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Archive for March, 2011

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

The infamous Gregg Homme Business Strip video! See it here.

If you’ve been following Guys’ Underwear Blog, you know that we are huge fans of Gregg Homme underwear.

For their 2011 range, Gregg Homme raised the bar for how much sexy can be put into men’s underwear video ads.

Damn, those first videos were sizzling hot!

A few days ago, the GH team released a new strip-themed video featuring male underwear model Thierry Pepin (an authentic Montreal stud) who is wearing Gregg Homme’s latest creation, the VOLUMATOR Brief. This certified Organic Stretch Cotton underwear enhanced with a removable soft shell front  padding (see pic below the video).

And it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything even remotely as sexually uggestive in-your-face sexy!

Check out all Gregg Homme’s hot 2011 collections at www.gregg.ca.

Gregg Homme VOLUMATOR brief

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Introducing: Jake Joseph Underwear

I feel like we’ve been introducing new men’s underwear brands left and right this year…

And today is no exception!

Please give a warm welcome to Jake Joseph Underwear.

The premise of Jake Joseph underwear is based on  a modern approach to classic garments that have been enduring since the 1960′s.

Read: Classic cut briefs, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts that exudes warmth, comfort & style.

We haven’t tried on a pair yet (rest assured, we will), but based on the information available to us we have a feeling this is a high quality brand.

All the styles are 95% bamboo viscose and 5% elastic, which should mean that they breathe well, have a great life span, is resilient & easy to clean.

We LOVE bamboo viscose, which – as you may remember – was the key ingredient in the fabric composition of the Element(o)s brief, which was nominated for Brief of the Year 2010.

From what we gather, Jake Joseph Underwear is designed with a classic gentleman’s trouser in mind. This is premium underwear for the high roller in all of us.

And the price… USD $35 for a pair of briefs. Well, we’ve said it before, quality ain’t cheap. We’ll have to wait for the review to see if the price tag matches the quality of the underwear.

For now, check out the entire range and buy your own pair at www.jakejosephco.com

Jake Jospeh Men's Underwear - Boxer shorts

Jake Jospeh Men's Underwear

Jake Jospeh Men's Underwear

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SLY Underwear “Work Hard“: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Think outside the Jock! Sly underwear has hit the market giving us a fun, fashionable and still practical garment to wear under our pants. The styles and atmosphere you get from Sly is definitely one of excitement and festivity, and nothing boring.

Sly has given us the choices to go beyond the norm and into the creative expressions that will give you an inner smile all day long. And they have made underwear that works for men who may normally not choose such great undies.

The cut and construction fits like a standard boxer brief but with a better fit and much better look. These are a great way to introduce men who need some help with their underwear style into the massive world of merriment under men’s pants.

And of course us underwear connoisseurs can also appreciate and long for the fun style of Sly.

So when I decided to go Sly I got two incredibly stylish pairs of “Work Hard” underwear. The Work Hard style by Sly is only subtly different from the other two styles offered by the company. One has a slightly longer leg and the other is a little looser.

The Work Hard is designed to do just that, help you word hard in comfort and with support. The boxer brief comes in a variety of patterns and styles that once again vary even in the “Work Hard” collection.

The first one I tried was the Paintball. The Paintball has a fun look reminiscent of an early 90’s middle school picture backdrop, but that’s good, it makes it memorable and festive.

The material for the pouch is a solid white. Then the 1 and ¾ inch elastic waist band stands in a vast contrast to the fabric’s bright paint splotched pattern, it is black with gold lettering and the thin trim on the edge of the band is also gold.

It’s like elegance meets humor and although that sounds like an unappealing collaboration I think it was genius and comes across perfectly stating the well roundedness of an amazing man.

I love the waist band here, and recently I know Sly has talked about a new style and I told them “don’t change it, it’s perfect”!

The brand “SLY” is written in a modern bold font and “Underwear” is next to it in a classic italic font, again a perfect contrast. And the words are centered in the front of the band, a design I love because it gives the impression of a purposeful construction.

And when showing above your pants line centers, the statement of your underwear for everyone to see. What an awesome pair of underwear.

The other pair I received was the “Picnic Green” featuring a crisscross weaving of a pastel-like green and a grass green lightly lined in yellow. It makes you think of a hot summer day chilling in the middle of a field after a yumtastic picnic lunch lounging in the sun and just enjoying life with out a care.

It’s a GREAT joyful look. The elastic band is slightly narrower at an inch and a half and has “SLY” written in the modern bold font alternating from a solid green to an outlined green along a white almost silky silver band. Another great look!

And one of the best things about both is that they have a small pocket on the front right leg so you can store things when you wear them alone or want to hide something in a secret spot.

I wore these undies, washed them and wore them again and they were a pleasure to try out, seriously. They did exactly what they promised and that was to keep me comfortable, supported and feeling happy throughout the day.

I did wear them to work and I think they did make me work hard! At least I felt joyful knowing I had these great vibrant underpants on. I also wore the underwear out around town and even to the gym and they were up for any and every challenge I threw at them.

They even survived my washer and drier and came out looking as good as new, no fading, no visible wear and fitting great. The only thing regret id that I never got to use the pocket. I can’t wait for the opportunity to wear them outside or to an underwear party.

And I will!

So over all these are amazing pairs of underwear that you will love and they make a great gift for any man.

Sly Work Hard Men's Underwear (1)

Sly Work Hard Men's Underwear

What Verdict
Style and look? The look and style scream masculine fun and tell the world you are a guy who has personality and is a blast to be around. The material is a 95% cotton and 5% elastane so they will fit snugly all day with out being stretched out or losing their shape. Sly has an incredible style that really brings out the manly exuberant side of a guy.
Suitable for? Everyday wear. These babies work anytime anyplace and will keep you comfortable well supported and confident. I honestly can not think of an occasion where you couldn’t wear these. Well maybe swimming or athletic events requiring a cup, but I bet you could still find a way to make them work.
Fit and quality? The fit is great, Sly’s sizing goes S (28 – 30 inches), M(32 – 34 inches), L (36 – 38 inches) and XL (40 – 42 inches). I wear a 34 and asked for a medium and they fit well, no problems. The pouch is very supportive in that it conforms to your anatomy and is not overly roomy. If you like the massive pouch where your bits and pieces can hang and swing and play tag these may feel a little too snug. But I found them perfect. The quality is top notch, the touch of elastane keeps the undies form and you supported all the way around. Great underwear.
Is the price right? The Work Hard collection runs about $24.95 (Australian I believe, which would be about $25.50 USD. Yes America the Australian dollar is worth more, slightly). This is not a bad price for the underwear you receive. And I believe Sly is running a special where you can receive free shipping with a purchase of four pairs of underwear.
Best thing about it? It’s FUN! Sly has definitely taken underwear to a place where even the manliest of men can show off their funnier playful side which we all have to admit is sexy as hell on a guy. You will have no room for boredom while in these puppies.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Woo Hoo Go Sly! They have with out a doubt earned these four stars with the Work Hard underwear offered to men everywhere. And coming from a land that is leading the world in fun, sexy innovate underwear Sly has made its mark in the competition. Thank you Sly for helping men to showcase fun!

Buy it here www.slyunderwear.com
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Guys in underwear – More 2011 ES Collection hotness!

We never get tired of ES Collection!

Hot off the press, new promotion pics are now surfacing featuring the spring/summer 2011 range by the exquisite Spanish men’s underwear brand.

As we’ve seen time and time again with ES Collection, the hotness of the photography (which borderlines true underwear art) is only outshined by the even hotter underwear items on display.

These pics are the second batch from the same ES Collection photo shoot that we introduced back in December, yet we’re only just seeing these new promotion pictures released now.

We especially like ES Collection’s take on the brief cut. It’s very distinct and sophisticated – and unlike any other major brand out there.

Check out the entire ES Collection underwear range here: www.escollection.es.

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 men's underwear

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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Chord Overstreet in Ellen undies

By Valdamar


And women, if you’re reading. I would love to know if we have any loyal women fans, I mean honestly I think women should be very concerned with the growing trend in men, gay and straight, gaining a stronger awareness in being fashionable and sexy in underwear.

For you straight women with men who need help in that department I want you to know the world of men’s underwear is working on it. A lot of companies are focusing on that demographic and helping our straight men to see that they can have fun and look good in underwear.

They aren’t just shown off in emergency rooms anymore, so mothers make sure your boys know to wear not just clean but underwear with panache! So anyway, lets find out what has been happening in the world of underwear this week.

Chris Jericho’s Lucky Underwear

Chris Jericho, Best known as a WWF/WWE star, has been cast on the hit show Dancing With the stars. Jericho stated “I haven’t changed my underwear since the cast was announced”, apparently he’s a little superstitious and has said he’s taking the competition seriously. After his statement fellow cast member Mike Catherwood said “I can vouch for that”. Hmmm, I wonder how?

Underwear for the Homeless

The senior class at Jackson Christian High School in Chicago has collected over 1,000 pairs of men’s underwear to donate to a local homeless shelter. A lot of charities and organizations don’t always think about taking care of the underwear needs of the homeless so it’s good to see young people actively playing a part to keep men covered. They even had a Whitey Tighty Volleybal Tournament.

Mr. Jockey Tebow

Jockey has released several videos with Denver Bronco’s quarter back Tim Tebow talking about the science behind jockeys cooling underwear. And that is all fine and dandy however Jockey why can’t we see him in the underwear! Walk the talk buddy.

And Tim will get in his underwear he did in this promo where it looks like he’s in a pair of white Hanes. A few weeks ago the Picture of the Week was him in Under Armour. We need the Jockey pictures now! Actually I hear the ads are under way and that Tebow will be the first signed athlete underwear model since Jim Palmer in the 80’s. I CAN’T WAIT!

The Undy 5000

Undy 500

Saturday in St.Louis the Undy 5000 was held, a 5k fun run to promote awareness of colorectal cancer. The event was held in the Muny Parking lot at Forest Park. What a great way to spread awareness. Remember this for your next charity event.


Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

Chord Overstreet was on the Ellen show and the show has become loved by us underwear fans for it’s promotion of men in underwear. In discussing his shirtless character the issue of underwear came up and Chord showed off the Ellen undies he had on which said “Ellen’s got my tight end covered”. Fitting words for underwear he received at the Super Bowl.

Ellen Underwear on Glee Guy

BET Undie Run

BET undy run

Mario Van Peebles guest-stared on the BET show “The Game” and meets a woman at the bar and gets her to run through the street with him in their underwear. Apparently he’s dying and that was on his bucket list. It is something we should all do at some point.


From time to time on our face book page we ask our readers what underwear they have on. Here’s what we’ve found this week: SLY Paintball Trunk, Black mesh jock strap, Joe Boxer, Bill Bass bikini, Papi trunks, Cin2 lemon yellow kinetic briefs, white CK boxers, pink Hugo Boss boxer trunks, Papi, Obviously jock strap, Cin2.

So it looks like our favorite brand this week was Papi and Cin2 and the favorite style was a trunk. NICE! Tell us what you’re wearing at our face book page: www.facebook.com/guysunderwearblog

Week in Underwear CRIME:

Under Drugs

A 28 year old man in Melbourne Australia has been accused of concealing 185 grams of heroine in his underwear. The man was stopped by customs for a baggage inspection at the international airport in Melbourne coming off a flight from Ho Minh City. When he was informed he would be searched he admitted to having two pellets in his underwear, not referring to his testicles. He could get 25 years in prison and/or a $550,000 fine. Undies, not just for smuggling budgies anymore.

Cheap Bomber

OK, I am not a fan of this idiot being named the “Underwear Bomber”, however I have recently heard the reason he chose Detroit was because it was the cheapest ticket he could get. Now if you’re planning on blowing yourself up, does it matter if you save money?!

Underwear Jacking

Underwear Jacking

19 year old FedEx worker John Gallagher was caught breaking into his old High School going into the boys locker room and collecting the guys’ underwear. He apparently layed them out on the floor and the masturbated on them. He was seen in the schoo’ls videos in his Fed Ex uniform and was identified by the local Fed Ex office. He now faces 7 years in prison.


It’s spring time guys! At least in the northern hemisphere it is and although we still have a few cold spells to get through it’s time to start planning for summer. This week our picture is a salute to summer outside underwear. I love it when underwear becomes outer wear (of course make sure it’s legal which it usually is).

About this picture: I got it from a blog by Adam Hall from Australia. This picture is of his friend Craig in Cannes, when he couldn’t find the traditional swim apparel he chose to use these baby blue undies which became see through once wet. As Adam put it “So see through you could see how hairy the man is”.

I think this is a GREAT swim suit, Craig! For more on the story behind the picture see Adam Hall’s blog.


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DT Underwear – more behind the scenes action! See the video.

DT Underwear made a strong statement with their excellent 2011 men’s underwear range. And while aussieBum may be king of underwear video promotion, DT is certainly making an admirable effort to keep up.

We really admired their promotion photos for the new range, which was probably among the most artsy to come out in a while.

A few days ago, then, a video emerged that takes you behind the scenes of one of those photo shoots. The video shows the male underwear model pose in various DT styles, including briefs and a jockstrap.

A little something to kick off your Saturday.

DT Underwear retails from $22.50 – $33.75. See the entire range and buy at www.dtclothes.com.

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Croota Cats Light Trunk: A Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Croota‘s underwear comes with an expiration date “BEST BEFORE: marriage”. Sorry married guys I guess you’ll have to find a different pair.

Of course this philosophy is set to show that these undergarments have a fun unbridled and uncommitted attitude which really sets free that exuberant single man even in married guys.

Croota has made it their aim to make underwear fun and to help men get away from the boring old undies of the past. We have looked at two examples up close recently and now our third is probably the most unique; the Croota Cats Light Trunk.

This trunk looks like a very small pair of running shorts and not much like underwear at all, it even has pockets. I love underwear with pockets.

The trunk fits like a small pair of shorts, a little loose yet there is some elastane in the polyester to give it a snug quality as well.

The trunk is made with a fairly flat look in that there isn’t a pouch nor any dimension to the back it’s just two flat pieces of material sewn together. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing “flat” as in boring about this trunk.

The flat quality allows your body to press out and shape the underwear. The black is trimmed with gold and the white is trimmed in red making the trunk really pop.

The area in between the legs connecting front and back is made with a sheer mesh stretch material really allowing your lower region to breathe. And the elastic waist band is super soft and almost hidden behind the outer material. The band sticks up just a millimeter or two giving the look that you are wearing a pair of white undies beneath these shorts.

The brand “Croota” is written across the upper left back in a colorful mosaic type style reminiscent of 90’s pop art. This is a very unique and fun pair of underwear.

I was infatuated with this hipster from the time I saw it on Croota’s website. When it arrived I was pretty excited to try it out. At first I was a little disappointed by its flat front since I am a big fan of support and pouches. But honestly after wearing it I never noticed much of a difference from underwear with a pouched front.

I wore the hipster for a long full day and never felt like I had to adjust myself or that I was unsupported down there – it was really very comfortable. Putting on the underwear it did look like I was going to wear a very skimpy pair of running shorts and almost was like I had shorts on under my pants, although it didn’t feel that way once I was dressed.

And even though I never used the pockets I love the fact that they’re there just in case and it makes the shorts perfect for an adventurous day out when I feel brave enough to show them off.

The mesh part in between the legs is not only cooling to your groin area it’s also pretty fun. It shows just a hint of the base of your butt crack and the bottom of your scrotum as it act’s like a little hidden window to what’s inside.

After washing the hipster, which it handled well, I wore them again and once more they were a lot of fun to have on! They are a great pair of underwear for any man and an amazing pair of shorts for guys who dare to flaunt what they have going on!

Way to go Croota!

Croota Cats Light trunk

What Verdict
Style and look? The style and look are very original and very sexy in an athletic manly way which is just yummy. The material is 94% polyester and 6% elastane so it has a nice shimmer drawing attention to your form while being flexible enough to mold to your body. It’s unique and really gets attention.
Suitable for? Casual wear, lounging around the house and maybe even at the park. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day anywhere. It is great for hot summer days in the outdoors and underwear parties, since it has a pocket to hold your stuff. Great overall for any occasion.
Fit and quality? The quality is great, after several washes and wears it still looks new and is ready to go again. The fit is also good, it’s not too tight nor is it too lose. And even though it is pouchless you have the room and support you need from your undies.
Is the price right? You can buy it from Croota for $19.50 and free shipping. That is a great deal, I love free shipping it‘s hard enough for my head to add the regular prices together much less thinking about shipping prices to add in. I would honestly have expected this pair to go for higher so it is a terrific deal.
Best thing about it? The look. I love the athletic angle it conveys and the fact that it can double as regular shorts. Well not quite “regular” but passable as outer wear. I love original underwear concepts and Croota did it with this one.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Croota scores a four star rating with the Cats Light Hipster! It is definitely a pair that you will want to ad to your collection and show off to your friends, loves and fellow underwear lovers. Thank you for the Hipster Croota!

Buy it here www.croota.us
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aussieBum MAN photoshoot – behind the scenes!

aussieBum has been dominating the underwear fashion scene this week with their brand new MAN brief!

It’s all over the place and we just received a pair for review, so keep an eye out for that within the next few weeks.

Besides the official MAN promotion video, the Australian underwear phenomenon also released a behind-the-scenes video from the MAN photo shoot.

We always enjoy getting these alternative, less promotion-photoshop-perfected views of new undies.

And this video, in true aB style, is a lot fun too. There’s no question, underwear models have more fun than us mere mortals.

Buy the USD $22,50 MAN brief here: www.aussiebum.com.

Enjoy, guys!

aussieBum MAN brief

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Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief – A Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Jay

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the CK One Micro range, which beside the hip brief – which will be the focal point of this review – also includes a low rise trunk and boxer brief.

And let me tell you, I am really excited to get the opportunity to review yet another item from Calvin Klein’s extensive men’s underwear range!

First off, I should thank MensUnderwearStore.com for supplying the undies. It’s one of my top places to shop for Calvin Klein underwear. They have one of the widest selection of CK styles I’ve come across on the net.

So, if you’re a CK-o-holic, remember to check this store out.

As for the CK One Micro range, I have been most pleased wearing both the hip brief as well as the trunk. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of almost all Calvin Klein underwear out there, so I’ll admit it was hard not to be biased when I first tried out the briefs.

However, this also meant that I had high expectations for what I was about to wear. And CK does manufacture their underwear in China which – honestly – doesn’t always promise well for the production quality.

I’ve put the briefs (and trunks) through the usual tests that we favor here on Guys’ Underwear Blog. I wore them for a full day of work and running errands, put them through the washer, and wore them once more to see how they held up.

The main (and truly honest) conclusion is that I can find little wrong with this brief. Most of all, I’m in love with the 91 % / 9 % Elastane fabric blend, which was extremely lightweight, soft and highly breathable. That makes the the CK One Micro range a hit for hot summer days as well as athletic activities.

As for the final grade and a detailed run-through of the look, suitability, fit, and pricing, scroll down to the overview below the pics.

CK fan or not, if you like high-quality, reliable underwear with lots of brand attitude, you’ll love the Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief (as well as the boxer brief or trunk).

Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief front

Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief front pouch

Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief back

Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief back up close

What Verdict
Style and look? The low rise look of the CK One Micro Hip Brief is a sexy classic from Calvin Klein. The brief sits low on your hip and sports a narrow waistband and the well-known roomy, yet fully supportive pouch. It’s just plain gorgeous if you ask me.
Suitable for? This is a highly functional brief due to its nylon / elastane fabric mix. The key features of such a blend is breathability, low weight, and extreme flexibility due to the excellent stretch capabilities. Together this makes for a brief that always stays in place while providing extreme support. You’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it, yet it’s perfect for the gym or hot days. The stretchy fabric also means that guys of most pouch sizes will feel right at home in the this brief.
Fit and quality? “Made in China” is no longer synonymous with low quality. As with all CK underwear I’ve ever come across, the CK One Micro Hip Brief is an example of impeccable production quality. All seams are perfectly executed and I’ve seen no color fading past the first couple of washes. I wore a size M for a 32 inch waist, and the fit was spot on. I don’t see any need to size either up or down.
Is the price right? The CK One Micro Hip Brief – and the range overall – is priced just right in my opinion. The brief is USD $20, the trunk is $24. Briefs of this quality usually run anywhere between $15 and $25 and with Calvin Klein being a huge, global brand $20 seems about right.
Best thing about it? Two things. First, the look of CK’s Hip Brief cut has been a long time favorite of mine (check out my reviews of the Body Hip brief and X Cotton Hip Brief), and it still is. It’s just so damn sexy! Second, the fabric composition. I love the lightweight, stretchy feeling of this brief. It’s not quite up there with my all-time favorite fabric (which is modal), but it’s close.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A couple of months ago I reviewed the Calvin Klein X Cotton Hip Brief, which I also loved. What can I say, they’ve got me spellbound! But back then I deducted one star for its hefty $26 price tag. With the Micro Hip Brief, though, the price is more fair and so I have no other choice but to roll out a rare, 5 star grade. It’s well-deserved!

Buy it here www.mensunderwearstore.com
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Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: New Underwear App!

I’M BACK! Did you miss me? Sorry I skipped a week but things were a little hectic over here, or I was just being lazy. Anyway we are back with our weekly report keeping you up on the latest fact and stories about our underwear from around the globe. And since I missed a week we have a lot of good stories to share with you so let’s get to it:

Underwear App

Apparently Jockey has been waiting for this for a while, the day smart phones outsold desktops, and now it’s here. So they have launched an m-commerce, iPhone app and iPad app recently that allows you to purchase underwear right from your phone from the Jockey catalogue which is updated 6 times a year. It was only a matter of time and we welcome any way we can buy undies possible!

Underwear App

Country Underwear Tweets

Jerrod Niemann after appearing on the Ellen show has tweeted that he too received, like so many other men, a pair of Ellen underwear. Hopefully like the others he will flash them to us at some point. And another country star, Chuck Wicks, tweeted that he was “pumped” to find super hero underwear in his size. I hope we get to see those some time soon as well. Back up your talk boys!

Country Underwear Tweets

Brief Purse

Designer Jeremy Scott has come up with a new design for a purse and it looks just like a pair of men’s white briefs. The purse is priced at $424! It may sound ridiculous but the purse has sold out!

Brief Purse

Brief Purse

The End of the World

According to Religion Dispatches the Rapture will be here on May 21st so as they put it “wear clean underwear”. I really have nothing else to say about this other than, I always wear clean underwear!

Indian Army

I found this picture of a demonstration by the Indian Army from March 14th, 2011 and thought maybe America could learn something from this. I want to see our boys doing this soon!

Indian Army Underwear

Russell Tovey’s Undies

To benefit Comic Relief and Red Nose Day actor Russell Tovey has put up for auction a visit to his set, a promise of being his Twitter friend and a pair of his underwear and socks. The bidding went for over 1,100 pounds!

Russell Toveys Undies

Survivor’s Pink Underwear Challenge

Phillip Sheppard of the Ometepe tribe on the reality game show Survivor sported his pink underwear last week. He is in law enforcement and must have obtained a pair of prisoners humiliation undies that come in pink.

Survivors Pink Underwear

Peter’s Underwear

Model, Abbey Clancy, says she likes her house to be immaculate and her one complaint against her husband, English footballer, Peter Crouch is that he leaves his underwear lying around on the floor. Well, then Abbey if that’s his one flaw send him to my house!

Peter's Underwear


Underwear Deprivation

A while back I reported that the former Army Private who’s suspected of handing over documents to Wiki Leaks has been denied underwear because according to authorities he can do some dangerous things with that elastic band. A group of people are now protesting and calling his treatment torture and even saying “Send underwear to Obama” to remind him that underwear deprivation is torture. Of course there is a lot more to this story than underwear.

Run, Underwear Run

Several men were arrested in Columbia South Carolina charged with “disorderly conduct”. Why? They were outside in their underwear! Shocking. 31 year old Walter Lewis Harvey, a member of a band, said he often plays in just his underwear because it gets hot. He and several other band members from his and another band stepped outside a bar to cool off when police saw them and went to stop them however they ran. Eight men eventually were arrested in the event. I don’t understand why that’s illegal, I have been outside in underwear before, it’s not like your naked! I’m sure there must be more to this.


This week we have a special picture. It may not be of an unrealistically fit young airbrushed-to-perfection man, but it’s a real man and true beauty. With the seemingly endless line of disasters facing Japan I thought it fitting to look at the beauty of these people and this culture that has endured for eons.

This is a traditional Fundoshi, one of the oldest forms of underwear that is still around to this day. Looking at the smile and overall magnificence of this man, we remember the people and traditions of Japan and keep them in our thoughts as they deal with things we can’t even imagine, but we know their legacy of a strong culture will survive! FUNDOSHI!

Men's Underwear Picture of the Week

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