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Archive for December, 2010

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Best of 2010: 2(x)ist underwear. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, guys!

On this last day of the year I thought it would be fitting to look back at some of the wonderful 2(x)ist underwear and accompanying promotion shots to come out in 2010.

2(x)ist has been one the most blogged about underwear brands here on Guys’ Underwear Blog in 2010.

And there’s a reason for this. The American super brand released a bunch of hot new underwear, including the SLIQ and ALL STAR ranges – both of which scored top reviews here on the blog.

Also, 2(x)ist published an abundance of videos and promotion pics for us underwear fans to enjoy. Great going!

For sure, 2(x)ist has been one of the most inspiring and innovative brands in 2010. I have great expectations as to what they’ll come up with in 2011.

For now – HAPPY NEW YEAR – enjoy the montages below.

See you in 2011.

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Guys in underwear: ES Collection 2011. Part 2.

That’s right! I’ve got event more exclusive, unseen photos of ES Collection‘s 2011 men’s underwear range.

The ES team has always been creative and artsy and this high-end approach to their promotion material really shines through in this second batch of photos.

If you didn’t catch that first set of photos, don’t forget to check out the fab new ES Collection pics I posted yesterday.

I know ES is becoming increasingly popular among the American underwear fans, and it’s not hard to tell why…

Anyway, guys, have a GREAT New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Stay safe!

And remember to check out the entire 2011 ES Collection out over at www.escollection.es.

ES Collection Men's underwear trunk

ES Collection Men's underwear trunk 2011

ES Collection Men's underwear trunk 2011 white

ES Collection Men's underwear trunk 2011 black

ES Collection Men's underwear briefs 2011

ES Collection Men's underwear army trunk 2011

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Guys in underwear: ES Collection 2011. New pics, part 1.

As promised, today I share with you the all new ES Collection promotion pics featuring their upcoming 2011 men’s underwear range.

Gorgeous photography and some very, very hot cuts and designs.

And boy, have the the promotion guys over at ES Collection been working hard. It’s rare that we see so many new promo pics and new designs from one brand in such short time span. And they just keep unveiling new stuff every other day it seems.

You may remember that just a few weeks ago I posted a couple of blog posts with an endless number of new styles, also from ES Collection’s 2011 range.

Anyway, here for you to enjoy is the first of two batches of brand new ES Collection pictures.

Check out the entire ES Collection underwear range here: www.escollection.es.

Happy Early New Year, guys!

ES Collection 2011 range briefs group

ES Collection 2011 range trunk

ES Collection 2011 range men's underwear

ES Collection 2011 range guys in underwear

ES Collection 2011 range brief

ES Collection 2011 range army trunk

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ES Collection swim wear 2011. New video sneak peak.

I just got some fresh-from-the-camera pics of ES Collection’s brand new 2011 underwear collection.

I’ll share them with you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Now, however, I’ve got another little ES Collection treat. This is a short video snippet taken from a recent photo shoot for their new 2011 swim styles.

We get a few glimpses of the upcoming swim short designs and a lot of glimpses of the underwear models preparing for the shoot. Hopefully ES Collection will soon release even more detailed footage of their upcoming ranges.

Don’t forget to also watch the other ES Collection promo videos featuring items from the 2011 ranges.

See you all back here tomorrow.

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25 % off all products at Skivvies until Dec 31st! Get the promotion code.

Another great supporter of Guys Underwear Blog, Skivvies, is having their annual End of Year sale right now!

This is really is great time to be an underwear fanatic!

Skivvies is offering 25% OFF all products until Dec. 31.

All you need to do is to enter the promotion code: 1226 at checkout and it will discount your whole order by 25%.

And mind you, that is on top of the quantity discounts the site also offers.

This is your chance to get your hands on that outrageous, yet alluring K’mando Sport strapless pouch thing. You know you want to try it…

Go get that and an abundance of other high end men’s underwear brands like 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Cocksox, Joe Snyder, N2N, Timoteo, Todd & Terry and many many more. All favorites of mine!

Check it all out at www.skivviesmensunderwear.com.

Kmando Sport Strapless Pouch

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Male underwear models at work for Simon Le. New video!

Lucky for all underwear enthusiasts that 2(x)ist household underwear model, Ivan Scannell, loves to share his work experiences on Youtube.

Once again Ivan has been working for Photographer and artist, Simon Le – who you may remember from a video post I did a few weeks ago.

This new video features Ivan alongside a couple of other male underwear models posing primarily in underwear from Guys’ Underwear Blog favorite, Baskit.

And once again they working for Simon Le and his mysterious 2011 project, which will be published early next year.

It’ll be interesting to see the final results.

Until then, enjoy!

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End of Year Sale at UnderBriefs: Save up to 45 %

A great friend of this underwear blog, UnderBriefs celebrates the start of the New Year 2011 with an End of Year sale, starting Sunday 26. December.

They’ve lowered prices 20-45% on almost every brand in the store. Save 25% on Calvin Klein!

Also, enjoy reduced prices on brands like Baskit, Diesel, Gregg Homme, and Joe Snyder.

UnderBriefs offers free shipping in the US and now has low-priced shipping choices for its international friends.

But hurry – the sale ends January 2!

Check it all out at www.underbriefs.com.

End of year sale at UnderBriefs

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Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts – An Xpress Review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

Merry Christmas, Guys!

My gift for you today is a review of a brand new label I haven’t tried before! Exiting, huh?

Oh, and it’s a pair of boxer briefs – a quite refreshing detour from my otherwise narrow path of briefs.

The product in question is the Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts (i.e. boxer briefs). Not sure why they call them boxer shorts…

If you’re unfamiliar with Smuggling Duds you should go check out my introductory post and see pictures of a bunch of their designs.

UK-based Smuggling Duds bring many interesting designs features to the table. Or back to the table, I should say.

One thing is the buttoned fly. It’s been a pleasure revisiting  this classic pouch feature.

Overall, the Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts has been a pleasant acquaintanceship.

Check out my review and overall grade below the pics.

And guys – happy holidays!!

Smuggling Duds boxer briefs

Smuggling Duds boxer briefs Carbon Check Front View

Smuggling Duds boxer briefs Carbon Check Side View 2

Smuggling Duds boxer briefs Carbon Check Rear View

Feature Verdict
Style and look Just to reiterate my point from the introduction. Obviously, the Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts are in fact a classic pair of boxer briefs, or tights as they are also know.

Boxer briefs are always a safe and youthful choice of underwear. It’s probably the most preferred cut by men under 25 these days.

When a cut becomes super popular and mainstream it is usually in danger of becoming boring and plain. So make sure to always go for interesting colors or patterns.

What I like about the Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts is the fact that the design team has chosen a fully functional buttoned pouch design, which gives this boxer brief a touch of vintage class.

Also, the designers have added a clever little pocket on the front of the boxer brief to fit small items in, like an iPod Nano or perhaps a condom. This is a fun design addition and something that I’ve seen several brands do over the last seasons.

Suitable for? Made from a standard 90 % cotton / 5 % Elastane fabric blend there are no unexpected surprises when wearing the Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts.

They are a great choice for all kinds of everyday purposes, exept sports activites.

Fit and quality? The fit was just fine. Neither the waistband nor the legs felt too tight and provided adequate support. I wore a size M for a 32 / 33 inch waist.

There is a product information patch stitched to the inside rear of the waistband. It didn’t bother me too much, but after a few wears I did choose to cut it off, which was no hassle at all.

Is the price right? The Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts can be ordered directly from the brand’s own web shop and it will set you back around US $28.

This is a slightly premium price tag but that’s just the way things are if you want to stand out and wear imported, European underwear.

Best thing about it? The buttoned pouch and the cool little pocket are what makes this boxer brief stand out from the horde of competing brands and styles out there. I actually used the pocket for my new tiny iPod Nano when cleaning the house the other day. Practical, indeed :)
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★
Smuggling Duds has managed to do something innovative with the mainstream boxer brief cut – and that deserves proper credit.

The Smuggling Duds Boxer Shorts is a bit pricey, but if you want European fabulousness you gotta shell out the cash.

Buy it here www.smugglingduds.com
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Guys in underwear: THE NAVY DIVER Underwear. Pics AND video!

I just stumbled upon yet another attention-grabbing Australian men’s underwear brand, THE NAVY DIVER.

Seriously, how many underwear brands can a single country foster?? Australia really is for men’s underwear what Silicon Vally is for the IT biz…!

Anyway, I don’t have that much experience about THE NAVY DIVER. I just saw one of their recent videos on Youtube the other day and thought I’d share it with you guys.

See the video below the pics.

The story behind THE NAVY DIVER and their choice of underwear model and celebrity endorser is actually quite unique.

The face of THE NAVY DIVER is SharkBoy aka Paul de Gelder. There is no disputing that SharkBoy, THE NAVY DIVER’s Australian icon, is a true hero. In February of 2009, diver Paul de Gelder defied all odds by surviving a near fatal attack by a three-metre bull shark. Punching the shark several times to free himself and clinging on for life, he was rescued near Garden Island in Sydney.

Despite life changing injuries, Paul became an unlikely ambassador for shark conservation taking part in the United Nations conference in New York where he raised awareness to protect the shark species from over-fishing. He is soon to release his personal autobiography in which he chronicles life before and after his attack.

Conservationist, THE NAVY DIVER underwear model, surfer, Aussie hero and bon vivant – he vigorously trains in the gym, loves the surf and prides himself on a well balanced diet. His story and journey has captivated the world over.

Fun story.

And funky underwear with some very distinctive design features, don’t you think?

FYI, a pair of typical NAVY DIVER briefs will set you back around US $25.

Check out their entire collection at www.thenavydiver.com.

the navy diver men's underwear trunk

the navy diver men's underwear trunks

the navy diver men's underwear green briefs

the navy diver men's underwear trunks and briefs

the navy diver men's underwear

the navy diver men's underwear trunks and low rise briefs

the navy diver green men's underwear

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DT men’s underwear video: The 2011 range.

It’s almost Christmas, guys!

And today I bring you an early Christmas present in the shape of a behind-the-scenes video from my friends over at DT Underwear.

The video gives you a glimpse of what’s life’s like on the set a real-life men’s underwear photo shoot.

Naturally, you also get lots of live shots of most of the hot new DT 2011 underwear styles that were featured in my post the other day.

DT’s got some seriously well-made briefs in there, I think.


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