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Archive for May, 2011

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Jake Gyllenhaall pic… it ain’t him!

Hello my fellow underwear lovers! The tradition beginning of summer is here and I could not be more happy. Hopefully you can find an occasion to make your underwear your outer wear in this warmer weather, I know I will try.

If you can’t find one you can always make one – why not hold an underwear party of your own? I just may have to do that and I’ll invite all of you! Well here’s what’s happening in the world of underwear this week (P.S. don’t forget to vote for our underwear pic of the month, too – the poll closes tomorrow!):

UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal underwear pic

Last week I reported and posted an alleged picture of Jake posing in his underwear. Well the picture has been claimed a fake by the star and he is trying to eradicate the picture from the web. Which obviously just makes it that much more popular. I almost feel that the big fit he’s throwing over this picture is a publicity stunt because one; who cares, the picture’s not that bad, and two; it’s become the biggest underwear story on the net, and he knows – as we all do – once something goes viral you can’t get rid of it. Actually the best way to get rid of it is to ignore it not call attention to it.

Apparently he’s ready to sue, although I am not sure who he is going to sue, however, I have heard Photoshop themselves named. As of the time of this writing we have not been asked to remove the picture however I am not going to re post it this week, but it’s in last weeks report (for now).

UPDATE: Canada’s Underwear Affair!

A while back we told you about the Alberta Cancer Foundations underwear run to raise awareness for prostate, colon and ovarian cancer, the “down there” cancers. Well registration is open, so those of you in Canada: strip down and get to it! The event will be held in several locations through out Canada and you can do a 10k run or a 5k walk. Plus there will be a big underwear after party! Register at: http://ed11.uncoverthecure.org/site/PageServer?pagename=faq

Piano Briefs

Like pianos? Or muscled guys in underwear? Well now there is a site for you called misterbark.com where you can watch Mister Bark play the piano in his underwear. He’s not too bad on the eyes either.

Lost In Underwear

lost in underwear

A man in Issaquah Washington was rescued by the police and taken back to the Motel 6 where his roommate was staying. The man was lost and had no idea where he was at nor how he got there. And the best part was all he had on was a tee shirt and boxers.

The Undie 500

undie 500

Last Thursday the Speed Zone, a family fun center with Go-Karts, held a special event. Free go-kart racing for anyone who comes just in their underwear. I think this is a great idea, of course some people were a little worried since this is mainly a place for children. Well it’s about time children learn that we all have underwear. This was the 4th annual “Undie 500”.

I Don’t Need Anything But Underwear

I dont need anything but undies

Robert Patterson, best know for his work in the Twighlight series, recently revealed in an interview with the Italian Glamour magazine that all he needs is underwear. They asked him what is a must have item in his wardrobe and all he said was “Underwear, which is the only necessary thing after all. But I might add socks as well, you know, just to make the answer more interesting”. I think it was interesting enough already, Rob!

The Underwear Song

Why was Patch Adams in a giant pair of underwear with a bunch of people singing the underwear song? It was for an event called Move Over AIPAC to bring awareness to the humiliating checkpoints that Palestinians have to endure. That’s politics in San Francisco for you.


Bus Stop Underwear

The police in Wisconsin was on double duty recently. The Waukesha police department has sent out extra patrol cars to a neighborhood where a guy has freaked out the locals. He had been talking to children at the bus stop, none of which he knows nor does he have any children of his own. Plus he has been seen walking his dog in just his underwear and going over to the bus stop that way. No arrest has been made… yet.

Tied Up

A man in Des Moines was found with his ankles and wrists tied with men’s neck ties and in nothing but his underwear. Sound like a scene out of a porn movie, but this was no fun. He had been mugged and beaten pretty badly and left in that condition. The man said his truck and wallet were stolen but he had no idea who did this nor why.

Strip Search Lawsuit

A man in Fostoria, Ohio is suing the local police department for what he calls a humiliating act. He was pulled over for a turn signal violation and it turned into a drug hunt. The police had the man get out searched his car and his person three times. They eventually had him in his underwear in the street while they searched his clothes in front of onlookers. They found nothing. He is suing for $50,000.


Wednesday it seemed like comfortable briefs where the choice of you men. The C-in 2 blue Pop Brief was the groups favorite. Saturday many of you were still naked and had nothing on! And others were sporting thongs. Kinky weekend, NICE! The Joe Snyder lycra purple thong was your favorite followed by a Cocksox Sports Thong. Thank you men for sharing. You can join in the group interaction to on our face book page: www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog


Happy Memorial Day! This week’s picture is a tribute to the men (and women) who serve. Sometime we forget the real meaning of this holiday, so we are giving you this picture to remember. Next week we will have our first Fan Picture of The Month! I am excited! Have a great day and see you next month.

Men's Underwear Picture of the Week

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Gregg Homme Volumator Brief: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Gregg Homme has become known as a company that isn’t afraid to take men’s underwear to the next level of flirtatious masculinity and innovative style. They definitely are one of the world’s leaders in producing top notch men’s “gourmet” underwear.

Gregg Homme has a new collection of underwear coming out which I couldn’t be more excited about so I had to get a few pair right away. And let me tell you I was not disappointed.

The first pair I have tried is called the “Volumator Brief”. This is essentially a pair of briefs, which also comes in a thong or a trunk, that enhances the shape of your bulge by having a padded pouch.

The underwear has a classic elegant look coming in black or white with a black waist band and the signature Gregg Homme logo written boldly beyond containment across the waist in red, which is also the color of the trim.

You can’t go wrong with white, black and red – a timeless combination of sensuality and strength. These are definitely a hot pair of undies.

The pouch containing a removable soft shell padding adds a noticeably larger bulge to your package. The padded pouch creates a shape that reminds me of a superheroes groin prominence, large and in your face yet without any detail, no outline of the penis that is. This is a great product for guys who want to flaunt a larger knob, yet don’t want to go to the point of offensively exposing the details of their penis.

But whatever you think of the extra padding this underwear has it definitely looks great and the shell simply adds to your silhouette making you look like a superhero.

I was positively excited to try out this brief. I got the white brief with a black waist, trimmed and lettered in red – it was a thing of beauty. At first touch it reminded me of the feel of a padded bra, for you guys who know about those. It was soft and not very thick certainly not as thick as I was expecting it to be.

The shell was incredibly soft and can be removed if you prefer a more natural bulge in your pants. But I felt that the padding didn’t create a overly large ridiculous bulge that would just give the appearance of a desperate guy who has shoved a potato down his pants.

It was more of a softening of the groin details and an overall evening out of the bulge which creates a fuller look to your package. I wore the undies under a thin pair of shorts and never felt like I had a giant soft ball sticking out. I think it looked very natural, just a little plumper.

I am not the kind of guy who likes to walk around with a massive protuberance in his jeans to get people to stare at me, I prefer to just work with what I have and even with that keep it modest looking. But I was comfortable with these briefs and didn’t feel self-conscious about it.

Plus the underwear itself was very comfortable, the pouch almost was like a little pillow for my penis and balls to lay in. I didn’t feel like it was any hotter in the briefs even when I wore them under jeans.

The underwear is built very well and has a great quality that wore well and washed and dried perfectly. I just threw it in the machine not even taking the shell out, which came out during the wash but went back in easily. This is a good pair of underwear that can be worn every day and has the option of being an enhancing pair of underwear or without the shell just an everyday super comfortable brief.

I loved it, Mr.Homme!

Gregg Homme Volumator Brief

Gregg Homme Volumator Brief

Gregg Homme Volumator Brief

Gregg Homme Volumator Brief

What Verdict
Style and look? The style and look are classic Gregg Homme. It has a sophisticated yet masculine look that brings out your hips and thighs. The inch and a half black waist band with red lettering in the traditional Homme font shows everyone that this is no ordinary pair of underwear.
Suitable for? Obviously any time you feel you need or want a little extra bulge whether for confidence or looks. Of course remember there’s always that moment the underwear comes off and the truth is known! But these undies are comfortable enough and the bulging is subtle enough you could wear these as everyday underwear.
Fit and quality? The Volumator Brief is made from 91% certified organic cotton and 9% lycra/spandex. The organic quality of the cotton means it was produced without harsh chemicals or dyes so it’s more gentle on your skin. Great for men requiring allergy-free fabric. And the stitching, construction and design are of the highest quality.
Is the price right? The price of the Volumator brief runs about $41, which – I won’t lie – is expensive. But this is Gregg Homme, the Cadillac of underwear. Well at least one of them. So you are getting a very high quality garment and it will last you and the look and feel will not go out of style. This will probably be a design that will continue.
Best thing about it? The comfort. I know I should say the soft shell pouch because that’s what this brief is all about and although it did what it claims and added girth to my boys I was more impressed by the comfort and softness the shell added.
Overall grade ★★★★☆

Gregg Homme has earned these four stars with this fantastic new Volumator Brief. It’s a great look, feel and even gives you a little something extra in the pouch. This brief does everything you want your underwear to do and a little more. Thank you Gregg Homme and all you guys up in Canada for giving us this pair of underwear. I can’t wait to tell you guys about the next Gregg Homme product I’m going to review. One hint, I tested this pair out in a way I never have tested a pair of underwear out before!

More information www.gregg.ca – t he website is still being updated for this summer collection.
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Guys in underwear – Barcode Berlin HADES Jockstrap

Here’s a little treat for the eyes for you guys to kick off your Memorial Day weekend with.

Remember Barcode Berlin, the hot German men’s underwear brand we introduced you to back in January?

Well, they’ve just expanded their product range with a new jockstrap style called “HADES”.

It’s a real fashion item with lacing at the back and a large leather-imitation patch.

HADES is available at a price of around $65 USD. We’ve said it before, European fashion will cost you.

Go to www.barcodeberlin.com to buy and find more info.

Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend, guys!

Barcode Berlin Hades Jockstrap

Barcode Berlin Hades Jockstrap

Barcode Berlin Hades Jockstrap

This sophisticated jockstrap has a lacing at the back and incorporates a large leather-imitation patch.

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Another hillarious 2(x)ist SHAPE video!

Happy Friday, guys!

We know, we know – we’re posting 2(x)ist blogs left and right these days. But we just can’t help ourselves.

These guys are releasing so much great content. It would selfish of us to keep it to ourselves.

Anyway, so maybe you saw the “Shape Shake (All the single undies)” video last week that invoked major laughs among the GUB writers?

Well, actually 2(x)ist did a whole series of similar SHAPE videos featuring this Stu Stone character. And today’s video, “Game Day”, is another one of my favorites.

Situations like this happen too rarely in real life. Or maybe we just attend too few game days…?

Either way, the video is fun – and strangely hot.

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2xist Neon: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

A bright vibrant ray of brilliant colors has exploded onto the underwear scene this spring as 2xist introduced its “Neon” collection.

The collection was designed to reflect the fast moving ray of light, like the speed of the digital age, which is reflected in its pulsating colors like hibiscus (pinkish), Mediterranean (bluish), and classic white or black trimmed in eye catching neon colors.

The elastic bands and trim are also accentuated with blast of neon in red, orange, pink and yellow. The collection comes in a variety of low rise cuts and a trunk giving men that smart modern fast moving look.

The fabrics are of a 90% cotton for comfort, breath ability and softness while the 10% spandex hold the shape and gives it longevity in wear and support. And you can even get a matching tee!

2xist has been around for about 20 years and has become a staple in every man’s underwear collection for good reason, they made themselves an icon in the underwear world. And with hundreds of brands coming and going all the time that is no easy feat.

2xist took a new turn with this collection because for the most part their underwear has been very sexy, stylish and trendy in a subtle way. They have had a pattern of presenting the chic with a fashionable yet understated elegance. One that could and has been accepted, worn and loved by men all over the world.

Now they are giving us a very youthful and energetic look that is far from subtle. The design of the underwear is classic 2xist, they know the cut and looks that bring out manly beauty, but the real ingenuity is in the color, Neon!

The collection’s name is perfect for the concept and look, it’s bold, it’s bright and it’s neon. It’s a bold in your face look for the trend-setting company.

Honestly, I had thought this collection was out for a while, it seems I’ve heard so much about it. I guess 2xist has been doing their marketing. I was excited to try this new collection I now have two pair. One sports brief in hibiscus and a contour pouch in Mediterranean.

The contour pouch brief has the smooth look of a bikini that snuggly conforms to your masculine silhouette. And the sports brief has a slightly higher cut in the thigh with that sporty look of a band connecting the front pouch and full back.

If you love the fit and comfort of any 2xist underwear you already own then you will love this collection. The fit is great, I love the fabric and the contouring of the back and pouch fit your form perfectly without being too skimpy not too bulky.

Just like other 2xist briefs these pairs wear excellently all day in any situation. By this point I am sure we all know how 2xist underwear feels and what it’s like, and as far as comfort and feel go this underwear is just like the other great collections put out by 2xist.

I love the look, the colors are very eye-catching and demand to be noticed when they are visible. Even with just the waist band showing a little you will be noticed. Plus I think just knowing that I have these energetic colors on underneath really helps that energy to shine through in me.

The underwear is very well put together and the bright colors do stay bright after several washings. The Neon collection provides a variety of awesome underwear for every mans underwear drawer.



What Verdict
Style and look? The style is what 2xist has become known for, a sexy yet elegant cut that highlights the male form and brings your attention to a man’s beauty. And the look is lively, youthful and fun. The bright colors definitely go well together and give you an appearance of modern confidence.
Suitable for? Everyday wear and any occasion where you want to feel a little extra energy. The underwear is comfortable enough and supportive enough that you can wear them at anytime. And they are well made so you can wear them time and again and they will last. Great everyday undies.
Fit and quality? These underpants are of a very high quality and fit. They are 90% cotton and 10% spandex which I think is a great ratio for underwear. The perfect combination of comfort and breathability mixed with shape consistence and support. The construction is also great and the quality will last even with long term wear.
Is the price right? The price for the briefs is $16 and $24 for the trunks. That’s a great deal for underwear from such a trusted and established brand. Plus they are hot and are great for everyday underwear. At that rate you can stock up.
Best thing about it? The bright vibrant colors. Sometime we need underwear to stand up and scream and these do just that. Life is never boring with glowing underwear!
Overall grade ★★★★☆

2xist scores a 4 star rating with the Neon collection! I think this collection is going to be one that sets a new benchmark for 2xist underwear and will be a pair you will see around the gym, on your buddies or on the floor next to your bed after a hot date. This is going to be a popular collection of underwear. So if you don’t have a pair I’m sure you will see a pair somewhere on someone soon. Thank you 2xist for this amazing pair of underwear.

Buy it here www.internationaljock.com
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Guys in underwear – Diego Barberi

Diego Barberi has been a pleasant addition to growing number of European men’s fashion underwear brands.

When we first tried these Swiss trunks we thought they were the underwear equivalent to a Rolex watch – top quality, pure and simple.

Now sources tell us that Diego Barberi will have a new range out in June! Well, we can’t wait. We hope the brand will dare venture into other cuts like briefs and such.

Anyway, until then we will have to make due with these latest photos featuring some young guys posing in DG trunks.

By the way, the photos were shot by Karim Konrad, a gifted fashion photographer with a special talent for shooting gorgeous pictures of male underwear models. We encourage you to check his site for more amazing men’s underwear photography.

Diego Barberi guys

Diego Barberi men's underwear

Diego Barberi

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Gregg Homme: New underwear video. Watch “Room service” here.

Remember the Gregg Homme Business Strip video that attracted 200,000 views on YouTube??

Well, guys, part 2 is here – and we have to say, we hope Gregg Homme keeps them coming. What a way to promote their 2011 men’s underwear range.

Just look at the title, “ROOM SERVICE…WITH A HAPPY ENDING!”

Well, I’m not sure if I would call the ending happy… you decide after watching the video.

For the second part of its video campaign, Gregg Homme is once again offering a feast for your eyes: in a hotel room, fantasies can reach unexpected peaks! “If you think that Thierry will spend a quiet night, think again…” says Gregg Homme when teasing about the video.

Oh my, I wonder if people will actually remember the brand of underwear and not just the model and his assets after seeing this video…

We did – of course – notice the underwear, it was hard not to.

And we really liked the white GH briefs and the enhancing jockstrap. If their sales don’t peak with this video, something is not right.

Check out all Gregg Homme’s hot 2011 collections at www.gregg.ca.

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Introducing AlphaMaleUndies.com, get exclusive discount!


Let us introduce you to Alpha Undies, Ireland’s premier men’s underwear and swimwear online site.

Alphamaleundies launched in June 2010 and offers selections of men’s underwear, swimwear and clothing.

The company’s Alpha Undies come in a wide range of very diverse styles, cut and colors. They carry boxer shorts, boxer briefs, briefs, jocks, thongs and summer swimwear from Marcuse and LASC.

AlphaMaleUndies features leading labels, many of our favorites here on Guys’ Underwear Blog, from around the world, with designer brands including Andrew Christian, LASC, Groovin, XTG , Clever, Joe Snyder’s, Modus Vivendi, 2eros and XTG.

Alphamaleundies ships worldwide and, by the way, shipping to the United States is only $5.24. This is a flat rate so you can shop away and not get charged extra for shipping. Also spend over $141.65 and you get free shipping.

But wait, there’s more! Alphamaleundies and Guys’ Underwear Blog are now offering  you a 30 % discount! Simply enter the code GUB30 at checkout to claim your discount!

But hurry, this offer is only valid until the end of May.

Also available on the website: pictures of scantily-clad men modeling the company wares with sexy, suggestive poses and facial expressions. Models sold separately. Prices may vary. Some restrictions may apply.

Go to www.alphamaleundies.com right now!

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: New GUB Features!

By Valdamar

Hello Gubbers! I hope everyone is doing well. First off I have to apologize for not getting the report out last week I was slacking I know.

And yes you all can give me a spanking.

So that just means we have to fit twice as much in this week or at least it will be the best of two weeks. So lets get to it:

GUB NEWS: My Lucky Undies

GUB NEWS My Lucky Undies

We have an exciting new feature coming soon! We will be doing an ongoing segment where we find men and interview them about their favorite underwear. It will be a chance to take a glimpse into other men’s underwear drawers and see the world of underwear from their perspective. I already have two AMAZING interviews lined up and I think you will be pleasantly surprised who we’re talking to. I won’t say because it’s not 100% in stone yet, but the above pictures are your hint. So keep on the look out for “My Lucky Undies”, coming soon!

GUB NEWS: Fan Picture of the Month

GUB NEWS Fan Picture of the Month

Our first set of finalists have been chosen for “Fan Picture of the Month” for June. The winner will be chosen by YOU, go to our poll and vote for your favorite.

The winner will receive a pair of 2xist Neon underwear. And if you want the chance to win a free pair of underwear you can send us a picture of yourself in underwear for a chance to become July’s Fan Picture of the Month.

Send your photo’s to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com. For mor information on the contest see our previous blog post here.


A few weeks ago we reported this great event done to support a local charity by having college students strip out of their clothes and donate them as well as raise money. However, sadly a few guys have ruined the image of this event by fighting. The part that I feel makes this so bad is they weren’t just fighting each other but picking on and punching “the fat kid”. I hate seeing a few guys ruin such a fun event for a good cause and a great way to use underwear. It’s possible this act could ruin this annual event.

Captain Jack Wear Women’s Underwear?

Johnny Depp has become an icon for his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. He recently was interviewed and said he loves the opportunity this character gives him to let loose in his swashbuckling way. Yet he revealed another secret reason for loving this character, “it also gives me the opportunity to wear women’s underwear beneath the costume… which you don’t get everyday, so you have to take the chance and grab it.”

Underwear Health Warnings in Brazil

After a 12 year long debate Brazil has decided that underwear should come with health warnings. Now it’s not that underwear plays any risks but that the areas covered by your underwear need some help. The warnings are about condom usage, breast and prostate cancer screenings and the like. It’s just another way to spread awareness to the community about care of their nether regions.

Russell Brand Sunbathes in Underwear

Russell Brand Sunbathes in Underwear

Russell Brand was seen in Florida shopping and jet skiing and have a grand old time and when he was sunbathing he wasn’t in a swim suit but in underwear, tighty whities. He’s in Miami shooting a new film called Rock of Ages. You’d think a big movie star would have a Speedo or something, not that I’m complaining.

Why Isn’t Tebow in his Underwear?

Why isnt tebow in his underwear

It’s not just us asking this! As I have stated, or complained about, several times, Mister Quarterback is Jockey’s underwear spokesman but never poses in it. The weird thing is I’ve seen him in pictures with just underwear before but not Jockeys. So the NFL blog site noticed that as well. He was at Macy’s in Manhattan posing with several models in underwear but didn’t show off his own underwear so the NFL blog site asked the above question.

Osama Bin Laden Was Killed in His Underwear?

The graphic photos of Bin Laden’s death have not been released to the public. However they have been made available for members of congress to see at the CIA headquarters. Most the shots were of his head because that’s where he was shot and how he could be identified. But 2 were full body shots and they revealed that he was wearing only his underwear. The pictures were taken right after the incident yet it’s not known if he was stripped or if that’s really all he had on. What kind of underwear do you think he wore?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s (?) Underwear Pose

Jake Gyllenhaal's underwear pose

So there has been a picture of Mr. Prince of Persia going around the web where he is in a “Grace Jones” pose. But the best part is that he is just in his underwear! The authenticity of the picture is in question as there is no explanation for its existence, however doesn’t it look great!

Lawyer Drops Trousers!

An Austrian Lawyer did something pretty unusual recently and no one really knows why. During the questioning of his client by two female investigators he just stood up removed his pants and sat on his desk in his white briefs with his back to the women, right in the police station. Was it a dare, a distraction method, was he just hot or has he gone mad?


Underwear Threats

A 30 year old man in Bridgeport Connecticut was arrest for suspicion of being on PCP and making threats. He was standing on the rail road tracks at about midnight screaming out that he was going to kill somebody. Doing all this only in his underwear and a pair of sneakers.


You guys have a great collection of underwear! We received over 20 underwear checkins from you guys and here were the most popular pairs you had on: 2xist White Brief, Black Aussie Bum Man Brief, Safe T Guard Swim Jock, Blue Neon 2xist Briefs, HOM Red Shark Mini Bikinis and with the most likes a Andrew Christian Show-It Air Jock. Jock straps once again seen to be the popular choice or at least the ones you like hearing about.

“Like” our face book page and keep in touch!


Remember this could be you by submitting your picture to yourundies@guysunderwearblog.com and you’ll win a great pair of underwear. But anyhow, this week we have a picture to remember the festivity of Memorial Day, the big bang beginning of summer! Of course this day has a deeper meaning than this but we have to keep with our modern tradition. And what could make a BBQ better than doing it in your underwear!

Underwear Picture of The Week

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Guys in underwear – /baskit/

The other day our friends over at /baskit/ sent us a teaser image of the upcoming 2011 revamp of their ENERGY collection.

Orginally introduced in 2002, /baskit/ has completely updated ENERGY’s cuts for a more modern, fresh fit. The updated collection includes a bold Riviera Blue and Bright Gold as well as the classic Black and Whites, giving even sportier options to the choosy athlete.

Though not just for athletes, the ENERGY range certainly is intended for guys with a need for moisture-wicking underwear. The /baskit/ ENERGY briefs and boxer briefs (apparently, an updated jockstrap and a jock brief will also be available) are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex – a well-known fabric blend that is breathable, well fitting, and an optimal option for high-stress, high-sweat situations.

As always, /baskit/ prices are fair. The brief is $22, the trunk is $23, the jock strap is $18 and the jock brief is $21.

Check out /baskit/’s entire range and buy your own at www.baskitwear.com.

We look forward to getting sweaty and giving the ENERGY range a good testing.

Since /baskit/didn’t have a full catalog of promotion shots featuring the ENERGY collection yet, we included some pics from their currently available 2011 ranges below. Just because.

Baskit men's underwear 2011 ENERGY range

Baskit men's underwear 2011 range

Baskit men's underwear 2011 range

Baskit men's underwear 2011 range

Baskit men's underwear 2011 range

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