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Expose Mesh Trunk – A review

Heard of Expose?

It’s a top-selling Columbian men’s underwear brand from the same company, Beyond Big Branding, that have brought you brands such as Piss & Vinegar and Lazzybum.

Expose underwear is all about, well, exposure. At least the style I’ve been looking into, including the mesh trunk I’m reviewing today. So if you’re looking for a spunky pair of underwear to liven up your underwear drawer, this may actually be a qualified choice.

Why? Well, normally I find that sheer and mesh underwear can be fun to wear for a night out, but too often that kind of underwear just isn’t comfortable enough to wear an entire day.

Now, I would never recommend a product I truly didn’t find comfortable, so believe me when I tell you that this mesh trunk is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Go figure…

Expose Mesh trunk - men's underwear

The Expose Mesh trunk is a classic low-to-mid rise trunk cut. The sides/legs of the trunk measure about 7,5 inches including waistband. From afar it can actually be difficult to see that it’s made from a mesh fabric. I like that the sexiness of the mesh fabric is understated and hinted in this way. This means that you could actually wear the trunk all day or to the gym without causing any overly indecent exposures.

Pouch design
The pouch is single layered with a center seam. I didn’t notice the center seam at all while wearing th trunk. In terms of pouch room, support, fit, and stretch, this trunk does an excellent job. I especially have to single out the stretchiness of the fabric. It’s extremely flexible and will adapt to packages of most sizes.

Be aware, a single layered mesh pouch – even in black – will give potential onlookers a more than vague idea of what’s underneath the fabric. But hey, chances are if you’re contemplating getting a pair of mesh underwear, this is the effect you’re going for :)

Expose Mesh trunk pouch

Back design
The back of the Expose Mesh trunk too comes with an unnoticeable center seam. Well, unnoticeable in the sense that it’s not uncomfortable. The function of the center seam is to make each buttock stand out on its own – which it does rather well.

You could say that it would be irrelevant to talk about the level of back coverage when the trunk is made from see-through mesh fabric. However, I do find it important to point out that as this trunk is a mid-rise cut, it satisfactorily covers the top part of your rear and prevents your butt crack from appearing, which – mesh or no mesh – is just plain unattractive.

Expose Mesh trunk back

The 1,2 inches wide waistband is white with light gray EXPOSE logos imprinted. I liked that it was not too tight and, in line with the rest of the trunk, had a lots of stretch. It did the job of keeping the trunk in place all day just fine.

The waistband has a production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the waistband. Like most of today’s men’s underwear, however, the stitching is done so that you won’t be bothered by the patch.

Fabric quality
Mesh is a type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance, and the spaces between the yarns. This particular mesh composition is made from 78 % Polyamide and 8 % Elastane, which is the key to the impressive stretch capabilities of the trunk.

The holes in the fabric are tiny, about the size of a pencil tip, so you won’t be giving away any government secrets – but you sure will be hinting them :)

Overall, the fabric feels incredibly soft and lightweight which are some of main characteristic of comfortable underwear that you want to wear for an entire day.

I wore the black variation of the Expose Mesh trunk, which is the most subtle choice available. You can also choose to go for more revealing white, light gray, and red variations.

Thanks to the stretchiness of the fabric I found the trunk to be a fine fit. I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist. No need to size either up or down.

I found the Expose Mest trunk for sale at Freshpair for US $25,50, which takes it in to the very popular mid-price category. It’s a fair price, I think, for a fun trunk like this.

Go to Freshpair.com to get your Expose Mesh trunk.

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