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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

New Andres Ramirez men’s underwear photo shoot. Massive picture post… Part 1/2.

…and when we say massive, we mean it!

So many pictures have been submitted to us by Andres and his team that we have to split them into two separate posts.

We couldn’t really cut any of the photos from the final blog posts. There were just too many good ones featuring an abundance of our favorite brands, such as Andrew Christian, Aware Soho, Ginch Gonch, Jake Joseph, James Tudor, Joe Snyder, Marcuse And PPÜ Underwear.

Of course the pics were shot by Andres, but we always make a big deal out of letting you guys know about the model, too.

Enter Carlos Gonzalez – a beautiful man with this statuesque and attractive body. He’s 23 and measures 1.80 and was born in Cadiz (Spain). A real man’s man, he’s a motocross fan and has great qualities to make it big as a model. This is his debut working for Andres Ramirez.

Enjoy the pics guys!

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

Andres Ramirez mens underwear photo shoot 2014

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Support Jake Joseph on Kickstarter

Jake Joseph has previously been named brief of the year by you guys, the followers of GUB. It truly is one of our all time favorite brands.

Now Jake is spearheading a fascinating initiative on Kickstarter.

His underwear products are retailing around 36 bucks.  With your help, the company will be able to place a much larger order to bring you jj underwear at the best price. Depending on which reward you choose, a pair can be delivered to you from 14-21 dollars. The brand will also be able to introduce the ZenSho Collective.

Go help support this great Kickstarter project here.

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New original GUB pics: Classic Jake Joseph and animal print undies

By Valdamar

More original photos for you guys today!

First up is a pic featuring the excellent Jake Joseph. Soft comfortable classy underwear has never looked so good. Here our GUB exclusive model is strolling through the hallway in a classic pair of Jake Joseph super soft undies. Love you Jake, and thanks for the undies! BTW this exact pair are now my favorite Jake Josephs sitting in my dresser. I love this job.

For your own Jake Josephs go to: www.jakejosephco.com

Also, I included a few more shots from the Naked Man Festival. This was an amazing festival! Live photo shoots of men in underwear and less. Of course we are gonna focus on the undie pics here. And how could a shoot be complete without the traditional animal print thong shoot. We got our models to tap into their primitive side for this shoot.

Hope you enjoy!

Guys in underwear - original photos for GuysUnderwearBlog.com

Guys in underwear - original photos for GuysUnderwearBlog.com

Guys in underwear - original photos for GuysUnderwearBlog.com

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Brief of the Year 2012: The winner is…

The vote is over, and the results are in!

Hundreds of underwear fans have voted, and we would like to thank you for that.

We will tell you now – the vote was very close, from start to finish.

From the get-go, two briefs took the lead; the N2N Performance X Brief and the Jake Joseph Classic Brief. In the end, though, there can only be one winner…

With a whopping  32 % of the total number of votes, the official Guys’ Underwear Blog Brief of the Year 2012 is…


Congratulations to Jake and his team. We feel very good about the results of the vote – this truly is a brief worthy of carrying the prestigious title for the next 12 months.

Get the brief over at www.jakejosephco.com. It’s $35 UsD.

Tomorrow we will select the lucky winners of our Brief of the Year giveaway who will receive their very own pair of the Jake Joseph Classic brief. If you voted and signed up for our newsletter, you are automatically in the draw. We will contact you via e-mail if you win, so make sure to check your inbox in the coming days.

Once again, thank you all for voting!

We already look forward to next year’s Brief of the Year poll.

Jake Joseph Classic Brief - brief of the year 2012

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Brief of the year 2012: Nominee #2 – Jake Joseph Classic Brief

It’s time to check out nominee number 2 for the title of Guys’ Underwear Blog’s official Brief of the Year 2012.

The brand in question is Jake Joseph. And if you check out its ratings on Amazon you’ll see that we are not the only ones crazy about it.

This is a brief that we have come to love over the past year. Especially Valdamar was ecstatic in his review of the Jake Joseph Classic Brief, awarding it a 5 star grade.

The comfort and feel along with the sophistication of the design was the best thing about the Classic Brief, according to Valdamar. This is a pair of underwear that accomplishes its purpose with out trying too hard.

And in this world of low-rise briefs it’s nice to see that some brands still manage to put together a mid-rise brief that is both sexy and comfortable without looking like something only your grandpa would wear.

The fit of the Jake Joseph Classic is extraordinary due to the fact that the fabric is so resilient. It holds snuggly to your body and keeps its shape even with extended wear. The fabric is a high quality 95% Bamboo / Viscose 5% elastic and the construction is just spotless.

Get the brief over at www.jakejosephco.com. It’s $35 UsD.

If the Jake Joseph Classic Brief is your choice for Brief of the Year 2012, then simply cast your vote in the poll below. Remember to also sign up to our newsletter at the top left corner of this page to take part in our Brief of the Year 2012 giveaway. Once the vote is over we will send off a pair of the winning undies to five lucky guys.

Jake Joseph Men's Underwear

Jake Jospeh Men's Underwear Black Briefs

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GUB Brief of the Year 2012: See the nominees and cast your vote. Win a pair of the winning briefs!

Guys, the time has come where underwear fans like you and us must determine what pair of briefs is the absolute best on the market right now!

That’s right, it’s time to cast your votes so that we can find out which brief that will be Guys’ Underwear Blog’s official Brief of the Year 2012! Last year this great honor went to the 2(x)ist SLIQ brief.

Over the next 7 days we will introduce all the nominated briefs. These include 7 of the hottest-looking, best-fitting, superbly produced briefs available at the moment.

Which brief will win is entirely up to all you guys. All you have to do is cast vote in the poll below.

You even get the chance to win your own pair of the winning briefs!

We will be giving away a pair of the winning briefs to five lucky guys once the vote is over and the Brief of the Year 2012 has been chosen.

All you have to do is sign up for newsletter up there in the top left corner of our site. We will then randomly select five winners once the vote is over. If you win, we will contact you using the e-mail address you provide when signing up for the newsletter.

With that settled, we move on to a presentation of the nominees!

The briefs nominated for this year’s Brief of the Year  award are (in completely random order)

  • aussieBum Man Brief
  • Jake Joseph Classic Brief
  • 2xist Military Sport Brief
  • N2N Performance X Brief
  • Teamm8 Block Brief
  • Es Collection Modal Open Fly Brief
  • Barcode Berlin Corporal Jay Brief

If you already know which one to vote for, simply do so now using the poll below – and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter in the top left corner of the site, to make sure you participate in the Brief of the Year 2012 giveaway.

Below the poll box you can get an idea of what each of the briefs look like and where to buy them. And don’t forget, we will be introducing each nominated brief in detail over the next 7 days. The poll will be open for 7 days as well.

That’s it! Cast your votes now.

Nominee #1: aussieBum Man Brief

$23 USD – www.aussiebum.com

aussiebum MAN brief

Nominee #2: Jake Joseph Classic Brief

$35 USD – www.jakejosephco.com

Jake Joseph Men's Underwear

Nominee #3: 2(x)ist Military Sport Brief

$20 USD – www.underbriefs.com

2xist MILITARY no show briefs

Nominee #4: N2N Performance X Brief

$27 USD – www.n2nbodywear.com

Performance X Brief

Nominee #5: Teamm8 Block Brief

$34 USD – www.teamm8.com

Guys in Teamm8 Underwear - Block brief

Nominee #6: Es Collection Modal Open Fly Brief

$58.50 USD – www.escollection.es

Es Collection Modal Open Fly Brief
Nominee #7: Barcode Berlin Corporal Jay Brief

$25 USD – www.planet-undies.com

Barcode Berlin Corporal Jay Brief

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By Valdamar

Saturday February 11th we had our first ever live underwear party; the GUB Grind! It was a blast. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to Colorado here’s how it went.

See more pictures at the bottom of the post!

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

First some of the back story. Last fall we were contacted by the Colorado Springs Pride Center, which is the city I happen to live in. They’re working hard on the 2012 Pridefest which has been themed “We the People”. The city has had a rough battle for human rights with in the gay community and this is where they want to make the peoples voice heard.

Honestly the city is ready for this community to make it’s move, it’s come a long way since the amendment 2 days. (for more on this Pride Center and it’s campaign toward equality go to: http://www.ppglcc.org/ ) So that being said we at the Guys’ Underwear Blog wanted to help. How can we get our expertise involved in a fund raiser? An underwear party!

So we found a home; Club Q in Colorado Springs (http://www.clubqonline.com/). And we contacted many of our friends we have come to love within the underwear community and gave them the proposal. And of course we had some great responses from some amazing folks in the industry and the GUB Grind was born!

I will be honest.

Things did get a little chaotic and the event almost didn’t happen. On the day of the event it snowed and the temperature was 16 degrees Fahrenheit! It was 70 and sunny the next weekend. Many of the people working on the event were coming from Denver, an hour’s drive away which includes a fairly rough pass.

My co-host was unable to make it, so we threw in a last minute stand by who I have to say did an amazing job. Thank you Mikey!

Several models, also coming from Denver, were not able to come for various reason. We found an adorable guy named Kyle who was willing to step in. And the Natalie Lynn Modeling agency was great about finding us a replacement literally a few hours before the show (http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/). Both our photographers were unable to make it (so forgive the bad pictures, lol) as were several volunteers.

But… The show went on and it was AMAZING!

Thanks to our sponsors 2(x)ist, Jake Joseph, Maclovia, Mensuas, and Tribe we had over 60 pairs of underwear to auction off. We set up a silent auction which ran from 6pm till midnight. I personally bought several new pairs of underwear. I was SO happy! One of our favorite models, Adam Coussins, also donated a pair of his underwear which he autographed.

The show started and everything else became a blur to me! It was crazy, hectic wonderful fun and the next thing I knew it was over. But it was so much fun. We ran a fashion show, then auctioned off the underwear right off our models! Unfortunately the models did need to wear underwear under the undies; legal and hygienic reasons. A few pair brought in over $50!

We opened the fashion show with 2xist in a formal show featuring their Tux Collection. That’s where I had on my ridiculous formal underwear. I was a mess that night! But our models looked great in the underwear complete with bow ties.

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Next we had our JOCK Show featuring the underwear provided by Menuas. The models look amazing with their sports gear and props. This was definitely one of the shows the models seemed to have the most fun with.

After that we had our Valentines Fashion Show featuring the sleek underwear of Jake Joseph. Here the models came out in a mask and matching heart boxers, which we gave the auction winners, and stripped them off to reveal the Jake Josephs. A few months ago Jake Joseph himself called me to talk about this event. I was all giddy!

FYI, see all the photos at the bottom of the post!

Next we had our Wet and Wild Show here we showcased the swimwear of Tribe. We also gave our models squirt guns and bubbles. After this we had a special entry with two swim suits from Maclovia. This was a hit as Maclovia is a new underwear brand out of Denver. So the locals loved it!

We didn’t want to forget the women nor the lovers of their underwear so we threw in a women’s underwear contest here. Wow, these women worked it!

Finally we concluded the program with our TOUCH Show where we showed of 2xists brand new spring collection entitled TOUCH. We even had a few gals from the women’s underwear contest escorting our guys around! And we ended up with multiple models around at the same time. So much fun!

The event was amazing and was so much fun. Despite the bad weather we raised over $1,000 for the Colorado Springs Pride Center! Thanks to our friends, Club Q, and its amazing staff, Natalie Lynn Models (Nick, Gregg, and Andrew), our other models (Thom, Kyle), 2xist, Jake Joseph, Maclovia, Mensuas, Tribe and the Pride Center Volunteers (Cindy, Dionesia, Lee and Cris).

Cris was our last minute camera man. We will have a video out soon! The pictures here are stills from the video. But continuing the trend our video man has the flu! But keep on the look out for the video.

So thanks again and please, please support the amazing companies that made this possible. And may the Colorado Springs Pride Center reach that goal of equality for us all!

Colorado Springs Pride – http://www.ppglcc.org/

Club Q – http://www.clubqonline.com/

Natalie Lynn Models – http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/

2(x)ist – http://shop.2xist.com/

Mensuas – http://www.mensuas.com/

Jake Joseph – http://www.jakejosephco.com/

TRIBE – http://www.tribeunderwear.com.au/

Maclovia – http://www.maclovia.com/

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

Guys Underwear Blog Grind event 2012

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Valdamar’s Underwear Update: The GUB Grind Revealed!

By Valdamar

It’s time for another underwear news update! The last one of 2011. It was a great year and the blog has definitely grown thanks to you, our readers. Did you know that you guys have viewed more than 1 MILLION pages here on GUB over the last 12 months? That’s awesome!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2012. Some really great stuff for the site is coming! To begin let’s jump right into our first update:


The GUB Grind!

GUB Grind by Guys' Underwear Blog

The GUB Grind, an amazing Underwear Party, will be held on Saturday February 11th at Club Q in Colorado Springs! It will feature a silent auction, a raffle and a live underwear fashion show where we will be auctioning the underwear right off the model!

We will also have some live entertainment and dancing all night, in our underwear of course. We will be featuring the underwear of 2xist, Jake Joseph, Maclovia, Mensuas, and Tribe.

Models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency out of Denver will be here to work the runway, as will the Mile High Gay Guy Drew Wilson. The event will be hosted by myself, Valdamar, and co hosted by C.C. De’Ore one of the best entertainers Colorado has to offer.

We also have super hot underwear model Adam Coussins (pictured above) donating his underwear (signed) and autographed pictures to be auctioned off. In between our events which will last all night we will open the dance floor to the beats of DJ Kyree.

It’s going to be amazing so get your butts to Colorado Springs February 11th, 2012 for the hottest Underwear Party in the West!

Please take a moment to visit our event sponsors:

No More Swimming in Underwear

no more swimming in men's underwear

Dubai’s beaches have a new ordinance which makes it obligatory to wear proper swimwear while on the beach. They have had issues with people swimming in just underwear, which becomes transparent, or swimming fully clothed. Now beach patron must wear an actual swim suit. As a lifeguard at a pool I must say I like this new law, although sometime wet undies aint too bad.

Crotchless Panties for 7 Year Olds!

What the heck! Right here my home state too! Watch the video, it says it all.

A New World Record in Underwear, Literally

57 people in the Canary Wharf district of London set a new world record for the most people to be in a single pair of underwear. Obviously not a normal pair of undies here. But some of the participates had on some nice undies themselves.

Sperm Cooling Underwear

sperm cooling mens underwear

STUD, the baby making underwear, has designed a pair of undies that will keep your sperm cooler, thus helping to increase your fertility chances. These undies are designed with cool mesh material around your sperm producing areas, namely your testicles. These undies will run you about $60. But a much more styling option to them baggy boxers: www.studbriefs.com.

Mario Lopez Underwear Line

mario lopez mens underwear line

So Mr.Lopez former Saved By The Bell star, a title he will never out-live, has designed a new line of mens underwear. And good for him for being willing to be the model as well. He looks great. The underwear on the other hand have been getting mixed reviews. Some guys say they look like they would have been in fashion back in the 70’s. Personally I don’t know, I think Mario should send us a pair to review.

Underwear Under Toupee

underwear under toupee

Nilesh Ramlal Bari, a 28 year old man in Mumbai, stuffed his toupee with underwear. Why? He wanted to be a policeman, unfortunately he is only 165cm and they have a limit which is 168cm. So he is too short, so to pass the exam he came up with this little trick. It didn’t work and instead his little stunt make the newspaper and our international blog.

Honk If You Think I’m Sexy

A teenage boy was standing out in the street in Fairfield Connecticut in his underwear holding a sign that said “Honk if you think I’m sexy”. And of course he had a friend video taping the whole thing. It should be on YouTube soon.

Robert Downey Jr Flashes His Underwear


On his red carpet walk for the new Sherlock Holmes movie Robert made a little fashion faux pas. He tucked his shirt into his underwear as opposed to over his underwear and into his pants. So we got to see his red Calvin Klein’s. Of course Klein may have paid him to do that.

Will Tebow Win You Underwear?

will tebow win you underwear

Jockey announced that if Tim Tebow, who has yet to pose in Jockeys, and the Broncos win the Super Bowl they will give away a million dollars in underwear and to one winner $15,000 (Since Tebow is number 15). Jockey should have bet more, they probably won’t have to pay. But if they do win Woo Hoo! (Above is a pic of Tebow in underwear, not Jockeys, GASP)


Guys in underwear - XMasGUB

In honor of Christmas I found it only fitting to showcase a nice tree with some beautiful gifts underneath. Hamid, Nick and Trent, three of the models from the Natalie Lynn modeling agency who will be working the runway at the GUB Grind!

This also is a GUB Original picture featuring underwear generously donated to us by 2xist. Hamid is in the white Military Sport Brief . Nick is in a green Military No-Show Trunk. And Trent is in a green Military Square-Neck Tank. I love the Military Collection from 2xist! I will have a review coming out soon on this line. Thank you 2xist, Natalie Lynn, Hamid, Nick and Trent and a Merry Christmas to all of you!

Like the underwear you see here?

Get it here:

Check out these guys’ model profiles:

Hamid: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-hamid.php

Nick: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-nick.php

Trent: http://www.natalielynnmodels.com/models-male-trent.php

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