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Murphy’s Overconfident Underwear: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Have you ever gone to the bathroom, urinated, shook off, packed up and then realized there was a freaking wet spot on the front of your pants! How embarrassing! Actually it’s said that 12 – 60 % of men 20 – 70 experience this problem at some point in their life.

That is a very vague figure, but how do you study that subject and second how many men will admit it. It’s a hard problem to do a statistical study of. You could sit outside an airport men’s room and look at the crotches of all the guys coming out searching for trickle spots.

But we don’t have to because one man has already found this to be enough of a problem that he has specially designed underwear to address the pee dribble problem.

Boyd Murphy has launched his new brand he’s christened Murphy Overconfident Underwear, yes you won’t just be confident but overconfident.

The underwear is crafted with Murphy’s own patent pending MX-P technology (Murphy’s Extreme Protection). There is a polyester lining in the front of the underwear that wicks the moisture away from the skin and treated fibers trap and lock it in to prevent transferring onto clothing.

Apparently, Murphy did a lot of experimenting with different fabrics and tested it on several friends. “Hey buddy would you wear these undies and drizzle a little so I can see what happens?”

The leak proof underwear can be machine washed and dried, though Murphy does not recommend you use dryer sheets nor fabric softener.

These undergarments come in briefs for $25 and boxer briefs for $27.50 and can be ordered at murphywear.com. Eventually you may see these at your local stores.

At first when I discovered this underwear line I found it quit amusing and thought it was a ridiculous concept.

However, after thinking about it I was actually ashamed of my initial reaction because this is a real problem that many men have. I find that as a whole we as men don’t talk about our intimate problems openly amongst ourselves much less on a public scale.

Women have no problem discussing their feminine issues and thus they find solutions. Men should be more open to communicating their masculine difficulties so that in the same way they could find answers.

And that’s what Boyd Murphy has done with his underwear line. Sure it’s a problem most of us don’t face, but for those who do, they can be glad Murphy wasn’t afraid to talk about it. So open up men, get your boys and converse about your male predicaments and hopefully someone like Boyd Murphy will hear and give you an answer in underwear!

And I finally have been able to test these briefs out myself!

I have to say they work, they really do. Not that I am a big dribbler but it happens. I have a Prince Albert piercing and at times I need to do a little extra shaking afterward, NOT playing with myself, to get all liquid out.

But sometime there is a little extra hanging behind the ring that escapes after I get all tucked away. This happened, honestly I encouraged it wearing these, a few times and I never had wet spots, nor did the front of the underwear ever even feel wet of get a stain.

It was pretty amazing because the underwear looks and feels no different than any other underwear. At first I couldn’t even tell the lining was different than cotton. But from certain angles you can see the polyester shimmer.

I wore the undies both briefs and the boxer briefs several times washed and wore them again and they held up great and did exactly what they say they do prevent wet spots.

These underpants have a very traditional standard look, but they aren’t designed for appearance they were made for a functional purpose. The have no contoured pouch nor any of the other frills many brand and designer under garments have.

They do however have a “comfort band” as some other brands call it, in that the elastic band is covered in cotton giving it a softer feel and smoother look. I like the fact that it is all white and the only logo is a small circular “Murphy” symbol, a boxer brief like “M”, on the front centered on the waist band.

I like the clean all white look, and with the purpose of these pants clean is great. Again the underwear is not made to style nor impress but to keep your pants dry and spot free and they really do work!

A great investment for important meetings, events and occasions where you don’t want anything to go wrong.

Murphy Overconfiden underwear for men

Murphy Overconfiden underwear for men brief

What Verdict
Style and look? With a 100% cotton with a 100% polyester inner fly lining this underwear is pretty standard. I like its all white look with no visible elastic waist band containing a continuous brand name around it. It’s very clean looking with no embellishments. Simple and understated purposeful underwear.
Suitable for? Exactly what it’s made for and named for, confidence. No need to worry about spots on the front of your pants after peeing. But it is comfortable enough to wear anytime and all the time.
Fit and quality? It has a good fit and a good quality. Because it is all cotton with no spandex or elastane blended in it can get a little loose after a long day of wear as any all cotton underwear does. But it is a good quality pair of skivvies that will last you a long time.
Is the price right? The Murphy comes at $25.00 for the premium brief and $27.50 for the premium boxer brief. That may seem a little expensive but these aren’t just ordinary underpants they have a technology and function that work. What is it worth not to have that embarrassing wet spot on the crotch of your pants at work? So although a little pricey they work and are worth it.
Best thing about it? They work! I don’t know what else to say, Murphy has created an undergarment that keeps your pants dry it’s great.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Eve though these underpants have no extra trimmings to add style, fun or sexiness they do what they’re named to do and that is give you the confidence to go about your day without worrying about an annoying little wet spot that could bring you down. So really that confidence can make you stylish, fun and sexy. This is a pair of underwear you will want to have for them important days where even a little wet spot can take away your edge. A must have for executives, teachers or any man in the spotlight. Don’t just be confident, be overconfident!

Buy it here www.murphywear.com
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Introducing Murphy Overconfident Underwear for Men

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!

I hope you all have some romantic plans to look forward to.

Here on Guys’ Underwear Blog we celebrate our love for great underwear by introducing you to a new brand today, Murphy Overconfident Underwear.

Murphy is on a mission to revolutionize men’s underwear. Confidence-inspiring technology is woven into every pair of Murphywear.

It’s all about quality as only the most premium, biopolished cotton (fancy!) is used in Murphy’s briefs and boxer briefs, and every pair has Murphy’s Extreme Protection (MX-P Technology) in the fly area that wicks moisture away from the body and traps it so that it never appears to the outside world.

Like they write in their product description, “today, that’s the new Murphy’s Law.” (I’m sucker for word plays like this).

Stay tuned for our review which will hit the blog within a few weeks.

Until then, you can get an impression of what to expect from the pics below. The styles may look slightly plain, but we have a feeling this may a gem in disguise…

The Murphy boxer brief is $27,50 and the brief is $25.

Check it all out for yourself over at www.murphywear.com.

Murphy Overconfiden underwear for men brief

Murphy Overconfiden underwear for men

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