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Archive for January, 2011

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Introducing: Why Wear Just Underwear When You Can Get Naked?

By Chris

Most of the times when underwear companies pop up on the scene, the story behind their creation is a mystery.

Who knows why brands choose the fabric and patterns or ascribe to the philosophies that they do? This is not the case with a new Canadian underwear company called Naked Boxer Brief.

See pictures of a bunch of their styles at the bottom of the post.

Founder Joel Primus was inspired by unique fabrics during a sojourn in South America to launch his own underwear line. As a competitor on Dragons’ Den (a Canadian reality TV show), Primus sought investment to fund his project. Unfortunately the Dragons rejected his idea, but Primus pushed on and roughly a year later, Naked launched its first line (read their full story).

The company’s name implies its design: underwear that feels like you’re not wearing anything. Made out of a knitted Italian microfiber free from chemicals, all of the styles (brief, boxer brief, and boxer) employ a seamless, tag-less, fitted design to provide their users with maximum comfort.

An interesting feature is the non-constricting waistband so the underwear almost fades into the skin: no extra spandex to get tight and itchy.

Naked is a new company (appearing on the scene only late last year), so their line is currently limited to the three styles mentioned in white (at Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew only) and black. They sell at many retail locations across Canada, but you can always buy straight from their website, nakedboxerbrief.com.

Each pair of these premium babies will set you back roughly $40, and although I haven’t personally had the chance to try them (be on the lookout for a review soon, though!), Joel and the gang at Naked seem to have created a great product that is most assuredly worth the money.




Naked Boxer Brief brief

Naked Boxer Brief black

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Guys in swimwear – ES Collection’s 2011 range

These days ES Collection is spewing new promotion shots for their 2011 ranges like there’s no tomorrow.

You know, I always thought ES Collection was one of the best in the business when it comes to photography and artwork, and with this new set of photos my view is reinforced big time.

Where other brands excel at video promotion or have a supreme website, all ES Collection needs to do is release photos like these to persuade me that I need to upgrade my entire swimwear collection.

ES Collection swimwear typically ranges between $80 and $100. Let that price sink in for a second.

Now, take breath and don’t worry. I mean, really, think of the $80 as an investment in a beach look that is at the top of the men’s swimwear fashion pyramid and with a sexy factor of a million, almost regardless of your shape and size.

Check out ES Collection’s entire swimwear range here: www.escollection.es.

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 brief

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 brief

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 brief blue

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 models

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 promotion

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 shorts

ES Collection men's swimwear 2011 trunk

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Braxton’s Weekly Underwear Report: Glee star shows off his underwear

By Braxton

Rafa Nadal Shows Us His Undies!

Following the foot steps of David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo the world’s number one tennis player has become the new face, or body, of Giorgio. And we get to see him pose in a hot pair of underwear. The 24 year old is the first tennis player after two footballers to dawn the underwear for Armani fans worldwide. Maybe the new underwear will fix his constant wedgie problem.

Rafa Nadal Shows Us His Undies

Women Only?

A library in Illinois was featuring a lecture entitled “Unmentionables: The Rise and Fall of Ladies’ Underwear”. Originally this was a women only event; however several men protested the discrimination so it was opened to both genders. Two men showed up! I bet we could have packed the room for a men’s underwear lecture.

The Underwear Battle

How many pairs of underwear can you put on in 30 seconds? There has been a battle for this record. A year ago Todd DeFazio of Pittsburg radio station Star 100.7 held the record with 7 pair. A few weeks latter a fellow DJ, Sean Kelly, at the station beat the record with 9 pair. DeFazio then defended his record by besting Kelly with 12 pair. The new record is held by a woman, Olivia Miller, with 15 pair in 30 seconds. Who keeps these records? The Universal Record Database. Can you beat it?

Running Naked Man

By now the pictures gone viral of Chen Weiwei have probably already been seen by everyone. But let’s give them another glance.

Weiwei was waiting 4 hours in line to buy tickets for his family and himself to travel to their hometown in Henan China. However people were unfairly being allowed to cut in line which ultimately cost him the few remaining tickets. In an angry protest against the inequalities and harsh realities of Chinas train system, Weiwei went to the train station managers office and stripped to his underwear and they were nice underwear, too.

And fortunately for all of us he was captured by a press photographer. He has since been dubbed the “Running Naked Man”.


Heated Underwear

Julia Aiken, a former professional snowboarder, has started her own business, Toast Heated Clothes, a line of heated underwear. The long underwear is designed with a series of pockets where you can insert hand warmers, three in the shirt and one in the pants. The idea is to heat the core and thus your whole body will be warm. I hope she designs a heated jock soon.

Gleeful Underwear

The show Glee is returning following the Super Bowl and Matthew Morrison has revealed a little secret. Apparently one of the cast members will be singing for the very first time so to calm his nerves the students strip to their underwear. Being that these are supposed to be high school kids I don’t know if I should be excited. I may have to give Glee another try. Maybe this time I’ll make it past 5 minutes.

Matthew Morrison in underwear

Happy Australia Day!

January 26th was Australia Day and CockSox is one of the many Australian Underwear brands celebrating their booming business. They released the Carnivore, a leopard print fabric, and the Woodstock, a paisley inspired design. And to celebrate the release they were going for 20% off. American companies remember this for the 4th of July!

The Week in Underwear Crime:

Once again we have criminals running around or sitting around in their underwear. I think underwear can bring out our wild side at times, so wear your undies with caution, men.

Wikileaker Stripped to His Underwear.

Bradley Manning, the alleged Wikileaker, has been placed on suicide watch against the recommendation of the jail’s own psychiatrist. What this entails is kind of harsh, he’s forced to stay in his cell with no time outside, his glasses were taken away and he has been stripped down to his underwear. I hope he has some a warm comfortable pair. There have also been reports of his having a “rug burn” from a horrible blanket and no pillow to use, as well as no contact with the media.

Car Surfing Underwear Guy

A man in Sacramento, California, apparently went crazy according to witnesses. 40 year old Arthur Derby jumped on top of a passing SUV carrying a family and took off his clothes remaining in just his underwear and tried to open up the vehicles doors. One witness said “he was pissed” as began beating the cars hood and shouting obscenities. I kind of want to car surf in undies myself now, minus the going crazy.

Handcuffed to Pole in Underwear

Being handcuffed to a pole in underwear may be some men’s fantasy, however this was no love play. Canadian police found a 24 year old man handcuffed to a telephone pole in his underwear on a cold winter night. He was on his way home when he was hit on the head, thrown in the back of a van, robbed and stripped then left handcuffed to a pole. But the man refuses to neither tell police who did this nor give any motive they may have had. Sounds kind of fishy, he may have more questions to come.


Rafa Nadal in Armani’s new 2011 spring collection ad. Armani has been a leader in finding and showcasing underwear models. They hit it big, beyond massive, with Beckham will Nadal fill those briefs? Time will tell but either way we will enjoy the moment.

Rafael Nadal Armani underwear

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Introducing: Amateur male underwear model, Rodrigo

Every once in a while we have the pleasure here at Guys’ Underwear Blog of introducing up-and-coming underwear models, photo artists and so on.

Not so long ago we introduced you to the amateur underwear model, Michael Hinkle.

We also posted some of underwear photo artist, Alexis McDrew’s inspiring work.

Today, we want to introduce you to Rodrigo, an amateur male underwear model who’s working hard at making in the underwear biz.

For more pictures and additional info, check out Rodrigo’s MySpace profile or his modeling agency portfolio.

We wish you all the best, Rodrigo.

PS. if any of you guys out there are aspiring underwear models, let us know – we’ll love to show your pictures and tell the world about you.

Rodrigo underwear model

Rodrigo underwear model sloggi

Rodrigo underwear model beach

Rodrigo underwear model shorts

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Guys in underwear – Barcode Berlin Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Happy Friday, guys!

Here’s a little something to get you through the final work day of the week.

It’s a major set of promotion photos featuring an up-and-coming German brand, “Barcode Berlin”.

Barcode Berlin’s product mix includes regular underwear like briefs, trunks and jockstraps as well as sports- and swimwear and a number of fetish-style cuts.

Barcode Berlin is a premium European brand, commanding about US $25 for a pair of regular briefs. However, the brand only uses premium and pre-washed materials so quality is a key focus area.

Maintaining the spirit of Berlin and incorporating designs and styles from around the world is what Barcode Berlin is all about. It aims to reflect the city of Berlin: it’s sexy, i’s open, it’s independent.

See the entire collection and shop for Barcode Berlin underwear at www.barcodeberlin.com.

We welcome you, Barcode Berlin!

Barcode Berlin men's underwear briefs

Barcode Berlin men's underwear fetish

Barcode Berlin men's underwear fetishwear

Barcode Berlin men's underwear jockstraps

Barcode Berlin men's underwear models

Barcode Berlin men's underwear shorts

Barcode Berlin men's underwear sports

Barcode Berlin men's underwear

jock-straps, sportswear
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Guys in Underwear – 4SKINS

So, the great guys over at Australia’s latest underwear wonder child, 4SKINS, sent us so many promo pics that we had to split them into two posts.

If you missed yesterday’s post, click here to view all the hot close-ups of the 4SKINS briefs and trunks.

We’re working on getting a review out to you guys so we can elaborate on the highly interesting odor control feature that 4SKIN underwear comes equipped with.

I’m seriously intrigued.

For now, though, you have to settle for these pics (I’m sure you don’t mind) or go buy the underwear now at www.4skins.com.

4SKINS men's underwear

4SKINS men's underwear briefs

4SKINS men's underwear briefs trunks

4SKINS men's underwear briefs

4SKINS men's underwear briefs

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Introducing: 4SKINS underwear for men. Huge picture post!

By Chris

Hello, underwear lovers!

Today I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new brand that may not have caught your attention yet but definitely will soon: 4SKINS. Debuting recently (September, 2010) from where else but Australia, 4SKINS presents to us a couple of fresh (literally and figuratively), sexy new lines of underwear.

See all the pictures below!

As the name implies, this underwear is inspired by the shape of the male body, working off its curves and contours to create a perfect fit – a second skin, if you will.

Looking for something exotic, something that the other underwear in your drawer can be jealous of, you say? Your search ends here, then, because 4SKINS has ditched the plain-Jane attitude on underwear for a vibrant yet completely functional take. At first, it captures your eye with its clean, contrasting lines, then, it captures your touch with its super soft cotton spandex blend, and finally, it captures your scent.

Scent? Yes. Most 4SKINS underwear has been “transformed through nanotechnology” to trap and neutralize those odors that, you know, naturally arise, allowing you to breathe freely all day. A simple washing releases those odors and your pair is as good as new.

So whether you’re active at the gym, busy running here and there to get things done, or sitting behind a desk for eight hours, 4SKINS offers a product for you. Not only is their underwear sexy, but it is even more functional than your average pair.

A typical pair of 4SKINS will run you between $23 and $31, depending on the cut and color.

Check out the entire range at www.4skins.com.

And check back in tomorrow where we bring another batch of promotion pics from 4SKINS’ hot new collection.

4SKINS men's underwear black trunk

4SKINS men's underwear black brief

4SKINS men's underwear black trunk

4SKINS men's underwear trunk

4SKINS men's underwear white brief

4SKINS men's underwear white trunk

4SKINS men's underwear brief

4SKINS men's underwear white brief

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Guys in Underwear – Addicted 2011 range, part 2/2

Get ready for another batch of those delicious Addicted promotion pics.

Click here if you missed part 1 of the amazing photos featuring the Spanish underwear brand’s 2011 range.

In this set Addicted presents multiple hot new styles and cuts, including a strangely hot long boxer brief style, regular trunks, shiny loose trunks, as well as a brief with one of the widest waistbands I’ve seen in ages.


You can get selected Addicted styles over at www.skivviesmensunderwear.com or view the entire collection at www.addicted.es.





Addicted men's underwear 2011 white trunk

Addicted men's underwear 2011 underwear models

Addicted men's underwear 2011 red trunk

Addicted men's underwear 2011 long underwear

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Valentine gift ideas from aussieBum. Save up to 50 %!

Valentines Collage Aussiebum

These last few days have had aussieBum written all over them!

First there was the unveiling of the secret aussieBum video, and yesterday aB asked all of us to come together for the Australian flood victims. Just think, you can support the flood victims by buying a sexy pair of underwear. If there ever was a win-win situation, this is it.

And guys, now Valentine’s Day is coming up!

The team at aussieBum has made a selection of their favorite Valentine’s gift ideas for you, each of them suited to match your personality whether you’re a bit of a show off, or a more laid back person… Some of the styles are even on sale!

That’s right – aussieBum is having a huge sale right now, and you can get a ton of great aussie underwear at a fraction of its normal cost. Save as much as 50 % on selected items!

Check out the aussieBum sale.

Anyway, let’s get started! First of all: what type of Valentine are you?

A Stand-Out-from-the-Crowd Valentine, like aB model, Matt, on the pic below? Then, slap on a pair of the WJ Pro, aussieBum’s hottest range of underwear, and get the ultimate upgrade. 100% guaranteed to make you look bigger and sweep that special someone off their feet on the big day.

aussiebum wjpro hipster red

Or maybe you’re going for a cheeky Valentine? Try these special aussieBum Valentine’s underwear! These are guaranteed to put a smile on his/her face AND they will be at a very special price as they too are on sale this week!

Valentines celebrate box randy

Or are you more into a classic valentine? You would rather be caught dead than standing in line to get into one of those busy, trendy dinner places? If you’re idea of the perfect Valentine’s evening is to relax in front of the TV, then our Classic underwear range is for you. 14 different bright colors to choose from. Simple design. No fuss, no muss.

aussiebum model shot

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Guys in Underwear – Addicted 2011 range, part 1/2

So you want delicious European men’s designer underwear but ES Collection is a bit out of your price range?

Maybe you should turn to Addicted, then.

Addicted is ES Collection’s slightly more affordable sister brand and sources tell me that it is becoming increasingly popular here in the U.S.

Judging from the fresh new set of promo pics, it’s not hard to understand why. And honestly, at times I can hardly tell the difference between Addicted and ES Collection.

With the 2011 range, Addicted has seriously widened  their product range. One new interesting cut is the jock brief which you can see below. That cut is everywhere these days. A real “must have” item for jockstrap enthusiasts.

Anyway, enjoy the high quality photos. They are some of the best I’ve seen so far in 2011.

A pair of Addicted briefs is typically around US $27.

Shop for Addicted over at www.skivviesmensunderwear.com or view the entire collection at www.addicted.es.

Addicted men's underwear 2011 jock brief back

Addicted men's underwear 2011 jock brief

Addicted men's underwear 2011 jockstrap

Addicted men's underwear 2011 jockstrap back

Addicted men's underwear 2011 dark brief

Addicted men's underwear 2011 blue brief

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