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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Interview and photo set of Rob Wilson, first male model on ‘The Price is Right’

Rob Wilson, who recently made his debut as The Price is Right’s first-ever male model, visited MensUnderwearStore.com for his second photo shoot with the underwear retailer last Tuesday and Wednesday.

And we have massive picture post featuring the celebrity spawn in an array of wonderful men’s underwear!

At the photo shoot, Rob had time to answer a few question about his new-found fame, saying his schedule has been a lot busier since he began taping ‘The Price is Right’, but that he enjoys the variety. “It’s exciting to work in front of the audience, my energy feeds off of them,” said Rob. “It’s not all posing which is great because it’s kind of like a mixture between modeling and acting.”

“It’s nothing too crazy, but I do get recognized more,” Rob saide, “especially when I’m at the gym for some reason.” Rob, originally from Boston, now lives in Los Angeles as he pursues his career as a model and actor.

The photo shoot featured Rob in various designer underwear, swimwear and loungewear available at MensUnderwearStore.com including Emporio Armani, 2(x)ist, C-IN2 and Diesel.

Photos of Rob will continue to be launched on the pages of MensUnderwearStore.com and he will also appear in the MensUnderwearStore.com 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

Rob Wilson Men's underwear model poses for MensUnderwearStore.com

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Interview with Baskit underwear model, Kody Courdan. Plus, get 20 % off!

We gotta hand it to /baskit/ – they’ve been spewing great promotion materials since the launch of their their recent campaign.

Today’s item is no exception. It’s an interview with one of their lead male underwear models, motorcycle enthusiast Kody Courdan.

And if after reading the interview you’re lusting for underwear like that worn by Kody in the pictures below you’re in luck.

/baskit/ is offering you a 20 % discount! Simply enter the code Kody20 at checkout to claim your rebate.

Go to www.baskitwear.com now to shop!

Now, back to the interview with Kody Corduan, the very sexy and  tough guy with a killer face and body.  This guy is more than just looks though – he’s got a thing for motorcycles and is making his own mark in the competitive world of Hollywood.

Baskit men's underwear fashion campaign

BASKIT: What is your age and where you are from?

KODY: I’m 25 years old and I am from just outside Kody, South Carolina. I moved to California about five years ago.

BASKIT: What do you do for a living (aside from modeling)? What did you want to be when you were a kid?

KODY: Besides the occasional model gig, I’m also an actor. I shot two movies last year, still in post-production.  “Messina High” which is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The other film is called “Brothers Sinclair”  In addition to the movies, I’ve been in shows such as Dexter, 90210 and Eleventh Hour. My first big role was as Joey Travolta in film called “Accidents.”

Kody baskit men's underwear model

BASKIT: You have some body art  - can you give us a description of it and what it means to you?

KODY: Sure, when I was 18 I got a dragon on a grim reaper’s sickle on my left arm.  I also have one on the inside of my right arm – a tattoo my father and I got, and on my left tricep I got a family tattoo with my stepbrother. They all have very personal meaning to me.

BASKIT: What’s the best way to spend a day off? Extra hours at the gym?  On the beach?  Hiking?

KODY: Riding my motorcycle. I do enjoy hiking and surfing as well, but nothing compares to riding the asphalt at 100 mph.

BASKIT: Were you familiar with Baskit before the modeling opportunity?

KODY: I was not, but now that I am wearing them, I got to say that I love the fit.  And the colors are great for me.

Kody baskit men's underwear model

BASKIT: Is there something thing you aren’t doing that you wish you were? A sport/skill you were never good at or just haven’t gotten around to learning yet?

KODY: Nah, I’m very happy with my life and where I am.  I’m grateful to have what I have and be who I am.

BASKIT: What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

KODY: Figure out for yourself what is true, don’t blindly follow the world.

BASKIT: On a random Saturday, what are you likely to be wearing?

KODY: Ha, um.. Jeans and a tee with underwear!

BASKIT: If you had a week on a beach and could only take three things with you what would they be (aside from clothes and money)?

KODY: Books, surfboard and a pillow.

BASKIT: Any other interest tidbits or pieces of information you’d want to share with the readers? Something nobody knows about you?

KODY: I’m a part of the Sons of God motorcycle club. Check it out!

Kody baskit men's underwear model

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My Lucky Undies: Adam Davies the Pants Monkey!

By Valdamar

What is your favorite pair of underwear? We all have that special pair. Although I know we Gubbers love all our underwear.

On this journey through our underwear drawer in search of that perfect pair we are going to go into the underwear collection of an underwear store keeper. And not just any store, a store that was in the running for “specialist retailer of the year” at the Drapers Ecommerce Awards (the UK’s top fashion industry trade magazine).

This as a store that has become the UK’s largest on-line underwear retailer! Yes we are talking about Dead Good Undies owner, Adam Davies. A man so associated with underwear he’s earned the nick name the “Pants Monkey”.

Dead Good Undies

A note for some of you outside the UK, “pants” is a slang reference to underwear like “skivvies” or “undies”. Adam runs DGU with his partner who happens to also be his wife.

Adam’s role at Dead Good Undies is that of buyer, customer services, management of day to day running for the website and he’s the techy computer guy; because as he puts it “I’m a nerd at heart”.

So how did Adam end up here, and what are his favorite pair of undies? Lets find out.

Guys Underwear Blog: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us, Pants Monkey, LOL. Adam, you used to manage a wine bar and restaurant in Shrewsbury. What was that like?

Adam Davies: Hard work, very hard work but ultimately quite rewarding. I used to start at 8am and not finish until around 3am most nights with about an hour’s break.

Pay was bad (don’t forget there is no automatic tipping in the UK!) Hours were bad, BUT I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I often look back at my time there and remember how much fun it all was. And to be honest in a way it trained me for the role I play today, as customer service is very much what we are all about. So my skill set transferred over well. Plus that’s where I met the now Mrs Deadgoodundies, so a big bonus.

GUB: Did you ever have any underwear party’s there? LOL

AD: No but one time when I was a wee lad, and not long started at the wine bar, they did try and convince me that there was a naturist group having a meeting in the function room and that all staff were expected to be naked as well. So they knew I was going to volunteer.

Luckily it was only when I woke up in the morning that I realised it was April 1st so I walked in and the other staff were rushing around in their underwear and I was like “yeah, yeah, yeah nice one..”!

GUB: Dang! Was hoping we were going to hear about you naked, lol. How did you make the transition from bar manager to the underwear business?

AD: Well bit of a long story so I’ll cut it as short as I can. I’ve always been interested in computers from a very early age. I had my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20 from the age of 5 and I’m now 38. And whilst working at the restaurant I created their website after spending many a sleepless night working out how to code in html.

This was in the very infancy of the web, and we are talking Mosaic browser on Amiga OS, so it was all new and exciting. Because I had a lot of connections with local business from their owners coming into the restaurant, I had lots of other companies asking me to design and maintain websites for them.

In the end I had so much work from that, which was much better paid than the restaurant, I had to jack in the restaurant work, sadly after 14 years of service, and open up my own web design agency.

One of my first clients was Triumph International, owners of HOM and Sloggi, where I created their websites or maintained their existing sites; depending on the brand. From there though I could see a market and so our first site www.justhom.com was born which just sold HOM underwear.

After a couple of years it was obvious that we were limiting ourselves in stocking just the one brand, plus if anything went wrong with all our eggs in one basket, we would be up a creek without a paddle, so we decided to launch www.deadgoodundies.com, offering a much wider variety of products and brands whilst protecting ourselves at the same time.

GUB: Ok, I didn’t understand all that computer mumbo jumbo, lol. But it sounds like you are a wise business man. Tell us, what is Dead Good Undies?

AD: Great, I can write some marketing bullocks here. Deadgoodundies is a vision, you could even say a movement for educating your average man about the benefits of good quality, good looking underwear……… Naaahhh I’m only joking . Plain and simple it’s in the name, we provide dead good undies, dead being UK/Scouse slang for really good. For example; “Did you see the Captain America film? It was dead good!”

GUB: So it’s not a sexy zombie site? What’s the best part of owning Dead Good Undies?

AD: I have to say the best part of owning Deadgoodundies is the interaction with our customers. You can be having a really bad day for one reason or another and then get an email or phone call from a customer praising the business and how well we’ve performed for them. Everything else just drifts away and is replaced with pride. You can’t beat it.

Dead Good Undies Men's Underwear store

GUB: And it’s not just you working over there, tell us about your business partner?

AD: Ahhh, you are talking about Jane, the rock upon which Deadgoodundies was built. Not only is she my business partner but also my wife of 10 years. She really is amazing and we couldn’t have reached where we are today if it weren’t for her.

Jane’s main duties are controlling the finances, dealing with invoices from our suppliers, helping me with the buying and lots more that would take too long to list. But includes all the bits that I would be rubbish doing.

As well as being partner in Deadgoodundies, Jane is a very well-known journalist and fashion editor. In fact I just heard she is presenting an award at the Underlines magazine Stars Awards. Underlines being the UK’s leading underwear fashion industry magazine.

One of the many things that impressed me about her when we first knew each other was that I was sitting on the sofa one day and the phone rang. It was the film Director Oliver Stone calling her back as she was interviewing him and I was stunned!!! That’s THE Ollie Stone!

GUB: Wow, no wonder you married her. So how do you feel about your wife working around all those beautiful men you have on your website? LOL

AD: Heheheh, no I’m cool with it, in fact she helps with the shoots sometimes and adjusts the products on the model if there’s a crease showing. I’m more worried about what she thinks of me as part of my job means I need to keep an eye on various underwear forums which means we will be sitting on the sofa at home in the evening watching TV and I’ll be using the laptop. Over my shoulder she can see some bloke with his meat and two veg hanging out of his underwear!

GUB: Can I come work for you? LOL. Alright let’s get to what we all want to know, what are your favorite pair of underwear?

AD: There are so many to choose from and some are my favorites because they suit a particular purpose at the time. But if I was going to pick an all time favorite it would be the Obviously for Men basics low rise hipster in black [see below].

Obviously For Men Retro low rise brief

GUB: Nice! What makes this pair (style) so special to you?

AD: I like them simply because they are so comfortable. Seriously I’ve never come across anything else like it. The fabric is so soft but stretchy, the anatomical pouch keeps everything exactly where it should be without compressing. If there is one downside to them, though, it is that if I do a willy waggle dance whilst wearing them, Jane gives me a look that says “grow up”. AND don’t try and tell me you don’t know what the willy waggle dance is…. every man has done it as some time or another, I just happen to do it more often than others heheheh.

GUB: Has there been any occasion or moment that this pair of underwear really proved to be “lucky”?

AD: Well I guess if I was going to have a lucky pair then it would have been my HOM Plume thong which is what I wore when I asked Jane to marry me. We were on holiday in Barbados and it was hot! Couldn’t get luckier than that!

GUB: How long have you had this pair?

AD: Eleven years and still as good as new.

GUB: If I wanted to buy your favorite underwear right off of you right now how much would I have to pay?

AD: You couldn’t, I wouldn’t sell them.

GUB: Then give me another one of your thongs! What kind of underwear does your wife like you to wear?

AD: Close fitting microfibre boxer briefs. Or rather they are the only ones she doesn’t raise an eyebrow at when I put my underwear on in the morning. She always complains I have more exciting fabrics and colors in my undies drawer than she has in hers these days.

doreanse brief

GUB That’s a good sign for men these days! How many pairs of underwear do you own?

AD: About 20. You might expect an underwear retailer to own more but I rotate quite often with old ones, apart from a select few, so new ones go in and the old ones get laundered and taken to the textile recycling centre.

GUB: Ummm… Can I have them, lol. Just kidding. When you’re shopping for underwear what do you look for?

AD: Comfort is always a main consideration for me. Because I’ve gone from what used to be a very physically active job to essentially a desk job where I’m sitting down most of the day, my bum needs to be well looked after. So I could be wearing the weirdest looking underwear but as long as it’s comfortable then that’s fine by me.

GUB: What was the last pair you purchased?

AD: Wow!!! Ok, we are going back a long way here now, because of my job we get sent samples from the brands for wash and wear tests so I haven’t actually bought underwear since 2003. If I was going to guess what it would have been, just some cheap boxer briefs from somewhere like Top Man, a UK high street chain. But pre-2003 was “the time before underwear enlightenment” as I wouldn’t have known any better.

GUB: If there were anything you could change about the underwear industry, what would it be?

AD: Standardized sizing across brands…… everyone wants it. It’s such a pain when you get one brand where a size M is around 32” and then another brand it is 34” but they both call it a medium. As a retailer we of course put size guides up specific to the brand but not everyone reads them so it can cause a problem.

GUB: I understand that. As a reviewer it can be hard to describe a pair of underwear when every brand has a different name for that style. I always have to say “actually it’s a square cut” or “a brief”. Now that you and I are such good friends do I get a discount? Lol

AD: I’m sure we can work something out.

GUB: Thank you Adam.

Now, I know we all need to head to deadgoodundies.com and see what they are all about.

I will tell you this, one great thing about this site is not only do they sell underwear, they also have models come in and do photo shoots just for their store. That’s dedication to the trade.

Plus, if you like looking at men in underwear they have some amazing pictures! You might want to check out the Doreanse brand they carry. I hadn’t heard of it before but their products look really hot and the prices are great.

And on a side note I would like to thank Adam and Deadgoodundies for the support they are giving to the GUB Grind. More information on that to come. Have a great day Gubbers, and thanks for reading!

doreanse boxer brief

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An interview with /baskit/’s new lead underwear model. With pics!

Details are starting to emerge about that exquisite new male underwear  model that /baskit/ introduced with their recent campaing.

Apparently, Baskit had joined forces with social networking site Connexion.org to find the perfect ambassadors for their new image campaign that launched this month.

Over 200 Connexion members submitted pictures for consideration and members of the social networking site selected the two finalists through a series of eight rounds of voting, casting over 30,000 votes in an eight week period.

Hailing from the Nation’s Capital, meet Tim Baird, an all-American guy who proved he is more than just a pretty face and a super fit body.  We mean, just look at his photos (below)!

The Baskit team was kind enough to share with us an interview with the brand’s newest face for a special look into his life and what he fills his baskit with….

See the interview below the pics.

Tim Baird for Baskit Men's Underwear

Tim Baird for Baskit Men's Underwear

Tim Baird for Baskit Men's Underwear

Tim Baird for Baskit Men's Underwear

Tim Baird for Baskit Men's Underwear

Baskit What’s your age and where you are from, Tim?
Tim I’m 27 and right now I live and work in DC. I grew up in Cohasset, Massachusetts, a small town just south of Boston.

Baskit What do you do for a living (aside from modeling)? What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Tim I work full-time for a healthcare non-profit, but as a little kid I always wanted to be a professional soccer player.

Baskit What’s the best way to spend your day off? Extra hours at the gym?  On the beach? Hiking?
Tim If I had a totally free day, which never happens, I’d sleep in, then with a little motivation I’d get to the gym and spend the rest of my afternoon by the pool or beach with some friends, music, food and drinks.

Baskit Were you familiar with Baskit before the model search and what drew you to it?
Tim Totally. I have a few pairs and modeled for a Baskit underwear show in DC. It’s sexy, great fitting underwear so entering the contest just made sense for me.

Baskit Is there something you aren’t doing that you wish you were? A sport/skill you were never good at or just haven’t gotten around to learning yet?
Tim I really want to learn how to surf. I need to get my ass to a beach where I can practice!

Baskit What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Tim Never take anything too seriously, including yourself!

Baskit On a random Saturday, what are you wearing?
Tim Shorts, a tank or v-neck and flip-flops. I’ll probably have some kind of necklace on, aviators if I haven’t lost them and Baskit’s, of course.

Baskit If you had a week on a beach and could only take three things with you what would they be (aside from clothes and money?)
Tim Tough question.  Definitely music, a volleyball and a surfboard so I can finally pickup surfing!

Baskit Got any other interest tid-bits or pieces of information you’d want to share? Maybe something nobody knows about you?
Tim I speak Spanish, bummed around South America for a year, and have cut my own hair since I was 17.

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Behind the scenes video of Intymen photo shoot

To be honest, this Intymen video has been out for a few months, and my friends over at UndiesDrawer and Underwear News Briefs actually both already posted it a while back.

That said, if you haven’t seen it – and if you dig these kind of behind the scenes videos – you’re in for a real treat!

The video was shot at an Underwear Station photo shoot and features trunks, briefs, and even a thong as well.

Somehow this clip flew under my radar. And that is a shame because I’ve had so much fun with my Intymen underwear, as you may know.

Also, Intymen is really moving forward and has just dropped a new swim wear line.

You can get Intymen men’s underwear at Underwear Station and Skivvies.

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Exclusive: Interview with Todd and Terry founders, John Ioannou and Greg Shand

Find out why the guys behind Todd and Terry think “Sun and Surf” is the life, Hawaiian shirts can have more than one use, and underwear should be like a waiter.

I’m thrilled to bring you guys an interview with Todd and Terry founders, John Ioannou and Greg Shand.

Amongst other subjects, they spill the beans on what we can expect from T&T in the near future.

It’s a Guys’ Underwear Blog exclusive!

John Ioannou from Todd and Terry

Greg Sand from Todd and Terry

Q: How did you two meet?

John: Originally we were introduced through a mutual friend, Antony, and we ended up working together in the Advertising/Publishing world. We worked together there for around five years.

Q: Do you both handle separate functions for Todd and Terry, or is there an overlap? What are you both in charge of?

Greg: John controls finance, marketing and the day-to-day running of the business. I manage design, production and QC. Our roles never really overlap as we have enormous respect for each other and never interfere in each others roles. We’re too busy doing our own thing to be crossing into another department. There’s nothing worse than the “five minute expert.” We have totally open discussions and regularly have a difference of opinion with the final decision falling to the person in charge of that area. If we’re at logger heads over a decision, it goes to the “most passionate.” To this point in time neither of us have pulled the “most passionate card” at the same time….stay tuned!!

Q: Tell us a little bit about the history of Todd and Terry.

John: Accident or Brilliant Strategy? Depends on who we are telling the story to!
I suppose it was a combination of circumstances. Really it was Greg’s plan over a number of years to create something like this. In a fairly dramatic move, he resigned from work, sold up, and moved to Bali to live the dream. You know…Sun and Surf!

He was forever working on his designs and fashion seemed like the ideal creative outlet….and a possible business venture. On a trip to Bali to visit my old mate, I had a look at some of Greg’s work and was very impressed. We talked about the idea of doing something together (maybe it was too many beers!), but left it at that.

I came back to Melbourne to find a mock “Job Application” from Greg, to join Todd and Terry. (The name is another story)  Once everyone else had told us we were crazy to do this, it confirmed our decision to go ahead. I resigned from my job and we started working on the business plan.

Q: How are your designs created? Who designs them?

Greg: I design them, mostly from scratch. Inspiration can come from the strangest places or events..or in one case an old Hawaiian shirt. The main focus is to see each garment attract the eye and have consumer appeal. By that I mean when a consumer is shopping for underwear, he has a choice of every color in the spectrum with fancy elastic. It always struck me as strange that guys will wear printed T’s, colorful board shorts and swimwear, checkered and striped shirts and pants….although they always wore plain colored underwear. Women have always worn something special as underwear. We’re doing well because our designs could be adapted to outer clothing, especially T’s.

Q: You currently have four collections of ranges, including Solids, Classics, Asian and 70s. Any others on the horizon we can look forward to?

Greg: More variety and color. Can’t give too much away, but we’re working on a new range now that are really colorful in an interesting way, and we’ve also got a new style in the pipeline that we’ll launch with the new designs.

Q: A large amount of underwear and swimwear brands coming out right now are based in Australia. Why do you think that is? Do you think that Aussies can do it better than the rest, when it comes to this industry?

Greg: That’s a great question, the same question was asked about surfwear 30 years ago; “Why do the Australians do it so well?” Without a doubt, America is the biggest and toughest market to take on. You have to be doing everything 101%. If you don’t, there’s another brand nipping at your heels. The number of established and new brands in the US market is astonishing..and they’re all doing a great job. Our strength may come from geographically being so far away from the US that we don’t see all the new players and we’re not that influenced by whats in the marketplace at any one time. We have to innovate and we have to be original. We just do our own thing and the world is embracing us. Either way it’s fantastic for Australian brands to be recognized by the US market.

Q: While still a fairly new brand, Todd and Terry has been met with an incredible amount of enthusiasm so far. How does this make you both feel?

Greg: Honestly….it’s amazing, I find it difficult to articulate without sounding like I’ve won an academy award. Sometimes I pinch myself. To read the reviews and feedback we’re receiving is very flattering. It sure makes getting out of bed a lot more enjoyable.

John: Whilst we have had a lot of fun, it has also been a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. So it is really encouraging to get such positive recognition. But we also know that in fashion, you are only as good as your current collection so we certainly don’t get complacent.

Q: In addition to underwear, you also sell swimwear and sleepwear. Do you plan to branch into any other types of garments?.

Greg: At this stage we really have our hands full and we’re not planning to branch out into other style of garments. We are developing more of the underwear line and next year we’ll have a more complete swimwear range. We’ve put the sleepwear on hold until we have the time to give it 100%. The success of our underwear and swimwear has meant that the time we would have allocated to sleepwear has been absorbed by them.

Q: What do each of you look for when trying on underwear yourselves, both in style and fit?

Greg: Sex, sex, sex…they’ve got to look sexy, they’ve got to be an eye magnet, they’ve got to have that look, so the person you’re with says “Wow..I Iove them…where did you get them?” They’ve got to say, I’m an individual.

Fit. I want to forget I’ve got them on. Good fitting underwear has got to be like a good waiter, you just don’t even notice them.

John: Not as many people see mine as they do Greg’s, so for me, whilst look and style is important, it’s about comfort all over! That means all the detail has to be right…fabric quality, elastic quality and width, labels and tags (they can drive you mad!), stitching, and the all-important pouch!

Q: What is currently your most popular range of underwear? swimwear?

John: Our Trunk was our biggest seller, although the Brief now sells equally as well. Design-wise there are a few. Jason and Godfrey are regularly in the top few and Hamish Orange is the one that seems to always being re-ordered.

Greg: The Zip-Trunk in the swimwear is a classic and always popular. It’s got a 50s look with the small zip pocket. The better sellers are Bora Bora, Laguna and Tulum Beach. Living in a hot climate I have one of all our designs so I wear them regularly and the comments I receive around the pool are very flattering!

Q: Tell us a little about the fabrics you use for your brand. Do you plan on changing it up in the future, or does the success in Todd and Terry lie in the current fabric you use?

Greg: Our fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Importantly we’ve developed it so it doesn’t pill and the white will stay white longer. Anyone that’s worn Todd and Terry will testify that the fabric still retains its shape at the end of the day. I wish the success of Todd and Terry was as simple as just having great fabric. We’ve already done that! Its the fit, elastic, designs, marketing, finances and timing. There’s so many individual parts that go into Todd and Terry that not one thing could be the catalyst for success, although on the other hand, if you get one wrong…it could be your demise!!!

Q: Besides purchasing it through your website, www.toddandterry.com, where else can our readers find Todd and Terry, both online and in person?

John: In the US, the list is growing by the day and as we write, there are three new websites preparing to place orders as well as five new Mens specialty stores. (Three on the East Coast and two on the West).

We are currently available in select Nordstrom stores, Skivvies Dallas (Store and Online), Body Jock Co, LASC, de Marchin, In-Jean-Ious, Conquette, International Jock, Universal Gear, Maison 24, Underbriefs.com, Bravo, Packagesz4Men, Atlas Shops and Wonderwear.

Q: What can our readers look forward to from your brand in the next year?

Greg: Our stretch boxer is starting to see the light of day!! It’s designed for guys that don’t want to wear the typical old boring boxer that looks like it’s made from business shirt cloth that didn’t sell. They’re made from 100% cotton in a slim fit, although they still have that Boxer feel and comfort and are designed to be worn under fitted clothing. A more extensive swimwear collection, more designs and more styles.

John: We are planning on a load of activity in working with our customers on promotions, selected sponsorships, as well as some strategic promotional alliances with like-minded businesses. Also under wraps (for the moment) is a unique online promotional competition, which is going to be a lot of fun.

For more information on Todd and Terry, visit the brand’s official website, www.toddandterry.com.

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