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Archive for May, 2010

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Aussiebum Hunk Brief – A Review

Ahh, Aussiebum! This brand has a special place in every underwear enthusiast’s top drawer.

Today I have the privilege of reviewing their brand spanking new HUNK brief. Without giving away too much too soon, I can tell you as much that I am glad that I got two pairs. It’s become my latest Australian addiction :)

Scroll down to read the review.

Remember to also read the review of the insanely comfortable Aussiebum Journey hipster.

Also, check out my review of the Aussiebum Lockerboy brief.

And to get a visual idea of the Aussiebum HUNK brief, watch the official promotion video as well as the behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot.

First, however, a little backround info on my favorite Australian underwear brand.

Aussiebum is founded on true underwear passion
For years now, Australia has been the birthplace of so many über cool, fast-growing niche men’s underwear brands. Some have even managed to outgrow their niche and become a mainstream success.

Aussiebum is one such men’s underwear brand. In fact, AB is probably the most successful.  And there’s a reason to this. Actually, there are four.

First, Aussiebum has developed one of the most diverse and wide selection of underwear styles, cuts, and designs. Remember, it was AB and their infamous Wonderjock style that catapulted enhancing men’s swim- and underwear onto the mainstream underwear fashion scene.

Second, I have never (as in n-e-v-e-r) been disappointed by the quality of Aussiebum’s products. I know that this is one of Sean Ashby’s (creator of Aussiebum)  main focus areas, and it shows.

Third, you get value for money. Guys like you and me, who spend a-l-o-t of cash on underwear, love when superior quality, design, and brand value come at reasonable prices. A pair of Aussiebum briefs typically ranges between US$15 and US$20. And when considering that shipping is free of charge across the entire globe, it’s difficult to find better deals.

Fourth and final reason that AB, in my view, has captured market shares like few other men’s underwear brands, is their marketing strategy. For instance, I have yet to come across a brand that has produced SO many promotion videos for their products. Whenever Aussiebum has a new range coming out you can be sure that there will a top-quality, sizzling hot video accompanying it.

Now, with this in mind, let’s move on to the review of new Aussiebum HUNK brief.

Aussiebum HUNK brief – Style
The AB HUNK brief is a classic low rise brief. However, the sides of the brief are slightly narrower than most of Aussiebum’s other brief cuts. I wouldn’t go so far as to label it a bikini brief, but with the brief’s equally narrow waistband it certainly is borderline. At its narrowest, the side of the briefs measures 2½ inches, including the waistband.

To me, though, this is major plus. I really like how the brief rests on the hips, framing that whole area below the wast in quite a flattering manner. The contrasted stitching also adds to this effect.

Pouch design
Aussiebum is master of perfected pouch designs, and the HUNK brief is an example of this. The pouch size combined with the flexible stretchiness of the fabric (which I will get back to below) provide plenty of room for your stuff. This also means that the pouch will provide complete coverage, leaving no space between, for instance, the groin area and the underwear fabric.

In terms support I can find little wrong with the pouch design. Everything stayed nicely in place the whole day I wore the brief.

Back design
A pair of briefs must cover the entire butt area. I’m really not a fan of briefs that are too skimpy, and bikini styles can often reveal butt cracks and not cover your buttocks sufficiently. Luckily, the Aussiebum HUNK briefs doesn’t fall into this category.

In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn low rise briefs where the back was a perfect match for my buttocks. Not a single time did I have to pull out the briefs from between the butt cheeks. Nor did I have to pull up the underwear during the day I wore them, which is a common risk when wearing low rise men’s underwear.

The waistband of the HUNK brief is narrower than most men’s underwear cuts these days. For this style, the 1 inch narrow waistband works brilliantly. The narrow sides of the brief wouldn’t have worked with an overly wide waistband.

The waistband is in the same color as the contrast stitching on the brief (blue, indigo, or red) and has the Aussiebum brand name embroidered in white. The waistband has a product information patch stitched on the inside right side of the brief. The stitching, however, is well done and you won’t notice the patch at all.

Fabric quality
I’ve been looking forward to this section of the review. At first glance, the 92 % Cotton, 8 % Elastane fabric blend seems like your average fabric choice for everyday underwear. Well, I don’t know if AB uses some special kind of cotton, but the quality is simply superb. It has just the right amount of stretch to allow for freedom of movement while keeping the brief in place all day.

By now, it’s clear that I really, really like the HUNK brief, but the fabric quality is definitely one of its defining features.

The Aussiebum HUNK brief is available only in a white base color with contrast-colored stitching and waistband. The blue, indigo, and red color variations are subtle compared to the bright colors generally dominating the men’s underwear fashion scene at the moment. The HUNK brief, then, is an obvious choice if you’re looking for a classic, no-nonsense white brief style for everyday purposes.

I wore a size M for a 32″ waist, and the HUNK brief fit perfectly. No need to size up or down.

The Aussiebum HUNK brief is US$16, which is an absolutely great deal. And with the free shipping I would order two or three pairs if I were you. If you’re a classic brief man, it will be on of the best additions to you underwear drawer this summer.

Get the HUNK brief at Aussiebum’s own web shop.

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D&G Calcio men’s underwear. The videos keep on coming!

Dolce & Gabbana has released yet another behind-the-scenes video from the shooting of the campaign for their new Calcio collection.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last month or so, you will have come across some of the promotional pics (or indeed videos) for the D&G Calcio men’s underwear collection.

The campaign took off back in April with a series of attention-grabbing Calcio ads featuring Italian soccer super stars, Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti and Domenico Criscito.

Check out the D&G Calcio ads and the accompanying behind-the-scenes video

See the Calcio underwear models wearing only briefs!

Then, in the beginning of May, a new video emerged from the photo shoot focusing on the world cup 2010 styles, decorated with the colors of the Italian flag.

Watch the video snippet of the soccer players posing in the Calcio 2010 world cup designs

As if that wasn’t enough, last week a video surfaced from the same photo shoot. This time around the clip focused more on some of the other styles available in the Calcio range with some nice underwear closeups.

Take a closer look on some of the designs available in the D&G Calcio underwear range.

You shouldn’t think it was possible, but this week Dolce & Gabbana’s Youtube channel premiered one more video from that very same photo shoot! And somehow they’ve managed to squeeze not-seen-before video footage out of the shoot.

Well done, D&G. You really know how to keep a buzz alive.

This final video (who knows?) shows many more clips of the Calcio designs and cuts. Once again we see lots of closeups, and I am starting to get high expectations to this collection.

D&G themselves help fuel these expectations by describing the Calcio briefs as “flattering, following the bodylines and cleverly designed to bring comfort and style.

To me it’s the best video yet, as it gives you a very vivid idea of what the styles look like when worn.

I wouldn’t mind it if D&G has got a few more videos from this photo shoot in the making.

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Mundo Unico Futuro Men’s Underwear: Columbian Coolness. With Video!

Mundo Unico is one of my favorite South American men’s underwear brands. These days the Aussies are stealing all the attention on the men’s underwear fashion scene, so it’s a pleasure to see Columbian brands like Mundo Unico, Gigo, and Clever Moda make a serious effort to put their continent on the fashion map.

This week a new Mundo Unico video surfaced introducing the brand’s  latest 2010 collection, Futuro. The Mundo Unico Futuro collection includes every cut you could ever wish for, including boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, low rise briefs, tanga briefs, and thongs.

Watch the video at the bottom of the post.

From the video and Mundo Unico’s official website it’s clear that the Futuro collection builds on MU’s trademark design, which is influenced by many variations of horizontal stripes and patterns, angled in the pouch area to provide emphasis and contrast.

A pair of Mundo Unico briefs are usually around US$30, which isn’t cheap. But then again, this is a premium quality brand. I recommend you get your MUs at Dead Good Undies, which have a generous selection Mundo Unico styles.

Now for the video. It’s a very well-produced video in the usual behind-the-scenes format. The video features a photo shoot of promotional pics for the new Futoro collection. The video features a lot of nice closeups of the various styles.

If you like the video or just want more of MU, you should check out the 2010 Mundo Unico fashion show from earlier this year. Also check out their runway show at the 2009 SoBe Men’s Show.

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The 2(x)ist SLIQ ad that was too “ranchy” for Men’s Health and Details

I gotta hand it to 2xist. Their ad for the new SLIQ collection (out in August) might have been banned from major men’s magazines like Details and Men’s Health but still 2xist ends up getting all the attention they could wish for.


Here’s the story in short. 2(x)ist will soon release their latest range of men’s underwear called SLIQ. I like it from what I’ve seen so far. Nice classic black with a contrasting red detail. Far cooler than the previous Camo range… Well done, guys.

Anyway, 2(x)ist is a brave men’s underwear brand. We’ve seen how they dare put niche styles, like thongs and jockstraps, right up there on the runway at LIVE fashion shows for everyone to consider and admire. Not every brand would have the guts to stand out like that.

So now 2xist is out with the new SLIQ range. They hire top model Andre Ziehe and shoot a quite normal set of promotional shots.

For their ads in Health Magazine and Details, the marketing guys at 2xist choose this shot featuring a y-back thong cut.

Apparently, this ad was too much for some magazines like Men’s Health. Strange. It seems to me that a magazine that has “sex” as one of its top topics would be a little more open-minded. Or at least not carry double standards for men and women. It took me all of 10 seconds to find this image on Men’s Health’s official website:

You tell me, what’s the thematic difference there? How come it’s okay to have imagery like the photo of this nice lady and not the ad from 2xist?

Anyway, apparently Men’s Health demanded a less raunchy version of the ad. It was then replaced with a little more conservative (yet still hot) picture of the brief style (which I actually like better than the y-back cut, but that’s not the point):

The y-back thong ad actually did run in some magazines, like Out. Props to them for running it.

Not cool, Men’s Health.

2(x)ist is not shying away from controversial and fun men’s underwear. Read all about their new LIFT range, which promises to enhance both front AND back of your underwear.

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Addicted underwear for men – if you can’t afford ES Collection. Watch the video!

Addicted is a Spanish men’s underwear brand I came across when reviewing the ES Collection boxer brief a little while back. Addicted seems to be a slightly cheaper sister brand of ES Collection, but after wearing boxer briefs from both brands I really only noticed a minor quality gap between the two.

Granted, the ES Collection Rocky boxer brief was superb quality, but a pair of Addicted Monkeys boxer briefs is an attractive US$25 alternative if you don’t have US$55 to spend on ES Collection.

According to my underwear poll, How much money would spend on a pair of underwear, only 20 % of you guys would pay more than US$30 for a pair of men’s underwear. So, Addicted may just the Spanish substitute you’ve been looking for.

Addicted carries a number of other ranges, including a quite hot-looking “Basic” collection which they’ve been clever enough to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of.

The Addicted boxer briefs I tried on is available in a number of print designs, all made from a proper quality 95% cotton, 5 % Lycra fabric blend. Some of these print designs are also on display in the second half of the video.

The video shows a bunch of male underwear models showing off the various Addicted styles for what seems to be catalog shoot. I like that this video actually shows off the different cuts and designs.

Take a look :)

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D&G Calcio underwear. Even more behind-the-scenes video featuring Italian soccer players

The D&G Calcio men’s underwear range has got to be one of the brand’s most successful judging from the amount of attention the accompanying campaign is getting.

But then again, D&G is using the oldest tricks in the in the marketing book.

  1. Hire famous soccer players as underwear models – women (and some men) want them, every man on the planet want to be them.
  2. Shoot a hot campaign, record it on video, and release behind-the-scenes teasers on Youtube to create a viral buzz.
  3. Spin the campaign around major international events (i.e. the world cup) to win even more attention.

And the formula works. The blog posts I’ve done featuring D&G Calcio campaign photos and the first Calcio behind-the-scenes video has been some of the most viewed here on Guys’ Underwear Blog.

So I am pleased to be able to bring you the latest behind-the-scenes video teaser, featuring new clips of Dolce&Gabbana Calcio underwear campaign.

Once again, the video includes footage of five of the most popular Italian football (soccer) players; Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti and Domenico Criscito, photographed by Mariano Vivanco in a vintage style changing room.

I actually like this clip better than the first one since we get to see some more close-ups of the various Calcio underwear styles.

Fun fact, D&G actually sponsors one of Italy’s top soccer teams, AC Milan. Thank you to UndiesDrawer to bringing this to my attention.

Happy Whitsun, guys, and enjoy the Calcio clip.

UPDATE: D&G did another Calcio video with even more closeups of the many available underwear styles.

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Men’s underwear poll: What color underwear do men prefer?

This week’s men’s underwear poll is inspired by some promotional pics from these latest Teamm8 campaign, “Color your world” (see more pics at the bottom of the post).

Generally speaking, bright colored men’s underwear has been quite the trend this spring.

Ginch Gonch launched their colorful Fruit Juice range. Puma also came out with some bright colored briefs and boxer briefs. Bon Bon got major attention with their Colours collection. And the list goes on.

And it made me think. I like my underwear in all sorts of colors, prints and patterns. Sure, comfort is important, but the color (or print) of your underwear says a lot about your personality.

Remember it’s not just you who get to see what your wearing underneath your pants. The guys at the gym, room mates, friends, lovers – they all see you in your underwear from time to time.

So, guys, what are you? The classic black/white guy, a funky pink, or maybe a sunny yellow?

The question is, if you had to choose, what color underwear would you wear?

Remember to check out my other underwear polls as well:

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ES Collection men’s swimwear – two great swim briefs

ES Collection is like many other men’s underwear brands in that besides their underwear range, including the Rocky boxer brief that I reviewed last week, they also carry a number of swimwear styles.

And swimwear is the talk of the town these days. The underwear community is buzzing right now with an abundance of swimwear guides and reviews as the different brands start to promote their new styles.

Also, my latest men’s swim wear poll is showing some interesting results. So far 75 of you guys have answered the question, “what type of swim wear do you wear to the beach?“.

  • 27 % wear swim briefs
  • 31 % wear swim trunks or square cuts
  • 31 % wear board shorts
  • 12 % wear either a thong or nothing at all

It will be interesting to see if these results will change as more guys take part in the poll. It could be cool to get a few hundred answers, like the more than 300 I’ve gotten so far to the poll “What type of underwear do men wear?“.

I was actually a little surprised that so many of you wear swim briefs or trunks since these are a rare sight on the beaches in northern Europe. Maybe it’s more typical in Southern Europe, South America (and Australia?)…

Either way, it’s a delight that so many of you embrace the swim brief style :)

Let’s celebrate by looking at two very comfortable and über cool swim brief styles by Spanish ES Collection. Both will be a fashionable and great-fitting choice for the beaches this summer.

ES Collection Racing Stripes Swim brief (style no 1017)
This swim brief is not your classic speedo style. From afar it might not look special, but let me tell you – it is. And in a good way.

The key feature of the Racing Stripes swim brief is the subtle, cup-formed padding that’s been sewn into the pouch of the brief. The padding is very discrete and gives your bulge an aesthetically beautiful profile with a slight enhancing effect.

I was very excited with the fit, look and feel of this style, and I hope to showcase it on the beach this summer. I especially like how the discrete padding prevents those “cold water” moments. And you can easily remove the padding if you feel you don’t need the extra enhancement.

Made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex, the Racing Stripes Swim brief (“Slip Franjas Laterales” Style No 1017) is $75 and can be purchased from ES Collection’s own web shop.

ES Collection Sexy Cut Sport Brief (style no 1003)
For guys who prefer a pair of “regular” no-padding pair of swim briefs, I would recommend a similar, slightly low-cut swim brief. The Sexy Cut Sport brief, style no 1003, is an excellent option. Especially if you go for the trendy blue variant with accents in orange.

The ES Sexy Cut Sport Brief is also made from a standard swimwear fabric blend, 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex. As it comes cup-free, it’s also slightly cheaper at $62,50.

And if you want more men’s swim wear, check out my reviews of the superb brief and trunk cuts by Mensuas and ES Collection.

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Cocksox Swim Brief Video. Extreme profile-enhancement!

Cocksox has made quite an impact in the market for profile-enhancing men’s swim wear and underwear. About a month ago Cocksox started to heavily promote their popular CX02 swim brief style, which provides lift enhancement like I’ve yet to see matched by any other brand.

I really respect Cocksox and the attitude that they bring to the world of men’s underwear. They’ve grasped the essence of modern day underwear fashion, which is all about having fun. Your underwear says as much about you as any other piece of clothing. Maybe even more. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and, more importantly,the last you take off in the evening.

And guys, there is nothing more unflattering than a pair of washed-out, saggy old pair of briefs or boxer briefs. Learn that!

Making a bold and individual statement with your choice of underwear will get you the right kind of attention; respect, envy and lust.

Anyway, if your into making some extremely bold messages with your underwear or swim wear, Cocksox is an excellent option.

Their latest promotion video features a bright blue variant of the CX02 swim brief.

See for yourself what extreme profile enhancement can do for you.

And finally, read my review of the extremely enhancing Cocksox CX03 brief.

Get Cocksox swim- and underwear at the Cocksox web shop.

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Aussiebum HUNK – Official and behind-the-scenes videos!

Aussiebum is hard to keep up with some times. The Australian men’s underwear super brand is spewing new products and video promotions like there’s no tomorrow. I love it!

It’s only been a few weeks since they released a sizzling video promoting the still fresh LockerBoy underwear range.

The last few days Aussiebum has grabbed headlines on most of the major underwear blogs with the launch of a brand new men’s underwear collection, “HUNK”.

Read my raving review of the Aussiebum HUNK brief.

In Aussiebum’s own words, “the Hunk range fits like a glove and has old school HOT written all over it! The unique cotton stitching detail gives the range a youthful locker-room feel thats casual but quality.”

The Aussiebum HUNK range includes briefs and jockstraps (in three color variants), both of which are featured in the videos below.

As always, the launch of a new range is accompanied by a short promotion video, which you may have seen making rounds on the other blogs. However, AB also did a behind-the-scenes video, which you can enjoy below.

FYI, Aussiebum HUNK briefs are about US$17, the jock is about US$15.

I’m trying to get hold of some items from the HUNK range for a review, hopefully AB will get back to me soon :)

UPDATE: Sean Ashby (founder of Aussiebum) HIMSELF wrote me today, and it seems I will be doing an original Guys’ Underwear Blog review of this style in the not so distant future. Can’t wait.

Also, check out all my other Aussibum videos.

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