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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

2wink Australia Launches ‘Platinum’ Line of Underwear

The 2wink Australia guys are at it again!

Made with the luxury modal fabric, 2wink Australia is giving guys a new option in comfort and fit. These new low-rider briefs accentuate and add a little extra contouring to guys of any size.

Modal is one of our FAVORITE fabrics. It is a semi-synthetic fiber that absorbs 50% more water than cotton, and which, unlike cotton, is resistant to fading and shrinking.

I’ve always believed that all men should feel sexy in their underwear,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill – who is in fact a good friend of GUB. “With the Platinum range, we’ve created a pair of low-rider briefs that comes in three different colors and that provides you with comfort, fit and style! They make you feel sexy while making you look even sexier!

The 100% Aussie-made Platinum range is available exclusively in low-rider briefs that come in black, red or white and feature a smooth-touch waistband. This silky soft modal  fabric will show off your package and fit your rear like a second skin. Platinum low-rider briefs retail for under $30 USD (with free worldwide shipping), and are available at www.2wink.com.au.




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2(x)ist Military Collection: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Hello all you underwear lovers out there. Today we’re taking a look at the latest and greatest from one of the world’s leaders in men’s underwear fashion. 2(x)ist has a style that takes from bright and flashy as seen in their neon collection to this hyper masculine look of the military series. 2(x)ist has a very diverse look yet always exhibits an amazing style and look and is and has been at the forefront of the underwear world for men. So I am always excited to get a chance to look at review underwear from 2(x)ist.

I love the Military collection from 2(x)ist. When you first hear the name you would expect to see a bunch of camouflage prints but that is not all you will find. 2(x)ist has taken their “military” look in a way that captures the utilitarian and brute look of soldiers. The material is 57% cotton, 37% modal, and 6% spandex. It’s fabricated into a smooth look that has an edge. If you look closely it’s patterned into a rugged feel in that it doesn’t have a silky smooth shimmer but a look imitating Army issued undies. Yet the material is as soft, supportively stretchy and comfortable as any high quality underwear. It does come in a green and a grey camouflage but also comes in white, black, grey and green. It comes as a sports brief, a no-show brief and a no-show trunk. You may also get a matching square neck tank.

I have a green Military Sports Brief and love it. It fits great, feels great and looks great. The waistband on the underwear has a metallic silver shiny band with three thin green lines in the color of the underwear. That band color compliments the green really well, completely highlighting the military look. The elastic band is about an inch and a half so it’s large but not too big. The front has a lined and contoured pouch which is a good size, neither too small nor overly large, so it provides support and comfort. The brief has a fully covered back made with one piece of material. The strip between your legs is not too thick, so as to cause bunching, but wide enough to keep you covered; about 2 and a half inches. The front pouch and back are connected at the front hip by a small bridge of fabric giving it 2(x)ist’s signature “sports” look. The underwear is trimmed by the same colored fabric with three rows of stitching in a darker, almost black, thread. They look and feel great!

I also have a matching green tank. It’s made out of the same material and and has the same great look. The front neck line has a squared “U” cut. The sides have three double stitched lines which go up and arch around and go straight down the back. The stitching as in the underwear is of a dark green. The lines remind me of a 50’s movie theatres neon sign. Its contouring lines go well with the look of the tank top. On the left shoulder strap there is a silver tag with green letters showing 2xists logo. It can be worn as undershirt or on its own as a tank top.

I wore both of these garments and they were very comfortable and looked really good. I had them on throughout my day’s activities and even throughout the night. Like all good underwear they were doing their job so well I never even really noticed they were there except when I took my clothes off and was pleasantly surprised to see my hot undies! I washed them and wore them again and they showed no signs of wear. The quality is great and these undies should last you a long time. Thank you 2xist for these amazing Military style undies.

2xist Millitary Men's Underwear Range Review

2xist Millitary Men's Underwear Range Review

2xist MILITARY no show briefs

What Verdict
Style and look? The style and look of the Military collection is rugged, manly and sexy. They have managed to capture that masculine look and sexy roughness of a soldier. They have done this while keeping that classic 2(x)ist style.
Suitable for? They are good for everyday use and wear while at the same time are great for showing off. The masculine style makes them a great pair to show off in the locker room at the gym. Guys need to show guys that they have them on!
Fit and quality? The fit was perfect. 2(x)ist has been making underwear a long time now and know exactly how to make their underwear compliment your body. The quality is great with the trim being triple stitched. These undies could go into battle and last a soldier the whole time at war. Even if it were almost 10 years!
Is the price right? The sports brief is $20 as is the no show brief, the trunk is $28 and the tank is also $28. That is not a bad price for a new piece of 2(x)ist undies. It’s about what you would expect to pay for a high quality name pair of underwear.
Best thing about it? The best thing about the Military collection is that you get a great fit and useful pair of underwear that also look good enough to show off. You can wear these undies all day or for a special occasion such as to the GUB Grind.
Overall grade ★★★★★
2(x)ist scores a perfect 5 stars with the Military collection! I know Christmas has past but maybe this could be a great post-Christmas present to yourself. It’s a great way to spoil your nether regions!
Buy them here International Jock
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Introducing Bayou Beau Underwear for Men. See the pics.

Happy Friday, guys!

So many exciting new introductions in the world of men’s underwear this December. Yesterday we had the distinct pleasure of introducing to the viking-like, masculine  look of the Swedish men’s underwear brand GÄSSLING.

Today, we travel back across the pond to the hart of the Southern U.S. Meet Texan underwear maker Bayou Beau.

Based in Houston, Texas, Bayou Beau makes fashionable, colorful underwear for the masculine man – as is obvious in the pictures below.

The brand’s new Bait & Tackle collection has 12 color combinations in trunks and briefs, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Prices are fair, these are affordable undies with briefs starting at $24.50 USD. There’s even a basic collection starting at $18.50 USD for a pair of briefs.

Check out the entire collections and shop over at www.bayoubeau.com.

Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend, guys!

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

Bayou Beau Men's Underwear

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Aware Soho autumn 2011 men’s underwear collection. Watch the video.

Not too long ago our friends over at Aware Soho sent out a behind-the-scenes video featuring some of the styles from their autumn 2011 collection. Watch it below.

We like that Aware Soho has focused primarily on their low-rise brief cuts. In our opinion this is the style they excel at the most.

Also, we actually really like the color schemes they’ve chosen for this collection. It’s a perfect mix of warm and cool autumn colors with a sort of retro 80s look.

We’ve completely fallen for the Basketball Shorty, a brief-bordering-on-square-cut thing, styled in a warm orange color with a techni-chique waistband. It’s $28.80 USD.

Also the Lacrosse Brief in black/white/purple is a fun trip down retro lane, though this is a more modern low-rise, high-cut brief. This brief is $27.20 USD.

Anyway, check out all the new styles over at www.awaresoho.com.

Enjoy the video, guys!

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N2N 2011 Erotic Men’s Underwear Runway Fashion Show: The video.

A few days ago, N2N Bodywear had their yearly Erotic Fashion Show at Micky’s in West Hollywood. Here, some of the hottest male underwear models showed off N2N underwear, loungewear, activewear and eroticwear.

The video just came out, and that’s quite lucky for all us unfortunate souls who are not blessed with an address in sunny California. For it is FILLED with gorgeous undies. 6 minutes and 42 seconds of one sexy pair of N2N underwear after another.

Seriously, sometimes I forget how many hot styles the Los Angeles-based men’s underwear brand has under its name. And they’re all represented in the video: Briefs, bikni briefs, sport briefs, singlets, jockstraps, boxers, trunks.

You MUST check out the video below.

Some of my favorite styles in the clip below include – naturally – the briefs, but I’m also strangely fascinated by those low-rise jammer-type runner pants. By the way, the runner pants range between $38 and $46 USD.

Also, if you’re a N2N fan, you should check out their current clearance sale where you can get selected styles for as little as $10 USD.

Go to www.n2nbodywear.com to shop and see more pictures.

But first, feast your eyes on the 2011 N2N fashion show video.

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Guys in underwear – m8mate

We’re rounding up this week with the introduction of Ukranian men’s underwear brand, m8Mate.

That’s right, Ukranian! It seems like the European underwear scene is coming out strong this year. Remember, just a few weeks ago we introduced you to Bluebuck, a new British label with lots of attitude.

Created by a group of young Ukrainian designers, m8mate offers a range of basic cuts including regular briefs, low-rise briefs, and square cuts – as well as swim wear.

m8mate’s design philosophy seems characterized by clean, solid bright colors, which will appeal to many. From the looks of what we’ve seen so far, m8mate seems to be a fine alternative for your collection of basic underwear for everyday purposes.

A typical pair of m8mate briefs is USD $16.80.

Check out the entire range at www.m8mate.com.

Happy Sunday, guys!

M8Mate bikini brief

M8Mate yellow brief

M8Mate bikini brief blue

M8Mate bikini brief white

M8Mate brief

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N2N 2011 men’s underwear range premiers!! Exclusive Video!

Happy Friday, guys. Listen, we are SO excited about this post!

As the very first underwear blog, we have the honor of premiering a sneak preview video featuring N2N‘s highly anticipated new 2011 men’s underwear range!

That’s right, folks!! More than two full minutes of pure new N2N hotness. What a conclusion to our week long men’s underwear video festival.

We can’t decide what’s hotter, though: The models or the underwear?? You decide.

Anyway, we see a bunch of new styles and colors on display in the video, including jockstraps, briefs, tanga sport briefs (which seem to be making a comeback this spring?), sportswear, and swim wear.

N2N has been a long favorite brand of ours, and we love every single item from the new 2011 range!!

It is undoubtedly the most unique and diverse collection ever created by N2N founder, Andrew Makay – and as always, grown in LA, USA.

Go to the revamped www.n2nbodywear.com and check out the entire new collection.


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Croota Surfers Paradise: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

First off, today our thoughts are with the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami… We hope for the best. -Jay

By Valdamar

Hello underwear enthusiasts!

Today all I have to say is “Go Croota or Go Home!” The underwear designed in Australia has come to America. Croota is working at getting men away from saggy, boring ugly underwear and into fun more form fitting skivvies.

Today we are going to look at the Croota Surfers Paradise Bikini Brief.

The brief takes the classic look of men’s underwear and really makes it fun. The waist is lower than a standard brief and the elastic waist band is a little wider at 2 inches.

And the brand name Croota appears once on the band centered in the front with “Surfers Paradise” written in smaller lettering following it to the left.

I love this as I think it adds an element of precision to the design and looks great since sometime the waist band is all people see of your underwear.

And the best thing about the waist band, NO TAGS! The material and care information are printed on the inside of the back, I love this concept.

The color combination is awesome, being navy with a blue/lime strips through the waist band trimmed in white, or grayish blue with a red/light blue strips through the waist band and trimmed again in white.

The look definitely gives you some exuberance. The front has an adequate pouch not too big nor too small big just right and although it has the trim of a fly front it doesn’t have one. I never use the fly anyway myself.

And on the front right hip there are three small paleographic type drawings of guys carrying surf boards over their heads. I love how it’s subtly placed to front side.

The back is like the front, neither too big nor too small but fits great. Also on the back is a small drawing of a surfer, some waves, another guy surfing, and a signature like lettering of Croota.

And around this in small fonts it has written in the creed “One’s persistence must not subside until his deed is complete or until his final breathe has exited the physical body. Then, and only then, is he entitled to the designation.

At first I thought this was a temporary sticker-like thing on the brief, but it’s part of the design. I don’t know if I like it or not since it’s too hard to read unless very close up, of course maybe you want people putting their face up to your butt to read your underwear.

The overall look and quality of this brief is terrific.

I wore the Surfers Paradise for a nice long full day of activity, washed it and wore it again.

It is a very comfortable brief, I never had any issue with chaffing, riding, bulging, nor with it losing its shape and getting stretched out. I felt supported and kept in place as well, even when I was at the gym working out.

The brief washed well, too, even after several washings it kept its color as if new and the drawings and writing on the hip and back never peeled nor faded.

This is a very fun and cool looking brief, it unquestionably carries the spirit of a Surfer Dude without being a bulgy baggy boxer. It also works for skaters!

Croota Surfers Paradise brief

Croota Surfers Paradise brief

What Verdict
Style and look? The material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex and a great blend for underwear so as to keep the shape all day long while maintaining breath ability and comfort. The brief looks great and has a fun sleek style that gives any man in it an active adventurous quality while also adding a touch of sex appeal.
Suitable for? Everything. It works as everyday underwear in that it is comfortable and supportive. The pouch keeps you in place even through activity so you can wear it for athletic purpose. And it looks great so you could wear it to show off on a date night or even underwear parties.
Fit and quality? The brief fit me perfectly and like all good underwear I didn’t even know it was there plus I didn’t need to spend half the day adjusting myself. The quality is wonderful, this is a pair of underwear you will have in your collection a long time.
Is the price right? The cost for this brief is $18.50 and with free shipping this is a GREAT deal for the quality of the garment you’re receiving. I have seen similar stylish briefs go for prices in the thirties.
Best thing about it? It’s fun and a pair of underwear you can get use out of. And I have to say the wide elastic waist band with the brand name front and center really draw attention to it’s personality. And there’s no tag! So the back doesn’t itch.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Over all this is a great pair of underwear every man could use in his collection. It says cool and that you’re a guy with a personality who is fun to be around. It’s comfortable and supportive and fulfills everything you want underwear to fulfill. It’s definitely a brief you’ll want!

Buy it here www.croota.us
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Best of 2010: 2(x)ist underwear. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, guys!

On this last day of the year I thought it would be fitting to look back at some of the wonderful 2(x)ist underwear and accompanying promotion shots to come out in 2010.

2(x)ist has been one the most blogged about underwear brands here on Guys’ Underwear Blog in 2010.

And there’s a reason for this. The American super brand released a bunch of hot new underwear, including the SLIQ and ALL STAR ranges – both of which scored top reviews here on the blog.

Also, 2(x)ist published an abundance of videos and promotion pics for us underwear fans to enjoy. Great going!

For sure, 2(x)ist has been one of the most inspiring and innovative brands in 2010. I have great expectations as to what they’ll come up with in 2011.

For now – HAPPY NEW YEAR – enjoy the montages below.

See you in 2011.

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Guys in underwear: ES Collection 2011. New pics, part 1.

As promised, today I share with you the all new ES Collection promotion pics featuring their upcoming 2011 men’s underwear range.

Gorgeous photography and some very, very hot cuts and designs.

And boy, have the the promotion guys over at ES Collection been working hard. It’s rare that we see so many new promo pics and new designs from one brand in such short time span. And they just keep unveiling new stuff every other day it seems.

You may remember that just a few weeks ago I posted a couple of blog posts with an endless number of new styles, also from ES Collection’s 2011 range.

Anyway, here for you to enjoy is the first of two batches of brand new ES Collection pictures.

Check out the entire ES Collection underwear range here: www.escollection.es.

Happy Early New Year, guys!

ES Collection 2011 range briefs group

ES Collection 2011 range trunk

ES Collection 2011 range men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 range guys in underwear

ES Collection 2011 range brief

ES Collection 2011 range army trunk

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