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Skinxwear Underwear Show at Singapore’s 2011 Men’s Fashion Week. Pics and video!

The Singapore 2011 Men’s Fashion Week was the place to be this past week as some of the world’s most powerful and trend-setting men’s underwear brands took to the runways to show off their latest creations.

So if you’re a die-hard fan of brands such as Skinxwear, 2(x)ist, Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Punto Blanco, DKNY, or Renoma you should stay tuned this week on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

Today and the next six days we’ll be bringing you all the best photos and video footage from each of these runway shows.

Just sit back and be inspired.

First up is Skinxwear, a brand we touched base with a few times in 2010.

It’s funny, this brand seemed to had disappeared for a while but now they certainly are back with a strong,  new men’s underwear collection. One which is obviously influenced by a Scottish kilt fetish theme.

Thanks to SuperAdrianMe.com for sharing these and many more pics from the Singapore Men’s Fashion Week with the rest of us!

See the runway pics below the video!

Skinxwear 2011 men's underwear

Skinxwear 2011 men's underwear

Skinxwear 2011 men's underwear

Skinxwear 2011 men's underwear

Skinxwear 2011 men's underwear

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Skinxwear men’s underwear – 3 great cuts and where to buy them.

We haven’t heard much from Asian men’s underwear brand, Skinxwear, the last six months. But that doesn’t mean that the interest has faded. My statistics show that a lot of you haven’t forgotten about this exciting brand.

If you got to this article via a search for information on Skinxwear, don’t forget to check out my other posts

I did some digging on the web and managed to track down an online store offering a number of Skinxwear styles. And indeed, there is an abundance of fascinating cuts to choose from.

So, for all you Skinxwear fans out there, here’s my list of the top three Skinxwear underwear styles you just can’t live without – and where to get them.

Skinxwear White Trunks (SN169) – for everyday purposes
The Skinxwear white trunks look like your average pair of trunks, but don’t let the ordinary looks fool you. In fact, the trunks are made from a enticing Tactel / Spandex fabric blend.

What is Tactel, you ask? A silky soft, fast-drying, lightweight and breathable type of fabric which tickles your senses. Sounds fantastic, right? It should make these trunks ideal for most everyday purposes, even sports activities.

The Skinxwear White Trunk is US$21,50 at My Pants Shop.

Skinxwear men's underwear trunk

Skinxwear Forma Black Bikini Briefs (SP157) – Optimal freedom and sexy all in one
The Skinxwear Forma bikini brief is the cut to go for if you want maximum freedom of movement and a sexy look all at once. Made from a micro fibre fabric blend, this brief too is a highly breathable pair of underwear.

Be careful when choosing a bikini brief, though, as it can sometimes not provide adequate coverage. However, if you insist on a bold look for a fun night out, the Skinxwear forma Black Bikini Briefs is a perfect choice.

Another great feature… It’s just US$8 at the moment – get it now before it’s too late.

Skinxwear bikini brief - men's underwear

Skinxwear Glitz Briefs, White (SP179) – When you want to stand out
The final cut on my Skinxwear list is the funky and sparkly Skinxwear Glitz Brief. It’s not something I would normally wear but if you’re into Skinxwear’s products, chances are you’ll love this sassy little thing.

The brief is made from glitzy microfiber and is guaranteed to attract attention wherever you put it on display. It’s like wearing a disco ball! What a statement to make :)

The Skinxwear Glitz Brief is about US$19,50.

Skinxwear men's underwear Glitz brief

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Skinxwear Underwear: A guide to the best men’s briefs.

Skinxwear is that Malaysian-based men’s underwear brand that I’ve been posting about a couple of times. It’s really not that famous, and the Skinxwear underwear collection for men isn’t really that diverse and innovative.

Still, I get a lot of hits from guys searching for different Skinxwear styles, and actually there are about 4.400 searches on Google each month for Skinxwear, which leads me to conclude that even though the information about this men’s underwear brand on the web is minimal, the interest is strong.

These last few weeks I’ve been doing more and more underwear guides. This is because I find that many guys out there simply have no clue what underwear to choose once they move out of their usual underwear comfort zone.

For many men, Skinxwear will be big step away from the world of generic, ordinary men’s underwear. And that’s good, guys! You should try on some totally different and unfamiliar underpants once in a while :)

Now, if you want to know a little more about Skinxwear underwear for men, I recommend that you go read my blog post introducing the Skinxwear collections followed by a quick view of the Skinxwear fashion show where you will a get more visual experience of the brand.

And finally, remember to check out my top three Skinxwear briefs and trunks – and where to buy them.

Most of the styles available in the three Skinxwear underwear collections (Intimo, Sportivo, and Innovazione) are of the erotic kind, but men looking for more casual styles will also find some useful pairs of underwear within these collections.

Guys Underwear Blog deals mostly with briefs and boxer briefs, and in this blog post I will therefore present three very different Skinxwear men’s briefs to serve three very different purposes.

Skinxwear Sportivo Sport Mini Briefs – The everyday men’s brief
I always advise guys to get themselves some nice-quality briefs in a cotton-based fabric. You’ve got to have a stack of these briefs to wear for work and other everyday purposes. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about the design and look of your everyday briefs, just be thoughtful about the quality and don’t pay a premium as you will likely wear them out faster than other types of underwear.

Skinxwear obviously specializes in the more kinky styles (and I will get to those, don’t worry) but they also carry a great cotton-based brief, the Sportivo Sport Mini Brief, which is made from 92% cotton an 8% lycra, which is a perfectly comfortable fabric blend. The Skinxwear Sportivo briefs have a high-cut leg opening which is key if you value freedom of movement while still having the proper support for your assets.

You can get them in either a red/white or black/gray color combination, and a twin-pack shouldn’t set you back more than $18.

Skinxwear Innovazione Sport Bikini Briefs – The men’s briefs for athletic activities and minimal coverage
Bikini briefs are often a nice compromise for men who want extreme comfort and freedom of movement when it comes to their underwear, but at the same time want their backside covered. This will rule out Y-back thongs and jockstraps, and thus the bikini brief is usually a good choice.

The need for supportive men’s underwear that lets you move around without riding up or chafing is spawned by sports and athletic activities. If you’re looking for underwear in which you can undertake strenuous athletic activities, you may prefer microfiber underwear, as it will help to rid you of the sweat that you build up.

The Skinxwear Innovazione Sport Bikini Briefs is made from 100 % microfiber, which means that they are very light-weight and perfect for sweaty activities. That said, you can also choose to wear them for you everyday purposes if you are into this bikini briefs cut.

The Skinxwear Innovazione Bikini brief is priced at around $10.

Skinxwear Intimo Micro Mesh Tanga Briefs
The final brief in the Skinxwear men’s underwear guide is the Intimo Micro Mesh Tanga Brief. In this review, it’s definitely the most rauchy, daring and revealing style – and the one that proves that Skinxwear is a source for erotic men’s underwear.

Mesh fabric will cover everything but your front side only so you have to be aware that your backside will be quite visible in these briefs.

The Skinxwear Intimo Micro Mesh Tanga briefs will have you looking naughty and daring but also courageous and confident, and you will appreciate the special sensation it is to wear a 96% nylon / 4% spandex fabric blend. At times you will forget that you are even wearing underwear!

Wear this Skinxwear brief when going out to have fun, but make sure that the person you take home that night appreciates a funky pair of underwear. But then again, who wouldn’t in their right mind :)

The Tanga mesh brief is just $22 for a twin-pack.

All the men’s briefs reviewed above can be purchased at The Under Shop.

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Skinxwear underwear for men. Watch the pictures.

I really enjoy researching the lesser known men’s underwear brands like Skinxwear. This post will provide you with all the essential information you need to get to know the Skinxwear underwear collection.

Now, I did a post a while back featuring the Skinxwear and Raw underwear fashion show. So if you are totally unfamiliar with the brand and want a video demonstration, I recommend you take a look at that first.

Also read my review of three hot Skinxwear men’s briefs.

And remember to check out my top three Skinxwear briefs and trunks – and where to buy them.

Skinxwear: Ecxotic underwear for guys into quality
Now, from what I can dig up on the Skinxwear brand, and according to the Men’s Underwear Guy blog, it seems to be a Malaysian-based company offering a few different underwear lines, most of which would reside in the erotic underwear category.

Men’s Underwear Guy also reckons that the styles of Skinxwear trend towards more minimal coverage and revealing, thin fabrics or mesh. I agree and you could draw a close parallel to N2N Bodywear in terms of an equivalent US-based designer.

So, what about quality? Well, from what I hear in the underwear blog community, most of the Skinxwear styles are pretty good quality for all-day wear. Besides the thin fabrics like microfiber, nylon and spandex, the underwear styles also come in the usual cotton/lycra blends.

The cuts available include the usual briefs and trunks styles, but I also found Y-back thongs, regular g-strings, sports briefs (tanga), and even a sport pouch, a bare back design with no strings attached.

Below are some photos from the Skinxwear underwear collections.

You can purchase yours at The Undershop.

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Skinxwear and Raw Underwear. Fashion show video!

If you are into guys’ underwear brands such as Raw, Skinxwear, Everlast or b.u.m, pay close attention.

This video showcases an underwear fashion show with array of styles and collection by all of the before mentioned brands, including boxer shorts, boxer briefs, briefs, mini briefs, low-rise briefs, and trunks. There is something in there for every taste.

The underwear styles are interesting, especially the collections by Skinxwear and Raw, which feature some funky designs.

You can also read my feature blog post on Skinxwear where I show you close ups of the collection. Also read my review of three hot Skinxwear men’s briefs.

And finally, remember to check out my top three Skinxwear briefs and trunks – and where to buy them.

I have to say, though, I am really not a fan of the boxer short styles. While they may offer freedom of movement, the do absolutely nothing to show of you assets. And really, don’t most of us rather want our underwear to support and accentuate rather than hide and hang loose?

Anyway, enjoy the fashion show. I always applaud a professionally produced underwear show :)

Also watch the 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein fashion shows!

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