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Underwear review: Hanro Cotton Sensation Briefs

By Eric

There are certain items that in a man’s wardrobe that will never go out of style: an Hermes tie; a Rolex watch; and Bally driving loafers, among them. Hanro Cotton Sensation Briefs belong in that universe.

Made of a luxurious 90% ultra-fine pima cotton/10% elastane blend that feels great against your hand and on your skin, these low-cut briefs fit like a very expensive glove. When I put them on, I liked them immediately. I really did notice the quality of the fabric and these might be the first briefs that I have ever worn that I would describe as “tailored.” There are no logos or bold waistbands — the fit and the styling speak for themselves.

And when they speak, the Hanro Cotton Sensation Briefs discuss commodities, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, first-class travel, and exotic trysts with beautiful people in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Berlin.

These briefs are comfortable enough to wear every day and in any environment, and while they are rather low-cut and kind of sexy, they are certainly conservative enough to change in or out of at the gym without attracting attention. They are available in black, white and “anthracite” — a charcoal gray — all timeless colors. Plus, they are packaged in a handsome white box that any man would enjoy receiving as a gift.

The Hanro Cotton Sensation Briefs look expensive and they are expensive. At $40 per pair, a one week supply would run you close to $300. Given the price, I cannot imagine them being my everyday briefs that I wear to the office or running to the grocery store or lounging around my apartment watching TV. No, these are meant to be worn on a special date or on a second job interview or any occasion when you just want to feel polished from your jacket to your pants down to your briefs.

Then again, if you like to treat yourself (or a special someone) with a little luxury now and then, $40 for the Cotton Sensation Briefs isn’t an unreasonable price to pay. I do love owning them and I can probably convince myself that my bank account would not suffer terribly if I bought one or two pair more.

What Verdict
Style and look? Low-cut briefs.
Suitable for? Special occasions, gifts or pretty much any occasion if you can afford it.
Fit and quality? Highest quality 90% mercerized pima cotton/10% elastane blend; low cut.
Is the price right? $40 is rather expensive, but consider it an investment.
Best thing about it? Classic and luxurious.
Overall grade ★★★★★
Buy it here www.internationaljock.com

hanro cotton sensation briefs full

hanro cotton sensation briefs front

hanro cotton sensation briefs back

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Jake Joseph’s holiday shopping guide for men’s underwear

Happy 1st December, guys! We’re kicking off the Christmas month with an amazing post.

It is a huge honor for us to introduce guest blogger Jake Joseph HIMSELF! You may remember him and his undies from Val’s 5 star review of the Jake Joseph Classic Brief. 5 stars, people, that’s rare.

Anyway, Jake has been kind enough to offer his helpful advice for your holiday underwear shopping. You wouldn’t want to miss it – there are some great tips in there.

Don’t forget to visit his store over at jakejosephco.com.

Without further ado, here it is: Jake Joseph’s 2011 men’s underwear holiday shopping guide.

By Jake Joseph

From the essentials to indulgences, it seems that our shopping styles have shifted the past few years.  As the holiday time is upon us, many shoppers are on a mission to purchase items of both value & quality.

For every wallet size and fit preference, there are some terrific options out there.  Here is some information that may help you make great purchases for whomever is on your shopping list!


Look for: Modal and Viscose. (These fabrics are terrific and resilient, and long-lasting even after washing).

Helpful Tip: The leg binding is an important and often overlooked facet.  The bottoms of stretch pairs that are reinforced help the product from bunching up the leg and lend a more uniform fit.

For those who prefer BOXERS:

Look for: 100% Cotton and Pima. (The Pima’s are both breathable and contain some elasticity).

Helpful Tip: Each individual’s trunks (thigh area) are different in length and width.  Find a leg length that fits your body type the best.



Look for: Aussiebum and Zimmerli (Brands that stand out in this category)

Helpful Tip: Aussiebum produces modern briefs that have multi-colored and interesting designs (20 USD).  Zimmerli of Switzerland delivers an excellent brief that is understated in color and promotes a terrific fit (55-70 USD).

zimmerli business class brief


Look for: Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk and Perofil

Helpful Tip: If you want soft and breathable, go with Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk (20 USD).  If you want light-weight and comfortable, go with Perofil 4Ever Pima Cotton Pushup Trunk. They come in a bit shorter than normal trunks, providing comfort and an overall good fit (37 USD).

Calvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk


Look for: Polo Ralph Lauren and Lululemon’s Game On

Helpful Tip: For comfortable and simple, go with Polo Ralph Lauren’s Knit Boxer Briefs (3 for 38 USD). For a solid fit geared for athletic activity, go for Lululemon’s Game On Boxer Brief (24 USD).

Lululemon Game on Boxer Brief


Look for: Brooks Brothers and Hanro of Switzerland

Helpful Tip: If you prefer a more traditional leg length, go for

Brooks Brothers (25 USD).  If you want the traditional boxer style with an element of stretch, go for Hanro of Switzerland’s Cotton Knit Mercerized Cotton boxers (70 USD).

HANRO Cotton Knot Boxer

Peace & Happy Holidays,

Jake Joseph

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