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First 2014 set of swim wear photos from Adrian C. Martin: Ca Rio Ca Wear

The new year is upon us and what better to start it off than with a nice set of new photos from our treasured “house” photographer, Adrian C. Martin.

Once again the photos feature a brand that is totally unknown to us but that we definitely have to investigate further. Meet Ca Rio Ca Wear.

Modeled by the excellent and up and coming Miguel Betancort, these photos were shot in the breathtaking island of Lanzarote.


CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

CA-RIO-CA swim wear

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The Ultimate Aussiebum 2010 Men’s Swimwear Guide. Pictures and video.

Aussiebum Men's Swim Wear GuideSummer is upon us! And for most men’s underwear and swimwear enthusiasts this is our chance to debut the latest swim wear fashion on the beaches around the world.

So, at the moment I’m on vacation in the south of Thailand, and I come well-prepared and well-equipped with my personal selection of the best and latest swim wear from one of my absolute favorite brands, Aussiebum.

My starting point for selecting what cuts to bring was my recent men’s swim wear poll which revealed that you guys are divided into three major segments when it comes to you beach swim wear preferences.

Some prefer regular swim briefs. Others enjoy the longer legs and go for square cuts. And then there’s a great deal of you who are more into the surf look, choosing board shorts when hitting the beach.

Whatever category you belong to, I’ve chosen my personal favorite. And you know I would never recommend any underwear or swim wear style that I haven’t actually tried on myself.

So without any further delay, here’s my bid for the ultimate Aussiebum 2010 men’s swimwear guide.

The Ultimate Aussiebum Swim Briefs – The Wonderjock Classic
Even though Aussiebum offers more than a whopping 20 different swim brief styles, there really can be no doubt about my favorite of the bunch.

It’s the style that made Aussiebum famous around the world, the 2,5″ Wonderjock Classic swim brief. Since its introduction the Wonderjock’s signature pouch design has been incorporated in loads of other Aussiebum swim wear styles as well as underwear.

Aussiebum Wonderjock Men's Swim Brief

For those of you not in the know, here’s what so special about the Wonderjock pouch. The secret is that you place stuff (balls and all) into a pocket inside the briefs. The pocket then lifts everything up and out thus giving you an admirable pouch profile, eliminating those unfortunate “cold water” situations which can have a minimizing effect on your pouch appearance.

The Aussiebum Wonderjock 2,5″ Swim Brief is available in a ton of colors. Aussiebum also offers slim swim briefs (1,5″) and hipsters with Wonderjock functionality.

Personally, I like the original black swim brief the best. Why? Simply because it’s cool and classic-looking, and with the Wonderjock technology in place you don’t need fancy colors or prints to attract (or indeed diverge) attention from your crotch area.

Aussiebum Wonderjock Swim Brief

In terms of fit and production quality, Aussiebum is always a safe bet. The Wonderjock 2,5″ Swim Brief is made from 100 % Nylon, meaning it dries up incredibly fast after a swim.

I wore a size M for a 32 and the swim brief fit perfectly. Even though the pictures don’t really show it, the swim brief does come with an adjustable drawstring.

When getting a Wonderjock style, you need to be aware that your stuff is held firmly in place to ensure the lift effect. If you’re usually a fan of everything moving around more freely, you might want to choose one of the styles below instead.

The Aussiebum Wonderjock Original 2,5″ swim brief is US$27 at www.aussiebum.com.

The Ultimate Aussiebum Swim Square Cut (hipster) – League Hipster and Inspire Desire
So choosing my favorite hipster/square cut was actually a tough call. The two Aussiebum hipster cuts I find the most appealing are the Inspire Desire with the funky cool tartan inspired print design and the League Hipster, pictured below in a cool gray version.

Aussiebum Inspire Desire Men's Swim Hipster

Aussiebum League Swim Hipster Square cut for men

In fact, I was unable to choose one over the other. The Inspire Desire is blessed with a stylish print, which will get you all the (right) attention on the beach. It’s the “fashion” choice of the two candidates, and the 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane fabric blend is a perfect choice for fast-drying swim wear.

The inspire swim trunk is also available in a Wonderjock version. Click here to see the video.

Aussiebum Inspire Desire Hipster Back

The Aussiebum Inspire Desire swim hipster is US$46 at www.aussiebum.com.

The League Swim Hipster, on the other hand, is the option to go for if you’re looking for a sporty style that’s optimized for water activities. You could easily wear this to a game of water polo or for day of surfing.

In terms of fabric, the League Hipster is slightly different from the Inspire Desire as it is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra, which felt absolutely wonderful to wear. Again I wore a size M, and it had plenty of stretch to provide an excellent fit.

When it comes to color options, both styles are available in an endless number of variations. As far as the League Hipster goes, I prefer the darker colors like the gray version shown above. You can get it with or without the number “10″ print.

At US$38, the Aussiebum League Swim Hipster is a slightly cheaper alternative than the Inspire Desire. Click here to buy it directly from Aussiebum.

The Ultimate Aussiebum Surf Shorts – Bondi Series Scent  Surf
The final category in Guys’ Underwear Blog’s ultimate guide to the best 2010 Aussiebum swimwear is surf shorts.

Many of you guys prefer the laid back and baggy look of a pair of surf shorts. And as far as I can tell from going to the beach in Europe, the US (and now Thailand), it is the most popular mainstream men’s swimwear style out there.

So no swim wear guide can be complete without a pair high-quality, comfortable surf shorts. Luckily, Aussiebum carries a number of styles in this category. I took a look at all of them and decided to try out the brand new Bondi Series surf shorts.

Aussibum Bondi Surf shorts

In terms of cut, the Bondi Series is a trend-setter. This summer board and surf shorts must be a little more short-legged than what we’re used to, with the legs of the shorts ending mid-thigh, quite a few inches above the knee.

In terms of print design, I prefer the Scent Surt variant, a fun floral print, typical for this kind of swim wear.

The Bondi Series surf shorts are made from 100 % Polyester, has a drawstring and a proper elastic band to ensure that the shorts stay put during water activities.

I wore them to the beach today, and they looked über stylish in my own opinion and felt absolutely great to wear. The size M was a perfect match for my 32″ waist.

This is definately the choice for you if you like your private parts to roam more freely than is the case with briefs and hipsters.

And the best part, the Aussiebum Bondi Series surf short is only about  US$32, which is a true bargain in my book. Real value for money.

With that we have come to end of the Ultimate Aussiebum 2010 Men’s Swimwear guide.

Tell me what your favorite Aussiebum swimwear style is!

And if you want more men’s swim wear, check out my reviews of the superb brief and trunk cuts by Mensuas and ES Collection.

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Hollywood wants men to wear Speedos

I’d like to take a time out to praise Hollywood for a moment. It has come to my attention that in the new Hollywood blockbuster, Sex and the City 2, there’s a scene featuring a team of Australian rugby players fooling around by a pool at luxury hotel resort in Abu Dhabi.

Somewhere, a Speedo executive is probably still crying tears of bliss, because the producers of the film decided that these well-built athletes would look their best wearing classic Speedo swim briefs. I agree!

Sex and the city Australian Rugy team in speedo briefs

In my recent men’s swim wear poll 29% of you guys answered that you preferred wearing swim briefs to the beach. You can all thank the team behind SATC for pushing this men’s swim wear style right back onto the swim wear fashion scene.

Now, if only I could dig up a video clip from that scene… You know what they say, eh kind of… A video says more than a thousand pictures :)

Buy Speedo swim wear from Speedo’s own website.

By the way, check out Guy’s Underwear Blog’s official Aussiebum 2010 Men’s Swimwear Guide.

And if you want more men’s swim wear, check out my reviews of the superb brief and trunk cuts by Mensuas and ES Collection.

Enjoy the weekend, guys.

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ES Collection men’s swimwear – two great swim briefs

ES Collection is like many other men’s underwear brands in that besides their underwear range, including the Rocky boxer brief that I reviewed last week, they also carry a number of swimwear styles.

And swimwear is the talk of the town these days. The underwear community is buzzing right now with an abundance of swimwear guides and reviews as the different brands start to promote their new styles.

Also, my latest men’s swim wear poll is showing some interesting results. So far 75 of you guys have answered the question, “what type of swim wear do you wear to the beach?“.

  • 27 % wear swim briefs
  • 31 % wear swim trunks or square cuts
  • 31 % wear board shorts
  • 12 % wear either a thong or nothing at all

It will be interesting to see if these results will change as more guys take part in the poll. It could be cool to get a few hundred answers, like the more than 300 I’ve gotten so far to the poll “What type of underwear do men wear?“.

I was actually a little surprised that so many of you wear swim briefs or trunks since these are a rare sight on the beaches in northern Europe. Maybe it’s more typical in Southern Europe, South America (and Australia?)…

Either way, it’s a delight that so many of you embrace the swim brief style :)

Let’s celebrate by looking at two very comfortable and über cool swim brief styles by Spanish ES Collection. Both will be a fashionable and great-fitting choice for the beaches this summer.

ES Collection Racing Stripes Swim brief (style no 1017)
This swim brief is not your classic speedo style. From afar it might not look special, but let me tell you – it is. And in a good way.

The key feature of the Racing Stripes swim brief is the subtle, cup-formed padding that’s been sewn into the pouch of the brief. The padding is very discrete and gives your bulge an aesthetically beautiful profile with a slight enhancing effect.

I was very excited with the fit, look and feel of this style, and I hope to showcase it on the beach this summer. I especially like how the discrete padding prevents those “cold water” moments. And you can easily remove the padding if you feel you don’t need the extra enhancement.

Made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex, the Racing Stripes Swim brief (“Slip Franjas Laterales” Style No 1017) is $75 and can be purchased from ES Collection’s own web shop.

ES Collection Sexy Cut Sport Brief (style no 1003)
For guys who prefer a pair of “regular” no-padding pair of swim briefs, I would recommend a similar, slightly low-cut swim brief. The Sexy Cut Sport brief, style no 1003, is an excellent option. Especially if you go for the trendy blue variant with accents in orange.

The ES Sexy Cut Sport Brief is also made from a standard swimwear fabric blend, 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex. As it comes cup-free, it’s also slightly cheaper at $62,50.

And if you want more men’s swim wear, check out my reviews of the superb brief and trunk cuts by Mensuas and ES Collection.

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Men’s swimwear poll: What type of swimwear do you wear to the beach?

Summer is upon us! And even though this blog is devoted to men’s underwear I will be doing a few exceptions over the next few days, turning for a moment to the category of men’s swim wear.

The reason is that when receiving my latest ES Collection underwear (read my review of the ES Collection Rocky Boxer Brief), I also got a couple of swim briefs which I’ve gotten quite fond of.

Read my post introducing two of ES Collection’s hottest swim brief styles!

By the way, check out Guy’s Underwear Blog’s official Aussiebum 2010 Men’s Swimwear Guide.

It made me think about men’s swim wear fashion. All I see when I go to the beach these days are board shorts, board shorts, board shorts. All over! It’s like guys aged 18-35 are just plain scared of wearing anything even remotely revealing. At least here in Northern Europe where I currently live.

I am not sure why… Granted, the board short style is more forgiving if you have, shall we say, an “uneven weight distribution” :) But still, in my opinion, men of most shapes and sizes would look great in a pair of regular swim briefs, swim trunks or square cuts. Just look at Ricky Martin, Danial Craig, and David Beckham here…

No need to feel ashamed, guys! If celebs can pull it off, so can you. And did I mention Hollywood loves men in swim briefs.

Don’t get me wrong, board shorts can look cool, but they are also baggy, take forever to dry after a dip in the sea, and too easily get full of sand.

Swim briefs or trunks on the other hand give you freedom of movement both on land and sea, look amazing, and dry fast. Yet, for some reason most of us only wear them when exercising in public swimming pools.

Anyway! That’s just my opinion.

So for this week’s poll I’d like to know; Guys, what type of swimwear do you wear to the beach?

Want to know about my readers’ underwear preferences? Check out these polls as well…

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