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BR4SS Fitted Boxer: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Chris

A few weeks ago we introduced you to a new brand called BR4SS and now it’s time for a review to help you get an even better feel for it.

As I said in the initial introduction, BR4SS may look more like boxers than your average pair of designer underwear, but the gap between them is much larger than you’d think.

When I first took the pair out of its well-designed packaging, my first thought was, “Wow! They are very soft and stretchy!” That, for me, illustrated the first major difference between BR4SS and boxers: boxers usually have no give, which can be a problem if they get bunched up and you try to make a broad movement.

I didn’t hesitate a minute to put them on and see how they fit, and I’m glad I didn’t, because they were amazingly comfortable. And before I could wear them for very long at all, I could tell that they would live up to the statement that they were “more supportive than boxers and less restrictive than briefs.” The hybrid structure is very unique to BR4SS underwear, so if you’re in the market for something different, look no further than BR4SS!

Read on to learn more about this exciting new style!

BR4SS underwear for men front

br4ss upclose

br4ss fabric

What Verdict
Style and look? BR4SS prides itself foremost on their outstanding attitude, and their underwear shouts that message from the tops of mountains. Its design is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Think about it – when’s the last time you saw premium underwear what wasn’t either a simple pattern or a solid color?

Because BR4SS isn’t a pouch style underwear (like a brief or a boxer brief), there’s naturally less enhancement; a profile view, however, shows that there’s just enough to be sexy without overdoing it. The bottom line to the style and look of BR4SS underwear is that it gives you that edgy, confident look.

Suitable for? BR4SS is a great everyday underwear- it’s completely comfortable and doesn’t ride up like normal boxers do. Depending on how you like to feel when you go out to parties (completely free versus snug in a tight pair), these can also be great to wear then.

Similarly, depending on how you like to feel when you are working out, these can be great because they offer that freedom and breathability. If you’re looking for a snugger fit to keep everything together, however, consider pulling a different pair out of your drawer.

Fit and quality? Like all underwear, the fit depends on your size, which may be more apparent for BR4SS than most brands. Because the cut is meant to give a tapered fit, the more you can accentuate that feature, the better. I am a small person so the small fit me well; however, my friend who is usually between medium and large wore a medium and found the fit tighter to the skin (in a good way). Because of this observation (and as per the recommendation on the BR4SS site), I would advise sizing down if you’re unsure. Chances are they won’t be too tight, and even if they are a bit small, the stretch of the fabric will help relieve some of that.

In terms of quality, BR4SS is top of the line. There were no loose strings, and everything is so well put-together that I know these will last me a long time! BR4SS will take anything you throw at it, so don’t be afraid to explore! ;)

Is the price right? Absolutely, yes. At only $16 per pair, BR4SS gives you an extremely high-quality pair of underwear that is sure to change the face of your underwear drawer. You won’t regret the money you spend here.
Best thing about it? The best thing about BR4SS underwear is how completely different it is. Its not a sexy novelty that you’ll only wear once or twice, but its also not your average pair of underwear that doesn’t feel special to slip on. BR4SS has this attitude about it that carries you along with it once you put them on. This style, combined with the sheer comfort it offers, makes BR4SS a unique brand that leaves you wanting more.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

BR4SS has created an inspired pair of underwear that’ll have you feeling good every time you wear them. They’re sexy and comfortable, too. Go on, try something different and buy a pair!

Buy it here www.br4ss.com

Look here to see where BR4SS is sold in stores.

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Introducing: BR4SS Boxers. Buy 1 get 1 free, only for fans of Guys’ Underwear Blog!

By Chris

We’re all about the new brands these days, so here’s another one comin’ at you: BR4SS!

Now, if you’re just scrolling down to look at the pictures (who doesn’t do that?), you may think to yourself, “Those look an awful lot like boxers; I don’t like boxers…” Think again.

Sure, BR4SS underwear may look like boxers, but trust us, it is the boxers’ more handsome,  flattering cousin that everyone wants to be around. Designed in Los Angeles, California, BR4SS underwear is actually a product even you underwear enthusiasts may not have tried yet!

The idea is this: boxers are great because they offer a looser fit that lets the body breathe; but unfortunately, boxers have a whole bunch of nasty side effects. They ride up, they don’t stretch with your body, and they’re often very unflattering. BR4SS seeks to eliminate those problems while still giving you that “boxer” experience. The underwear has a stretchy, tapered design that sits nearer to the skin yet doesn’t constrict. They are extremely soft, made from the tried and true cotton/spandex blend.

What makes BR4SS a great brand (besides their great underwear, of course), is the attitude it takes on life: “We are influenced by the diverse cultures and personalities that surround us.  BR4SS believes in the power of the underdogs who achieve their dreams through focus, confidence, and the BR4SS attitude.”

Be on the lookout very soon for a review! You won’t want to miss it.

For now, BR4SS is running a very special promotion just with Guys Underwear Blog readers! For the first 15 customers who act on this deal, you can buy one pair, get one pair free! That’s an unheard-of deal and it certainly won’t last for long.

Here are the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” details:

- The offer is only available to the first 15 customers
- Head over to BR4SS.com, buy 1 pair using the code “GUB15″.
- BR4SS will then give you FREE shipping (within the U.S.) AND include a surprise pair of underwear in your size

With that, have a look at what you’ll be wearing soon…BR4SS underwear for men blueBR4SS underwear for men boxer shortsBR4SS underwear for men front

BR4SS underwear for men

BR4SS underwear for men back

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