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New Louis G underwear collection from SLY

Remember back last year when we first introduced you to SLY underwear? Since then we went on to review a couple of their styles which we enjoyed quite a bit.

If you don’t remember, here’s a quick brush-up… SLY Underwear was created by Aussie teen-entrepreneur Dan Murray when he was only 17 years old. His idea was to create an affordable, comfy and unique line of underwear that he and his mates could wear.

Less than 2 years later, SLY Underwear is sold in more than 300 stores across Australia and it is currently expanding to Europe and America.

So, naturally, we were excited as the aussie brand announced a new addition to their underwear portfolio.

Australian artist Louis Gervais has long been leaving his mark on the Gold Coast. His tattoo-style art on surfboards have attracted a lot of attention among surfers, including World’s Champion Mick Fanning and Pro surfer Tyler Wright who both had their surfboards “tattooed” by Gervais.

The partnership between Gervais and SLY has resulted in an exciting piece of underwear called Louis G. The garment is part of SLY’s Double Trouble collection, which features two SLY pockets and funky gun prints — especially for men who love their weapons. The product is available in the “Work-Hard” Cut (SLY Boxer Briefs) with engineered waistbands to avoid riding and lightweight fabric to ensure comfort.

The SLY Louis G boxer briefs are $25 AUD and you can get them over at slycollective.com.

Enjoy the pics.

SLY Louis G underwear

SLY Louis G underwear

SLY Louis G underwear

SLY Louis G underwear

SLY Louis G underwear

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SLY Play Hard: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Jeggings have become one of the hottest fashions in womans wear recently, even to the point Conan O’Brien wore a pair on his show to demonstrate a man’s look.

In case you don’t know, jeggings are leggings or tights that look like tight denim jeans. Well, since a men’s line hasn’t become readily available Sly Underwear has done the next best thing with it’s Denim Play Hard underwear.

They look like a nice tight fitting pair of grey cut off denim shorts, and from a distance they really look like denim. Of course you still have the 2 inch elastic waist band reading SLY Underwear in a light shinny silver, purposefully displayed right front and center.

But the look of the denim draws enough attention from the band that you still are fooled into thinking this guy really fits those jean shorts well. It is a very fun and hip style.

The Play Hard also comes in other designs such as the Real McKoi, a tattoo like drawing of a koi fish on your right thigh set to a black back ground, and “Pretty Face”, an image of a beautiful woman on your left thigh with a white background while the pouch and right thigh are covered in a black fabric.

Sly has come up with some very creative styles for men. A while back I did the Work Hard collection by Sly, the Play Hard is almost the same thing but the legs are about an inch or two longer. Both are great pairs of underwear.

When I first saw the Denim Play Hard I instantly wanted them! Just imagine where you could get away with wearing these things, the park, hiking, the beach. And the looks you’ll get and the way the cotton would just conform to your body like a snug perfectly fitted pair of denim shorts.

So after I received the pair I was thrilled to try them out. I wore them around and even showed them off to a few people at work, especially the ladies I knew were into jeggings. They loved the Denim Play Hard.

Although the first thing that draws you to the Denim Play Hard is the look and all the fun things you want to do in them and how much you want to show them off, they are comfortable and functional boxer briefs.

I felt completely supported and comfortable in these undies. I wore them all day, to the gym, all around town and they were great. Of course I always had to fight the urge to pull my pants down.

I wore the pair several times and washed them several times and they endured through it all, the denim print didn’t fade nor smear. These are great underwear for any undie lover and great shorts for the exhibitionist in all of us.

SLY Denim jeggins-like men's underwear

SLY Denim jeggins-like men's underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is magnificent with a very cutting-edge statement as jeans meet underwear in a very manly and sexy way. The waistband is bold and the name SLY peeking out your pants will let everyone know you are a guy who is confident, fun and sexy. This is a very unique look and one you will have to restrain yourself from showing off constantly.
Suitable for? Anywhere where they will be seen. Underwear parties or bar nights. Giving that special someone a little thrill or having fun with your buds. And the underwear is comfortable enough that you can wear it any day and any where.
Fit and quality? Sly Underwear comes in S(28 – 30), M(32 – 34), L(36 – 38), XL(40 – 42). I wear and ordered a medium, and they fit me great. The quality is also very good. The construction is durable and will last a long time.
Is the price right? The Denim Play Hard goes for $24.95 from the Sly web site. Considering the quality and the style it’s not a bad price to pay for such a uniquely fun pair of underwear.
Best thing about it? The look! It’s a fun and masculine design pattern that any man would love to have covering his loins. The fact that it does look like denim shorts gives you the opportunity to wear the underwear as outerwear and just have a blast.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Sly Underwear has hit a home run with the Denim Play Hard boxer brief! You are going to have a lot of fun and make a lot of memories in this. All I have to say is resist the temptation to flash them at everyone you see. And by the way Congratulations Mr. Murray (Sly Owner) for being named one of CLEOS most eligible bachelors in Australia… Ummm… Will you marry me? Hehe

Buy it here www.slyunderwear.com
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SLY Underwear “Work Hard“: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Think outside the Jock! Sly underwear has hit the market giving us a fun, fashionable and still practical garment to wear under our pants. The styles and atmosphere you get from Sly is definitely one of excitement and festivity, and nothing boring.

Sly has given us the choices to go beyond the norm and into the creative expressions that will give you an inner smile all day long. And they have made underwear that works for men who may normally not choose such great undies.

The cut and construction fits like a standard boxer brief but with a better fit and much better look. These are a great way to introduce men who need some help with their underwear style into the massive world of merriment under men’s pants.

And of course us underwear connoisseurs can also appreciate and long for the fun style of Sly.

So when I decided to go Sly I got two incredibly stylish pairs of “Work Hard” underwear. The Work Hard style by Sly is only subtly different from the other two styles offered by the company. One has a slightly longer leg and the other is a little looser.

The Work Hard is designed to do just that, help you word hard in comfort and with support. The boxer brief comes in a variety of patterns and styles that once again vary even in the “Work Hard” collection.

The first one I tried was the Paintball. The Paintball has a fun look reminiscent of an early 90’s middle school picture backdrop, but that’s good, it makes it memorable and festive.

The material for the pouch is a solid white. Then the 1 and ¾ inch elastic waist band stands in a vast contrast to the fabric’s bright paint splotched pattern, it is black with gold lettering and the thin trim on the edge of the band is also gold.

It’s like elegance meets humor and although that sounds like an unappealing collaboration I think it was genius and comes across perfectly stating the well roundedness of an amazing man.

I love the waist band here, and recently I know Sly has talked about a new style and I told them “don’t change it, it’s perfect”!

The brand “SLY” is written in a modern bold font and “Underwear” is next to it in a classic italic font, again a perfect contrast. And the words are centered in the front of the band, a design I love because it gives the impression of a purposeful construction.

And when showing above your pants line centers, the statement of your underwear for everyone to see. What an awesome pair of underwear.

The other pair I received was the “Picnic Green” featuring a crisscross weaving of a pastel-like green and a grass green lightly lined in yellow. It makes you think of a hot summer day chilling in the middle of a field after a yumtastic picnic lunch lounging in the sun and just enjoying life with out a care.

It’s a GREAT joyful look. The elastic band is slightly narrower at an inch and a half and has “SLY” written in the modern bold font alternating from a solid green to an outlined green along a white almost silky silver band. Another great look!

And one of the best things about both is that they have a small pocket on the front right leg so you can store things when you wear them alone or want to hide something in a secret spot.

I wore these undies, washed them and wore them again and they were a pleasure to try out, seriously. They did exactly what they promised and that was to keep me comfortable, supported and feeling happy throughout the day.

I did wear them to work and I think they did make me work hard! At least I felt joyful knowing I had these great vibrant underpants on. I also wore the underwear out around town and even to the gym and they were up for any and every challenge I threw at them.

They even survived my washer and drier and came out looking as good as new, no fading, no visible wear and fitting great. The only thing regret id that I never got to use the pocket. I can’t wait for the opportunity to wear them outside or to an underwear party.

And I will!

So over all these are amazing pairs of underwear that you will love and they make a great gift for any man.

Sly Work Hard Men's Underwear (1)

Sly Work Hard Men's Underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? The look and style scream masculine fun and tell the world you are a guy who has personality and is a blast to be around. The material is a 95% cotton and 5% elastane so they will fit snugly all day with out being stretched out or losing their shape. Sly has an incredible style that really brings out the manly exuberant side of a guy.
Suitable for? Everyday wear. These babies work anytime anyplace and will keep you comfortable well supported and confident. I honestly can not think of an occasion where you couldn’t wear these. Well maybe swimming or athletic events requiring a cup, but I bet you could still find a way to make them work.
Fit and quality? The fit is great, Sly’s sizing goes S (28 – 30 inches), M(32 – 34 inches), L (36 – 38 inches) and XL (40 – 42 inches). I wear a 34 and asked for a medium and they fit well, no problems. The pouch is very supportive in that it conforms to your anatomy and is not overly roomy. If you like the massive pouch where your bits and pieces can hang and swing and play tag these may feel a little too snug. But I found them perfect. The quality is top notch, the touch of elastane keeps the undies form and you supported all the way around. Great underwear.
Is the price right? The Work Hard collection runs about $24.95 (Australian I believe, which would be about $25.50 USD. Yes America the Australian dollar is worth more, slightly). This is not a bad price for the underwear you receive. And I believe Sly is running a special where you can receive free shipping with a purchase of four pairs of underwear.
Best thing about it? It’s FUN! Sly has definitely taken underwear to a place where even the manliest of men can show off their funnier playful side which we all have to admit is sexy as hell on a guy. You will have no room for boredom while in these puppies.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Woo Hoo Go Sly! They have with out a doubt earned these four stars with the Work Hard underwear offered to men everywhere. And coming from a land that is leading the world in fun, sexy innovate underwear Sly has made its mark in the competition. Thank you Sly for helping men to showcase fun!

Buy it here www.slyunderwear.com
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Introducing: Sly Underwear. See the pics!

Do you remember Sly Underwear?

Created by Dan Murray, who is just 20 years old (!), this was the brand that donated a bunch of underwear to the victims of the recent Australian flood.

Oh, and yes, Sly is based out of Australia – which is almost a redundant remark these days.

Not content with slyly edging their way into the $4 billion global underwear market, Sly is taking on the underwear industry head-on at home and abroad.

$4 billion! No wonder everyone in Australia seems to have their own underwear brand…!

After only 3 years, Sly underwear can be found in over 170 retail outlets in Australia and distribution networks have been formed on South Africa, New Zealand and the United States, with more offers predicted to come from the highly lucrative European market.

The bold, edgy designs of Sly’s products are rooted in the origins of the company itself. Six months out of high school and putting in fifty hour weeks as a laborer, Dan took a chance to enter the world of men’s underwear design.

Following on from the escalating public interest surrounding the brand, including appearances on national TV and in print media, many of Australia’s top retailers have taken notice and decided to get on board, including the country’s largest surf retailer City beach and streetwear chain Gluestore.

In terms of styles, Sly is all about boxer briefs and trunks which you can get with 14 different print designs.

Sly trunks and boxer briefs are between US $20 and $25.

Here’s to hoping Sly will soon be broadening their range to include briefs!

Check out the entire Sly range over at www.slyunderwear.com.

Sly Underwear for men

Sly Underwear for men boxer briefs

Sly Underwear for men trunks

Sly Underwear for men

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Braxton’s Weekly Underwear Report: Underwear for Flood Victims

By Braxton

HAPPY Martin Luther King Day weekend! It’s a time to remember the struggles, fights and sacrifices that have been made to gain the rights and freedoms we have today.

Remember there was a time when men did not have the freedom to wear underwear that had style or personality to it.

We’ve escaped that rigid gender role and created a whole new definition to masculinity. Before we celebrate let’s look at what’s been happening this week.

UPDATE: Virginia Airport Underwear Stripper

Apparently all charges have been dropped against Aaron B Tobey the 21 year old college student who stripped to his underwear to protest the new high security measures. YES! Maybe more college men will begin to do this. For more information see last week’s weekly review.

Underwear for Flood Victims

Australian entrepreneur and CEO of Sly Underwear, Dan Murray, has donated $37,000 worth of underwear to the victims of the devastating flood that has hit Queensland Australia. Thousands of people have been evacuated and have lost everything they own so this is a much needed help. Let’s hope more businesses can follow his example of generosity. Remember that is Sly Underwear and the beautiful man (pictured above) running the company!

Catholic guys in Underwear

The Bishop of Mallorca is not too happy with his local Catholic Youth Group who have decided to raise money by selling an underwear calendar in which they pose almost nude. The Bishop said it “does not represent Christian symbols and is insensitive to Catholic feelings”. The calendar marks the 20th anniversary of the Davallament Youth Association who need the money to put on their annual Passion of the Christ and want this year to be special.

Catholic guys in Underwear

“Bad Underwear Day”

According to a survey published by USA Today a woman’s mood can be affected by the underwear she has on that day. In effect she can have a “bad underwear day“, just like a “bad hair day”. So what about men? Although the article doesn’t deal with us I would have to say our underwear definitely will have an effect on our mood. The question is if your underwear is bringing you down, why are you keeping them up? Get happy mood undies!

Fake Bulges

Fake Bulges Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian has just released a new pair of underwear that has inner pocket where you can insert a cup like mold of a penises silhouette. They claim it will help you look 2 inches larger. I love Andrew Christian and I’m all for men looking their best but I have not decided what to say about this. However if it’s what you’ve been looking for, rock that fake package!

Lingerie Beats Out Boxers

In Muzaffarpur, India Shekhar Bhagwat’s manufacturing plant has decided that it’s more profitable to produce women’s lingerie than men’s underwear. He said “men’s underwear? Why bother with the headache? I would need thousands of employees and hundreds of customers before I would make a single rupee”. Of course he was talking about no frill mundane men’s underwear. He should take our demographic into consideration.

Rafa Nadals Wedgie

Rafa Nadals Wedgie

So tennis star and, more importantly, Armani’s new front underwear model seems to have a lot riding up his bum. After almost every set he has to pick out his wedgie! Maybe that’s why he was so appealing to Armani. However it’s become a question: is it habit or does he need better fitting underwear? I’m sure Giorgio will get him hooked up with plenty perfectly fitting underwear soon if it’s the latter.

The Week in Underwear Crime:

First off, I am really tired of this whole Underbomber thing, now they’re saying he could never have succeeded in his plan anyway. Enough already! Anyway, we have other fun stories to tell you about.

The Mink Muff

I know this doesn’t involve a man but I found this crazy. A woman in Bloomington Minnesota was arrested for stealing a mink coat. However police could not find the coat and were told it had already been sold. The woman was in jail for three days when she finally showed them where the coat was. She lifted her dress and pulled the coat out of her underwear. It was hidden in her panties for 3 days! How big were them panties? And who would wear that coat now? EEW!


I was going to post one of the mink coat in panties but started to feel nauseous. So instead I have chosen a great picture form the Sly Underwear collection. This picture highlights the fun and creative styles offered by sly and the beauty their company brings. Thank you again for your generosity, Dan.

SLY Underwear

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