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Archive for April, 2011

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

New aussieBum video! Real guys beach hunks challenged to wear aB!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite aussie brand…

But now aussieBum is back with another one of their infamous “challenge” videos.

You know the drill, the aB team heads out to a  highly public venue, like a crowded beach, and “persuades” innocent guys of the real world incredibly hot beach hunks to change into a pair of skimpy aB briefs (and sometimes even jockstraps).

Staged or not, these videos are a crowd pleaser, and we wouldn’t you to miss out on this latest addition.

This time the ausieBum team heads out to QLD’s Pergian beach for the aussieBum 2011 Surf Row Carnival asking the question, “Does these blokes have what it takes to accept our ultimate Undie Challenge on a crowded Aussie beach?

I think you know the answer to that question :)


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Bum Chums Men’s Undies – cute video ad

Happy Friday, guys!

Giggleberries sent over this cute video ad for Bum Chums a while ago, and we thougt you might like it…

Here’s what they had to say about Bum Chums:

Available at Giggleberries Men’s Underwear, the Bum Chums Sneak Peak Collection is a glimpse, a hint, an enticing taste of what lies beneath. Made from a seductive and tempting sheer semi transparent fabric they are a tantalising titillation to whet the appetite and please the eye. It’s a perfectly fitting preview for the main attraction! Take a Sneak Peak for yourself.

A tantalising titillation? Fancy, huh.

Anyway, enjoy the sneak “peek” :)

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Teamm8 – more video hotness from the Treat Yourself campaign!

Earlier this month Teamm8 released a bunch of promo pics for their latest men’s underwear campaign with the luring title, “Treat Yourself”.

And so we did. With great pleasure.

I might add that we thought the campaign was probably the best and hottest from Teamm8 to date.

Like so many of their fellow Australian underwear brands, Teamm8 are true masters of campaign spin. Just as their campaign was about to fade from our minds, they went ahead and released this video from the above-mentioned photo shoot.

And just like that Teamm8 is back on our radar. And we certainly don’t mind.


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Thunderbox Pouch Shorts: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Put your rocks in a Thunderbox! Like that? I just made it up – maybe they’ll use it – but seriously you should, it’s fun.

Many of you underfans probably haven’t heard of Thunderbox, I hadn’t. I learned about this fun brand from the owner of UW4MEN, an online underwear store, who is an avid promoter and distributer of the brand.

I asked him about the company and he told me “they really aren’t a company just a one-lady operation”. UW4MEN also carries a lot of big name brands but I like the fact that of all the brands they wanted to support this smaller business, every giant in the underwear world had to start somewhere.

A few days ago our newest reviewer, Lee, wrote about another small one-man operation in South America. We love the little guys right along with the big guys. Anyway back to the underwear, Thunderbox has a very flashy fun style of underwear that can double as swimwear or club wear.

The pouch shorts come in a huge variety of colors and even a PVC black short. I have been looking at the metallic designs made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex material.

The shorts are well made, they have a thin elastic waist band covered by the fabric so that the whole garment has a solid complete look. The awesome thing about the fabric is that the metallic quality stretches and wear with the material and doesn’t flake off or lose it’s shimmer with wear, at least mine haven’t so far and I tested that.

The shorts really come across as show off wear, great for the beach, swimming, clubs or anytime you want to get some attention. They can be underwear and are marketed as underwear but I don’t know if I would use them as everyday underwear, even though they are comfortable enough and supportive.

However, I do find it funny that for being called a “Pouch” Short there is not much of a pouch, maybe you’re supposed to stretch it out so it’s more form fitting, which it is. The whole short really fits snuggly to your body and the shimmer of the metallic shine draws attention to your form.

It is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, I wore it all day. I chose the Metallic Blue Storm Pouch Short, it looks awesome and instantly becomes the center of attention I can’t wait to show them off.

Thunderbox short

storm hot pants

metal hotpants

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is showy, sexy and fun. It is definitely a pair of underwear you will want to be seen in. The look says confident and embodies a sense of coolness and flair. Its cut highlights your manly assets and shows off your legs and trunk in a masculine fashion. This short is all about the look and style.
Suitable for? Showing off! Great as an eye candy beach suit, or lounging around the pool. Wear it to your local clubs underwear parties or just to show off in. Wear it on a romantic date or to flaunt it in front of your friends. This is a pair of shorts made to be seen.
Fit and quality? The fit is snug but good, not one you would probably want to wear all day long, but you could. It’s designed to be contoured to your body. The quality is good, the coloring stays bright and shiny even after several washings.
Is the price right? The short is priced at $24.99 on UW4MEN. That price isn’t bad for a pair of shorts that double as outerwear and can be used in so many situations.
Best thing about it? The shinny shimmering look. The shorts are a great compliment to your body and will without a doubt have all eyes on you.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

The “one-lady” operation of Thunderbox has scored three stars with this loud flamboyant short. Even though it’s almost too showy to be underwear it still is a great pair of shorts to own, especially for attention-grabbing. Thank you Thunderbox and UW4MEN for introducing us to the sparkly world of metallic underwear!

Buy it here WWW.UW4MEN.COM
Check the website for available colors, there are a lot but not all are always available. They even have dual colored styles.
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Valdamars Weekly Undewear Report: Canada’s Underwear Affair

So Easter has come and gone which means spring is in full bloom even though here in Colorado and some other areas Winter has returned for the weekend. But with spring comes a great time to pull out our pastel colored underwear! With the passing of Easter it also means you good Catholic boys can go back to being bad, hehe.

Well let’s take a look at what has been going on this week in the world of our favorite item of clothing:

UPDATE: Florida Underwear Ban

I can’t believe we’re still talking about this ridiculous law. However, the Sun Sentential of Fort Lauderdale Florida has reported a possible loop hole; what if the underwear looked like jeans? The were refering to SLY underwear’s jean trunks, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. I did the review and have to add: SLY rocks! Now it hasn’t been tried yet but I think the newspaper is instigating a fight calling this the “solution for saggers“.

Alberta Canada’s Underwear Affair

Alberta Canadas Underwear Affair

On June 4th the Alberta Cancer Foundation will be holding a competitive 10k run and 5k walk dubbed the Underwear Affair. The money will be used to fight “down there” cancer or below the waist cancers like prostate, ovarian and colorectal. DROP EVERYTHING and fight cancer as they put it. After the race they will be having an ”EXPOsed Party”. Should be a lot of fun, men in Alberta go to their site for more info: uncoverthecure.org

Earth Day Underwear

Earth Day Underwear

Another great underwear protest. To give a statement to coal powered campuses the underwear company PACT has come up with “Beyond Coal” underwear for student activists. PACT is a cause based and driven company. The Beyond Coal underwear was released for the sierra club on the 14th with 10% of the proceeds going to support the sierra clubs avocation of clean energy.

Jockeys Sales Boom

Jockey Sales Boom

Jockey says that after it installed a program that made it easier to upload product information to eBay it has tripled it’s sales on that site! Jockey uses eBay to sell off its overstock thus giving consumers some great deals. Jockey has some great marketing going on and it seems to be working. Good for you Jockey, now get Tebow in his underwear like you did Palmer!

Up And Up With Hanes

Up and up for hanes

With the rise in cotton prices Hanes has spent 80% more on its cotton supply than it did a year ago so the company has passed the price increase on to it’s consumers. However even with this increase in cost and price Hanes net profit has increased 32% to 48.1 million dollars. Good for you Hanes now when are you going to put out a line of men’s thongs?

Dog and Dude Dance on The Internet

Really, the clip speaks for itself, it’s the latest “viral” video most of which become completely annoying. This one however isn’t bad. First off, there is a man in his underwear and second the dog is pretty good. We need more men in their underwear on You Tube.

Calvin Klein Opens It’s Second Underwear Store in The U.S

calvin Klein opens underwear store

Congratulations Washington D.C., you will be the second city in America to have a Calvin Klein underwear store, the other being New York. M Street in the Georgetown area of D.C. will be home to the store set to open by early summer. It’s going to be in the spot where the Body Shop used to be. CK, bring a store to Colorado please!

Mitch is Flustered

Mitch is Flustered in underwear

Australian cricket star, Mitchell Johnson, was getting a little confussed when interviewed about underwear. The cricket star is a spokesman for Jockey in Australia and when questioned about features about the new uplift Euro Trunk he was drawing a blank, and said he was embarrassed. It’s ok, Mitchell, unlike your American Jockey counterpart at least you pose in underwear, that‘s all we need you‘re doing a great job.

Underwear Artist

Underwear Artist

Anthony Wait, an artist who performed his unique painting skills on Britain’s Got Talent, flashed his bum to the judges. So it seems Wait paint by removing his underwear and using them to paint with, he was wearing a lot of pairs on top of each other. He’d remove a pair and paint, remove a pair and paint and so on. Well the judges weren’t impressed which aggravated him so he flashed them when he was done. Although I don’t think he succeeded with his venue he may be on to something.


Underwear Thief

Rashard Tolliver, a 19 year old man in Spartanburg S.C, was arrested for stealing more than 20 packages of underwear from an American Eagle store in the mall. He was held with a 2,000 dollar bond. Young undy lover without the resources to buy them, poor kid.


Saturday we had a very lively undie check with a brand called LORDS from Bulgaria being a main highlight. We even got to see pictures of the guy in the red LORDS briefs, I need to get a pair. Of course we had a lot of other brands and styles, seemed Papi was a popular choice this weekend.

And of course our “What underwear do you think men should wear” poll is still going. At the time of writing we had exactly 500 responses and Designer underwear is in the lead and Thongs so far are trailing, even behind “Who Cares”. So get on the face book page and interact with us men! www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog


Happy Earth Day! In honor of the day where we remember how important this planet we live on is we have a nice Earthy natural picture for you. A man working the ground keeping the earth looking good while looking good on it in his whit 2xist undies.

And guys we have some exciting news regarding the picture of the week! I can’t tell you now but keep on the look out for a blog update highlighting a new Fan Picture project where you can win some hot underwear and be featured as Picture of The Week! SWEET! I’ve said all I can. Have a great week men and the ladies who may love to read about men in underwear, I’m with you.

Men's Underwear Picture of the Week

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N2N 2011 men’s underwear range – behind the scenes video, part 2

Men! Before you head out to soak up that Easter sun, why not start off your Sunday with the latest behind the scenes video from none other than GUB favorite, N2N!

We already love their 2011 range, much of which – in case you missed it – was revealed in an exclusive behind the scenes video about a month ago.

In a sneaky move, N2N withheld some of that video footage, so not to give away all the underwear goodies all at once.

Now the wait is over, though, and in today’s video clip you get to see the male underwear models pose in everything from briefs to jockstraps to singlets!

All the styles are classic N2N – we bet you’ll love it.

See more at www.n2nbodywear.com.

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Jake Joseph Classic Brief: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Jake Joseph is all about quality, comfort and elegance and that shines through in their Classic Brief. This brief takes the long lasting timeless look of the traditional brief and adds a modern sophistication.

The first thing you will notice looking at the brief is the deep masculine and refined black captured in the fabric. Joseph has kept things very simple offering the brief only in black making it a standard classic choice.

The design is your traditional cut with an elastic waistband containing “Jake Joseph” spelled out in a white modern font. One modification the company has made is to the fly. Jockey has their signature “Y” front and others have the diagonal layered fly. But Jake Joseph has the fly designed with two parallel trimmed borders and the right side opening to a little pocket through which you have access to your penis for men who use fly’s for urinating.

The parallel trim looks very slick and makes for a very attractive fly. The front fly also has a slight pouch stitched in the base to better contour your package. However, the material is so soft that it would accomplished that cradling even with out a pouch.

The material is a 95% Bamboo Viscose / 5% elastic which is unbelievably soft, it’s very similar to Andrew Christians “Almost Naked” collection. I love the fact that so many underwear designers are exploring worlds of softer stretchy material, although we will always have a special spot for the cotton classic (with a touch of spandex of course).

They also make a boxer brief and trunk in this same material. Jake Joseph knew what they were saying when they called this one a classic.

The first thing I thought when I received this brief in the mail was “Holy crak-pipe Batman this is soft”, well not exactly, but I was extremely impressed by the fabric. I love the feel it’s a fabric – you must try yourself – it has the comfort of cotton with the sleekness of silk and the elastic quality of spandex. Amazing!

And what I liked about it was that its look is so unassuming. It doesn’t have loud colors, its brand is labeled in the band without a lot of hype or in your face panache, it is just as it’s named; classic and elegant.

The fit is also understated, it fits and supports you, giving you all the comfort you need without a pouch you can hide a basketball in or sides cut so high your butt cheeks keep sliding out, very appropriate for the sophisticated modern man.

I wore the brief all day and I didn’t want to take it off – it was heavenly. I think this brief works in every situation; it’s supportive, it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it’s sexy and purely male.

It wears well and is durably made, even though the fabric feels kind of delicate it can take a good wear, washes well and keeps on going.

I love it and love you Jake Joseph!

Jake Joseph Men's Underwear Black Briefs

Jake Joseph Men's Underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? The style clearly and subtly states chic classiness and modern style while conveying a classic manly attitude in it’s traditional look with a up to date edge. It’s a style every man would look great in.
Suitable for? Everyday wear! This is a brief that you will want to have on under your pants all the time. It works for just about any situation you may find yourself in. It has the look you want and the comfort and support your body needs.
Fit and quality? The fit is great due to the fact that the fabric is so resilient. It holds snuggly to your body and keeps its shape even with extended wear. The fabric is a high quality 95% Bamboo / Viscose 5% elastic and the construction is just as good.
Is the price right? The brief is priced at $35.00 which is a little pricey, but seriously, this is a brief you are going to fall in love with. Sometimes you have to splurge, your penis will thank you.
Best thing about it? The comfort and feel along with the sophistication of the design. This is a pair of underwear that accomplishes it’s purpose with out trying too hard.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

CONGRATULATIONS Jake Joseph! The classic brief has scored a perfect 5 stars. We don’t hand perfect scores out to just anyone here at the GUB, but I honestly can not think of anything that this brief could change to be any better. Sometimes less is more and covering the basics is everything. I am excited to see where Jake Joseph goes from here, it will be hard to top the collection they have now, other than the boring old cotton boxers they have, the compilation is perfect. Thank you Jake Joseph for taking us to our enduring classic and making it stylish again. This is real underwear for every man.

Buy it here www.jakejosephco.com
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Introducing James Tudor Underwear for Men. See the 2011 range.

Happy Good Friday, guys!

Today we’ve got a real treat for you to kick off the weekend with.

Things are heating up this summer with quintessentially British men’s underwear brand, James Tudor. This is definitely one of the more interesting brands we’ve seen this spring with its pop inspired collection comprising of bright block colours, bold waistbands and unique detailing.

A key feature is the introduction of several completely new styles ranging from the edgier Retro Briefs to the more traditional Placquet Brief. This season also sees the introduction of the Battalion Crystal Brief, with its crystal embellished waistband and button detailing.

Each style throughout the collection exhibits innovative and sophisticated designs and attitude, we think. Especially the buttoned pouch design is quite fresh.

Fresh comes at a price, though, as a typical pair of James Tudor briefs is a whopping $36 USD. But hey, if the quality of the undies matches the price we would have no problem paying a premium.

See the whole collection at www.jamestudor.co.uk.

James Tudor 2011 men's underwear range

James Tudor 2011 men's underwear range

James Tudor 2011 men's underwear range

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Timoteo Quake Athletic New Jock: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Hello Underfans! I have an exciting pair of underwear to share with you today. I sometimes wonder where this intriguing world of underwear fashion will take us. Because it’s underwear, what else can you do with it?

Every once in a while you see a design that just takes us to another level we haven’t seen. And I have found that to be the case with Timoteo Quake Athletic New Jock.

Now, I am not saying Timoteo invented this buttless brief, most major underwear players have their own version of it and I am not sure who did it first. But Timoteo has a reputation of being a leader of sexy flirtatious underwear for men without being too serious or pretentious.

It’s a brand that say sensuous, yet fun, it has a good balance. There is a reason Timoteo has taken the sexual underwear world by storm and this pair here is evidence of that.

I have never owned a pair of these new buttless briefs or “jocks” so this was a new experience for me. When I first saw a pair like this I thought it was kind of ridiculous, but in time the look kind of grew on me so I was pretty excited when I knew I was going to be getting a pair.

They have an almost jock type look yet seem to be much more revealing. A jock has no back because the purpose is to support your groin, the straps are purely utilitarian. The whole design of a jockstrap is very purposeful, it just happens to be sexy as hell.

This new style of underwear exposes your butt purely for the sake of showing off your butt, there is no other purpose for it. It’s like you’re walking around giving peep show only you know about. It really makes you feel sexy in that regard.

I know some brands label these buttless briefs as “jocks”, however, they are not jockstraps, they are briefs with a big hole in the back. They are not really athletic either in that the pouch does not give athletic support.

Don’t get me wrong I do think these are an amazing, fun and sexy pair of underwear, but they are not designed for athletic activity they are made for the look.

There is a plus side to the design, though. It does highlight your butt and even through your clothes give a very subtle lift. And the underwear is actually very comfortable and you don’t even notice that your butts not covered.

I wore the underwear all day long and and it served perfectly well as underwear for everyday use. I wore them everywhere, the only thing that may make these not great as everyday undies is the fact that you’re not covered in the back so there is the hygienic factor (I won’t get into) missing.

I wore these undies to a men’s nude yoga class in Denver, obviously I took them off for the class, however it was fun walking around in them before and after class. And when we went out afterward it was a lot of fun pulling my jogging pants down and showing off the top of my butt crack.

I had a lot of fun with these undies!

Timoteo Quake Athlete New Jock

Timoteo Quake Athlete New Jock

Timoteo Quake Athlete New Jock

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is unique and novel, although not limited to this design or Timoteo, it is a look that is not real common. I think it has a very masculine sensual appeal to it, like ass-less chaps (which all chaps are) in the leather world. It has that rugged touch yet with the black (also comes in white) material highlighted in red with the Timoteo brand around the waist band it also conveys a fun sex quality.
Suitable for? Definitely for showing off! A great pair to wear on a date, it has a great way of showing off just enough while keeping your front covered. Yet it is comfortable enough you could wear it anywhere or anytime. It could be fun to wear in the locker room at the gym. I’ll have to try that.
Fit and quality? The fit was great, I wear a medium and received a medium and it fit perfect. The quality is great the material is a 96% cotton and 4% spandex blend which has comfort and breath ability while maintaining shape and coverage.
Is the price right? The brief comes at $21 at UnderBriefs with Free shipping to US and Canada. The price is not bad. This style of underwear usually goes for about 20 give or take, so with the free shipping it’s a good deal.
Best thing about it? It’s fun, even when no one but you knows you’re in them you’ll be smiling all day thinking about the peep show in the back of your pants. And if the occasion arises to show them off to someone else then it’s all the more entertaining, and sexy.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Timoteo scores a 4 star prize with the Quake Athletic New Jock. It’s a fun, sexy and comfortable pair of underwear that you will be so happy you have added to your collection. There is always a time you will want to show off your butt and this pair of undies will give you that opportunity. Thank you Timoteo for the great style and fashion you provide us men with. And thank you UnderBriefs for being patient with how long I took to get this out, I love you guys!

Buy it here www.underbriefs.com
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You’re always hot in your Teamm8s… See the video.

As summer nears here on the northern hemisphere, it also means that winter is coming for those of you well below Equator.

I guess that’s why GUB favorite, Teamm8, just shared this chilling video… Remember, these guys are headquartered in Australia.

Directed and produced by New Yorkers, Victor Jeffreys II and CK Swett, these Brooklyn-based artists communicate their enthusiasm for life through film, sculpture, dance, speech, performance, song, short stories, and knock-em-down-drag-em-out parties with their friends.

The guys produced a couple of audio versions for us but we love this fun voice message one the most … i think it’s brilliant!“, said Michal Nicolas, Director/Owner of teamm8.

Well, we love the video since it features our favorite Teamm8 undie, the Signature brief.

Here at GUB we love innovative undie videos – if you are a budding underwear video artist, feel free to send us your stuff. We’d be happy to share your videos with thousands of undie fans from around the world.

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