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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Good Devil Ballz Out: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

When I first saw a picture of this underwear collection I was instantly reminded of a Mad TV skit about Balls Out Jeans.

The skit makes reference to the fact that women walk around with their breasts hanging out and asks “Hey guys, are you tired of women showing off their junk while you can’t say a thing? Wouldn‘t it be great to walk around the street with your junk hanging out?” It then goes on to introduce a new pair of jeans where men‘s balls hang out.

The whole thing is a joke but in a satirical way makes a point. So upon seeing this collection I wondered, is this a joke? But it’s as real as it gets and it’s great.

Good Devil’s Ballz Out underwear has a strategically placed hole located perfectly between your legs allowing your testicles to hang out. Just like the satirical, yet unreal, Balls Out Jeans of Mad TV, the Ballz Out collection from Good Devil is a man-empowering product.

A man’s testicles are the symbol of his masculinity, his power and all that define him as male. Your penis is more of a sex symbol and sensuous while at times being thought of as vulgar for that reason.

Your balls on the other hand are more of a sign of power, bravery and what makes a guy a guy. So the displaying of the balls without the penis really brings to light your masculine features and everything that makes you a man.

There is nothing more masculine than your balls. They look these undies give takes a little getting used to, it is kind of weird, but at the same time it’s hard to take your eyes off a guys balls so prominently displayed.

If you ever wear these in front of anyone you will with out a doubt be the center of attention, and you probably will keep that attention as long as you are visible.

But the Ballz Out feature of this collection goes beyond it’s male-empowering look, it can be quite useful. If you are a guy who feels his balls get hot easily, this underwear can be very cooling.

Or if you, like me, are a man who like to position his penis upward or away from his balls so that it doesn’t lay over them this underwear could be the answer.

Let’s face it, most of the time your underwear isn’t seen anyway so the practicality of the design is important. If you long for free swaying balls cooling in the breeze while still having support for your dangling penis Good Devil has your answer.

The Ballz Out collection comes in a bikini, boxer (square cut) and a thong each in white, turquoise, pink, black or red giving you a great selection of options.

I tried two selections a red bikini and a pink boxer. The boxer wore well, I felt comfortable and in place all day with out any problem.

The same went for the Bikini, it was comfortable and didn’t ride or chaff even after a full day of wear. I admit I was apprehensive about ever purchasing underwear like this so now was my opportunity to get some of my questions answered first hand.

First of all, would underwear like this be comfortable? Yes, I was actually surprised that I was comfortable. The fabric is %93 polyester giving the underwear a stability and nice sheen, yet it also is 7 % spandex allowing it to move and mold to you body while retaining it’s shape.

And there is a nice sized pouch to contain your penis without it feeling smashed. Of course the comfort level also may depend on what pants you’re wearing, I was in basketball type shorts with every wear I don’t know if I would want to wear these with denim jeans.

Second, will your balls stay in place? Again yes, I worried that if the room temperature would drop a little I would find myself slipping back inside the underwear or somewhere out of place to great discomfort or even pain. However, that never happened, my testicles remained in place outside the underwear.

Third, could I wear this all day? Well I did, and as I mentioned earlier I never felt uncomfortable. This may depend on what you’re doing, too, if you were running or involved in some high athletic activity and you happen to have a pendulous nut sac you may not want them swinging around the whole time.

I do admit as ridiculous an item as I originally thought this collection was I kind of liked them. They may be an acquired taste and I’m sure not everyone is going to love them but they make a statement and they were comfortable, kept me cool, and were fun.

I found myself constantly touching my balls all day, you may want to watch that at times it may not be appropriate. So like they sing in the Mad TV skit, in the tune of who let the dogs out, “Who’s got their balls out?!”

Good Devil Ballz Out Brief

Good Devil Ballz Out Trunk

What Verdict
Style and look? The basic style is very traditional in cut and look. Then you have the hole where your balls hang out, that gives this a novel and fun look, yet at the same time hyper-masculine. I don’t see this becoming a new trend anytime soon in the world of fashion, yet it is different and original.
Suitable for? Show and novelty. And although it is perfectly suitable for everyday wear I doubt that’s what many guys would use it for. It’s a great pair to wear for fun to a party with the guys or to show off to friends. It’s an entertaining pair of undies to own.
Fit and quality? The fit was great. Both pairs conformed to my body perfectly, the pouch contained me comfortably and the hole my testicles hung out of was not tight but was very comfortable. The quality was good and I machine washed and dried both, although it’s recommended to hand wash and air dry, and both came out in great condition.
Is the price right? The Ballz Out Thong goes for $23.10, The bikini goes for $24.20, And the boxer goes for $26.95 which is a standard price for Good Devil underwear or any other similar undies. Although it is hard to put a price on underwear like this which is unlike other underpants.
Best thing about it? Your balls hang out, that’s what this is all about. Whether you’re doing it for the fun of it, as a gag or because you really want your balls out, either for comfort or coolness, that is the best and probably only reason you will buy these. A great bonus, however, is that they are actually comfortable and you could wear them anytime if you want to.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Good Devil’s Ballz Out underwear collection scores a whopping three stars for giving us a pair of underwear that makes a statement, is fun and at the same time is wearable and comfortable. I say that again because I have seen novelty or sexy underwear that is all about the look but you would not wear it any longer then you had to. So again I shout “Who’s got their balls out?!”

Buy it here www.skivviesmensunderwear.com
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