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New Balance Compression Sports Brief: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

New Balance performance underwear presents us with the Compression Sports Brief. I have to admit when I found out about this review I was VERY excited because it’s not often that we get to review a pair of athletic underwear.

Actually I have worked with three different underwear blogs and I never remember seeing a major athletic brand reviewed. I hope this will be a new trend for our site!

As stated, New Balance offers clothing, shoes and accessories for people who are inclined toward sports and athletics and therefore the products they put out are geared to fit the needs these active people will encounter and it’s no different in their underwear line.

This compression brief is first and foremost designed to meet the challenges of the athletic man. Its fabric is breathable and designed to keep you dry and cool with it‘s moisture wicking quality. It even has an odor control to it.

It also is made with flat seams so as to avoid chaffing while you move. The contours are supportive and the front pouch is not as large and roomy as some designer brands, but again this brief is made to support you in an active lifestyle not to create a larger looking bulge.

The brief is perfectly calculated to help the athlete in you come out and perform at the peak of your game. And yet even though the primary function of this underwear is for performance it doesn’t mean its looks are boring.

The brief has a sleek elastic waistband made with the same shimmering look many of the designer brands have been using recently. Its bold colors and solid stripe add a definition to your waist while the “NB” brand is located just off to the side on your front right hip.

I love the purposeful placement of the brand logo on the band. It definitely lets everyone know you are an energetic kind of man. The material also makes a statement beyond just being functional. It has a very smooth and sleek sexiness to it and feels incredibly soft as it hugs you body with its 3 way stretchiness. This is a purposeful. well-designed, useful and good looking pair of underwear.

Again, I was VERY excited to try these briefs and when they arrived I couldn’t get them on fast enough. I happen to be a pretty active guy and avid gym goer; being that I work as a fitness trainer I feel I have to.

I was happy to have on a pair of underwear that gave me the support and comfort as well as flexibility to accomplish my workout routines.

The brief was very comfortable and extremely supportive. Unlike many designer briefs the pouch is a little more snug keeping you in place as it has been designed to do.

I liked the extra assistance down there, however some men may find it a little confining for every day wear. I didn’t just wear the briefs to the gym, but also to work and everywhere I went all day.

I washed the underwear and dried it by machine as recommended and it came out looking good and feeling like new. I put the brief through the grind one more time and again it held up impeccably.

I love this brief and like the statement it makes as an athletic brand of underwear. I love the designer undies I have and the style and character they provide my wardrobe and fashion. The New Balance Compression Sports Brief just adds to the character and personality of my collection and completes the definition of me as an active and outgoing guy.

It’s a great pair of underwear to add to your assortment of great-looking, high quality underwear.

And as for the odor control I admit I took a big whiff after a days use and couldn’t smell any offensive stench, not that I expected to even without the odor control but I had to give it a shot.

New Balance Performance Athletic Underwear

New Balance Performance Athletic Underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is athletic and gives you the image of a “jock” kind of guy without being too sexual or overstated. The look is sleek and defined and the brief is made to fit your body seamlessly and has a soft shimmer subtly drawing attention to your form.
Suitable for? The active and adventurous parts of your life. The brief is undeniably suited for athletics and has been flawlessly accomplishes that goal. Yet the brief is comfortable enough and good looking enough to be worn anytime and anyplace working great as everyday underwear.
Fit and quality? The fit is terrific, I ordered a medium and received a medium which is the size I wear and they fit perfectly. The quality is also very high and the brief should last you a long long time. It is a brief that was made to endure levels of high activity and so the construction matches that objective.
Is the price right? The price is set at $19.99 which is a great price for such a well made, attractive and functional brief. I have seen other athletic brands with similar products that have gone for much more, this is a great value.
Best thing about it? It’s makes you feel like a jock. The brief gives you that inner boost just knowing you have a performance designed undergarment girding your boys. I like the feel and when the band peeks out it has athlete written all over it making you grasp at higher expectations of your athletic prowess. Great underwear by a great brand.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Overall I have to give New Balance a 4 out of 5 stars. Although the focus of New Balance is to create clothing to meet a practical need they have managed to do so with style and pizzazz. Thank you New Balance for giving us and our readers to see a different side of the underwear industry, that of athletic underwear. Even the jocks need to look good!

Buy it here www.shopnewbalance.com
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