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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Chord Overstreet in Ellen undies

By Valdamar


And women, if you’re reading. I would love to know if we have any loyal women fans, I mean honestly I think women should be very concerned with the growing trend in men, gay and straight, gaining a stronger awareness in being fashionable and sexy in underwear.

For you straight women with men who need help in that department I want you to know the world of men’s underwear is working on it. A lot of companies are focusing on that demographic and helping our straight men to see that they can have fun and look good in underwear.

They aren’t just shown off in emergency rooms anymore, so mothers make sure your boys know to wear not just clean but underwear with panache! So anyway, lets find out what has been happening in the world of underwear this week.

Chris Jericho’s Lucky Underwear

Chris Jericho, Best known as a WWF/WWE star, has been cast on the hit show Dancing With the stars. Jericho stated “I haven’t changed my underwear since the cast was announced”, apparently he’s a little superstitious and has said he’s taking the competition seriously. After his statement fellow cast member Mike Catherwood said “I can vouch for that”. Hmmm, I wonder how?

Underwear for the Homeless

The senior class at Jackson Christian High School in Chicago has collected over 1,000 pairs of men’s underwear to donate to a local homeless shelter. A lot of charities and organizations don’t always think about taking care of the underwear needs of the homeless so it’s good to see young people actively playing a part to keep men covered. They even had a Whitey Tighty Volleybal Tournament.

Mr. Jockey Tebow

Jockey has released several videos with Denver Bronco’s quarter back Tim Tebow talking about the science behind jockeys cooling underwear. And that is all fine and dandy however Jockey why can’t we see him in the underwear! Walk the talk buddy.

And Tim will get in his underwear he did in this promo where it looks like he’s in a pair of white Hanes. A few weeks ago the Picture of the Week was him in Under Armour. We need the Jockey pictures now! Actually I hear the ads are under way and that Tebow will be the first signed athlete underwear model since Jim Palmer in the 80’s. I CAN’T WAIT!

The Undy 5000

Undy 500

Saturday in St.Louis the Undy 5000 was held, a 5k fun run to promote awareness of colorectal cancer. The event was held in the Muny Parking lot at Forest Park. What a great way to spread awareness. Remember this for your next charity event.


Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

Chord Overstreet was on the Ellen show and the show has become loved by us underwear fans for it’s promotion of men in underwear. In discussing his shirtless character the issue of underwear came up and Chord showed off the Ellen undies he had on which said “Ellen’s got my tight end covered”. Fitting words for underwear he received at the Super Bowl.

Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

BET Undie Run

BET undy run

Mario Van Peebles guest-stared on the BET show “The Game” and meets a woman at the bar and gets her to run through the street with him in their underwear. Apparently he’s dying and that was on his bucket list. It is something we should all do at some point.


From time to time on our face book page we ask our readers what underwear they have on. Here’s what we’ve found this week: SLY Paintball Trunk, Black mesh jock strap, Joe Boxer, Bill Bass bikini, Papi trunks, Cin2 lemon yellow kinetic briefs, white CK boxers, pink Hugo Boss boxer trunks, Papi, Obviously jock strap, Cin2.

So it looks like our favorite brand this week was Papi and Cin2 and the favorite style was a trunk. NICE! Tell us what you’re wearing at our face book page: www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog

Week in Underwear CRIME:

Under Drugs

A 28 year old man in Melbourne Australia has been accused of concealing 185 grams of heroine in his underwear. The man was stopped by customs for a baggage inspection at the international airport in Melbourne coming off a flight from Ho Minh City. When he was informed he would be searched he admitted to having two pellets in his underwear, not referring to his testicles. He could get 25 years in prison and/or a $550,000 fine. Undies, not just for smuggling budgies anymore.

Cheap Bomber

OK, I am not a fan of this idiot being named the “Underwear Bomber”, however I have recently heard the reason he chose Detroit was because it was the cheapest ticket he could get. Now if you’re planning on blowing yourself up, does it matter if you save money?!

Underwear Jacking

Underwear Jacking

19 year old FedEx worker John Gallagher was caught breaking into his old High School going into the boys locker room and collecting the guys’ underwear. He apparently layed them out on the floor and the masturbated on them. He was seen in the schoo’ls videos in his Fed Ex uniform and was identified by the local Fed Ex office. He now faces 7 years in prison.


It’s spring time guys! At least in the northern hemisphere it is and although we still have a few cold spells to get through it’s time to start planning for summer. This week our picture is a salute to summer outside underwear. I love it when underwear becomes outer wear (of course make sure it’s legal which it usually is).

About this picture: I got it from a blog by Adam Hall from Australia. This picture is of his friend Craig in Cannes, when he couldn’t find the traditional swim apparel he chose to use these baby blue undies which became see through once wet. As Adam put it “So see through you could see how hairy the man is”.

I think this is a GREAT swim suit, Craig! For more on the story behind the picture see Adam Hall’s blog.


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