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2(x)ist SHAPE videos, last installment. See it here.

Today we want to share with you the last of the hillarious 2(x)ist SHAPE videos featuring their avarage Joe charector, Stu Stone.

This time around, Stu prances down a suburban house street wearing nothing but a pair of 2(x)ist SHAPE lift briefs – to the delight of every housewife on the block.

So fun! Enjoy the Power Walk video below.

We can definitely see how this slapstick approach could appeal to many guys (or partners of such guys) in need of a little lift and helpful shaping below the waist.

Don’t forget to check out the first two videos All the single undies and Game Day.

The 2(x)ist Lift No Show Brief is normally $24, but it is now on sale over at Skiviez.com for just $18 USD. Go get it!

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Another hillarious 2(x)ist SHAPE video!

Happy Friday, guys!

We know, we know – we’re posting 2(x)ist blogs left and right these days. But we just can’t help ourselves.

These guys are releasing so much great content. It would selfish of us to keep it to ourselves.

Anyway, so maybe you saw the “Shape Shake (All the single undies)” video last week that invoked major laughs among the GUB writers?

Well, actually 2(x)ist did a whole series of similar SHAPE videos featuring this Stu Stone character. And today’s video, “Game Day”, is another one of my favorites.

Situations like this happen too rarely in real life. Or maybe we just attend too few game days…?

Either way, the video is fun – and strangely hot.

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This is why we love 2(x)ist. Funniest undies video ever.

It’s no secret that here at GUB we are majAH 2(x)ist fans!

First and foremost we love the undies. They are always characterized by impeccable quality, sexy designs, and affordable price levels. And isn’t that we all look for in proper men’s underwear?

Anyway, besides the great undies, we have come to love 2(x)ist for their one-of-a-kind brand personality.

One the one hand 2(x)ist is a serous underwear fashion house, favored by trend-setting celebrities around the world.

One the other, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

I mean, just look at the video they did for their men’s shapewear range called – you guessed it – SHAPE. It had us laughing hard.

We just think it is so cool that 2(x)ist dares to put “real” guys on display like that.

Yet, the video begs the question… should we all wear SHAPE or just get in shape?

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What is men’s shapewear?

The term “men’s shapewear” is being thrown around a lot these days.

Speaking for myself, I’ve got a pretty good idea of the capabilities of profile-enhancing men’s underwear. For years now there has been an ever-growing array of options for men who want to enhance their looks below the waist. Front and back!

Brands such as 2(x)ist, Aussiebum, Andrew Christian, Cocksox, and Obviously have all capitalized on men’s desire for enhancing underwear.

But why stop there? More and more shapewear products, like the “mirdle” (a kind of girdle for men,) are coming out that can eliminate that dreaded, yet persistent, muffin top and win the battle of the beer belly.

Check out Freshpair’s selection of men’s shapewear products. I had no idea idea that there were this many options!

To finish it all off, you can even get compression tops to help you mold those man boobs into something more pec-like.

I’m not sure how comfortable all these remedies are. If you’ve ever tried anything like it, do share your experiences in the comments.

Anyway, 2(x)ist got featured on the Sunday Morning show on CBS the other day, and the clip below gives you an excellent introduction to the concept of men’s shapewear.

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