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Archive for October, 2010

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Guys in underwear – Timoteo

Timoteo hasn’t really received proper attention here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

So, for wrapping up this Halloween weekend I thought you guys might like a few brand new promotional shots from Timoteo.

It features Timoteo’s very popular Sport Athlete New Jockstrap.

It’s just US $20 and you can get it over at UnderBriefs.com.

Timoteo jockstrap

Timoteo Athlete New Jock Strap

Timoteo men's underwear

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Good Devil Mesh Brief – An Xpress review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

I’ve been hyping my review of the Good Devil Mesh brief over the last week, and now it’s here!

After trying out this mesh brief, there can be no doubt that Good Devil is all about bringing sexy back into your top drawer.

So don’t look to Good Devil for a regular pair of everyday cotton boxer briefs – ’cause these guys don’t do regular underwear.

Rather, it’s all about mesh nylon fabrics, see-through briefs and g-strings and even suspend pouches. If it’s fun, erotic undies you’re looking for, Good Devil might the answer.

Today I’m reviewing the see-through mesh brief, which – if you can believe it – is one of the more conservative Good Devil styles…!

In the pics below the sensitive parts have blurred out – if you want the uncensored pics go to online retailers Underwear Station or Skivvies.

With that, on with the review (below the pics).

Good Devil mesh brief

Good Devil-mesh-brief-back

Feature Verdict
Style and look In terms of cut, the Good Devil Mesh Brief is a pretty standard low rise brief with nice back “coverage” (after all, they are see-through!). Also, the brief features a roomy pouch design with a slight lift effect which – all in all – makes for an impressive bulgy profile. Also, the brief is equipped with a nice, soft waistband.

But of course, the main stylistic feature has to be the sheer mesh fabric from which the brief is made. It is completely see-through! Anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of you in just your mesh briefs will have a full and clear look of your package and buttocks.

So, you better like how your private parts look when they’re packed away in this brief. I guess, then, it’s a good thing that Good Devil added the lift functionality to the pouch, ha!

Suitable for? This is actually a pretty important point when it comes to sheer fabrics. This brief is made from 92 % Nylon and 8 % Spandex. It will feel different from your everyday cotton underwear.

The day I wore it I didn’t it to be uncomfortable, though, as this fabric composition has plenty of stretch. It goes without saying that the brief ensures plenty of ventilation and keeps everything nicely cool. So if you live or work in a warm climate, this brief may be a perfect option.

However, I would probably reserve this brief for fun occasions where you want to impress (and maybe chock) that special someone who gets to see you in just your underwear.

Fit and quality? The fit was perfect. I wore a size M for a 32/33 inch waist and found no need to size up or down. You have to remember to hand-wash the brief in cold water.

Also, I can’t put a finger on the quality of the fabric as well as the overall production quality.

Is the price right? The Good Devil Mesh Brief is between US $24,75 and $26, which seems a fair price for specialty underwear like this. I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for fun underwear – and if you take of it and wash it properly it should stay in your underwear collection for a long time.

Best thing about it? The best thing about this brief is the overall fun factor that this style will add to your underwear drawer. The combination of the sheer fabric, the enhancing pouch, and the low rise cut make for sexy pair of underwear.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I haven’t got much experience with mesh underwear, but it sure has been fun trying out the Good Devil Mesh brief. I was actually pleasantly surprised that underwear made from this unusual fabric could feel so comfortable. So, if you’re feeling a little uninspired when you look into your underwear drawer, maybe you should consider adding a pair of fun briefs like this one to your collection.

Buy it here www.underwearstation.com
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Guys in underwear – Good Devil

I’m reviewing a pair of naughty Good Devil briefs this weekend.

And what better way to warm up to the review than to post some of Good Devil’s brand new promo shots, sent to me by my friends over at www.underwearstation.com.

This is party briefs for the modern man with a taste for bold underwear!

Enjoy the weekend guys!

Good Devil party underwear for men

Good Devil men's briefs

Good Devil men's underwear

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Guys in underwear – 2eros

The icon 3 series by 2eros expands on their signature Icon series with a new range of bold designs and colors. These briefs feature a new thick waistband, and a 2eros signature logo on the ribbing around the legs.

Made of some of the best material in the market these briefs are made with the soft Modal/Cotton fabric; same as the icon 2 collection. And if you’ve been following Guys’ Underwear Blog you know that I love modal!

The new icon styles are available in three colors; clay, navy blue, and sky blue. Are you the man who mixes business with pleasure? Then try the clay color. Do you usually prefer to go commando? Don’t scare any more people; go with the navy blue. Finally if you’re fun, fresh, and delightful pick sky blue!

Get yours today at HisTrunks for US$28.

2 eros

2 eros brief back

2eros briefs

2eros icon briefs

2eros icon

2eros Icon3

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Sloggi for men: Hot new briefs. Pics and video!

A while back I did a few posts on Sloggi men’s underwear which I thought deserved some attention.

Sloggi has had to overcome being known mostly as a female underwear brand. And this hasn’t been an easy challenge as the brand is the best-selling female underwear brand with more than 1 billion pairs sold over the years!

Anyway, Sloggi actually offers a string of pretty nice quality underwear styles for men, too.

Sloggi underwear for men is best described as basic men’s underwear. Basic underwear is standard, no-frills cuts (like briefs and boxer briefs) that are not too expensive and that can be worn for most purposes.

The other day, then, I noticed that the good guys over at Dead Good Undies had posted a video with some backstage footage from a photo shoot featuring a couple of new men’s Sloggi styles, including the Dandy and Dusk ranges.

See the video below the pics.

Of the two, I like the Dandy range the best. It sort of resembles Bruno Banani a little bit – or is it just me?

A pair of Sloggi Dandy briefs is US $19, Dusk briefs are $16.

Get the briefs, boxer briefs and trunks over at www.deadgoodundies.com.

sloggi for men dandy mini brief

sloggi for men dandy mini brief

sloggi for men dandy mini brief

sloggi for men dusk brief

sloggi for men dusk brief

sloggi for men dusk brief

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Guys in underwear – 2(x)ist SLIQ

The last few weeks 2(x)ist have been releasing a variety of promo shots featuring guys wearing SLIQ underwear. And what better way to wrap up this week than with a string of these hot new pics!

The 2(x)ist SLIQ brief was one of the best new styles to be released so far this fall. The SLIQ brief is also one of the very few styles that have received the highest grade of five stars here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

The photos were shot by a number of highly esteemed photographers including Ronald N. Tan, Jay Plogman, and Joseph Smileuske.

Get 2(x)ist SLIQ at UnderBriefs and Skivvies.

2(x)ist SLIQ sports brief

2(x)ist SLIQ

2xist SLIQ

2xist SLIQ brief

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Boost your bulge with the NEW Aussiebum WJPRO Wonderjock. Video and pics!!

Aussiebum has done it. Again!

How is this even possible??

They’ve actually managed to upgrade the massive hit that is the Aussiebum Wonderjock with an even more enhancing PRO version.

Behold (below), the Aussiebum WJPRO Wonderjock – available as brief, trunk and – now – even as jockstrap.

Scroll down for pictures and the alluring promo video…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you certainly will know that Aussiebum was the brand that successfully propelled men’s enhancing underwear onto the mainstream underwear fashion scene.

Sean Ashby and his team don’t seem to want to give up the unofficial title as rulers of the enhancement category anytime soon. The brand new addition to the wonderjock range, the WJPRO, sure will help cement this position.

Some of the new features promised by AB include greater lift enhancement, softer cotton fabric blend, and a very intriguing “free swing boost support”.

I have no clue what “free swing boost support” entails… but I have to try it!

The jockstrap is US $17.50, the brief is $19.50, and the trunk (hipster) is $21.50.

Get your Aussiebum WJPRO Wonderjock at www.aussiebum.com.

Aussiebum WJPRO jockstrap

Aussiebum wjpro brief

Aussiebum Wonderjock PRO

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Good Devil men’s underwear. Pictures and fashion show video.

Good Devil is yet another new brand here on Guys Underwear Blog.

Good Devil is about fun and showing off your assets. In short, this is not men’s underwear for the fainthearted or uptight.

Just look at some of their cuts in the pics below. And I can assure you that they’ve got lots of styles that are way more revealing :)

The videos are taken from the International Lingerie Show. Model Levi Poulter wore 4 different Good Devil pieces in the fashion show and was very popular amongst the 2,500 – 3,000 in attendance at the evening’s event.

The ILS is held every spring and fall at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Check all the Good Devil styles out, including the more hardcore ones, over at www.underwearstation.com and www.skivviesdallas.com

Good Devil suspend pouch

good devil mesh boxer native

Good Devil Mesh Thong Dragon

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Intymen Embossment Boxer – An Xpress review from Guys’ Underwear Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of underwear from the “fun” category. But a few weeks ago my friends over at Underwear Station asked me to try out a pair of true profile-enhancing trunks from Intymen – a new brand here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

And I’m glad they did!

The Intymen brand spices up traditional cuts, such as boxers and briefs, by featuring elements such as hidden C-rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other fun contraptions.

Today’s item is a great example of pouch-enhancing men’s underwear that’s both noninvasive and comfortable to wear.

So, without further ado, feast your eyes on the Intymen Embossment Boxer!

intymen embossed boxer

intymen embossed boxer trunk

intymen embossed boxer black

Feature Verdict
Style and look First of all, the Intymen Embossment Boxer is really not a boxer brief, let alone a pair of boxer shorts.

More appropriately, it’s a classic trunk cut with legs measuring about 7 inches including waistband. Overall this style oozes subtle classiness with a discrete stripes pattern, white-on-white waistband with Intymen logos, as well as a silver foil logo on the hip.

Of course, the defining feature of the Intymen Embossment Boxer is the foam-padded pouch. The pouch is extremely roomy and soft, yet at all times it keeps a distinct round and impressively bulgy shape.

This pouch design will give you quite a visible pouch profile, but – and this is key – it doesn’t go overboard. It’s not vulgarly enhancing. You will turn heads, for sure, but in the good way.

Suitable for? Made from 87% Polyamide and 13% Spandex, the Intymen Embossment Boxer is very light-weight and breathable. It is extremely comfortable to wear, and you can easily use it for all types of purposes. Personally I would wear it for nights out, and in other situations where an impressive bulge attracts the right kind of attention. I found that it works well with both tight and loose jeans.
Fit and quality? The Polyamide / Elastane blend is extremely flexible and has plenty of stretch. I wore a size M for a size 32/33 inch waist and found no need to size up or down. To preserve stretch and fabric quality, however, remember to hand-wash the trunk in cold water.
Is the price right? The Intymen Embossment Boxer is US $24.50. Underwear in the enhancement category is often more expensive than regular underwear, so $24,50 is quite reasonable – especially when you take into consideration the fabric composition, which arguably is more sophisticated than your average cotton blend.
Best thing about it? I’ve seen a lot of pouch enhancement designs. I truly prefer those that are noninvasive and manage to combine comfortability with a naturally-looking, enhanced bulge. The pouch design of the Intymen Embossment Boxer does exactly this.
Overall grade ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

An fine example of profile-enhancing men’s underwear with great mainstream potential. This is high-quality, fun underwear at a fair price. Washing the trunk properly may be a little more time-consuming than other underwear, but you’ll want to preserve these babies for as long as you can – that’s for sure.

Buy it here www.underwearstation.com
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Ristefsky Macheda men’s underwear – watch the videos!

So, yesterday I posted some promo pics for Australian men’s underwear brand, Ristefsky Macheda.

Well, if picture says more than 1,000 words, a video says more than 1,000 pictures.

And today I bring you no less than three Ristefsky Macheda videos featuring a number of styles (including briefs and boxer briefs) that you can get from their web shop on www.ristefskymacheda.com.

From the looks of the pics and videos, my favorite range is probably the DARE range. There’s something classy about a good old fashioned solid colored regular-cut brief, don’t you think?

Enjoy the vids, guys.

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