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2xist SLIQ Brief Giveaway


This entry period has now ended – check out the winning stories here.


As you may remember, the 2(x)ist SLIQ brief was voted best brief of 2010 by the followers of Guys’ Underwear Blog.

Now you can get your very own pair FOR FREE!!

Together with 2(x)ist, Guys’ Underwear Blog is giving away 1 pair of SLIQ briefs (in your size) to 5 lucky men.

But wait, there’s more! With each of those SLIQ briefs we’ll include a 8″x10″ glossy of those insanely hot SLIQ adverts, autographed by none other than underwear model superstar, André Ziehe (yes, that’s him in the photos above)!

Can you handle it!? We almost can’t.

Here’s how you enter in the 2(x)ist SLIQ Giveaway:

1. In the comments section below, share with us a memorable experience (fun, sad, scary, sexy – you choose) you’ve had that involving underwear.

2. Remember to put in a working e-mail address so we can contact you in case you win (won’t be shown to others).

3. You can enter once a day (but you have to share a new story every day) from Sunday February 27, 2011 to Friday March 4, 2011. Duplicate entries will be removed.

4. Winners will be chosen by the editors of Guys’ Underwear Blog, based on evaluation of the entries received. All five winners will be announced on Saturday March 5, 2011. Each winner will receive 1 pair of 2(x)ist SLIQ briefs (in a size of their choice) in a color chosen by 2(x)ist.

5. Contestants must be 18 year old or older to enter.

6. Shipping is free worldwide, but winners outside of the USA may be subject to Duties according to their local laws.

That’s it!

Go ahead, share your story. It may end up with you getting a free pair of underwear!

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56 Responses to “2(X)IST SLIQ GIVEAWAY!”

  • RV:

    Many years ago, (when 2Xist was just starting to become famous), I was doing laundry next to a cute guy and noticed in his laundry basket he had several 2xist underwear. I did not recognize the brand then so when he wasn’t around I stole a pair and when up to my apt. and put them on…I was hooked and let me tell you my fetish blossomed. Ever since, I always have fun in my 2xist underwear.

  • archangeldipper:

    Hmmm…let’s see…well its actually with speedos during gym class instead. So right before the pool session, I had to use the bathroom. Like any “hygenic” person, I line the seat with toilet paper. I finished as usual and went to the pool…only to have my friend tell me that I had toilet paper hanging out of my speedos! And I was walking around for like, 10 minutes! ( true but embarassing story, but hey, we all have our moments…did I mention that I also have a cute butt? Hahahahaha…cries) -___-

  • javier pineda:

    I was at work a few weeks ago and I was taping some boxes. The big wigs were in the backroom all over and I was working hard moving boxes and cleaning. When I squatted to set the heavy boxes on the floor, my pants tore from my crotch to my underside of my left cheek!! I was embarased at first, but laughed it off. I felt good and confident beacuse I was wearing my 2Xist underwear and at least they got a shot of my best undergarmnets………….

  • Mike Aguilar:


  • Derrick H:

    I was waiting for the dryer to finish one night so I could wear a shirt I wanted for the club. I had a few drinks already and I was in a hurry. Soon as the dryer finished, I threw on my shirt and some underwear and left with some friends. That night I noticed my underwear felt different. They felt really nice and hugged my backside so perfect but I didn’t think anything. When I finally went to the restroom in the club, I noticed they weren’t my underwear, they were my roommates! Maybe he left them in the dryer and I was too drunk to noticed? Well, they fit me so well and felt so great, I just had to keep them. I still wear them to this day.

  • lg8811:

    I am kind of a modest person. I very rarely brag and I tend to put others before. However, I am an attractie guy and often let my insecurities take control. One warm night some friends and myself were sitting in a field, there was probaqbly 7 of us. I remember I was wearing a black pair of 2Xist boxer briefs. I remember thinking how incredibly sexy they were and just stripped down to them. Embarrassed was I? No, everyone else stripped down and we partied in a field. Kick Ass.

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