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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Jockey Elance in the Morning

By Valdamar

A guy in the bathroom in his underwear. Love it! Here is our model Val in a pair of Jockey Elance Bikini. We got a three pack, one I kept and wrote a review on, one went to another model Ryan (see our original gallery for the picture), and this one went to Val! Great value for that three pack! Enjoy the view guys!

Underwear provided by The Guys’ Underwear Blog, photography by MusclePix.

Jockey Elance Bikini Brief

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Guys’ Underwear Blog original photo: Meet Ryan Fasano

By Valdamar

Meet Ryan Fasano, who happens to be in Miami right now competing in the 2011 National Bodybuilding Championships.

This shoot was done at an amazing home in Denver, same place as our last picture. The underwear actually comes from a 3-pack of Jockey Elance bikini’s that Jay, our Editor, bought me to do a review on so watch out for that.

I kept one pair, gave one to Ryan and the other to another model (coming soon). Ryan is not new to modeling and was a pro in front of the camera. I love this picture! It has a story, which the viewer can create.

Enjoy underwear fans.

For more on Ryan go to: www.ryanfasano.com

Guys Underwear Blog Original Photo featuring Ryan Fasano

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Jockey Men’s Underwear Fashion Show. Here’s how you do it, Tim Tebow!

While hordes of men’s underwear fans around the world are still recovering from the Jockey underwear model star disappointment that is Tim Tebow, the otherwise renowned undies brand just got regained some plus points in our book with their latest promotion video.

When it comes to Jockey, though, we can’t stay disappointed too long. After all, this is the company that invented the modern brief!

Anyway, Jockey Underwear recently celebrated 135 years in the industry with its first stunning International Catwalk show at the Hospital Club in London.

Members of Europe’s fashion elite and media were in attendance to watch the brand head back to its roots, showcasing heritage pieces from when the company began in 1876, right through to a preview of some of Jockey’s most stylish collections for A/W 2011.

My guess is we won’t be seeing Tim wearing any of these “stylish” collections, either.

Jockey, go for someone like Michael Phelps next time. He’s got what it takes to beat the Nadals and Ronaldos out there.

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Braxton’s Weekly Underwear Report: Tim Tebow shows his Jockey undies!

Howdy Folks! I hope everyone is having a great week and surviving the cold and snow and winter weather we’ve been having. And that you in the southern hemisphere are having a great summer and maybe even getting out and sporting nothing but your underwear. I can’t wait to do that here, I want summer!

But for now let’s look at the weeks happenings in the crazy world of men’s underwear.

The Underwear Olympics!

Unfortunately you probably won’t see anyone in their underwear. The NFL combine has been dubbed this title however it’s really a showcase of prospective draftees. You have bench pressing and almost every aspect of working out and playing the game to show off what you can do. The only time they really are in underwear is at weigh-in which isn’t televised because it makes the athletes uncomfortable. I say show it! If they can’t take that how will they take the locker room filled with the media and cameras?

The Underwear Olympics

Nick Cannon, Buy New Underwear!!!

Nick Cannon was seen at LAX going through security sagging to some pretty bad undies, saggy clover boxers! Being married to the hottest woman on the planet you would think he would want to sport something a little nicer. I doubt Mariah with her fine sense of style and luxury appreciates those shorts.

Nick Cannon

Men Prefer Boxer Briefs?

The New York Daily News reported that according to Women’s Wear Daily 40 percent of men’s underwear sold in 2010 were boxer briefs. This is good in that less saggy baggy boxers were sold, yet the underwear still was the longer legged variety. But why was women’s wear daily so concerned? I think women are tired of their men in boring old undies.

Men Prefer Boxer Briefs

Underwear Run for Cancer

On June 18th the Alberta Cancer Foundation will be hosting the 5k Underwear Affair run. Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jesse Willms will be participating and he said” I told my staff that if five of them would run with me, I’d let them pick out the underwear I run in”, “they’ve been teasing me all week that I may end up out there in a pink thong”. I hope they’re right! The goal of the race is to raise money for testicular, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Glorious Underwear

Tom S Englund, vocalist from the band Evergrey, of Gothenburg Sweden, apparently recorded the song “Glorious Collision” in his underwear. The band posted a video of the recording of the song on their Facebook fan page. The video shows a shot of a thermometer indicating that the room was 32 degrees Celsius (almost 90 Fahrenheit) then shows him sitting at the controls in an interesting pair of boxer briefs. I kind of liked them!

Shopping in Underwear

Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengal’s went shopping at a mall in Dallas for jeans and just took his pants off and shopped in his underwear. He then tweeted pictures of himself shop. His tweet read “Shopping for jeans at North Park Mall,it’s easier just to go with no pants n try on jeans at each rack #justsayin [...] WAMW buy some jeans for 200 dollars at North Park Mall, I will walk around this mall in my briefs till I find some pants for a good price!!!”. Of course the picture showed him in a saggy unfitted pair of boxer briefs, maybe he should have been shopping for better underwear.

Raise Your Pants and Image

February is Black History month and many African American leaders are fighting underwear exposure. Black city leaders in California are calling on there young men to “Stop the Sag”! This was also taken on in Florida and New York Senator, Eric Adams, ran a billboard campaign, pictured above, saying “raise your pants, raise your image”. Some towns in the country are even fighting to make laws against the fad. Maybe if these young men would wear a nice pair of Gregg Hommes undies instead of nasty baggy boxers we wouldn’t mind so much.

Raise your pants and image

Underwear for Vets

A program in Sanford Maine has been started to help homeless and hard hit veterans. The Vets can come in, write their name and branch of service, and receive a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and some free underwear. The program was started in 1994 and now serves on average 75 to 100 vets a week. They also offer warm clean clothes to care for these guys basic needs.


There are times I wish we didn’t see underwear as a headline, the guys who make underwear donning look crazy! Here’s what’s happened this past week, and sadly this is the short list.

BK Undies

Jose Garcia, of Lawrenceville Georgia, got into a fight with his girlfriend who then left him at a local gas station. He began to ask strangers for a ride and met three young men who agreed to give him a lift. However, they eventually stoped at a Burger King, ordered Garcia to strip off his designer clothes and left him in his underwear. He then ran into the restaurant and hid in the bathroom where police found him. I wonder if they let him keep his underwear because they weren’t a designer brand name.

Underwear Mask

Joseph Daniel Flowers robbed a Pharmacy in Molina Florida while wearing underwear over his head. Surprisingly, sense my sarcasm; his defense is now playing the insanity card. Of course it’s not just about the underwear he was also wearing a robe, slippers and yellow oven mitts.

underwear mask

Pot Boxers

In Jeffersonville Indiana Dontas Marshall, 41, was checked into the local jail and it was noticed he smelled of marijuana. Then during the pat down they noticed he was clenching his buttocks. Marshall then admitted he had marijuana in his underwear. The officers cut the underwear open, because he had a little built in pocket he made which contained 15 joints. Due to the amount he now faces criminal charges.


In honor of the new prospective footballers in Underwear Olympics this week, we look at Broncos Quarter Back and new face of Jockey Underwear, Tim Tebow, in his college days at the 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl. Here we see Tim at the weigh in in a HOT pair of Under Armour undies!

Jockey may not be too happy about this picture but I think it should be our picture of the week! Good luck at the NFL Combine guys. By the way, how come Jockey has only released pictures of Tebow fully clothed? If Armani can get star athletes to pose semi-nude why can’t you Jockey? Don’t go the route Hanes did with Jordan. We want Tebow in nothing but skimpy Jockeys! If you need help I’ll drive up to Denver and direct the shoot, hehe.

Underwear Picture of the Week

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The history of Y-front men’s briefs, the original Jockeys. Watch the video.

Briefs. Together with all its spin-off cousins, like boxer briefs, low rise briefs, sports briefs, it really is my favorite underwear style.

The other day I stumbled upon a couple of videos that give you a quick history lesson on how the modern day brief came into existence.

Besides a lot of fun clips of vintage underwear styles, the video reveals some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that the inspiration for the Y-front brief came from Europe where men were wearing brief-like swim wear? And that the support functionality of jocktraps played an important part as well?

Watch the clips at the end of the post.

A quick search on Wikipedia will tell you that briefs , in the shape that we know them today, were first sold on January 19, 1935 by Coopers, Inc., in Chicago, Illinois – nowadays they’re simply called Jockey.

They dubbed the new undergarment the “Jockey” because – you guessed it – it offered a similar degree of support as the jockstrap. Thirty-thousand pairs were sold within three months of their introduction, and the style has been a success ever since.

Enjoy the video and take a look at the hundreds of briefs-related blog posts right here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

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