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Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Brief of the Year 2010. Nominee 3/6: Element(o)s Brief

We’re about halfway through the run-through of the nominees for the title of Guys’ Underwear Blog’s Brief of the Year 2010.

Close to 300 guys already voted. So cool!

Cast your vote at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, today I’d like to introduce the dark horse in this race – the extremely well-made Element(o)s Brief.

It might not be an underwear super brand like 2(x)ist and aussieBum, but Brazilian Element(o)s took me by surprise back in July when I first tried out their brief.

While the design might not be winning any awards, the fit, fabric and production quality were absolutely perfect.

The brief is made from an eco-friendly 96 % Viscose of Bamboo and 4 % Elastane fabric blend. The bamboo fiber-based fabric is one of the softest and lightest I have ever worn.

Another small, but very nice feature, is the product information patch. Or rather, lack of patch. In fact, it’s printed the information on the inside of the brief below the waistband.

Why don’t all underwear manufacturers do that?? I hate information patches that itch and nag.

Thumbs up, Element(o)s!

Elementos brief

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Brief of the Year 2010: Vote for your favorite!

Which new men’s brief was the best in 2010?

Over the last 12 months I have reviewed a lot of underwear. Really, you should see my underwear drawer. It’s seriously overflowing.

So, yesterday – as I was sorting through this ocean of briefs I’ve acquired in 2010 – I picked out the 6 best pairs.

Now I need your help to determine which brief was the absolute best to come out in 2010.

Today I announce all the nominees and over the next 6 days you can vote for your personal favorite.

Every day until the end of the voting period will feature a short introduction of each of the nominated briefs.

Without further ado, here – in no particular order – are the 6 nominees (you can vote at the bottom of the post):

Click on each to read my complete review of each brief.

1. Teamm8 Signature Brief

Price: $28

Get it here: www.teamm8.com

Teamm8 Signature Brief

2. N2N Twilight Brief

Price: $18

Get it here: www.n2nbodywear.com

Twilight Brief pouch

3. Elementos Brief

Price: $22

Get it here: www.underbriefs.com

Element(o)s brief

4. Ristefsky Macheda Dare Brief


Get it here: www.ristefskymacheda.com

Ristefsky Macheda Dare Brief front

5. Aussiebum WJ Pro Brief

Price: $20

Get it here: www.aussiebum.com

Aussiebum wjpro brief

6. 2(x)ist SLIQ brief


Get it here: www.underbriefs.com

2(x)ist sliq brief

Vote now:

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Elementos trunk – an Xpress review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

When I review a certain style, like the Element(o)s brief, the underwear collection in question will often feature other cuts like trunks or boxer briefs. Most times, the different cuts will share key features like the fabric type, waistband, color design, and so on.

Therefore I am introducing a new review concept, an Xpress review. Xpress reviews will build on the extended review of an item from the same collection. The “X” reviews are to the point and will not include the nitty-gritty details that have already been examined in the main collection review.

Case: Xpress review of The Element(o)s trunk
If you haven’t already read the review of the Element(o)s brief, check that out that first to get extended information on the Elementos brand, the fabric, waistband details and so on.
Elementos trunk Element(o)s trunk

Feature Verdict
Style and look Typical boxer brief/trunk look with legs of proper length, ending in the mid-to-upper thigh area. Satisfactory pouch room and back coverage. A modern yet conservatively looking trunk with a discrete waistband for guys who are looking for a pair of no-bullshit basic trunks.
Suitable for? Everyday purposes and all-day wear. The fabric is lightweight, soft and not too tight. Same goes for the waistband. Wear it to work and other casual events. Don’t wear it when excising, and choose a more funky style for date nights.
Fit and quality? An absolutely perfect fit and fabric quality. I wore a size M for a size 32/33 inch waist. No need to size up or down. No muffin effect was experienced.
Is the price right? The Element(o)s trunk is in the basic underwear category. Items in this category should never cost more than US $30. This trunk is priced at $24, which is a fair price for underwear of this fabric and production quality.
Best thing about it? The fabric is made from viscose of Bamboo mixed with Elastane. It feels incredibly soft and more leight than traditional cotton blends – and it’s eco-friendly.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

A very satisfactory basic trunk. Other brands offer cheaper alternatives and more color and design options, but Element(o)s has many of them them beat in terms of fabric quality and fit.

Buy it here www.elementosbrazil.com
Typical boxer brief/trunk look with legs of proper length, ending in the mid-to-upper thigh area. Satisfactory pouch room and back coverage. A modern yet conservatively looking trunk with a discrete waistband for guys who are looking for a pair of no-bullshit basic trunks.
GD Star Rating

Elementos brief – A review. With runway video!

Elementos, or Element(o)s to be correct, is a fascinating upcoming men’s underwear brand out of Brazil.

The brand made its way onto my radar via online men’s underwear store UnderBriefs.com, which arranged for me to get hold of a couple of samples.

And I’m glad they did!

Since I hadn’t heard much about the brand I really didn’t know what to expect. The last couple of days I’ve been wearing first the Elementos brief followed by the Elementos trunk.

In brief (pun intended), both styles are some of the better options I’ve seen in a while when it comes to comfortable basic men’s underwear.

What’s basic underwear?

Well, to me it’s no-fuzz (as in no invasive lift technology, not too low-rise, nor too skimpy, etc.) underwear for everyday purposes, made from a quality fabric that feels soft against the skin, covers everything up and provides proper fit.

Being the Youtube addict I am, I’ve dug up video of an Element(o)s fashion show where you get a good view of both styles. Take a look.

Skip to the 00:58 mark to see the trunk and to the 02:30 mark to see the brief.

At the bottom of the post I’ve listed some of my other favorite basic underwear ranges.

Now, though, spotlight is on the excellent Elementos brief.

Element(o)s brief

The Element(o)s brief is a modern classic brief cut, meaning not a full cut, but not too low-rise either. At their narrowest, the sides measure 2,5-3 inches including waistband (the sides can stretch to 3 inches when you’re wearing the brief). This also means that the brief doesn’t look too much like a bikini brief cut. Overall the brief rests perfectly on the hips.

Pouch design
With basic underwear you often get a standard-sized, double-layered pouch – and so it is with the Elementos brief. Furthermore, the pouch has very discrete center seam that holds the two layers together.

I will get back to the special fabric used for this brief later in the review, but it’s safe to say that the pouch enjoys some serious stretch capabilities which ensure loads of room for your stuff. I didn’t feel that this feature compromised the overall fit and support of the pouch.

Back design
The back design is where the Elementos brief really shines. For the size and shape of my butt this brief provided the best coverage I’ve experienced in ages. The leg openings were cut so that they separated the upper thigh from the butt cheeks just right.

What this means is that the back of the briefs doesn’t crawl in between the butt cheeks (due to too much fabric with leg openings ending too far down on the thigh). The same thing can happen if the back of the brief is too skimpy with leg openings ending halfway up on the butt cheeks.

Honestly, the Elementos brief was a pleasure to wear both front and back.

Element(o)s brief back

The waistband of the Elementos brief is a little more than 1 inch wide. Nothing much to say about it other than it has the Element(o)s Brazil brand name embroidered in black and white to contrast the overall black look of the brief.

The waistband has standard stretch, which didn’t cause any muffin top effect.

Praise must be given to Elementos for leaving out the product information patch that’s normally stitched to the inside rear of the waistband. Like we saw it with the Todd and Terry Hamish trunk, they’ve printed the information on the inside of the trunk below the waistband.

Element(o)s brief

Fabric quality
The brief is made from a very exotic and eco-friendly 96 % Viscose of Bamboo and 4 % Elastane. The bamboo fiber-based fabric feels incredibly soft and light while still providing sufficient stretch.

You know, plant-based fiber fabrics and eco-friendliness seem to be all the craze this summer. Remember how Aussiebum went for banana fibers for their Banana collection?

The Elementos brief is black with white tribal on both sides of frontal panel. The tribal patterns are subtle and do not command much attention. Besides the black and white color theme you can go for a blue variant as well.

As hinted throughout the review, the fit of the Elementos brief was just wonderful. I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist, and I can see absolutely no need to size either up or down.

The Elementos brief is a very reasonable buy at US $22. In general, you shouldn’t pay more than $25 for a pair of men’s basic underwear.

Buy Elementos underwear here

Other men’s underwear collections which fall into the basic category include

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