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Underwear review: Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief

By Eric

The men’s underwear market has a long history of innovations that combine two or more styles into one — things like the boxer brief (it’s the length of a boxer without the bagginess!), Spanx for men (it’s a tank top and a girdle!), c-ring support underwear (no need to buy both!) — and in many of these cases, the combination is often greater than the sum of the parts.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen the emergence of another underwear innovation: the jock brief, featuring the traditional shape and pouch of a brief with the open back and athletic appeal of a jockstrap.*

Pistol Pete, Timoteo, Baskit, Go Softwear and Addicted are just some of the many companies to offer a variety of jock briefs in their lineups.  Having done some research, I selected the Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief, which I thought offered the most appealing styling out of all of them — low cut with 2-1/2” side seams, featuring sort of a retro, sporty vibe — for review.

And in preparation for writing this review, I wore the jock brief for a day while doing a variety of activities: working in the office; exercising; relaxing at home; and going out to dinner.  I generally liked the way that they looked and fit when I put them on and I found them to be comfortable throughout the day during all such activities and in all environments.

One of the main benefits was that the back straps were soft and I did not experience the uncomfortable sensation of thick elastic pulling into my skin.  I definitely felt like I was wearing low-cut briefs rather than a jockstrap, even though the back was open.  The cut was slightly larger than I expected.  I chose a medium, which was fine after a tumble in the dryer, but I think that the small would have been a better fit.

Putting aside the unique cut with the open back and the sporty styling, what really stood out to me, for better or worse, was the fabric.  Although the Rookie Jock Brief is made of a 72% polyester/25% rayon blend (not sure about the other 2 percent), the fabric felt much more like soft, ribbed cotton: a bit thick and weighty for athletic underwear.  Granted, they didn’t make me feel too warm, but they did not feel lightweight, which I expected given the synthetic blend.  But maybe this is the next underwear innovation: the sweater jock (the style of a jock brief with the knit of a sweater)!

So was the Rookie Jock Brief a revolutionary underwear-wearing experience for me?  Not really.  Have I worn them again?  Yes,  particularly when I just want to wear something a little different than my usual bikini briefs.  And I think that’s the spirit in which they are meant to be worn.  The Rookie Jock Brief is for fun occasions, when you’re with your friends on a night out or when you’d like to wear kind of sexy for yourself or someone else, or if you just want to mix it up — for any of those purposes, I think that these are a great addition to anyone’s underwear drawer.

*For a more thorough discussion about the history of the jock brief, check out Michael Kleinmann’s piece in the Huffington Post:


What Verdict
Style and look? Low-cut, sporty jock brief.
Suitable for? Every day (working, exercising, hanging out) and special occasions (hot dates, underwear parties).
Fit and quality? Good quality rib-knit polyester/rayon blend.
Is the price right? $24.50 is consistent with the prices for other jock briefs.
Best thing about it? Fun and sporty addition to your underwear drawer.
Overall grade ★★★★☆
Buy it here www.internationaljock.com

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief closeup

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief side

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Front


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