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2011 Undie Awards Winners. Pics and video.

Every year we here at GUB look forward to HisRoom‘s prestigious UndieAwards – mostly because it’s a good chance for us underwear enthusiasts to get an idea about what other guys think is their favorite styles and brands.

More than 40,000 men and women cast their vote, so these awards really provide useful insight into contemporary mainstream underwear fashion.

Check out our coverage of the 2009 and 2010 winners – and scroll to the bottom of this post to see videos of all the winning styles of 2011.

The winners of this year’s vote has just been announced, and I am not too surprised to see  stylish brands such as Calvin Klein, UnderArmour, and Obviously take home wins in catories such as boxers, boxer briefs, jockstraps, thongs, and trunks.

But I am – quite frankly – extremely surprised that the winning brief was the Munsingwear Full Rise Pouch Classic White Brief!

I mean, just look at it! That’s just not a sexy pair of briefs!

munsingwear brief

What on Earth made the voters go for such a diaper-like full cut brief?? I just don’t get it. Past winners in this category include much more stylish choices such as the C-in2 Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief and the 2(x)ist Contour Pouch Brief.

I guess it must be extremely comfortable to wear… But who am I to judge, this is obviously what a lot of guys prefer – we gotta respect that.

Instead, let’s quickly move on to some of the other categories with winners that are easier on the eye, hehe.

The winning boxer brief was the Obviously For Men Low Rise Boxer Brief. A good choice, I think. Obviously really is one of the pioneers within pouch design and innovation.

Obviously for men boxer brief

In the thong category, the winning style was an oldie but goldie – the Calvin Klein Body Thong. It comes from CK’s extremely succesful Body range which has been a hit with quality conscious men for years.

Personally, the CK Body Hip Brief is one of my favorite briefs of all time.

Calvin Klein Body Thong

Finally there is the winning thong, and this year the voters have – once again – chosen the UnderArmour Performance Jock. This is the third year in a row that UnderArmour takes home the trophy in this category.

I can’t say that I am too surprised. I know that it is a go-to style for many guys for athletic purposes. It’s no coincidence that we see many pros wearing UnderArmour, too.

UnderArmour Performance Jock

All in all, I think the winning styles fit well with the current trends – EXCEPT that Munsingwear brief. To me that’s a miss, guys. If this is what you’re wearing, you seriously need to explore new underwear horizons.

With that said, don’t forget to pay HisRoom a visit.

Once again, they’ve done a great job with the UndieAwards.

Now, here’s video presentations of all the winning styles in the men’s underwear category.

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The best briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks of 2010! Pictures and videos.

Every year online underwear store, HisRoom.com, award the prestigious Undie Awards to the best and most popular men’s underwear styles from the previous year.

For each of the categories HisRoom’s panel of expert judges selects a favorite style. But the overall winner is chosen by popular vote on Undie Award website.

To see some of last year’s winners, check out these posts

Just this week the 2010 winners were announced. So without further ado, here’s the judges’ choices and overall winners of the 2010 Undie Awards in the categories briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks.

You can check out the rest of the winners at the Undie Award website.

Men’s boxer brief of the year, judges pic: Under Armour Performance Boxer Jock
Here’s what the judges said about their choice for boxer brief of the year: “Made of lightweight and silky Heatgear fabric that is engineered for breathability. Under Armour’s signature Moisture Transport System and temperature regulation give athletes a cool, dry fit while the anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. This underwear recovers its shape and fits exactly how you want it to while the compression fit keeps your muscles focused.”

Men’s boxer brief of the year, overall winner:
Obviously For Men Chromatic Full Cut Boxer PBB-CH

HisRoom made the following comment on the win by Obviously: “Made to be the solution to any and all underwear problems. It’s basically the only underwear you need. The anatomical pouch prevents sticking and constriction and the seamless back prevents ride-up. This full-cut boxer is made of an ultra-lightweight and soft blend of modal and spandex for soft comfort and a stretch fit.”

Men’s brief of the year, judges pic: Perofil Cotton & Comfort Fresh Midi Brief
Here’s what the judges said about their choice for brief of the year: “Made of 1×1 ribbed cotton with long-staple fibers for luxurious softness, lightweight breathability and incredible comfort. The 2-ply contour seam pouch provides improved profile and support. The plush-backed elastic waistband with shadow stripe features the “Perofil” logo. Made in Italy, this brief is flyless.”

Men’s brief of the year, overall winner: 2xist Contour Pouch Brief
HisRoom made the following comment on the win by 2(x)ist: “Extremely comfortable brief made of 100 percent combed cotton in a 1 by 1 knit for an incredibly soft feel against your skin. The curve of the front seam on this brief was designed using very precise measurements for a superior fit and well-made design. The additional flatlock stitching and binding accentuate and enhance the gentlemen’s package.”

I couldn’t find the official Undie Award video for the 2xist Contour Pouch brief on Youtube.

However, you can see it on HisRoom’s own website.

Until I find the official video, you’ll have to settle for this :)

Men’s trunk of the year, judges pic: Emporio Armani Stretch Cotton Trunk
Here’s what the judges said about their choice for trunk of the year: “Offers an enhanced slimmer fit with an updated silhouette for today’s man. Made of a cotton/spandex jersey knit, this trunk features a soft finish, making it ideal for everyday wear. The seamed contour pouch offers an improved profile and superior support while the dual-back seams on the rear of the trunk provide a very comfortable fit.”

Men’s trunk of the year, overall winner: Calvin Klein Steel Micro Low Rise Trunk
HisRoom made the following comment on the win by Calvin Klein: “Designed to celebrate Calvin Klein’s 25th anniversary of creating stylish men’s underwear. This is a sexy, low-rise trunk with a short inseam to wear with tight hipster pants. Made from an unbelievably soft stretch microfiber, this Calvin Klein trunk features a wide microfiber logo waistband in lustrous metallic silver. The classic lines and double-layer paneled pouch make this trunk a modern classic and an instant favorite.”

You can get all the winning styles at HisRoom.com.

See which which styles won the categories boxer shorts, thong, and jockstrap on the official Undie Award website.

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Men’s boxer brief of the year: Diesel Breddox Trunk and UnderArmour Boxer Jock

Boxer briefs is the third category from the HisRoom.com men’s underwear celebration, the Undie Awards.

If you missed the first two categories, don’t forget to read who took home the prestigious titles of Men’s brief and Jockstrap 2009.

Also, see the winning boxer brief of 2010.

Just as was the case with Men’s Briefs and Jockstrap categories, both a judges’ selection as well as an overall winner in the Boxer Brief category were chosen.

As always you can watch detailed video footage of both men’s boxer briefs below.

No jerking around, though, let’s get to the winners…

Men’s boxer brief Judges Selection of the year 2009: Diesel Breddox Trunk
In their evaluation of the Diesel Breddox Trunk, the HisRoom Judges said, “No matter what mood you’re in, you can find something to like in this style. The fabric feels like your favorite t-shirt and the color selection can’t be beat. Everything about these trunks feels just right, from the top of the color-coordinated waistband to the thin elastic bands around the leg openings. Whether you like a shot of concealed color in your wardrobe, or you prefer a boxer brief that is so light and soft you forget you’re wearing it, these are an excellent choice.”

Really, here the focus is comfort. The Diesel Breddox Trunk (boxer brief) is made from a very soft and comfortable cotton blend consisting of 95 % cotton and the obligatory 5 % spandex to give it that necessary stretchiness. Also, the inside of the waistband is lined for greater comfort.

Once again I must praise the fact that this boxer brief comes in at least nine different color variations. In fact, this is a boxer brief that you can easily get 4 or 5 pairs of. Why? Simply because it’s the perfect everyday underwear for men. And you don’t want to have 5 identically colored Diesel Breddox trunks – rather, you’d want to get one in every color.

Quality often doesn’t come cheap and these boxer briefs are slightly over-priced in my opinion. Granted, the quality is great, and Diesel is a premium underwear brand, but still, $26 a pair is a bit hefty for everyday underwear. But hey, if love proper quality underwear, the Diesel Breddox Trunk is a great choice.

I dare even say that I like this boxer brief style better than the one that won the public vote…(see below).

First, though, here is a video presentation of the Diesel Breddox Trunk.

Men’s boxer brief of the year 2009, overall winner: UnderArmour Boxeræø Jock
In their evaluation of the UnderArmour Boxer Jock, which is more of long-legged boxer brief, the HisRoom Judges noted, “Given all of the styles and brands of boxer briefs that we carry, this win was a bit of a surprise. There hasn’t been one review under five stars for these boxer briefs. They are made for ease-of-motion and superior comfort. Add the fabric’s wicking and ventilation properties and you’ve got a performance boxer brief that performs right along with you. They do precisely what the company says they will do, and many that have purchased them refuse to buy anything else.”

I can follow the judges’ surprise as this is not your everyday boxer brief. And since there are only 5 star reviews of the UnderArmour Boxer Jock, there must be something to it.

From what I can tell, this is an obvious choice for sports and athletic activities. Especially with it’s mesh crotch panel, which is double-layered and made from 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane, a fabric blend that no doubt will keep your boys cool and dry.

Adding to the athletic characters of this boxer brief is the fact that the long legs are constructed to ensure a tight and controlling compression fit.

The UnderArmour Boxer Jock certainly is a top-of-the-line boxer brief for working out, but maybe it will be a little bit overkill everyday purposes. That doesn’t mean, however, that it comes with over-the-top price tag. A very reasonable $20 is all you have pay for these boxer briefs.

It should be noted that UnderArmour also took home the judges’ award for best jockstrap so go for this brand if you’re looking for top quality men’s performance underwear.

Get both styles at HisRoom.

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Jockstrap of the year: Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter and Under Armour Performance Jock

Every year since 2007, online men’s underwear store, HisRoom.com, has put men’s underwear to the test and made you guys, the real experts, vote for the best styles in the categories Jockstrap, Brief, Boxer Brief, and Thong. The Undie Awards takes place in June so it’ll be a few more months until we get to see who will take down the prestigious awards in 2010.

Until then, however, we can enjoy the 2009 winners, and today and the next three days I bring you high quality video footage the winning styles as well as the judges’ selections in each of the four men’s underwear categories. Actually the categories also included boxer shorts, but this isn’t really the focus of Guys’ Underwear Blog, so go instead to the Undie Awards website to check that category out.

In each category a people’s favorite as well as judges’ favorite were chosen.

Today’s category is Jockstrap, or Jock, of the year. Also check out the Brief of the year category, the boxer brief category, and the thongs category.

By the way, if you’re shopping for jockstraps, I recommend visiting Jockstrap Central.

Jockstrap Judges Selection of the year 2009: Under Armour Performance Jock with Cup Pocket
In their evaluation of the Under Amour Performance Jock, the Judges said, “all of the performance capabilities and quality you’ve come to expect from Under Armour have been applied to this jock strap. It’s lightweight, is made of wicking and ventilation engineered fabric with four-way stretch, has a compression fit, and almost in spite of everything it looks great as well. If you need just one jock, let this be the one”.

It’s clear that the judges view the jockstrap style as primarily aimed for athletic purposes, which they should. However, almost every top tier men’s underwear manufacturer has at least one fashion jockstrap style in their collections. So if you’re looking for a comfortable jockstrap for everyday use, you should be careful choosing the Under Armour Performance Jock. This jockstrap is meant for sports activities and will not be too comfortable to wear all day long, especially with a cup inserted.

That said, I agree with the judges that the Under Armour Performance Jock looks great and is made from a superb fabric blend consisting of 80% Polyester and 20% Elastane for the pouch, which is excellent for ventilation, and a strong waistband consisting of 53% Stretch Nylon, 26% polyester, 20% elastane.

The Under Armour Performance Jock with Cup Pocket can be yours for $15.

Jockstrap the year 2009, overall winner: Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter
You guys voted, and the award for best jockstrap 2009 went to the the Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter – a long time classic from a maybe one of the most famous jockstrap brands in the world with an age old history. The Bike Company actually invented the jockstrap in 1874!

No doubt that their many, many years of experience have earned this performance underwear brand the experience it takes to produce top-quality, award-winning jockstrap designs.

HisRoom noted that, “the Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter is a good jock at a great price. Whether you’re an everyday-wearer, or would just like more support and free movement for sports activities, this jock does the job. Price certainly makes it an attractive buy for customers, but the fact that an athletic company produces it sets it apart from other standard jocks. The cotton-construction and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric pouch meet and exceed the needs of the average jock customer.

The fabric composition is somewhat difference from the Under Armour jockstrap with the pouch being made from 55% nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton. The Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter will do the job of wicking moisture from your body, but whether it will do it better than the Under Armour jockstrap I am not sure.

This jockstrap will probably feel more comfortable to wear for an entire day since it’s not cup-based and contains 20 % cotton.

The Bike Performance Cotton Strap Supporter has most other jockstraps beat when it comes to price setting you back no more than $5!

Needless to say, you can get both styles at HisRoom.

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