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Archive for March, 2010

Get your underwear at International Jock. Recommended by Guys' Underwear Blog

Men’s underwear fashion show. 2(x)ist, Diesel, D&G, C-IN2.

Easter is nearing and what better way to kick off the holiday than with a good old men’s underwear fashion show from the archives.

Specifically, this 2008 video is from the guys over at Universal Gear. It features a professionally produced male underwear fashion show with some of the best brands on display, including 2(x)ist, Diesel, D&G, and C-IN2.

Looking for more on 2(x)ist? Watch the 2(x)ist ad that got banned from several major magazines!

The show gathers all my favorite cuts such as briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs as well as a sea of low rise styles.

You can read a lot more about each of the men’s underwear brands featured on the runway here on Guys’ Underwear Blog. All of them are some of my major favorites – great quality, great designs, and best of all, there’s something for every wallet size.

Happy Easter guys!

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Acne Underwear for Men – The best videos

Acne is part of a rare breed of interesting Scandinavian men’s underwear brands, which also includes quality brands like Björn Borg and NUN (Nation Up North).

Swedish-based Acne is a fashion company that’s been in business since 1996. Like Björn Borg and Calvin Klein, underwear is just part of their product lineup.

In fact, Acne doesn’t carry a wide collection of men’s underwear, just basic trunks, boxer shorts, and briefs. So what makes them worthy of notice?

Well, this blog is a celebration of great men’s underwear fashion and videos. And in spite of only carrying very few styles and cuts, Acne has done some quite funny and outstanding promotion videos.

Though it doesn’t seem that Acne has done any videos lately, the existing ones have already attracted more than half a million views on Youtube. Below are three of the most popular videos featuring Acne men’s underwear.

Acne is a premium underwear brand, and a pair of briefs is priced at about $38. I haven’t got any experience with the quality of Acne men’s underwear, so if you do, please share your experience with me in the comments.

The videos feature briefs, boxer briefs/trunks, and boxer shorts. The male underwear models in these videos are doing all sorts of fun activities in their underwear like dancing, doing gymnastics, jumping on trampolines.

Enjoy – and well done, Acne.

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Bon Bon men’s underwear videos

These last few days, I’ve been blabbering on about Bon Bon and the greatness of their men’s underwear collection. Today is the last post about Bon Bon for now.

I know it must’ve looked like I am on Bon Bon’s payroll or something (I’m not…yet, haha). But seriously, with so many new men’s underwear brands popping up these days, I make an effort to point you guys in the direction of those brands that are truly worthy of notice – and your cash.

Anyway, to provide that final bit of Bon Bon inspiration, I’ve found three videos featuring footage from the photo shoots that brought you those amazing pics of the Colours collection, Bland & White collection, and Upgrade Gold collection.


And to all you up-and-coming underwear brands out there, a word of advise. The road to success in the market for high end men’s fashion underwear goes through Youtube and the community of underwear bloggers. A great set of photos and a few videos will get you valueable attention. Just look at the way Bon Bon and some of the other brands featured here at the Guys’ Underwear Blog have done it :)

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Bon Bon Upgrade Gold Trunk – A review

The Bon Bon Upgrade Gold trunk review is the third of four posts in my series about my favorite Canadian men’s underwear brand. I have to say it’s been a pleasure reviewing the brief and trunk styles. I’ll definitely return to the Bon Bon brand  here on the blog some time in the future.

And if you like what you see below, you should also check out my review of the Bon Bon Colours collection as well as my post on the Black and White Collection.

Tomorrow I’ll posting the best Bon Bon men’s underwear videos. You won’t wanna miss that, I cal tell you :)

Before getting to the actual review, I’d like to share with you some of the promotional shots that Bon Bon did for the Upgrade Gold collection. I really admire the quality of this brand’s artwork. These pics are just awesome!


With that, let’s get on with the review of the Upgrade Gold trunk.

The Upgrade Gold trunk is a true trunk style. This means that the legs are slightly longer than your average square cut but not as long a typical pair of boxer briefs.

I am usually a briefs/boxer briefs guy, but I found that the Upgrade Gold trunk style was a great alternative, capturing the best from both worlds. You can wear this trunk for all types of everyday purposes. As it is a premium brand, though, you may wanna save them for occasions where you wanna feel like a million bucks.

Pouch design
As was the case with the Bon Bon Colours brief, the Upgrade Gold trunk comes equipped with a doubled-layered contour pouch with no fly. This is a standard pouch design that you will feel totally at home in unless you’re used to underwear styles with profile-enhancing features.

Back design
As with most trunk styles, the Bon Bon Upgrade Gold trunk provides excellent back coverage. A general advantage of trunks and boxer briefs is that they rarely ride up where the sun doesn’t shine, and the Upgrade Gold trunk doesn’t disappoint in this department either. The trunk also rises high enough on you hips, covering your buttocks and but crack just perfect.

The waistband is one of the key features of the Upgrade Gold style. I wore the white trunk, and the wide golden waistband gives this style a luxurious and almost royal look to it. A cool detail is the gold medal signature symbol embellishment directly below the raised embroidered decal on the left side. It’s not something you’ll see on other men’s underwear brands and it will have you standing out from the crowd in any setting.

The waistband has a Bon Bon logo patch as well a separate production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the square cut. The stitching is done so that you won’t notice it, and the product information patch can easily be cut off.

Fabric quality
As with the Bon Bon Colours brief, fabric quality is where Bon Bon’s men’s underwear collections have their competitors beat. I have totally fallen for the 90 % micro modal, 10 % spandex blend. It’s simply so soft-feeling that at times I forgot that I was even wearing underwear.

I wore the white Upgrade Gold trunks, and it’s probably the best color choice if you want the golden waistband to stand out the most. If you go for the white trunk, remember to wash with similar colors and follow the wash instructions meticulously. Bon Bon Upgrade Gold is a premium price tunk and you don’t wanna ruin it by allowing it to go gray.

I wore a US size M for 32” waist and just as with the briefs the Upgrade Gold trunk provided the best possible fit. The perfected fit is achieved through the stretchy characteristics of the micro modal fabric, which provides extreme flexibility. This means that there should be no need for you to size either up or down.

I’ve mentioned it a few times and there’s no denying it – the Upgrade Gold, as well as the other Bon Bon collections, are high-end men’s underwear. You will pay US$38 for the Upgrade Gold trunk. There’s no doubt, however, that in this instance price and quality go hand in hand. You get what you pay for, and what you pay for is one of the top men’s underwear brands out there. If you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your top drawer, Bon Bon Upgrade Gold is the underwear collection you’ve been looking for.

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Bon Bon Black and White men’s underwear collection. Classic hotness!

Bon Bon is the men’s underwear brand of the hour here at Guys’ Underwear Blog.

Yesterday I reviewed the Bon Bon colours brief and tomorrow I’ll do a review of the Upgrade Gold trunk.

Today, however, is an all out picture post showcasing some of the awesome promotional shots that Bon Bon did for their clasically stylish collection, Black & White.

I’ve tried the Black and White brief and in terms of style, pouch design, back design, waistband, fit, and price you can consult my review of the yellow Colours brief because in that respect these briefs are equally great.

Of course they differ in color, and a pair of black or white briefs is always a safe fashion choice if the quality and cut are proper quality. Bon Bon is exactly that.

But do remember that just as appealing as a brand new pair of white briefs can look, just as offputting can they become if you don’t wash them properly. Do not let your white underwear become grayish, it’s just not sexy – at all! If you want more forgiving colors, go for black or similar darker tones.

With that said, clean white briefs can be an absolute hot style for any man.

Still in doubt? Take a look at these pics and you be convinced at the end of the post.


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Bon Bon Colours Brief – A Review

Bon Bon has made a major impact in the market for high-end men’s underwear this season with their exquisite designs, bold colors and incredibly soft micro modal fabric.

Today and tomorrow I have the absolute pleasure of reviewing a pair of briefs from the Bon Bon Colours Collection as well as pair of trunks from the Upgrade Gold Collection.

First up are the ultra hot yellow briefs, taken from the properly named collection, Colours. With this men’s underwear collection, Canadian-based Bon Bon captures the essence of the current underwear fashion trends, which dictate bright neon-like colors.

Besides yellow, the collection comes in pink, green, purple, and blue. Oh, and a fun feature is the box in which the underwear is delivered. It simply oozes exclusivity and style. This is how underwear should be wrapped, guys!

It’s difficult for me to hide my genuine enthusiasm when it comes to Bon Bon underwear. Much too often you will pay a premium for high-end brands, like €30+ for a pair of briefs, just to be disappointed with the cut, production quality, durability, etc.

Let me tell you now – nothing will disappoint you with these yellow Bon Bon briefs…

The Bon Bon Colours brief style is a classic brief cut. It rides neither too high nor too low around your waist. The attention to detail on the brief is astonishing and gives this style a posh and quality-like feel to it.

Take for instance the silver signature mark embellishment attached directly below the contrasting waistband logo. On a brief where the yellow color demands most of the attention, this slightly understated detail manages to make a profound impact on the overall look of the brief, making it stand significantly out from competing brands in similar colors.

This brief is a perfect choice for special occasions where you want to come off as classically stylish, yet trendy in terms of color choice, while also projecting a sincere attention to quality. Bon Bon is men’s underwear royalty – and you will be respected for your choice.

Pouch design
The pouch is designed according to average standards, i.e.  double layered with no fly. It has plenty of room for your boys, and for the entire day that I wore it, I found it to provide adequate support with no need for constant readjustment.

Back design
I was thrilled with the back design of the Bon Bon Colours brief. The but area was entirely covered, and the leg openings didn’t stretch too low on the thighs. The black soft fabric around the leg openings provide a brilliant contrast to the solid bright yellow color of the brief.

The comfortable, non-skimpy back design combined with no back seams mean that you can easily wear this brief for hours on end without it escaping in between you but cheeks. Nor will you have to constantly pull the briefs up to avoid the appearance of an embarrassing crack above the jeans line.

The black waistband, complete with the Bon Bon logo printed in a yellow font, is plush and distinctly softer than competing brands. In fact, you will hardly even notice that the briefs even come with a waistband that’s well over an inch wide.

Together with the black edges of the leg openings, the waistband provides a perfect visual contrast to the bright yellow base color.

The waistband has a Bon Bon logo patch as well a separate production information patch stitched on the inside rear of the square cut. The stitching is done so that you won’t notice it, and the product information patch can easily be cut off.

Fabric Quality
Now, fabric quality is where Bon Bon’s men’s underwear collections really shine. I’ve always been a cotton blend fan, but I will bow in respect for this 90 % micro modal, 10 % spandex blend. It feels absolutely wonderful to wear. It’s my new favorite, no question.

According to Bon Bon, the micro fibre, which micro modal is made from, comes from beechwood tree fibres. This fabric blend is 50 % more absorbent than cotton. The micro modal fabric will therefore allow your skin to breathe more easily while still being incredibly soft.

If you live in acountry with a very warm climate, the Bon Bon brief may be the ideal underwear for you.

The bright yellow color will look stunning on guys with darker skin tones or guys with well-developed tans. If you have a pale skin tone, you should maybe try to go for purple or blue briefs instead.

I wore a US size M for 32” waist and these briefs provided the best fit I’ve experienced in ages. Partly this is due to the stretchy characteristics of the micro modal fabric, which provides extreme flexibility. This is a major plus in my book and also means that you should go for your usual size when ordering your Bon Bon briefs.

The Bon Bon Colour brief is yours for US$34, which is a hefty price tag. But seriously guys, if you want to treat yourself to the best of the best when it comes to your underwear, this is it. Spend that extra 10 bucks and you will not regret it.

Get your Bon Bon underwear at MyBonBonWorld.com.

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2eros men’s underwear and swimwear. New Icon 2 video!

2eros is a men’s underwear and swimwear brand that I have recently become quite fond of.

A few days I go I had the pleasure of doing a guest review of the brand new 2eros Icon 2 collection over at Menswear Review blog, which is one of my absolute favorite men’s underwear blogs. Go visit it to check out my review.

I was truly impressed by the quality of the trunk and brief styles. As you may know, it has become a habit of mine to always seek out any video clips that might exist showcasing a particular men’s underwear brand.

Luckily, 2eros has just released the following video clip from the photo shoot for the Icon 2 collection…Props!

FYI, the U03•07 Icon 2 trunk is priced at $34,95 and the U02•07 brief will set you back $32.95.

I also found a few video clips of the 2008 2eros swimwear collection, which have found their way onto Youtube.

I know, I know, it’s not the latest fashion, but who cares! The videos still give you a very detailed view of some hot swimwear styles. If you want to find out more about the current 2010 2eros swimwear collection, simply check it out at the official 2eros website.

A typical pair of 2eros swim briefs or trunks will range in price anywhere between $50 and $70. It’s premium brand for sure, but from what I’ve experienced in terms of quality, you won’t be disappointed.

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Bjorn Borg boxer briefs. 3 reasons why you should get a pair or two.

Every man needs a pair of reliable, durable, comfortable and at the same time good-looking and stylish pair of underwear that he can wear for an entire day and for all kinds of purposes.

For me, a pair of Bjorn Borg boxer briefs fits right into that category. Bjorn Borg, the Swedish tennis legend, was a perfectionist when it came to his game, and this attention to detail and aim for perfection shines through in Bjorn Borg men’s underwear collection.

So if you’re contemplating getting a pair of Bjorn Borg boxer briefs, here’s 3 reasons why I think you should go on and order a pair right now!

Be aware that Bjorn Borg calls their boxer briefs “short shorts”. They also carry a boxer brief cut with slightly longer legs simply called “shorts”. Either will do just fine, though my personal favorite is the short shorts.

1. Perfected design and fit
Bjorn Borg doesn’t offer a wide variety of men’s underwear cuts. Really, all you can get are classic briefs (which they calls trunks) and boxer briefs. No shame in that, though. After all, it is what the majority of men wear daily.

Luckily, focusing only on boxer briefs and briefs has allowed Bjorn Borg to perfect these styles. The boxer briefs are extremely forgiving and will look good on all guys, no matter your body type or size.

Every detail on the Bjorn Borg  Boxer briefs are designed with mainstream appeal in mind. And I mean this in a good way. For instance, the waistband is neither too wide nor too narrow. The legs are exactly the right length, and the pouch design will provide adequate support.

And don’t think you can’t get any variation: The choice of colors, patterns and print designs is endless!

2. Great fabric quality and long-term durability
For (most) everyday wear your boxer briefs need to made from a comfortable cotton blend with just enough stretch to allow complete freedom of movement. Bjorn Borg’s boxer briefs are made from 95 % excellent quality cotton with the standard 5 % lycra to add the necessary stretch and snug fit.

If you take good care of your boxer briefs and wash them properly, your Bjorn Borg’s will easily last a couple of years without loosing fit or colors too much. The long-term durability of your everyday underwear is key if you don’t want to spend a fortune on underwear in the long run.

3. Value for money
Bjorn Borg boxer briefs are great value for money, and depending on the specific style, a pair will cost between $23 and $26. Notice that this makes Bjorn Borg an upper mid-range underwear brand, and you can certainly find brands that are $5-10 cheaper.

But $23 is a bargain when you consider the lifetime of a pair of Bjorn Borg boxer briefs. Competing, cheaper brands will have a tough time lasting as long as Bjorn Borg’s.

Go to Bjorn Borg’s official online store and Banglads to get your boxer briefs.

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Hot male underwear models at work. Papi and Aussiebum videos.

I really like how some underwear manufacturers use the opportunity to video tape their photo shoots. The underwear models are posing like crazy for a million different photos so why not capture them on video and post it on Youtube for the world to see?

Papi and Aussiebum are two such men’s underwear brands that capture the hot male underwear models on video when shooting photos for their upcoming collections.

Besides the general hotness of the male underwear models, which in itself is appealing to many, the videos offer a great opportunity for us regular guys to get a live impression of how a specific brand or style looks in real life as opposed to the Photoshopped versions we see in all the online men’s underwear stores.

I found a pair of classic videos by Papi and Aussiebum from two such steaming photo shoots allowing us mere mortals to get a glimpse of a day in the life of a hot male underwear model. Of course, it’s not all glamor, cocktails, and exotic locations, but still, who wouldn’t to walk a day in these guys’ shoes :)

The videos feature some nice briefs and trunks. By the way, the Papi briefs shown in the video highly resemble those worn by Robbie Williams in one of his infamous music video.

Have a nice day, guys!

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ES Collection 2010 men’s underwear. The best photos and behind-the-scenes videos.

ES Collection is a Spanish men’s underwear and swimwear brand that’s been been around for a few years now.

Lately, ES Collection have made their way to many of the prominent underwear blogs, and it’s not difficult to see why. They simply do amazing artwork, and ES Collection are absolutely up there with some of the best men’s underwear brands like Calvin Klein, Aussiebum and Armani.

I haven’t actually tried a pair of ES Collection briefs or boxer briefs yet, but they must be top quality. At least I hope so as this men’s underwear brand is one of the most expensive choices out there.

Seriously, these guys are not kidding around commanding an astonishing $55 for a typical pair of briefs! I guess breathtaking artwork comes at a (premium) price… Boxer briefs and trunks will also easily set you back more than $60.

Don’t get me wrong, I would pay that kind of money if the underwear in question is unbeatable in terms of either quality or design. ES Collection is great-looking, top-stylish design, no question, but there are some hot and equally creative competing brands out there selling at half the price.

I’d love it if you guys would share your experiences with ES Collection in the comments :)

Now, let’s forget the price issue for a while, because I do want to take the time to properly praise ES Collection’s marketing efforts. Not only do they do great photography, they also maintain a full-on professional Youtube channel from which I grabbed the videos below. And they’ve got loads more.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, men’s underwear brands that produce top-quality video will be the ones that win in the end.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to see three of the best behind-the-scenes ES Collection videos.

Also, watch ES Collection’s 2010 swim wear photo shoot video.

And, check out the three sizzling hot videos from the photo shoot for ES Collection’s 2010 winter line.

The underwear photos I’ve chosen for this post are but a mere selection of the abundance of high resolution pics available at ES Collection’s Flickr page.

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