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Undies For Your Poker Outfit

When picking out an outfit for a night out at the casino, one item that is often overlooked is underwear.  While it is true that most people will never see what type of underwear you wear, it can still have an impact on how you feel, how you look, and even how you perform at the tables.  Here are some tips to picking out underwear to go with your casino outfit.

Go with the Classics
Whether are wearing a dashing silk suit or a double pleated tuxedo, simple solid black or white boxers or briefs are an excellent choice.  Teamm8 provides some great solid color boxers both in cotton and silk that work great with just about any outfit.  When you feel good, you look good, and you play even better.

Teamm8 solid boxer

Underwear as Wardrobe?
Depending on what games you play, you may actually see some players show up wearing underwear as part of their main outfit.  No, we don’t mean that they show up pantless but more along the line of muscle shirts or wearing undershirts as primary shirts.

One former Calvin Klein underwear model who turned poker pro would be able to verify this as some players like to show up wearing jeans and a muscle shirt or undershirts and jeans.  Some players have even been shown on the WSOP on ESPN sporting what many call “wife beaters” as their choice of outfit for national TV.  Not exactly the smartest idea, but it happens.

Thunder Down Under
There is one group where it is very important that their underwear goes with their outfits and that are the male dancers for the Thunder Down Under male strip show in Las Vegas.

These guys obviously want to look good in their undies as they will have to show them off nightly.  Whether they wear underwear from Teamm8 or solid black boxers from Blue Line to match their tuxedos, they have to match.

Granted, most ladies aren’t going to care if they match  and would probably prefer that they went commando.

Underwear may not be at the top consideration when picking out your wardrobe for the casino, it is just as important an article of clothing as a fine dress shirt or designer shoes.  While nobody may ever know what you have on underneath, you will know so why not go for the complete outfit.

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