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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Modal Me – A guide to some great modal underwear for men

Please give a warm welcome to our newest guest blogger by the name of “E”.

In today’s post E shares with us some of his favorite undies that all have in common that they are made from modal – one of our favorite underwear fabrics.

If you’re new to this seductive and soft fabric type, this is the perfect starters guide!

By E.

I couldn’t think of a better topic to write about than modal underwear for my very first article on Guyunderwearblog.com.

As an undie enthusiast I have various undies; thongs, briefs, jocks, trunks and like two pairs of non sexy boxers. Most are made of cotton, some nylon. But nothing, I mean nothing, beats a pair or modal fabric undies covering my ass and my “boys”.

One of my favorites is the Sports Brief by Obviously – as seen below. Obviously predominately makes most of their underwear with Modal, which means they are my favorite brand. The sports brief is espeObviously Sport Brief made from Modalcially dear to heart because it’s perfect.

I enjoy feeling sexy underneath my jeans and button down shirt when I’m calvin klein x boxer briefworking for 14 hours a day, but I also I need to be comfortable and the briefs provide that. If I have a date set up they get as excited – as I do – when they see me drop down to those briefs.

Here is why: The Pouch fits your dick like a glove it puts it center stage. The pouch hangs as low as you do, or as high. It’s perfect the waistband feels great as well and sits low on your waist so it shows off your body perfectly and gets your date excited  just by looking at you.  The brief is not only sexy but comfortable I wear at work when I’m at the gym working up a sweat. It’s perfect.

My next favorite pair is from Calvin 2xist modal no-show briefsKlein X  Boxer Brief.  When I don’t feel like wearing a brief these Calvin klein Boxer briefs are the next thing. These boxers are pretty long covering to the very beginning of my thighs. But the beautiful thing about these is it doesn’t ride up your thigh like most boxer briefs or gather in the crotch area. No picking out.

Again because it’s made of Modal you still feel sexy underneath your suit and if you get excited at work it keeps your excitement concealed.  These don’t shrink either when you wash them. They come in bright colors so when your pants sag low they show off your asset and you can match with your outfit.

You can’t go wrong with anything made by 2(x)ist. When the company decided to start making undies made of Modal I was as happy as a child on Christmas morning.

My pair of 2xist briefs are again comfortable and sexy. I’ve worn them to the gym, work and of course when entertaining.  They keep your junk in one place and dry.

All the above-mentioned modal undies can be bought over at Guys Underwear Favorite, International Jock.

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Valdamar’s Underwear Update: The GUB Grind Revealed!

By Valdamar

It’s time for another underwear news update! The last one of 2011. It was a great year and the blog has definitely grown thanks to you, our readers. Did you know that you guys have viewed more than 1 MILLION pages here on GUB over the last 12 months? That’s awesome!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2012. Some really great stuff for the site is coming! To begin let’s jump right into our first update:


The GUB Grind!

GUB Grind by Guys' Underwear Blog

The GUB Grind, an amazing Underwear Party, will be held on Saturday February 11th at Club Q in Colorado Springs! It will feature a silent auction, a raffle and a live underwear fashion show where we will be auctioning the underwear right off the model!

We will also have some live entertainment and dancing all night, in our underwear of course. We will be featuring the underwear of 2xist, Jake Joseph, Maclovia, Mensuas, and Tribe.

Models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency out of Denver will be here to work the runway, as will the Mile High Gay Guy Drew Wilson. The event will be hosted by myself, Valdamar, and co hosted by C.C. De’Ore one of the best entertainers Colorado has to offer.

We also have super hot underwear model Adam Coussins (pictured above) donating his underwear (signed) and autographed pictures to be auctioned off. In between our events which will last all night we will open the dance floor to the beats of DJ Kyree.

It’s going to be amazing so get your butts to Colorado Springs February 11th, 2012 for the hottest Underwear Party in the West!

Please take a moment to visit our event sponsors:

No More Swimming in Underwear

no more swimming in men's underwear

Dubai’s beaches have a new ordinance which makes it obligatory to wear proper swimwear while on the beach. They have had issues with people swimming in just underwear, which becomes transparent, or swimming fully clothed. Now beach patron must wear an actual swim suit. As a lifeguard at a pool I must say I like this new law, although sometime wet undies aint too bad.

Crotchless Panties for 7 Year Olds!

What the heck! Right here my home state too! Watch the video, it says it all.

A New World Record in Underwear, Literally

57 people in the Canary Wharf district of London set a new world record for the most people to be in a single pair of underwear. Obviously not a normal pair of undies here. But some of the participates had on some nice undies themselves.

Sperm Cooling Underwear

sperm cooling mens underwear

STUD, the baby making underwear, has designed a pair of undies that will keep your sperm cooler, thus helping to increase your fertility chances. These undies are designed with cool mesh material around your sperm producing areas, namely your testicles. These undies will run you about $60. But a much more styling option to them baggy boxers: www.studbriefs.com.

Mario Lopez Underwear Line

mario lopez mens underwear line

So Mr.Lopez former Saved By The Bell star, a title he will never out-live, has designed a new line of mens underwear. And good for him for being willing to be the model as well. He looks great. The underwear on the other hand have been getting mixed reviews. Some guys say they look like they would have been in fashion back in the 70’s. Personally I don’t know, I think Mario should send us a pair to review.

Underwear Under Toupee

underwear under toupee

Nilesh Ramlal Bari, a 28 year old man in Mumbai, stuffed his toupee with underwear. Why? He wanted to be a policeman, unfortunately he is only 165cm and they have a limit which is 168cm. So he is too short, so to pass the exam he came up with this little trick. It didn’t work and instead his little stunt make the newspaper and our international blog.

Honk If You Think I’m Sexy

A teenage boy was standing out in the street in Fairfield Connecticut in his underwear holding a sign that said “Honk if you think I’m sexy”. And of course he had a friend video taping the whole thing. It should be on YouTube soon.

Robert Downey Jr Flashes His Underwear


On his red carpet walk for the new Sherlock Holmes movie Robert made a little fashion faux pas. He tucked his shirt into his underwear as opposed to over his underwear and into his pants. So we got to see his red Calvin Klein’s. Of course Klein may have paid him to do that.

Will Tebow Win You Underwear?

will tebow win you underwear

Jockey announced that if Tim Tebow, who has yet to pose in Jockeys, and the Broncos win the Super Bowl they will give away a million dollars in underwear and to one winner $15,000 (Since Tebow is number 15). Jockey should have bet more, they probably won’t have to pay. But if they do win Woo Hoo! (Above is a pic of Tebow in underwear, not Jockeys, GASP)


Guys in underwear - XMasGUB

In honor of Christmas I found it only fitting to showcase a nice tree with some beautiful gifts underneath. Hamid, Nick and Trent, three of the models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency who will be working the runway at the GUB Grind!

This also is a GUB Original picture featuring underwear generously donated to us by 2xist. Hamid is in the white Military Sport Brief . Nick is in a green Military No-Show Trunk. And Trent is in a green Military Square-Neck Tank. I love the Military Collection from 2xist! I will have a review coming out soon on this line. Thank you 2xist, Natalie Lynn, Hamid, Nick and Trent and a Merry Christmas to all of you!

Like the underwear you see here?

Get it here:

Check out these guys’ model profiles:

Hamid: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-hamid.php

Nick: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-nick.php

Trent: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-trent.php

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Guys’ Underwear Blog’s Holiday Buying Guide

By Valdamar

Christmas time is here again! It’s the time when Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums are played in my car non-stop for a month. Actually two this year, they went in November 1st.

It’s also time to start looking presents if you have put it off this far. So what do you buy the men in your life? Underwear! True, underwear has been the butt of a lot of bad gift jokes throughout the years. But that has been because underwear for a long time really wasn’t that exciting; in particular men’s underwear.

Now, however, men’s underwear is sexy, cool and something we want. Here at the GUB we have looked at a few categories, including types of men, and we have put together some things to think about when purchasing underwear for a man.

Holiday men's underwear buying guide

Why underwear can make a great present

Many men (though it is hard to believe) don’t care much about their underwear, although it in fact says so much about their personality. We know this from this recent survey.

A pair of unusual, eye-catching and sexy undies can be just the thing to kick-start a man’s underwear drawer. It can be an introduction into the world of underwear fashion. Also, this type of gift is as much for the actual recipient as for the giver, if he/she is lucky enough to get to see them on.

We took a poll, on our Facebook page, asking “how would you like underwear for Christmas? (nice underwear)” out of 178, 106 people said “I would LOVE to get underwear for Christmas”, and 33 said “I wouldn‘t mind getting underwear for Christmas“. Only 19 said “don’t buy me underwear for Christmas”. Of course looking at the audience, you underwear lovers, this may be a little biased although I did get a lot of my friends in on the poll, too.

But given the modern trend in underwear fashion, quality and the appeal it has attained underwear is no longer a joke of a present to give. As a matter of fact it can be down right wonderful!

Best online stores for buying underwear

Best online men's underwear store

I must say it’s hard to find a bad underwear store, although I have before which we will talk about later. There are a lot of stores out there so you have a lot of options. So look around and have fun.

A few things to look for are the overall professional layout of the site. It doesn’t need to be overly flashy nor extravagant but it should look like someone cared when they put it together. Also check the details, like shipping. Some sites may offer you great deals but then make up for it by charging you really high shipping prices.

With the huge variety out there and the differences in all our underwear tastes it’s hard for us to tell you what is the best store to shop. So look around and enjoy the underwear options. But here are a few on lines shops we at the Guys Underwear Blog have enjoyed shopping:

skivviesmensunderwear.com – Great selection of fashionable fun underwear offering more than just their own Skivvies brand, a lot more!

internationaljock.com – Athletic gear and underwear with that sporty look. Lot’s of styles, brands and great undies.

jockstrapcentral.com – Best stop for the jock strap lovers. Plus some great pictures. I love the fact that they have a diversity in their models. Look at the pics and get some great jocks.

escollection.es – A suave European sleek look with a masculine romp thrown in. Athletic wear, swim wear and underwear.

alphamaleundies.com – Great variety of underwear with a glamorous flare and a section just for the leather/latex look. Great special going on now refunding shipping for store credit!

underbriefs.com – A highly professional site that carry loads of our favorite brands, offers free shipping in the US and provides excellent customer service. You can even save 25 % on 2(x)ist right now.

undergear.com – The classic trendy catalogue we all looked at while discovering our obsession for underwear has their own underwear line and so much more here.

n2nbodywear.com – N2N certainly has a style we have all come to recognize.

freshpair.com – From your everyday standards to high style, plus free shipping and it’s fast. Great site for men and women.

deadgoodundies.com – The UK’s premiere underwear store for men.

So what kind of underwear do you buy the man or men in your life? Here are our recommendations based on the following types of men.

…The Athlete

Underwear for the athlete

Your mind may automatically go to Under Armour, Nike or some kind of athletic gear. Most likely your athlete already has this underwear and it may come across as the typical underwear he already has. Give him something sporty and fun that’s useful but also good for just showing off. Try a designer jock or a sports brief.

We recently tried out the ES Collection towel jockstrap, it was actually very comfortable, with wide straps and a towel-like fabric for the pouch. It provided just fine support and was a nice alternative to regular cotton jockstraps for when you go running: http://www.escollection.es/for_men/product.php?id_product=265

…The Promiscuous Flirt (our nice way of saying whore)

Underwear for the flirt

The name that comes to mind first is Gregg Homme. They have a lot of ultra sexy sheer undies that are just made to show off and high light your sexy side. On our Facebook page I (Val) recently posted a picture of myself in the Gregg Homme Glam Thong, that is a great thong for you guys who “get around”.

Another option is the Skivvies Squadron Sheer Brief or the 472 Net Boxer from the ES Collection. Sheer is a good choice for these guys, or skimpy; possibly both! The AussieBum Bulge-Boosters also work well for your promiscuous friends.



…The Funny Man

Underwear for the funny man

If you want fun, statement-kind-of-undies something along the lines of Piss & Vinegar and Ginch Gonch. They do the “cartoon” category better than most, and it’s the Disney kind. I would find something colorful and that stands out. Although I am not a fan of the name “Piss & Vinegar” the Ewh series by them is a lot of fun!

You may want to go a little against the obvious as a clown he is going to expect a lot of gag gifts and may take underwear as such. Try underwear that are sexy yet are not to be taken too seriously. Try Croota, they usually fit the sexy yet fun category.


…The Intellectual

Underwear for the intellectual

Here, you probably want to go for something classic and masculine. Think Ristefsky Macheda briefs, Armani, Jake Joseph, and perhaps Jack Adams. Also, the trunks from Diego Barberi. And finally, some of the basic styles from 2(x)ist. You may also want to look at a different side of this man. If you know him well maybe you see his sense of humor or his sexy side come out. Underwear is about that inner character get him something that reflects that side of him maybe only few people see.


…The Baggy Boxer man
Underwear for the baggy boxer guy
The first thing you want to get this man is a card that reads “Does your mother still buy your underwear”? So unless you are his mother, do not buy him a pair of baggy boxers! Be the one to introduce this guy to style and the world of adult men’s underwear of the 21st century. Get him something along the lines of a boxer brief. Don’t jump straight to a thong, or bikini; that will just turn him off from change completely. Take it slow.

Try the Freedom boxer from aussieBum is actually an interesting, modern take on the classic boxer. It has the loose fit that allows for your stuff to sway freely, yet they are more trunk-like and not as big and long-legged as an old school pair of boxers. I find them damn sexy, too!

Another great place to look is at Pull-In. They offer two styles of underwear the boxer (actually a boxer brief) and the shorty (more of a square cut). Both look great, are stylish and roomy providing the comfort and freedom this guy wants. And Pull-In offers literally hundreds of different styles to choose from.



…The “Generic Undies” Guy

Underwear for the hanes guy

If you fall into this category, you need to look to alternatives that are almost as cheap, but way more sexy and trendy. Look to 2(x)ist’s Essential range. Here, briefs start at just $14 – recession or no recession, everyone can afford that. Or go to Target and look for 2xists Evolve line of underwear.

If you are buying for this guy make sure you introduce him to a higher quality of underwear fabric. 100% cotton feels good at first, but after a while of wear gets all saggy and loose. Give him some stylish undies that have that touch of spandex or lycra, they have the same great breathability yet retain their support and shape all day. Or if you really want to give him something that will wow him look for something made from bamboo fibers like the Naked collection from Andrew Christian or for a eloquent classic look Jake Joseph. They will never go back to the cheap stuff.



… The guy who has 1,000 pairs of underwear
Underwear for the guy with 1000 pair
Now, we are talking. This is the category where us underwear blogger fall in. So if you love us and want to buy us a Christmas present listen up. Skip the mundane or underwear you would wear everyday. Buy this guy (ME) something special, a novelty, underwear he would wear for show to an underwear party or for his special someone after a hot date. Get him something out of the ordinary and playful. If you see something and think to yourself “oh my God, who would wear that”, it was probably made for this guy. Here are our underwear wishes.

JAY: “My newest fetish are singlets. Not your everyday wrestling-kind, but bottoned-up cotton ones like this from ES Collection: It’s HOT and different, and very suitable for the winter months”.

VALDAMAR: “I want an athlete to sign his lucky jock strap and send it to me! Yeah I’m a freak. I think for Christmas I would like some a crazy, sexy, fun jock strap. Maybe one of the models at Jock Strap Central will send me hi signed jock strap! Lol”.

http://www.escollection.es/for_men/product.php?id_product=239 .

What Underwear NOT to Give as a Present

Don’t give plain, old school tighty whities. Nothing says lack of effort than something like that. Avoid any multi packs of underwear, even if they are nice underwear it just looks bad. Just like any other present it’s the thought that counts so make sure you find a pair of underwear that matches the guy you are giving it to. Make sure you can state why this pair of underwear will fit this guy, if you can’t think of a specific reason then it may not be the right pair.

Things to Avoid When Shopping

Avoid paying full price! All the underwear stores have regular sales. Sign up for their newsletters or check the underwear blogs (like ours) so that you know when you can the underwear you want with a big discount.

Avoid impulse buying, in particularly on the internet. Shop around, look for comparable items and make sure you check out various websites before deciding on a purchase. Again a great resource are the underwear blogs. Often new items, specials and other information about underwear is featured and you can find a good number of on line retailers listed.

Bad Shopping Experiences

It’s rare to have a bad experience shopping. But it can happen, I have a story to tell you guys but will have to wait for another time. But here are a few tips.

Make sure to check sizing. Sizes can vary a lot across brands. The worst thing is when you have to send back a great pair of undies because of a bad size choice.

Another thing is to remember to factor in shipping. There are sites that boast having great sales yet after you add the shipping costs the total is far from a good deal. So when comparing remember to look at the cost of shipping.

Order early, if you want these undies for Christmas order NOW! You may have issues come up and you may need to make adjustments. Unexpected things come up and you need to give yourself time.

HAPPY UNDERWEAR CHRISTMAS! Undies are a great gift, the perfect stocking stuffer. Remember the right choice makes it the perfect gift. So think about the man and find him the right pair of underwear for him. Keep a watch out on our blog for sales and discounts offering you the best underwear available for the men in your life and yourself. Not just now, underwear also makes a great Birthday present or gift for any occasion. Happy shopping Gubbers and remember my jock strap and Jay’s singlet!

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Jake Joseph’s holiday shopping guide for men’s underwear

Happy 1st December, guys! We’re kicking off the Christmas month with an amazing post.

It is a huge honor for us to introduce guest blogger Jake Joseph HIMSELF! You may remember him and his undies from Val’s 5 star review of the Jake Joseph Classic Brief. 5 stars, people, that’s rare.

Anyway, Jake has been kind enough to offer his helpful advice for your holiday underwear shopping. You wouldn’t want to miss it – there are some great tips in there.

Don’t forget to visit his store over at jakejosephco.com.

Without further ado, here it is: Jake Joseph’s 2011 men’s underwear holiday shopping guide.

By Jake Joseph

From the essentials to indulgences, it seems that our shopping styles have shifted the past few years.  As the holiday time is upon us, many shoppers are on a mission to purchase items of both value & quality.

For every wallet size and fit preference, there are some terrific options out there.  Here is some information that may help you make great purchases for whomever is on your shopping list!


Look for: Modal and Viscose. (These fabrics are terrific and resilient, and long-lasting even after washing).

Helpful Tip: The leg binding is an important and often overlooked facet.  The bottoms of stretch pairs that are reinforced help the product from bunching up the leg and lend a more uniform fit.

For those who prefer BOXERS:

Look for: 100% Cotton and Pima. (The Pima’s are both breathable and contain some elasticity).

Helpful Tip: Each individual’s trunks (thigh area) are different in length and width.  Find a leg length that fits your body type the best.



Look for: Aussiebum and Zimmerli (Brands that stand out in this category)

Helpful Tip: Aussiebum produces modern briefs that have multi-colored and interesting designs (20 USD).  Zimmerli of Switzerland delivers an excellent brief that is understated in color and promotes a terrific fit (55-70 USD).

zimmerli business class brief


Look for: Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk and Perofil

Helpful Tip: If you want soft and breathable, go with Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk (20 USD).  If you want light-weight and comfortable, go with Perofil 4Ever Pima Cotton Pushup Trunk. They come in a bit shorter than normal trunks, providing comfort and an overall good fit (37 USD).

Calvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk


Look for: Polo Ralph Lauren and Lululemon’s Game On

Helpful Tip: For comfortable and simple, go with Polo Ralph Lauren’s Knit Boxer Briefs (3 for 38 USD). For a solid fit geared for athletic activity, go for Lululemon’s Game On Boxer Brief (24 USD).

Lululemon Game on Boxer Brief


Look for: Brooks Brothers and Hanro of Switzerland

Helpful Tip: If you prefer a more traditional leg length, go for

Brooks Brothers (25 USD).  If you want the traditional boxer style with an element of stretch, go for Hanro of Switzerland’s Cotton Knit Mercerized Cotton boxers (70 USD).

HANRO Cotton Knot Boxer

Peace & Happy Holidays,

Jake Joseph

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Valdamar’s Underwear Report: 1,000 Likes on Facebook!

By Valdamar

That’s right, I dropped “Weekly”. Who am I kidding, we all know my punctuality with this report has not been weekly recently. I will do my VERY best to keep you up on the biggest happenings in the underwear world. I promise, I just don’t promise it will happen every week.

This week has been great for us here at the GUB. We released our first original photo, and damn was it hot! I have another shoot with that model on the 20th, plus I have three other hot models scheduled for shoots this week.

In addition to the amazing undies supplied by AussieBum I just received some great underwear from Skivvies. HOT! Ok enough about that, let’s get to the news:



1,000 Guys Underwear Blog LIKES on Facebook

We hit one thousand likes on our Facebook page this week! Woo Hoo! And for those of you who haven’t kept up with our Facebook community I promised that if we hit 1,000 likes by Thanksgiving I would post a picture of myself in underwear. So here is one picture. One with my face will be added to Facebook later this week.

At the time that seemed like an almost impossible feat, but you guys did it with over a week to spare! Now I guess I have to live up to my word. So if you want to see it, “like” our face book page and stay tuned! (Above is me with my underwear collection).

Underwear Market Report

Underwear market report

Above is a chart showing the trend in underwear sales for 2011. Underwear has long been considered an indicator of how the market is doing. In particularly men’s underwear. The theory is that men only buy new underwear when they have extra money. Of course that doesn’t go for us here. It is good to see the price of cotton has gone down. KEY: Blue-BAL cotton, Red – HBI Hanes, Green WRC Warnaco (Group that includes Calvin Klein), Yellow – LTD Limited Brands (Group that includes Victoria’s Secret), Brown – MFB Maidenform Brands.

Should We Wear Eco-Friendly Underwear?

Should we wear eco friendly men's underwear

According to a post on Care2.com, we should consider it. Why? Basically it goes back to cotton, organic versus conventionally grown cotton. Cotton covers 2.5 percent of the world’s cultivated land and uses 16 to 25 percent of the worlds pesticides. Cotton uses more chemical products in production than any other agricultural product. So organic methods can help reduce this pollution. And organic undies can help.

Tebow Underwear Billboard

tebow underwear billboard

Jockey is going to put up a billboard in Denver featuring Tim Tebow now that he actually is being used by the Broncos. So what will he be wearing? A pair of jeans, and a baggy T-shirt!!! Sorry but I have to say, WORST UNDERWEAR BILLBOARD EVER! We love you Jockey, but get Tebow in underwear or get a new spokesperson.

Underwear Mayor

underwear mayor

Medford, New Jersey Mayor Chris Myers, a Republican, says that he won’t resign, but didn’t deny allegations that he paid for gay sex while visiting California last October.

Nor will he confirm or deny a picture (Above) that appears to be him wearing blue Calvin Klein underwear, which was posted on the gay website Rentboy.com. Good for him!

Hair Rules

Hair rules

A movie entitled “Hair Rules” was shown at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. The movie is about a man, named Bruce, trying to become an underwear model. Well you know Bruce, we would love to have you model for us at the GUB.


Underwear Bang Bang

A 20–year-old man wound up sleeping it off at the Barrie police station, in Ontario Canada, Saturday morning (October 22) after he showed up in his underwear at a home around 7:30 a.m. and began banging on the door. The people at the residence didn’t know the man, police say, a student from South River. He was charged with causing a disturbance and has a future court date. Why can’t underwear clad 20 year old come bang on my door?

Legally Required Underwear

legally required underwear

David Jones, of the UK, has been sentenced to underwear. He has spent a year in jail of accounts of indecent exposure. He flashed several women in a Alfreton Library. Part of his departing agreement is that he MUST wear underwear when he goes out in public. I wonder if he’s allowed to have a fly front?

Depantsed Burglar

On night in Mesa Arizona a couple came home to find a burglar in their home. The wife spotted the 23 year old man and the husband pursued him. Joshua Randall, the burglar, struck the husband with a bronze candle and even bit off a piece of his ear! Somehow during the struggle Randall lost his pants and had to flee the scene in his underwear. It’s always good to depants any man who enters your home.

Depantsed by Police

Joseph Knight of Tennessee was arrested by the local police. While they were trying to verify his identity he bolted and ran while still handcuffed. A struggle ensued and Knight got away but somehow lost his pants in the mayhem. How did the police get his pants but lose him?

An Ear In Inmates Underwear!

Yes you read that right. A man being processed at a Greek prison had an ear hidden in the crotch of his underwear. He told authorities it was a sheep’s ear and that he normally wore it around his neck but didn’t want it taken from him so he hid it. The authorities can not figure out if it really is a sheep’s ear or a human’s. Wow.

Robbed and left in Underwear

A man, in Walterboro South Carolina, was left standing in his underwear late on Friday night after men reportedly approached him at an intersection and took his shirt, pants and shoes. According to an incident report, the man was walking down the Street when an unknown man in a Buick pulled up beside him and three men jumped out of the car. The victim told investigators the three men surrounded him, pulled a knife and stuck it to his side. They then reportedly demanded he take off all his clothes, well almost all. They also took his wallet containing $235. But at least he kept his underwear.


Here it is! The official picture for the GUB Grind! It’s one of our favorite GUB models, Adam Coussins, posing for the cameras over at deadgoodundies.com. We thank them for donating this picture and allowing us to use it in publicizing the event. Hope you enjoy!

Men's Underwear Picture of the week

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: THE GUB GRIND!

Hello Gubbers! I love you! I am back with an all new report. It’s been a while since my last one, I am very sorry about that. Now I have almost too much to report; some really great stuff too! First off can you believe it’s October? What the heck! Ok I’ll stop screaming with all these exclamations. Let’s get to the news:

GUB NEWS: The “GUB Grind”

GUB Grind

Something HUGE is coming! I can’t give all the details yet because this project is still in the planning stage. But around Valentines Day we are going to hosting a big underwear party somewhere. We are in the talks with several amazing underwear brands and several HOT models (Including the one pictured above, the man I asked to marry me lol). More info to come soon.

GUB NEWS: Underwear Shopping

We are going to be putting together an underwear shopping guide for Christmas and want your help. Let us know about your experiences with on-line or in store shopping. We want to hear it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tell us your favorite stores for underwear and why. We also want to know about any stores or products you would avoid. Yes, this is going to be a real and honest guide! Send your comments to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com.

UPDATE: Largest Pair of Underwear Returned

UPDATE largest pair of underwear

A while back we reported that the world’s largest pair of underwear had been stolen from the City Museum in St. Louis. How credible that claim or museum are is still in question. Well, the 7 feet wide, 6 feet tall with a 16 feet waist pair of underwear has been returned. And with is was a new pair of woman’s panties the same size. Hmmm… Can you say publicity stunt? Although I do want to go see them now.

UPDATE: Beckham

update: David beckham men's underwear

So, I have heard it from several reports that David Beckhams highly anticipated new line of underwear is going to include long johns. The line reportedly called “Choctaw Ridge”, because David is now a Native American (joke), will be sold at Barney’s. I’m sure online as well. Stylecaster.com has reported that David will not model the underwear. Really?! What’s the point Beckham, I hope this isn’t true.

UPDATE: Rwanda’s Used Underwear Market Receives a Deadline

As previously mentioned on the weekly report Rwanda, like several other countries, has posted a ban on the sales of used underwear. They have given merchants a deadline; December 31, 2011. So if you are a fan of used underwear in Rwanda you better get to shopping now!

New Underwear for Australian Soldiers

new underwear for australian soldiers

The Aussie Diggers, soldiers, will receive a new pair of lightweight high quality silk underwear. They are designed to improve mobility and protect against shrapnel. They go along with a new lightweight body armor the British soldiers are already using. Ok, if any of you Diggers out there are reading this; I need a pair of those undies! PLEASE!

Starbucks Barista Fired After Underwear Post on YouTube

Barista, Chris Christwell, was fired after posting a song about Starbucks on YouTube. He sang the song with a guitar wearing only an apron and his underwear. After listening to the song I don’t think the fact that he was in underwear had anything to do with it. By the way Chris, want to be interviewed for “My Lucky Undies”?

Four Players Kicked out of Game for the Color of Underwear

Four Players Kicked out of Game for wearing wrongfully colored underwear

Four students and their manager were kicked out of a soccer game between Newport County and Bath City Academy in the FA Youth Cup. The rules state that your underwear needs to be the same as your shorts so as not to draw too much attention to it. The students shorts were red, their underwear white and black. Apparently the players, aged around 16 and 17, were made to pull their pants down to show their underwear. I think someone needs to do a background check on that ref!

Zac Efron in his Underwear

zac efron in his underwear

Here’s a picture of Zac in underwear on the set of the movie Paperboy. I have a comment for the director, Lee Daniels. First of all I love you Lee! Precious was AMAZING! However, next time there is a male underwear scene in one of your movies, please consult me first.

Underwear Commercial

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in this commercial, but I love it! I want some Athena HAPPY’s! I know, I know I need to calm down.

Where Are the MEN!

London’s famous Tabloid “the Sun” has posted it’s top 10 celebrity underwear shoots. Not one of them was a man! And I only had ever heard of four of the women. What about Beckham, Wahlberg, Palmer or Sabato Jr? Come on SUN!

Loosen Up Utah!

loosen up utah underwear run

September 1st thousands of men and woman ran through Salt Lake City to make a statement: Don’t be so uptight Utah! From the pictures I’ve seen I think our Utah brothers should run around in underwear all the time.


Mom Shovels Underwear Clad Son

A 49-year-old mom, Priscilla Ethridge, was jailed after she allegedly told Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputies she hit her son, who was standing in his underwear, with a shovel handle and told him to get out of her home, reports the Northwest Florida Daily News in Fort Walton Beach. Her son, who is on probation, suffered either a broken or dislocated elbow. What a lovely family.

Chased Away by Underwear Man

A man in Buffalo New York chased a burglar out of his home and into the street. He was carrying a Glock pistol and was in nothing more than his underwear. He didn’t realize this till he was in the middle of the street. No need for shame man, just send me a pic.


This week we have a picture that is a few weeks behind. Yes, I am a slacker sometimes. Winning the picture was “Bed Cap”! Congratulations man, and thank you for that great picture of yourself in a nice comfy bed just wearing your skivvies and a ball cap. NICE! And I thank all our contestants for their participation and great pictures. For a variety of reasons we need to put the contest on hold for a while. However I will keep any submissions we receive as well as all previous submissions that haven’t made it to the finals yet so that once we get going again you will be up for the prize. So you can still send us your underwear pictures, I won’t mind. Send them to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com

Fan Pic of the Month - September

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Valdamars Weekly Report: New York City Underwear Run

By Valdamar

Ok, I know I have been slacking again but I assure you I have not left the world of underwear. Summer just flew by to fast and I completely was lost in it’s wake. But I have my feet back on the ground and have a lot of great things to bring to you guys. I just finished going through months (literally) of underwear news articles and am almost, just almost, tired of hearing about underwear if that were possible. SO here are some highlights from the world of underwear this past summer:

Beckham, Beckham, Beckham!

Beckham men's underwear

The world of men’s underwear has been overloaded with news of Beckham’s new underwear line. This isn’t new, he announced to the world he was working on a line almost a year ago. And I asked if I could have the first review and am still waiting for a response. Here is the latest on the highly anticipated line; it’s reportedly going to be released in February and will be distributed by the international retailer H&M. He has called the line his “Bodywear Range” possibly his brand name. Past reports have also had an Armani connection. Excitement is building!

In Jail and charged for Underwear

in jail charged for underwear

A Florida sheriff is now charging his jail mates for underwear. At one time they were given 5 pairs of underwear but now they are charged $2.54 for a brief or $4.48 for a boxer. The Sheriff said if they want to wear underwear they can buy it like everyone else. Women will still be given 5 pairs… Unfair! I read these jail and prison underwear articles all the time, if I go to jail I want my own undies!

National Underwear Day

The 9th annual National Underwear Day was held August 5th. As part of the celebration Freshpair.com gave away 5,000 pairs of underwear during the month of August. Dang I missed out! Next year’s National Underwear Day will also be August 5th. I am not sure if Freshpair has the authority to create a “National” holiday or not but I like the idea. Next year lets all celebrate.

Male Stripper Survives 8 Days By Eating His Underwear

Yes this is true! David Statham, 32, survived for 8 days by eating his edible underwear. The stripper was trapped in the rubble of a Victorian Church hall where he was set to perform when it collapsed. A stripper in a church that collapses so he eats his yellow banana flavored underwear… There are no words. Actually this was taken from a fake newspaper, but I thought it was funny. Sorry…

New York City Underwear Run

New York City Underwear run 2011

A record was set August 5th when more than 500 runners competed in the New York City Jamaican Underwear Race competing for a trip for two to Jamaica. Some people where just in undies and others decked themselves out in costumes (still underwear themed). All runners won a pair of underwear at the finish line. The race was in Central Park and not Jamaica Queens by the way.

Houston’s HOT Underwear Run

houstons hot underwear run

Houston also held an underwear run, the second annual Hot Underwear Run open to anyone 21 and up with a sense of humor and a pair of underwear. Runners were asked to bring a new package of underwear or socks that would be donated to “Undies for Everyone” making sure underprivileged children in Houston have underwear.

Tuscan Cities Ban Underwear Sales

tuscan cities ban underwear sales

Several cities around the Tuscan region of Italy have banned the sale of underwear with Italian landmarks and tourist spots printed on them. They have called these souvenirs “obscene”. The underwear in question has pictures of the leaning tower of Pisa, Michael Angelo’s David or some other landmark printed on the crotch. I guess we’ll have to buy these undies online rather than in person now.

World’s Largest Underwear Missing

The City Museum in St. Louis issued an APB for the worlds largest underwear. No one knows where they went but the 7ft high by 6ft wide pair of underwear is gone.


Wisconsin Man Throws His Underwear at Police

The title says it all. Christopher Innerebner, 28, got drunk and was angry the bartender wouldn’t serve him more alcohol so he made a scene and even threw up on other customers. When the police arrived he stripped and threw his underwear at the police. They were boxers by the way.

Denver Anchors Laugh at Dallas Thief

Can you blame them? You may have seen this video of a Thief in Dallas in a floral dress with briefs on his head robbing a gas station. My favorite part of this video is the end when the anchor man says “Son you got a panty on your head”, and the woman replies “those are huge”.


As summer nears its end here in the northern hemisphere and we celebrate Labor Day in the United States it’s only appropriate to reflect on the beauty of underwear outside in nature. This week we feature an ad from Jockey where we find a man in his underwear standing in a nice summer stream. I hope you men have had a great summer and enjoy the warmth while you can.

Men's Underwear Picture of the week, Jockey ad

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Superman loses his undies

By Valdamar

June don’t go! It’s too soon!

Well, it’s the last week of June. I hope you men have been able to get out and enjoy the summer and maybe even have some outside in underwear time. Being Gay Pride month you can always get to a local Pride event and strip down to undies and it’s totally acceptable. That’s the best part about these festivals.

Here in Colorado Springs we have our Pride next month, July 16 – 17, so if you haven’t made it to one yet come visit ours. I will be working at a booth and may end up in undies Sunday, plus I hear this year we will have Manview underwear sporting and selling their underwear. Woo Hoo! I am excited. OK, but enough about that lets see what’s happening this week in underwear:

The Undie Awards

Underwear aficionados from all over the world have made their votes as have underwear fans including many of us. Here are some of the results. For full results and details, check out Jay’s post from last week or go to www.theundies.com. Congratulations to all the winners!

FAVORITE BRIEF: Munsingwear Full Rise Pouch Classic White Brief (2 time winner)

FAVORITE BOXER BRIEF: Obviously For Men Low Rise Boxer Brief

FAVORITE TRUNK: Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk

FAVORITE THONG: Calvin Klein Body Thong

FAVORITE JOCK STRAP: UnderArmour Performance Jock with Cup Pocket

More Underwear Awards

Colorado based company, 4th Amendment Wear, won a Gold Lion award from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for their underwear with messages hidden in them that are only visible via airport TSA screenings. The messages contain freedom messages in protest of the invasive security, basically calling attention to the fourth amendment.

Ryan Reynolds Made Stuntman Wear Underwear to Support His Huge…

I think the title says it all. Watch the video.

Taylor Lautner to Model Underwear

taylor laughtner to model underwear

The Philipines Star is reporting that designer Bench out of Manila has secured Twilight star Taylor Lautner as an endorser. It seems like a great move for a guy who has worked as hard as he has to get the body needed for his role as a werewolf.

Free Clothes For The Stripped

underwear for the stripped

Cloting designer, Desigual, gave free clothing to the first 100 people who showed up out side their London store Friday. People began to line up Thursday night for the free clothes. This same Spanish designer has ran this at stores in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin. Why doesn’t this happen here!

Strip Victory Lap

Strip Victory Lap

Austin Hubbard, the latest in his family to take on the world of car racing ,just won the “World of Outlaws Late Model Series”. So how did he celebrate? He stripped off his clothes and took a victory lap in his undies! Of course he had long underwear on but I still like the idea.

Jail Undies

One local Jail in Tennessee is switching underwear. They used to provide underwear that cost $1.50 for inmates, but that was too costly so they’ve swapped. They now have an orange stretchy one size fits all unisex brief which costs .50 cents each. The undies should last 50 wears and the inmates still have tho option of bringing their own underwear… Is it just me or do you want a pair too?

Jock Strap Duty

jockstrap duty

A Host at CBS All Sports radio station 93.7 KDKA-FM is on underwear duty. He bet that if the Pittsburg Pirates got their record above 500, something they haven’t done since 1999, he would wash their jock straps. Well after a few wins the team made it and he is on underwear duty. Why don’t I make bets like that? Denver if any of your teams needs a Jock manager, I am here!

Superman Loses his Underwear!

superman loses his underwear

superman loses his underwear

DC Comics is going to relaunch the Superman series starting with Action Comics # 1. However, they are making a few adjustments, one they are taking away his red underpants! More like outer pants. They are putting him in a solid blue and at times even jeans. I think they should have kept the red underpants and lost the blue suit! I don’t know why they want to redo the classics I think it’s a bad move.


Underwear Chase

underwear chase

Bradley Voyken, a 21 year old man hiding from several warrants, was found at an apartment in downtown Kelowna, near Toronto Canada. When police arrived he jumped out the window and fled in just his underwear. The police chased him through yards and neighborhoods and finally caught him in a closet at another home. He was still just in his boxers.

Jersey School Yeller

A man in New Jersey ran into an Elementary School and began to scream and yell that he was being chased by men with guns. He was only wearing his underwear. It turns out the men he was talking about were the Police who were called to a scene where he was making a disturbance. He has been taken in for psychiatric evaluation. Well technically he was telling the truth.


In the spirit of “Gay Pride” month I found this great picture to share. As I mentioned earlier, Pride events are great places for viewing and showing off underwear. And if you haven’t already voted, go vote for your choice of Julys “Fan Picture of the Month” and submit your picture for August by sending it to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com. July and Augusts winner will receive a pair of 2xist Neons! Happy Pride Month to one and all, gay or straight be proud of who you are and flaunt them underpants men!


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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Survey Shows Men Need to Pack More Underwear

Exciting things are coming to you! We have our very first “Fan Picture of The Week”! Plus the debut of “My Lucky Undies” later this week, in which I have been able to make a BEAUTIFUL new friend to introduce to you.

Plus, summer is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere and I get to go to a Beach themed underwear party Friday. And Saturday I get to be a Go-Go Tiger in a “Circus” themed benefit show to help feed the children, hehe. If you guys are good maybe I’ll share pictures.

But first let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the world of underwear this first week of June:

Pack More Underwear

Pack more underwear

The British travel agency Sunshine did a survey about packing underwear. They found the average woman packs 10 pairs of underwear for a week’s trip, the average man only packs 3! So most men wear the same pair for 2 or 3 days on a trip. COME ON MEN! Your underwear is what you should have the most of, you can wear the same pants or shorts but not underwear. First off,I pack like 20 pair just because I never know what I’ll need and love them, plus they’re so small you can fit a lot. But even for hygienic reasons you need more than 3 guys! Of course I know you men wouldn’t do that.

UPDATE: The Underwear Affair

1,500 men and women turned up on the streets of Calgary, Canada for the Underwear Affair, an event to raise awareness and money for the “below the waist” cancers. Good for you participants! If any of our readers were ther please tell us about it and send pictures!



Newly married Republican Congressman Anthony Weiner, no comment – too easy, has been accused of sending a young woman a picture of himself in his underwear. However, she denies that she has had any involvement with him – a statement she released via twitter. Who need a publicist anymore… Weiner hasn’t denied the truth of this picture, he has merely said “I’m not talking about this anymore”. I like that statement, it’s honest. And honestly, I think he should send that picture to us and see if he could win Fan Picture of The Month for July and get a great pair of 2xist Neons! I think he has a shot.

UPDATE: In a newer article I have found he now is saying Hackers broke in and sent that picture to the young woman. Now he sounds more like a politician. Personally I like the picture, no shame there Weiner!

Freshpair.com Under New Management?

Michael Kleinmann has stepped down as president of the mega underwear site, a position he has held since 2001. The vice president, now president, Matthew Butlein has taken over. Kleinmann has stated that he is excited to move on to the next stage of his career and is pleased to turn control over to Butlein. He did a lot with this company that has become the leader in online underwear sales so he left some big shoes to fill. Good luck Matthew, we’re rooting for you! If you need any help just let me know.

Dear Diedre

Dear Dierdre

So, some guy wrote to “Dear Diedre” in The Sun, a newspaper based out of the UK, confessing that he wears his wife’s underwear. He went on to say he has been wearing woman’s underwear since he was a teen. She told him to open up about his cross dressing secret and let his wife embrace it. I think maybe he needs to discover the wonderfully diverse world of men’s underwear that he may not know about. The satin and silks, the almost lace and more delicate side of men’s fashion. It can be hot man!

Subway Underwear Pole Dance

Hot Damn!!! These Subway passengers are lucky as hell. Ok, enough swearing, I have no more to say, I’m speechless. Just watch the video. I’m just wondering why those crazy idiots in the background were dancing and not watching the show!


Forced Down to Underwear

Police in Jacksonville, Florida are looking for the men who robbed a 46 year old man at a Hi Way gas station and left him in his underwear. A woman named “Dee Dee” came up to him and asked him for $5 worth of gas. Her car then wouldn’t start so she asked him for a ride home. He took her and then three men robbed him and left him in his underwear! He drove home that way and called the police. Poor guy.

Hot Underwear

Hot Underwear

34 year old Shawn Hinesley was dropped off at the Santa Rosa hospital in Florida and left. He was severely burned and was only in his underwear. The police went to question his mother to find out what had happened and they found a meth lab. They knew it was his because his wallet was still there.

Angry Underwear

A man in his 20s in Seven Hills, near Cleveland, was arrested on May 23 for disorderly conduct. Police found the man in a driveway among four people. Reports said the man was wearing only underwear, yelling obscenities, making threatening gestures and smelled of alcohol. Alcohol? Shocking! I just wish we had pictures.


Drum roll please… The winner of our first ever “Fan Picture of The Month” is… Matt, with his picture I titled “Find The Wand” receiving 47 votes. But I must congratulate all our finalists for their awesome pictures. Matt here is sporting a great pair of sky blue Tulio briefs. I have a Tulio swim suit and I must say I think Tulio has a thing with getting your penis to fly out like a bronco out of the shoot! Thank’s Tulio.

Matt will be receiving a pair of 2xist Neons which 2xist has graciously donated to our blog. Thank you 2xist. They also will be supplying next months winner with a pair of Neons as well. I just did a review on the Neon collection and believe me you want them. To enter send a picture of yourself in underwear to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com the cut off date for July is the 15th so get to it. Then the top 3 picture will face off till the end of the month. For more info see our previous blog.

Congratulations Matt again and enjoy your Neons!

Fan Pic of the month

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