I usually am not a big fan of the Brazilian back however Good Devil has made available a regular Zoom Bikini with a fuller ¾ back coverage, a boxer (square cut) and a thong. So anyone who may feel as I do has an option for a fuller back. But the whole zoom line comes with the enhancing front pouch.

I wore the bikini for a full day and it held up well. The fabric being polyester and spandex held its shape and kept me supported the entire time. It was light enough and with the design I almost felt as though I didn’t have any underwear on at all sometime.

The back rode up from time to time but for me that’s the way all Brazilian cuts fit, and again you have options for a different back.

I washed the bikini in my machine even though it is recommended that you hand wash it and it come out fine and still looking and feeling like new. I did however let it air dry as recommended.

It has a good construction and should have a great lifespan of making you look and feel sexy as hell!

good devil zoom carnival bikini front

good devil Zoom bikini Back

good devil Zoom bikini white

Feature Verdict
Style and look The material is a 83% polyester / 17% spandex blend giving it an almost swimsuit feel and allowing it to keep its shape and support through out wear.

This bikini is about as small as it can get without turning into a g-string which makes it really sleek. The front pouch is designed in a way that it pulls forward and lifts your package giving it a shape enhancing quality without a c-ring or some kind of harness.

The low cut style and sides really define your lower abdomen and hips drawing attention to your nether regions. It comes in black, red, royal blue and white.

Suitable for? Great for any occasion in which you want to “zoom” out your assets. Hitting the clubs, dates, strutting around the house or a hot night out anywhere.

Also can double as a swimsuit if you’re daring enough. The Zoom Carnival Bikini is also a great piece for bodybuilders to wear as a posing suit.

Fit and quality? The bikini comes in S(28”-30”) – M(31”-33”) – L(34”-36”) – XL(37”-39”). I wear a medium and it fit me great.

The pouch has that great enhancing quality with out looking like it’s forcing the lift.

The back sits just over you sacrum canvassing down your “crack” smoothing that area out, yet doesn’t go to the sides leaving your butt dimples open for view.

For some guys, like myself, this basically becomes a wide thong. However this is a good quality bikini the stitching and construction are of a high caliber and will last.

Is the price right? The price is $14.74 and considering the quality of the material and the fact that it can double as a daring swim suit or posing suit that’s a great price. And I’ve seen this exact bikini on other sites for up to $28.
Best thing about it? It gives you a nice enhancement naturally with comfort and makes you feel really confident. And the pouch accomplishes this without it looking unnatural or giving you the feeling your being tugged on.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Good Devil has come up with a great design with its Zoom series and the Carnival Zoom Bikini is an addition to your underwear collection you definitely could use for them special occasions and times when you are ready to get some attention.

Even when unseen knowing you are sporting this bikini gives you a smirk of confidence that will show through in your personality and definitely boost your day.

Buy it here www.dealbyethan.com
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Good Devil Mesh Brief – An Xpress review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

I’ve been hyping my review of the Good Devil Mesh brief over the last week, and now it’s here!

After trying out this mesh brief, there can be no doubt that Good Devil is all about bringing sexy back into your top drawer.

So don’t look to Good Devil for a regular pair of everyday cotton boxer briefs – ’cause these guys don’t do regular underwear.

Rather, it’s all about mesh nylon fabrics, see-through briefs and g-strings and even suspend pouches. If it’s fun, erotic undies you’re looking for, Good Devil might the answer.

Today I’m reviewing the see-through mesh brief, which – if you can believe it – is one of the more conservative Good Devil styles…!

In the pics below the sensitive parts have blurred out – if you want the uncensored pics go to online retailers Underwear Station or Skivvies.

With that, on with the review (below the pics).

Good Devil mesh brief

Good Devil-mesh-brief-back

Feature Verdict
Style and look In terms of cut, the Good Devil Mesh Brief is a pretty standard low rise brief with nice back “coverage” (after all, they are see-through!). Also, the brief features a roomy pouch design with a slight lift effect which – all in all – makes for an impressive bulgy profile. Also, the brief is equipped with a nice, soft waistband.

But of course, the main stylistic feature has to be the sheer mesh fabric from which the brief is made. It is completely see-through! Anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of you in just your mesh briefs will have a full and clear look of your package and buttocks.

So, you better like how your private parts look when they’re packed away in this brief. I guess, then, it’s a good thing that Good Devil added the lift functionality to the pouch, ha!

Suitable for? This is actually a pretty important point when it comes to sheer fabrics. This brief is made from 92 % Nylon and 8 % Spandex. It will feel different from your everyday cotton underwear.

The day I wore it I didn’t it to be uncomfortable, though, as this fabric composition has plenty of stretch. It goes without saying that the brief ensures plenty of ventilation and keeps everything nicely cool. So if you live or work in a warm climate, this brief may be a perfect option.

However, I would probably reserve this brief for fun occasions where you want to impress (and maybe chock) that special someone who gets to see you in just your underwear.

Fit and quality? The fit was perfect. I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist and found no need to size up or down. You have to remember to hand-wash the brief in cold water.

Also, I can’t put a finger on the quality of the fabric as well as the overall production quality.

Is the price right? The Good Devil Mesh Brief is between US $24,75 and $26, which seems a fair price for specialty underwear like this. I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for fun underwear – and if you take of it and wash it properly it should stay in your underwear collection for a long time.

Best thing about it? The best thing about this brief is the overall fun factor that this style will add to your underwear drawer. The combination of the sheer fabric, the enhancing pouch, and the low rise cut make for sexy pair of underwear.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I haven’t got much experience with mesh underwear, but it sure has been fun trying out the Good Devil Mesh brief. I was actually pleasantly surprised that underwear made from this unusual fabric could feel so comfortable. So, if you’re feeling a little uninspired when you look into your underwear drawer, maybe you should consider adding a pair of fun briefs like this one to your collection.

Buy it here www.underwearstation.com
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