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7 facts you didn’t know about underwear

Today we welcome guest blogger, Holly from Underwearunlimited.co.uk, to GUB. With our recent fascination with men’s underwear statistics, we liked the idea of Holly’s list with 7 fun facts about the world of underwear that you most likely didn’t know. Que Holly!

By Holly

We all wear underwear, don’t we? If you don’t you really should, as in some places around the world it is illegal. Did you also know that the US revealed that 9% of men in America have underwear that is at least 10 years old?

Underwear is fun and there are hundreds of facts out there about this intimate garment of clothing, many of which we can put money on you not knowing. Whilst many of these underwear facts are sure to never pop up on your favorite television quiz show, there will come a time in your life when interesting facts about underwear will be appropriate at the dinner table.

For example, did you know that Agent Provocateur and Puma underwear use porn references in their advertising to get people talking (maybe this isn’t a fact for the dinner table)? When that time arises, you will thank us for our infinite underwear knowledge.

Find below 7 facts you didn’t know about underwear.

1. In Brazil, you are expected to always wear brand new underwear on New Year’s Eve.

2. In the US, consumers spend more than $13 billion on underwear and lingerie every single year.

3. You can buy edible underwear in almost any flavor you like, with some made from sweets and others from chocolate (yes, chocolate that melts!)

4. Around 85% of men do not use the opening in their underwear to urinate, instead opting to simply pull the underwear down slightly.

5. When packing to go abroad, underwear is the most common thing which we forget to pack, leading to a trip to a clothing store.

6. You can buy boxers shorts from designer UNDER with two solid gold buttons on the front. They cost around £100.

7. In Thailand it is illegal to go commando and wear no underwear, despite the heat, and you can be arrested for it.

Do you know any other interesting facts about underwear? Have you got any fun underwear stories to tell us? Be sure to let us know!

Underwear unlimited

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The GUB Grind II – pictures and video!

By Valdamar

Hello all you underwear lovers out there! On April 13th we held our second GUB Grind, an underwear fashion show and auction that raised money for Colorado Springs Pride.

This year was even better than last year! First off because we didn’t hold it during a blizzard. We had over 100 pair of underwear donated from Jake Joseph, MeUndies.com, MusclePix, UnderBriefs.com, and a few of our favorite erotic stars; Scott Spears and Jace Tyler. We also had some donations from a local vendor, Naughty and Nice, located in Old Colorado City. We had some great volunteers and models who made the event a success, plus they looked good in undies too.

First off MusclePix decked the club out with 2’x3’ vinyl posters from the GUB original photo collection. The club looked great! Plus we had the beats of DJ Jer to dance to and the models to strut to. Although at one point during the fashion show “short man” came on, I don’t think our models fit that song, haha. We also had a few great guest hosts; Kyree Myst and Beyanna J Banks. Of course we had a GREAT venue, Club Q in Colorado Spring. After the whole thing I danced the night away with the models till like 3am!

Second we had our silent auction with a bunch of great undies going for really good prices. We even had a few signed photos and underwear from Scott Spears. His underwear was designed for him to wear in a fashion show in Palm Springs. And yes we auctioned off the actual underwear he wore. Sexy Jace Tyler also donated a pair of his underwear that he personally signed and included an autographed picture. Plus he shared a photo of him self biting these undies!

Of course the highlight of the night was the Fashion Show. Here we had our five beautiful models showing off the hot undies we had donated to us: Chris, Jordon, Michael, Nick, and Solomon. We had three separate shows with three themes: Sports, Formal, and Hawaii. After each show we then brought the models back on stage and auctioned the underwear right off them! We had underwear going for up to $45. Funny thing was the highest bidders seemed to be the ladies. It’s good to see women are interested in a man in, or out, of quality undies.

The night was a huge success and we were able to raise over $1,000 for Colorado Springs Pride and their fight for equality! Civil Unions just became legal in Colorado as of May 1st, next step Marriage Equality! Good job Colorado. Next year the GUB Grind is going to be HUGE!!! Really HUGE!!! More info on that later.

We would like to thank: Club Q, Jake Joseph, MusclePix, MeUndies.com, Naughty and Nice, UnderBriefs.com, the Model and Volunteers.



Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Guys Underwear Blog GUB Grind event 2013

Please visit the supports of the GUB Grind II:

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Summer Underwear Survival Guide

Today we have a special treat for you today in the shape of a guest post by the good folks over at Underwear Unlimited. They’ve put together an awesome set of tips to guys who want to make smart underwear choices this summer.

So, listen up guys. We can all learn something from this.

By Underwear Unlimited

Uncomfortable underwear over the summer period has reached pandemic levels, with unconfirmed reports that some men have naively started resorting to ‘commando’ tactics.

Summer and underwear have never been a happy combination for many suffering men. However, there are some essential survival techniques that can help you through this difficult period.

Survival Tip #1: Put your boxers away

Boxer shorts allow for poor circulation around the area of your crotch, whilst this can prove to feel cosy and warm during the cooler months, boxers are a big no-no over the summer period.

Diesel BriefsSurvival Tip #2: Opt for cotton underwear

Not only is cotton a high-quality, attractive fabric; it also allows your skin to breathe easily – allowing excellent air circulation and keeping you feeling fresh and cool where it matters most.

Survival Tip #3: Briefs and thongs can do no wrong

Briefs and thongs minimise the amount of material that can stick to your skin whilst also keeping everything in place, as well as importantly sweat levels at a minimum.

Calvin Klein thongSurvival Tip #4: Do NOT go commando

No matter how appealing it may seem, do NOT go commando. You are jeopardizing the respect of your peers and also your own dignity, by risking exposure of unsightly damp patches most likely to be caused by sweat. Also, contrary to common belief, commando has been shown to increase sweat levels around the crotch, due to the ‘clammier’ materials touching your skin.

By following these simple survival techniques, you can make it through this summer in comfort with your dignity intact. Ensure you share these essential tips with friends to leave no man in discomfort this summer.

If you are looking for underwear to prevent summer despair, you can find the essential equipment you need at UnderwearUnlimited.co.uk, a leading online supplier of designer underwear for men.

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Modal Me – A guide to some great modal underwear for men

Please give a warm welcome to our newest guest blogger by the name of “E”.

In today’s post E shares with us some of his favorite undies that all have in common that they are made from modal – one of our favorite underwear fabrics.

If you’re new to this seductive and soft fabric type, this is the perfect starters guide!

By E.

I couldn’t think of a better topic to write about than modal underwear for my very first article on Guyunderwearblog.com.

As an undie enthusiast I have various undies; thongs, briefs, jocks, trunks and like two pairs of non sexy boxers. Most are made of cotton, some nylon. But nothing, I mean nothing, beats a pair or modal fabric undies covering my ass and my “boys”.

One of my favorites is the Sports Brief by Obviously – as seen below. Obviously predominately makes most of their underwear with Modal, which means they are my favorite brand. The sports brief is espeObviously Sport Brief made from Modalcially dear to heart because it’s perfect.

I enjoy feeling sexy underneath my jeans and button down shirt when I’m calvin klein x boxer briefworking for 14 hours a day, but I also I need to be comfortable and the briefs provide that. If I have a date set up they get as excited – as I do – when they see me drop down to those briefs.

Here is why: The Pouch fits your dick like a glove it puts it center stage. The pouch hangs as low as you do, or as high. It’s perfect the waistband feels great as well and sits low on your waist so it shows off your body perfectly and gets your date excited  just by looking at you.  The brief is not only sexy but comfortable I wear at work when I’m at the gym working up a sweat. It’s perfect.

My next favorite pair is from Calvin 2xist modal no-show briefsKlein X  Boxer Brief.  When I don’t feel like wearing a brief these Calvin klein Boxer briefs are the next thing. These boxers are pretty long covering to the very beginning of my thighs. But the beautiful thing about these is it doesn’t ride up your thigh like most boxer briefs or gather in the crotch area. No picking out.

Again because it’s made of Modal you still feel sexy underneath your suit and if you get excited at work it keeps your excitement concealed.  These don’t shrink either when you wash them. They come in bright colors so when your pants sag low they show off your asset and you can match with your outfit.

You can’t go wrong with anything made by 2(x)ist. When the company decided to start making undies made of Modal I was as happy as a child on Christmas morning.

My pair of 2xist briefs are again comfortable and sexy. I’ve worn them to the gym, work and of course when entertaining.  They keep your junk in one place and dry.

All the above-mentioned modal undies can be bought over at Guys Underwear Favorite, International Jock.

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CK One Micro – An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

Guys, we have another guest blogger that we would like to introduce you to. It’s Scott from SkinnyJonz who has put together a review of the very popular CK One Micro style.

Welcome, Scott!

By Scott from SkinnyJonz

Calvin Klein Underwear released the CK One range in 2011 and for Autumn/Winter they have released a cotton and microfiber range with various designs and colours.

CK One initially came out with the standard white and black variations and the new leaves designs look great for this time of year.  There is a multi-coloured version and a black and white gift pack suitable for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

There are some urban looking designs as well also available in the microfiber fabric with the CK New York Graffiti design being the most eye catching.

The CK One range is a really good fit and a little more snug than the usual Pro Stretch products and the low rise waistband is really comfortable and looks great.  The microfiber fabric is luxurious, has a nice feel and looks elegant.  I have been wearing various CK One trunks for the past few weeks and whilst you know what you are getting with Calvin Klein I am impressed by the fit and quality.

As always, Calvin Klein will no doubt be bringing further variations out in this very popular product line and the campaign still looks fresh, urban and young – keep it up CK.

CK One Micro leaves

CK One Micro Black

CK One Micro Box

What Verdict
Style and look? The Calvin Klein – CK ONE is available in a low rise trunk or a brief.  The legs are short, making them comfortable to wear.  I wore the multi-coloured trunk version, and it looked and felt great. The waistband felt soft and will look great peaking out just above your jeans’ waistline, featuring the signature Calvin Klein logo and a small CK ONE tab at the back.
Suitable for? Every day underwear, but that something special too. The stretchy fabric composition (91% Nylon, 9% Elastane) meant that they provided proper support and felt light. Also, you might even use them for sports if you feel like it, as this fabric composition will allow your body to breath better than regular cotton undies.
Fit and quality? The fit was absolutely great due to the fabric quality. I wore a size M for a 34 inch waist but if you are larger you might want to choose a size L. The quality – as always with Calvin Klein is fantastic.
Is the price right? The CK One products are very good value for money, especially for a top quality microfiber product.
Best thing about it? The younger, urban designs are fresh and exciting and it’s great that Calvin Klein are producing products with a more snug fit with higher quality fabrics!
Overall grade ★★★★☆
A fine new line from Calvin Klein that’ll be a hit with most guys!
Buy them here CK ONE @ SkinnyJonz
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Jake Joseph’s holiday shopping guide for men’s underwear

Happy 1st December, guys! We’re kicking off the Christmas month with an amazing post.

It is a huge honor for us to introduce guest blogger Jake Joseph HIMSELF! You may remember him and his undies from Val’s 5 star review of the Jake Joseph Classic Brief. 5 stars, people, that’s rare.

Anyway, Jake has been kind enough to offer his helpful advice for your holiday underwear shopping. You wouldn’t want to miss it – there are some great tips in there.

Don’t forget to visit his store over at jakejosephco.com.

Without further ado, here it is: Jake Joseph’s 2011 men’s underwear holiday shopping guide.

By Jake Joseph

From the essentials to indulgences, it seems that our shopping styles have shifted the past few years.  As the holiday time is upon us, many shoppers are on a mission to purchase items of both value & quality.

For every wallet size and fit preference, there are some terrific options out there.  Here is some information that may help you make great purchases for whomever is on your shopping list!


Look for: Modal and Viscose. (These fabrics are terrific and resilient, and long-lasting even after washing).

Helpful Tip: The leg binding is an important and often overlooked facet.  The bottoms of stretch pairs that are reinforced help the product from bunching up the leg and lend a more uniform fit.

For those who prefer BOXERS:

Look for: 100% Cotton and Pima. (The Pima’s are both breathable and contain some elasticity).

Helpful Tip: Each individual’s trunks (thigh area) are different in length and width.  Find a leg length that fits your body type the best.



Look for: Aussiebum and Zimmerli (Brands that stand out in this category)

Helpful Tip: Aussiebum produces modern briefs that have multi-colored and interesting designs (20 USD).  Zimmerli of Switzerland delivers an excellent brief that is understated in color and promotes a terrific fit (55-70 USD).

zimmerli business class brief


Look for: Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk and Perofil

Helpful Tip: If you want soft and breathable, go with Calvin Klein’s Micro Modal Trunk (20 USD).  If you want light-weight and comfortable, go with Perofil 4Ever Pima Cotton Pushup Trunk. They come in a bit shorter than normal trunks, providing comfort and an overall good fit (37 USD).

Calvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk


Look for: Polo Ralph Lauren and Lululemon’s Game On

Helpful Tip: For comfortable and simple, go with Polo Ralph Lauren’s Knit Boxer Briefs (3 for 38 USD). For a solid fit geared for athletic activity, go for Lululemon’s Game On Boxer Brief (24 USD).

Lululemon Game on Boxer Brief


Look for: Brooks Brothers and Hanro of Switzerland

Helpful Tip: If you prefer a more traditional leg length, go for

Brooks Brothers (25 USD).  If you want the traditional boxer style with an element of stretch, go for Hanro of Switzerland’s Cotton Knit Mercerized Cotton boxers (70 USD).

HANRO Cotton Knot Boxer

Peace & Happy Holidays,

Jake Joseph

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