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Archive for February, 2011

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Gregg Homme Torrid: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Valdamar

Well, this is the last of my three reviews of Gregg Homme underwear. I’m gonna miss you Gregg! But at least I am left with three amazing pairs of skivvies.

By this point, if you’ve kept up with the reviews, you may be sick of me singing the praise of Mr. Homme but one last time I must say I have found their quality to be the gourmet premium standard of underwear, at least from what I have seen.

But moving on, let’s look at this last juicy morsel of underwear heaven: The Gregg Homme Torrid.

Sometime I am kind of a meat head and I’ll admit it, I didn’t know what the word “Torrid” meant, so I looked it up. I found the definition fitting for this underwear meaning “very hot”, “sensuous” or “blazing”.

These undies definitely are a sweltering piece of impassioned delight. Although another term I would use to describe them is “nothing”, they feel like nothing and practically look like nothing and I mean that in a good way.

Another Homme garment is called the Commando in that it is supposed to be like going commando or underwearless, however I think these are the pair that truly make you feel like you have nothing on.

They are made with the same astounding eight way stretch fabric that mimics that naked feel while still providing comfort. The Torrid is one spectacular pair of underwear.

When I first received my sky blue Torrid brief (more of a micro bikini) my first impression was “Oh My God this is small!”

It came in a tiny zip lock type bag that looked like it would hold a piece of jewelry. I took it out and examined it and it felt like spandex silk, smooth and slinky.

When I had seen pictures of the Torrid advertised it always looked like it was just a naked guy with a slight blue hue Photoshopped over him like painted on underwear yet with everything still visible.

After trying them on I must say they really look that way. It really is like being naked! You can barely feel them and they are so stretchy and soft that your lower parts hang with little resistance and the fabric is sheer enough that you can see right through them. They completely conform to your body and fit exactly as they are pictured.

I wore them all day several times, washing them in-between of course, and they were fantastic. I was comfortable and never felt like they were slipping or ridding up.

They were completely efficient at work, running around town and lounging at home and I loved having them on. The only thing is that they don’t offer a lot of support so while at the gym I felt kind of out there and I don’t think they would be a good athletic undergarment.

But they obviously were not made to do that, they’re unquestionably a special pair of underwear. And even though they come across as a delicate material and seems like they would be as strong as tissue paper they really are quite tough.

The eight way stretching fabric held up to everything I put them through and even made it through my washing machine several times and came out like new. Of course I did air dry them as I would recommend.

The Torrid also comes in a trunk (this is more like a breif, and a small one, I’ve even seen it listed as a boxer brief), or a thong along with the brief and is available in red, black or white as well as the sky blue.

Overall this is a great sexy fun and about as small and revealing as you can get pair of underwear that any Underwear Lover would adore!

Gregg Homme Torrid Bikini Brief

Gregg Homme Torrid Bikini Brief model

Gregg Homme Torrid Bikini Brief front

Gregg Homme Torrid Bikini Brief Back

Gregg Homme Torrid Bikini Brief Front

What Verdict
Style and look? The style is near naked and the embodiment of sexy. And it makes a man look confident and seductive. The material is a 80% polyamide and 20% spandex blend which is incredibly soft smooth and stretchy. Great look and style.
Suitable for? Special occasions. Hot dates, nights out and times when you just want to feel confident. And when you just want to feel naked with the comfort of underwear between your privates and pants. Good for everyday use too but not very supportive so not good for physical activities.
Fit and quality? The fit is great, the size was perfect for me and because it’s so stretchy it just molds itself to your body and becomes almost like a second skin. The quality is remarkable as it’s very well constructed and the fabric, which you can see I can’t shut up about, is super fine.
Is the price right? I have seen the underwear from the Torrid series go for $26.95 up to $32.95. This is a quality pair of underwear and it doesn’t come cheap. Although, for the style and excellence you’re getting it’s not too bad.
Best thing about it? It’s sexy! As the name suggests it’s a sizzling, impassioned, erotic, hot-blooded barely there almost naked piece of clothing you will want to show off to that special someone, or hopeful. And it feels great on you.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Gregg Homme has created an impressive pair of underwear with the Torrid. It’s sexy, comfortable, confidence boosting and makes a great addition to any collection. Thank you Canada for giving us Gregg Homme, and thank you Gregg Homme for giving us the Torrid.

Buy it here www.skiviez.com (US)
www.deadgoodundies.com (UK)
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Braxton’s Valdamar’s Weekly Underwear Report: Underwear sledding in Germany!

Who’s Valdamar? I’m Braxton! Braxton was my “pen name” for a while since I had been writing for another blog under Valdamar.

However, I’ve decided it’s time to drop the facade and be who I am; Valdamar. So hopefully none of you guys are too confused, I would be but it doesn’t take much to confuse me. Well that out of the way we have a great week’s worth of stories to share, even one with a cat who’s an underwear fan!

UPDATE: Naked Cowboy

Last week it was reported that the Naked Cowboy was suing the Bold and the Beautiful for stealing his character. Well, no new news on that yet, however, I did find out he has sued before.

Once there was a “Naked Cowgirl” who apparently liked to flip the bird as her character, so our Cowboy sued her because that would look negatively on his character the Cowboy. And he has even sued the Mars Company for having one of their M&M’s dressed in his likeness.

I also found out he makes an estimated $5,000 an hour in addition to all the marketing around this persona of his. He is big time, folks. Robert Burck (the Naked Cowboy) does all he can to protect his character, trademark and image. So you’ve been warned, do not wear a white hat underwear and boots!

National Underwear Day in Brazil… Or not?

During February Brazil has it’s national underwear day. This is the day when Brazil’s underwear models and undie lovers strut through the streets only in underwear. However, February is about to end and it hasn’t happened! It’s not on the calendar nor is it in anyone’s plans. What the heck happened, Brazil?!

National Underwear Day in Brazil

Underwear sledding in Germany

17,000 spectators showed up to watch 26 men and women, even a 70 year old man, compete in an all underwear toboggan race in Germany. The winner took home 1,000 euros. I would have taken this champ home!

underwear sledding

Nixon Caught in Underwear

No not president Nixon. In the land of Underwear, Australia, Ricky Nixon, AFL (Australia Football League, Australian rules rugby) player – now manager – has been caught in his underwear. A 17 year old girl turned in a video showing the two together, Nixon in his underwear, and claimed he had an inappropriate relationship with her. He denied this strongly, however, later admitted only to “inappropriate dealings” with the teen. Oh that’s much better.

Nixon Caught in UNderwear

New Undies Every 20 Minutes

Mike Cvik, 6’9” NHL official (referee), packs plenty of underwear when he travels. Now the 48 year old isn’t afraid of having accidents as he changes his underwear inbetween each period. He says working on ice you need to stay dry and fresh so at the start of every period he has on fresh sparkling clean undies, now at the end of the period I don’t know. If Cvik’s underwear collection is anything like mine he can afford to change skivvies every 20 minutes and have plenty of clean under pants to spare.

Flash Underwear for Free Tickets

Some rethinking is being done to attract people to the Edinburgh Fil Festival in Scotland. One idea being considered is to give free tickets to people who flash their underwear at the ticket booth. Now it wouldn’t be any underwear it would be special “branded” underwear. I don’t know if they would be made special for the festival of if it would be a sponsoring brand. Hmmm maybe BawBags? Awesome undies with a great slogan “May Contain Nuts”!

Flash Undies for Free Ticket

Croota Comes to America

Exquisite Imports out of Alexandria Virginia has announced that they have become an official importer of Croota, an Australian underwear brand focusing on fun cuts, colors and comfort. The undies will run about $18.50 a pair and bundles of 3 for $50. We will have some reviews of Croota underwear out soon, and check out our earlier posting on the company.

Croota Comes to America

Week in Underwear Crime:

Underwear Cat Burglar

We often hear of people who steal underwear from other people. And in some weird way we can kind of understand, as awful as it is. However in one California neighborhood people have been missing underwear from their clothes line for some time now. The culprit was finally caught… it was a CAT! Dusty the klepto cat has stolen over 600 items over the past three years. In addition to underwear he’s stolen shoes, towels and toys. Reports indicate he is not remorseful and has no intention of stopping.

Underwear Cat Burglar

Lick Lick

A 23 year old man in El Cajon, California, was arrested after jumping off a trolley, where he reportedly had licked several women’s hand bags, and ran around a Toyota dealership in just his underwear. He was apparently under the influence of drugs. The severity of this I can’t determine until I get a picture.

Not Just For Smuggling Budgies Anymore

The term “Budgie Smugglers” has become famous for men’s bikini swimwear but a man in New Zealand used his underwear to smuggle geckos and skinks! I’d like to see that Geico commercial. Animal trafficking has become, and has been, a big problem. One guy in Thailand was caught at the airport with three large suitcases containing 143 different turtles and tortoises! What the heck! I am always fascinated, yet somewhat ashamed, of what men are willing to smuggle in their underwear.

Not Just for Smuggling Budgies Anymore


This week our picture takes the prize for no reason other than WOW! In my writing I come across hundreds of underwear pictures a day it seems like. Most of them are hot, yet seem to contain the exact same guy cut out of the mold over and over again.

But once in a while I see a picture that stands out and I can not take my eyes off of, and that happened when I saw this. And sorry, but I know nothing about the picture. If you know who this is or why it was taken please share. Suddenly I have the urge to wear my white CK’s.

Picture of The Week

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Guys in underwear – 2(x)ist NEON

So, as always when the men’s underwear superpower that is 2(x)ist releases a new range it doesn’t go by unnoticed.

Nor so here on Guys’ Underwear Blog. We’re in love with 2(x)ist!

This spring, 2(x)ist introduces NEON, a collection of briefs and trunks inspired by digital culture with bursts of bright color.

NEON certainly makes a bold color statement and bares all the well-known 2(x)ist trademark design details. As with most other 2(x)ist ranges, the Neon collection will be available in a variety of low-rise silhouettes, all made from soft-fle(x) cotton, one of the softest stretch cotton fabrics available.

A pair of 2(x)ist NEON briefs is typically US $16, trunks are $24.

Go to International Jock for a wide selection of 2(x)ist NEON underwear online.

2xist NEON montage

Neon brief

2xist NEON trunks

2xist NEON brief

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Guys in underwear – BONE WEAR jockstrap

There’s no getting around BONE WEAR these days.

The South African men’s underwear brand is now releasing its first ever line of jockstraps. For 6,53 % of you this is good news!

That’s right, 6,53 % of our readers wear jockstraps as their preferred type of underwear. We know because more than 1,400 of you have answered the question: what type of men’s underwear do you prefer? Want to know the most popular style? Check out the poll…

Anyway, I’m getting off track. We see a number of US and international underwear stores starting to carry BONE WEAR, including Guys’ Underwear Blog favorite, UnderBriefs. For sure, this a trend that won’t be fading anytime soon.

With that, here is the new BONE WEAR jockstrap range…

Bonewear Jockstrap range

Bonewear Jockstrap

Bonewear Jockstrap front

Bonewear Jockstrap back

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Guys in underwear – Good Devil 2011 range

Happy Friday, guys!

These fresh-off-the-press pictures featuring the latest Good Devil ranges are starting to the hit the web – and they are dirrrty!

And from what I hear in the underwear community, Good Devil generated a lot of buzz at the Magic show in Las Vegas which took place in the middle of February.

More than anything, Good Devil is erotic underwear for those special occasions where you want to show off a little more of yourself than usual.

These photos, featuring male underwear model Levi Poulter, are a true examples of this. The styles pictured include the Net Brief, the Net Jockstrap, and the Net Boxer – all of which should be available in an underwear store near you soon.

Off the bat, we recommend International Jock which carry a large selection of Good Devil underwear.

Remember, here at Guys’ Underwear Blog, we like Good Devil!


Good Devil 2011 net brief

Good Devil 2011 net trunk

Good Devil 2011 net mens brief

Good Devil 2011 net jockstrap

Good Devil 2011 net brief

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Introducing: Sly Underwear. See the pics!

Do you remember Sly Underwear?

Created by Dan Murray, who is just 20 years old (!), this was the brand that donated a bunch of underwear to the victims of the recent Australian flood.

Oh, and yes, Sly is based out of Australia – which is almost a redundant remark these days.

Not content with slyly edging their way into the $4 billion global underwear market, Sly is taking on the underwear industry head-on at home and abroad.

$4 billion! No wonder everyone in Australia seems to have their own underwear brand…!

After only 3 years, Sly underwear can be found in over 170 retail outlets in Australia and distribution networks have been formed on South Africa, New Zealand and the United States, with more offers predicted to come from the highly lucrative European market.

The bold, edgy designs of Sly’s products are rooted in the origins of the company itself. Six months out of high school and putting in fifty hour weeks as a laborer, Dan took a chance to enter the world of men’s underwear design.

Following on from the escalating public interest surrounding the brand, including appearances on national TV and in print media, many of Australia’s top retailers have taken notice and decided to get on board, including the country’s largest surf retailer City beach and streetwear chain Gluestore.

In terms of styles, Sly is all about boxer briefs and trunks which you can get with 14 different print designs.

Sly trunks and boxer briefs are between US $20 and $25.

Here’s to hoping Sly will soon be broadening their range to include briefs!

Check out the entire Sly range over at www.slyunderwear.com.

Sly Underwear for men

Sly Underwear for men boxer briefs

Sly Underwear for men trunks

Sly Underwear for men

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Gregg Homme Commando Trunk: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Braxton

Hello my fellow lovers of men’s underwear. I have a confession to make… I LOVE GREGG HOMME!

I tell you, these undies they sent me are pretty incredible, and the pair I am showing you today are already one of my favorites; the Commando.

When you think of “commando” you think of going without underwear which is something many of us underwear lovers can’t imagine. This term is thought to originally come from the military style of the kilt. Traditionally, the soldiers who donned a kilt where not to wear underwear for freedom of mobility.

However, in this regard Gregg Homme has designed a pair of underwear that mimics the feeling and freedom of not wearing underwear at all yet still gives you the comfortable layer of fabric between your privates and your pants, especially if your pants are a harsh fabric like denim, OUCH!

The fabric with its ability to stretch in 8 different directions imitates that naked feeling giving you full freedom to move in any direction you want without restraint.

And I must say this fabric is AMAZING! Not only does it make you feel naked it has a very sheer quality to it so that you almost look naked, too, it’s definitely not hiding what’s underneath.

In fact, it is so soft and light I was afraid I would split it, as like many guys I don’t deal well with delicate material. But the fabric is very sturdy. It takes a stretch and bounces back and maintains its shape and feel with confidence all day.

Even after washing it in a machine the material comes out looking like new. And the colors are fantastic! The look of this underwear is quite classic with a fairly large waistband that has a modern elegance to it.

The Commando comes in a trunk or square cut, a brief, a jock or even a string bikini and more. This fabric is used to make a number of Gregg Homme undies. And why not, it’s incredible. The next and last (sad sigh) of Homme undies I will review the Torrid is also made of this fabric and actually is much closer to being naked. The Commando collection has a lot of variety for you to chose from.

I chose a red Commando trunk and love how it feels and looks on me. I wore the trunk all day at work and even to the gym and it was very comfortable, although due to its super stretchy not-even-there feeling it doesn’t provide a lot of support for high athletic activity.

But for me at the gym it was fine and it handled the rest of my day and night great through everything I put it through. Even with repeated wears the underwear held up great.

I loved how it felt, it was kind of like going commando except I could feel the waistband, which I liked. It almost gives you that touch of naughtiness to make you smile through out the day knowing what an incredible under layer of clothing you have on.

I even wore this pair of underwear to teach my Men’s Nude Yoga class, I figured it was close enough to being naked, anyway. It was our Red Underwear Valentines yoga night and I felt great going through every pose in these Commando’s.

This is definitely a pair for the man who likes his underwear gourmet.

Gregg Homme Commando

Gregg Homme Commando side

Gregg Homme Commando back

Gregg Homme Commando front

Gregg Homme Commando model

Gregg Homme Commando underwear model

What Verdict
Style and look? The Commando collection is made from an 80% polyamide and 20% spandex material that is designed to stretch eight ways to keep you free and flowing. It has a very classy yet ultra suave and sexy look. It’s what I would imagine James Bond would wear, great for lounging with a martini. It looks amazing and is so stylish while being superiorly comfortable.
Suitable for? Special occasions when you need that extra nudge of self-assurance and coolness. But it can be worn anytime and works for everyday use. But there’s something about it’s quality and sophistication. This is a pair of underwear that is too chic for just any old occasion.
Fit and quality? The fit is perfect, I wear a medium and I received a medium and it was very comfortable. And with this fabric you definitely don’t want to go too large because it will give and allow you to expand with it and mold to your shape. The quality – like all Gregg Homme underwear – is flawless.
Is the price right? As mentioned above, this underwear has a textbook quality, so it’s not cheap. And due to the wide variety of styles within the collection you will see a wide range of prices. I have seen the G-String for as low as $17.77, the thong for as low as $21.99 and the standard elastic band pieces for as low as $29.99. However some of the more high end garbs such as the 3 way jock go for as high as $41.95. This price can be kind of high but this is the Everest in underwear quality so over all it’s not bad.
Best thing about it? The fabric. The feel, and the look the material gives this underwear is totally what this design is all about. I have said it over and over but again this is a magnificent fabric.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A perfect 5 star rating is rare and I hand them out with care. But honestly I can not think of anything this underwear is lacking nor anything that should be done to make it better or of a higher quality. Gregg Homme has done an amazing job with its new collections of underwear out now and this is probably the top of their top. I love you Gregg, but now I have to go buy everything I didn’t receive to review!

Buy it here www.skiviez.com
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Introducing Mckillop Underwear for Men: Jockstrap Joy!

By Chris

The world of underwear is always expanding, sometimes so fast that we can’t even keep up! We try, though, to bring you fresh, new, and interesting brands from all over the world; this one’s coming from Canada (seems like Canada’s catching up to Australia)!

Mckillop underwear, created in 2009, is a specialty brand that sells jockstraps and pouches to men who want a no-frills, sexy design to show off their ass(ets). The underwear exists in a variety of styles, including: a “Power” pouch and jock, the classic 1.5” pouch and jock, and the classic 3” pouch and jock, each one offering a sexy look to get you in the mood! Keep in mind, these are all sheer (mesh), so save them for when you really want to feel special.

The jocks and pouches all offer frontal enhancement to make you look (and feel) that much more impressive. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the pouch style, it is basically a jockstrap but without the straps, which means more freedom and a sexier feel.

A pair of Mckillop underwear will cost you about $20 depending on the style, which is about average for the product type.

Mckillop underwear is available at many online retailers, including topdrawers, Planet Undies, AlphaMaleUndies and DealByEthan.com. You can also get them directly from Mckillop’s online store.

Be on the lookout soon for our review of two different Mckillop collections, but if you’re curious in the meantime (we know you are), hop on over to one of those retailers and buy a pair!

Mckillop men's underwear

Mckillop men's underwear jocks

Mckillop men's underwear Classic 1.5 Jock

Mckillop men's underwear Classic 3.0 Pouch

Mckillop men's underwear Power Jock

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Guys in underwear – Croota

The guys over at Croota.us sent us so many great pics featuring their latest collections that we had to split them up into two posts.

If you missed the first batch, and if you want to know about what Croota underwear for men is all about, don’t forget to check out the introductory post.

In this set of photos you can get a first hand impression of Croota’s design philosophy when it comes to cuts like trunks, thongs, and briefs.

Once you’ve finished drooling over the photos below, head over to www.croota.us and get those handy value bundles!

Croota Rodeo underwear for men

Croota underwear for men - Second Skin

Croota underwear for men - Star-Tang

Croota underwear for men - Surfers Paradise

Croota underwear for men - Surfers Paradise II

Croota underwear for men - WWIII

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Gregg Homme Pump Up: An Xpress Review by Guys’ Underwear Blog

By Braxton

I am in love with a new man and his name is Gregg Homme! This is the first of three reviews I will be doing for this wonderful company and I have to say I am VERY impressed.

As soon as the three pairs of underwear arrived at my house I knew it would change my view of high end men’s underwear forever. Gregg Homme is a unique, sexy, fun and quality company pushing the underwear style to a new level. That being said, today we are going to look at a very innovative garment, the Pump Up.

The Pump Up comes in a thong, a square cut, a brief and a unique 3 way jock, a jock/thong hybrid that really is neither. I chose the hybrid since I have seen this back but have never owned nor tried one before.

I have never been a fan of thongs but love jock straps so I didn’t know how this would turn out. However, after trying the underwear on I found it to be like neither, but I liked it.

The leg straps are actually one continuous elastic band that embraces and gives your bum a slight lift, so it doesn’t pull into the area between your legs like a jock.

The thong-like strip of material which passes down between your buttocks is more of a support to the band than the standard thong floss, so it really didn’t give me that wedgie feeling.

I loved the back. The front is where the “Pump Up” comes into play with Gregg Hommes “Advanced Enhancing Technology”. Your penis and testicles are cradled inside a super soft micro fiber material and are encompassed and supported by another ring-like piece of fabric which hugs and lifts them up.

The whole process may sound kind of like a lasso to the groin but it’s really very comfortable, breathable and supportive. And I have to say this fabric that Homme uses is AMAZING!

This Pump Up with the 3 way jock back has a craftsmanship that makes it more like a suspension bridge than underwear. And it really does enhance your silhouette. Not only does the front pouch lift and amplify your package, the back gives you a lift making your butt a little more bubblier.

What I like about this underwear’s boost is that it’s not overly exaggerated but it’s a slight one that is more of a compliment to you and not a fake almost comical amplification.

I wore this pair of underwear several times, each for long full days of activity and loved it! I was supported, I was comfortable and I looked good.

I never felt like I needed to adjust myself too much and didn’t really notice the lifting of my package but felt cozy. And the material of which the Pump Up is made will definitely make your man parts feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

The Pump Up was great at work, running errands around town and at the gym. The only issue may come from the open or thong like back on which may not provide the best hygienic or sanitary coverage if you know what I mean. But that is true of all thongs or jock straps, in which case there is always the option of the square cut or brief.

I love the Pump Up!

Gregg Homme Pump Up Jockstrap Thong Hybrid

Gregg Homme Pump Up Jockstrap Thong Hybrid Front

Gregg Homme Pump Up Jockstrap Thong Hybrid Back

Gregg Homme Pump Up Jockstrap Thong Hybrid Frontal

What Verdict
Style and look? The Pump Up is made from a 73% polyamide and 27% spandex material that is remarkably soft and smooth. The color contrasts to draw attention to your groin and is very sexy and sleek. The look and style say you are a man who isn’t afraid to show off what he has and knows how to use it as well. And the subtle indented printing of “Gregg Homme” around the elastic waist band is very classy.
Suitable for? Confidence-boosting days or nights. This pair of underwear will definitely make you feel like you can take on the world and conquer it. And it’s so comfortable you could wear it every day, although there may be times when you are looking for a more modest look and don’t want to be sporting a larger package. And if you chose the hybrid back it may not provide the hygienic needs of an all day undergarment. But this is definitely comfortable and supportive enough to be worn anytime you’d like.
Fit and quality? The fit was great, I wear a medium and this one suited me perfectly. And the 3-way jock-lifting back has a quality that is mind-blowing! Seriously it’s a work of art. It has a one inch waist band and a continuous one and a half inch butt hugging elastic band. And attached to this foundation are 10 pieces of fabric maintaining support and keeping your body and the underwears structure in place. This is one of the highest qualities I’ve seen in underwear. The tag in the back can be a little itchy, but I am overly sensitive to that, so I just trimmed the corners of the tag a little and it was fine.
Is the price right? I have seen the Pump Up collection go from $30.52 to $45.95. It is not cheap, however as I mentioned before, the quality of this underwear is very good so you would expect to pay more. I think this is a fair price to pay for this garment and it‘s well worth it.
Best thing about it? The sleek comfortable fabric makes you feel energized, assertive and sexy. Your body becomes very touchable in these undies.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This is one incredible pair of underwear that any serious underwear collector will want to have. It’s unique and original plus very comfortable and supportive. It’s beautiful!

Buy it here www.internationaljock.com
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