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Valdamars Weekly Report: Michael Jackson’s Underwear Secret

Hello you underwear loving folks of the world! Hasn’t it been a great week to be in underwear? Well I guess that’s every week.

With Mothers day passing it reminded us of our need to always have on a nice clean fresh pair of underwear because you never know who will see it or when your pants may suddenly be removed from you. Mom was right men, wear nice underwear!

Well, let’s take a look at some of the happenings in the world of underwear this week:

Michael Jacksons Underwear Secret

Michael Jackson's Underwear Secret

Even death will not keep Mr. Jackson out of the tabloids for his unusual habits. It has been released in a “secret police document” that in a 2003 raid on his Never Land ranch, due to molestation charges, the police seized some of his briefs. Yes, we now know MJ was a brief man. Well, upon investigation the police found traces of cocaine in Jackson’s briefs as well as other drugs. So apparently Michael liked to store his cocaine and other drugs in his underwear. This came out now in the trial against Conrad Murray to show Jackson’s depth of drug use. Will Jacko ever be able to rest in peace?

Submarine Underwear

Submarine Underwear

This story comes up every once in a while with different artists and bands and I always LOVE it! But sometime I forget who I’ve mentioned so I apologize if I already reported this. Blake of the group, the Submarines, in a recent interview revealed that when the studio gets hot they strip to their underwear while recording their music. NICE! Even if one of them is a woman, lucky her.

Another College Underwear Run! Woo Hoo!

Thursday night in Tempe Arizona a mass of college students took to the streets in their underwear. This was done to raise money for several of the charities in the surrounding area. This is becoming a popular way to get attention and raise money for charities. A similar event recently took place at UCSB in California.

Geordie Shore Undies

Geordie Shore Undies

MTV UK is creating their own version of the Jersey Shore, because that’s done so much for this country, called the Geordie Shore highlighting the eight young people living it up in luxury in Jesmond, Newcastle. Well, one of their new “stars” is a young man named James Tindale who should do well since I’m sure MTV will do all it can to get these young people to show as much skin as they can. James tried for Calvin Klein at a model search once but was not accepted. Sorry, James, you weren’t CK material, but don’t worry MTV will take you.

Missing Underwear?

So an urgent message was sent to the Washington Post staff newsroom recently. “Whoever is missing a pair of men’s dark blue-black underwear is welcome to claim them from the hallway floor between Karen DeYoung’s office and James Grimaldi’s desk. No reward is being offered at this time.” My question, are they nice? I may want them.

Munsingwear Museum

munsingwear museum

Well maybe not a whole museum but an exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum which celebrates the evolution of underwear. And although not Munsingwear-specific they are local to Minnesota and so are featured. I did mention this last week but LOVED the new photo so I had to share again!

Trading Speedos for Undies

Trading speedos for undies

Olympic Gold Medalist, Eamon Sullivan, traded in his Speedo for undies at Sydney’s fashion week for Davenports Brunk’d underwear line. Even though Sullivan has been displayed in nothing more than a Speedo for ages and is used to it he said it was weird to do this in underwear although it was fun. He has modeled the underwear before but never before a live audience. Australia always gets the best athlete underwear endorsers!


MJ Copycat

Already! Quintas DeWayne Shaw, a man in Longview Texas, was arrested since he too, like Michael, stores his cocaine in his underwear. What’s worse is that soon after this they found a second man, Charles Desmond King, with drugs in his underwear! I hope Jackson hasn’t started a new trend, this one could be worse than the high waters and white rhinestone glove.



Ok this one is crazy, I did my research to make sure it was real. Sadly it is. 19 year old Mark Lucas Thompson was arrested in Charleston West Virginia (maybe not so surprising) after neighbors found him standing over the dead body of a stolen pigmy goat wearing women’s underwear. He had been high on “bath salts”, a new one for me, for three days when he stole and killed the goat. When confronted Thompson ran out of the house in a muscle shirt and thong. They believe he may be mentally unstable…. YOU THINK!!!


We have been getting a lot of underwear reports from you men THANKS! You guys have great taste in underwear. But due to the volume I can only tell you about the ones that have received the most “likes” here were your favorites- The winner? A Bike Performance Jock on G.S! Tying for second – A Blue Skivvies Jock Strap for the gym, 2xist Sports Brief Black with Pink Lining, Black CockSox Sports Thong, Andrew Christian Show-It Jock Strap and finally our own Lee’s C-IN2 Pop Color Lo No Show Profile Brief in Arcadia Green. I only got one like each time! COME ON! But it seems like Jocks were very popular this week. Interact with us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog


This week I didn’t come up with anything sentimental or for any occasion I just chose it because I like it. Maybe subconsciously I like it because as the weather warms up this is REALLY what I want to do. Seriously, you have no idea how much I want to go outside in just my underwear. I am so jealous of this man here.

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